Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 101

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. Enjoy.

Chapter 101 – Hot Technology. Infidelity Leads to An Opportunity


I hosted a program review meeting on the Gigabit Cellular Technology or GCT program. We had the entire team in the executive conference room – about fifty people. While I hosted, Tom actually ran the meeting.

We had two test beds that were functioning far better than expected. One young woman reported on how they had tried to overload the system and get it to degrade or even fail, but to no avail. There was so much bandwidth and the PCM under-pinings for the use of the technology just adapted comfortably to whatever they threw at the electronics.

As each person or sub-team reported, Tom looked prouder and prouder of his staff. He was lavish in his praise, and made sure to give each person credit by name for what they’d accomplished. I could see that he was doing this with me in the room so that everyone knew the ‘Big Boss’ (me) had heard about them. I played my role accordingly, often engaging the people at our coffee breaks and adding my gratitude to Tom’s.

The next moves were already charted out. We wanted to wire the entire city with GCT, and toss out some real technology into the real world and see how it behaved. Tom already had a team working with Verizon Wireless to make that happen. We pledged four thousand custom handsets that could handle the technology to them to get things going. As it turned out, some older phones could be easily and cheaply adapted to also use the technology.

The meeting broke up at five o’clock. Tom stayed behind and I felt he had some other agenda item he wanted to discuss, not at all uncommon.

Melanie went off to type up her notes and Sheila went to check on accumulated mail. Izzy breezed by with a handful of calls to return and messages for me.

I gestured Tom into my office. He followed.

I went to my desk and spread out my call slips. As I did, I looked up expectantly and said to Tom, “So, what’s up?”

The silence between us forced me to look at him more critically. He was staring at me obviously in a quandary.

Finally, he spoke, “Mark, I know this might sound crazy, and I’m taking a risk here, but I want to ask Julie to marry me. I’m asking your permission. I haven’t asked her, but I know she’d be in seventh heaven if I did. It’s nothing disloyal to you.”

I felt a flood of tears come to my eyes – happy tears.

I came out from behind my desk and hugged Tom to his surprise. Eventually, I held him at arms length, “God, man, you’re like my brother. You don’t need my permission. I love her and I love you. You two are a match made in heaven. It’s hard not to see that you are both deeply in love. This will make everyone so happy.”

Tom said, “I’m worried it might start a trend.”

“Of what, marriages?”

Tom nodded with a worried look on his face.

I balked, “If people in the family find greater happiness by being tied to someone else by some vows and a piece of paper, more power to them. In your case, I hope you’ll both still stay in the family. I love you and I love Julie. Every one of the rings we’ve given has had some kind of words to go with it to imply that we don’t expect exclusivity or monogamy or total dedication. The rings are simply met as reminders that there is an intentional family that loves you and will always be there for you.”

“Oh, I know. Everyone has told me that. I even reminded Julie of that last night when we were in bed. I think she knows me so well that I’m sure she suspects something like this might be coming.”

“Then do it. Get her a nice ring too and do the whole ‘on bended knee’ thing. Also add in some flowers and a date night of some kind. Be extra romantic. Propose in some magical place.”

Tom laughed, “I like your ideas, and thank you for being so understanding. Just so you know, my expectation and hope is that we will continue to remain in the family as full participants in mind, body, and spirit. Julie loves you and the others so dearly; I can’t see my proposal and a shift in our relationship changing any of that. I love the others, but … well, Julie is just so special to me.”


“Julie has said she wants some – one or two. I do too. I’ve been such a hold out on the matrimonial front that I guess I’ll end up raising my kids more like a grandfather, but I do want them. As you know I’m over twenty years older than Julie.”

“Go do it,” I encouraged. “Take whatever time you need to make it happen, and do some kind of wonderful honeymoon too. Build memories.”

* * * * *

Melanie and Andy beat me canlı bahis şirketleri into the office the next day, a surprising occurrence since Mel normally rode in with me when we were at the condo. She left for work an hour before I had, and I’d wondered what was happening. They were waiting in my office with a young man Melanie introduced as Nat Sterling. I didn’t know why they were here, but I made welcoming sounds. Izzy was moving around the office preparing coffee and some morning cookies in the small kitchenette on the executive floor.

When we all had coffee, Andy motioned to Melanie to introduce the morning, a point I’d been told to wait on a few minute earlier. Mel had more than earned her credentials as my head of special projects or whatever we wanted to call it that day.

Melanie spoke with authority I hadn’t really heard in her voice before, “Mark, Nat’s one of our research fellows in the commercial division’s R&D labs out in Hyattsville. He’s made a discovery that Andy and I think is even bigger than the GCT program. It is more far-reaching, more profitable, and more apt to be stolen or the patents violated than anything we’ve done to date. Andy and I just spent an hour meeting with him this morning going over ever facet of the technology and its implications that we could. He is one smart young man, and he knows he’s got a tiger by the tail.”

I leaned forward. I had no idea what they were talking about, but the build-up was starting to excite me.

Andy gestured to Nat. He reached into the pocket of his tweed sport coat, and then handed each of us what was obviously a flat battery pack. I examined the device. For a few minutes, I thought it might work in a cellphone or some other device requiring a flat power pack. I looked up at Andy and Nat with the obvious question on my face.

Nat spoke in an even tone, and I could tell he’d rehearsed this short spiel. “What you have in your hand is the best battery pack in the world, bar none. It is lightweight, works at sensible temperatures from sixty below to near boiling, doesn’t wear out that we can tell, meaning that it can handle hundreds of thousands of recharges without degradation, and has an inordinately high energy-density. As far as we can tell it’s safe, meaning no explosions like the lithium-ion batteries that plagued Samsung, it’s fast charging, and I think they’ll be easy to manufacturer. The battery you hold in your hand could power your cellphone without recharging for over two months at full brightness with the cellphone on an open two-way call link. Those are the major benefits.”

I sat back in shock. This really was phenomenal. I wondered about the downside he’d alluded to. Nat looked at us and I looked from him to the battery in my hand. I said, “Keep talking.’

Andy stepped in. “The worldwide battery market is a one to two hundred billion a year chunk of the overall global economy, but if what Nat just said holds true, these little devices could end up going into all sorts of appliances and things that have shunned battery use for all sorts of reasons including every automobile in the world. We’re talking like TRILLIONS here depending on how much market share we can capture. This seems like our chance to get in at the very beginning of something.”

I asked, “What’s the underlying technology? What’s the downside to all these things? Why hasn’t someone else discovered these?” I tossed the battery around in my hands.

Nat turned to me, “The underlying tech is lithium air, but what I discovered is that when we dose the copper anode with a tracer of Thallium – that’s chemical element 81, we get all these other benefits. Add in some other catalysts and voilà, what you see is what you get. The downside is that we’d swamp the worldwide demand for Thallium because the market has been historically small. On the other hand, the techniques to extract this element are known and not too expensive to create. It’s basic ore extraction technology that’s been around for over a hundred years. As for why no one else discovered it to date, I would guess the monkeys haven’t hit the right combination of keys until I did.”

I chuckled at Nat’s reference to the old adage that if you gave enough monkeys typewriters that sooner or later one of them would write King Lear. If that were truly the case, then sooner or later some other monkey would write an even better play and scoop the market on us.

I got up from my chair and went to the door. “Sheila. Izzy. Can you join us? Also, could one of you get Jerry Roberts, our chief counsel, Tom Power, and Marty Winthrop, our head of the commercial division, in here. Tell them to get here on a run. We have a truly explosive and world changing situation that we could blow away if we don’t handle this right.” Izzy who’d come to the door, rushed off to contact the three individuals I’d named. If this was as big as it looked, we wanted a full court press.


Out of the blue, I got a text from Matt, a guy friend I’d met months and months canlı kaçak iddaa earlier at the Club Infinity. ‘Hi Elsa. Still there? It’s been a long time. Would love to see you again. Lots to report that you might find interesting since you knew the opening situation I faced. You set the time and place. XOXOX Matt.’

Before I replied, I recalled the circumstances of our meetings and what I’d learned about the nice man: married to a introversive woman named Peg who’d basically cut him off from sex and even conjugal affection; embarked on a course of action to win her back and put some passion back in their relationship; and had started to try all sorts of things relating to her style of dress (less monastic) and her attitude about sex and love.

I checked my calendar and decided to meet him Wednesday evening at Club Infinity. I texted him, asking if that day and time worked for him. It did.

A couple of days later, I sat at the bar at the Club when Matt sauntered up. I got a kiss on my cheek. “Can a guy buy a pretty lady dinner?”

I stood and gave him a more serious kiss and hug. After all, we had been intimate several times in our crazy relationship and I saw no reason to be standoffish. “You certainly can, but it’s on the house. I wasn’t sure how much time you had. A couple of my sisters might show up, but you needn’t worry about them.”

“About dinner, I insist. This conversation we’re about to have is to help me, and maybe satisfy your curiosity.”

“Matt, my boyfriend, owns this club. We never pay for drinks or meals here, even when we have guests … especially when we have guests who are as nice as you are. If you want to spend your money, stay late and put it in the strippers’ garter belts when they perform or give you lap dance.”

Matt looked surprised, but acquiesced about paying. He expressed his gratitude ahead of time.

We took a table for two off in a little alcove that had a view of the stage. At that point in the evening, the club was appealing to the cocktail and dinner trade, and not the erotic dancer crowd; that would come later in the evening after about ten-thirty.

At his request, I gave Matt a little bit of catch up about my life and the family. He had seen the TV news film clip of my less than perfect landing at city airport, and breathed easier knowing I was well and whole after the experience. He’d also gotten a birth announcement over a year earlier by email when I sent them out to everyone I knew, so he knew I was now a hot MILF instead of only a pregnant single horny female, which is what I was the first time we met. I recalled that I had seen him one time since then when I was nursing and we satisfied his lactation fetish.

I asked Matt, “So, how’re you doing with Peg and your marriage improvement program?”

Matt got a grim look on his face and shook his head negatively. “Not well. Things really fell apart. We’re separated now – divorced. Things happened pretty fast about nine months ago. I’m still kind of reeling from the whole experience. Matter of fact, I feel like I’m just getting my sea legs back about life.”

I sat back in shock. “What happened? Last I recall you’d made a little headway in getting her to dress in a more contemporary fashion, and your sex life had improved slightly.”

Matt shook his head in obvious disbelief, “Elsa, she was living two lives. I don’t know why she even kept hanging around with me now that I understand what the whole situation was. I got to wondering what was going on in her life that was holding her back from getting on with me and my relationship improvement program. I had talked to her multiple times about it, I told her I wanted us to go to counseling, and she had always agreed that we needed to do something but always claimed to be too busy to involve an outsider.

“Anyway, I finally hired a PI for a week to see what she did besides go to her job. The two people in the investigative team switched off and tracked her, and they also, with my permission, tapped our home phone. As it turned out, Peg had a long-term boyfriend. They followed up and got videos, pictures, and details about the whole sordid mess.”

“Oh, Matt. I’m so sorry. That discovery must have hurt.”

“I was devastated – I still am. My ego is permanently damaged. I wonder if I’ll ever trust another woman as long as I live. She apparently knew this guy in high school, and they were lovers back then, pledging their eternal love and all that. He went into the military and spent several tours overseas. They apparently saw each other when he’d come home on leave or between tours – sex and all, and that set up the situation where she was cheating on me, because we’d started to go out. We got married but she continued to see him once in a great while when he’d come stateside. Eventually, he mustered out of the service, returned back to this area, and they picked up where they left off. She just continued to live with me, but put all her love and affection on him – sex included, as well canlı kaçak bahis as dressing well and all. She even had a whole different wardrobe at his apartment.”

“How could she do that to you – to anybody? Did you confront her?”

“Eventually. I talked to a lawyer, and she was good. It turns out things had gone on long enough and deeply enough that we could make a case that she had entered into a common law marriage with this guy starting even before we met and continuing to this day. Well, as you know, you’re a bigamist if you’ve married two people and what she did put her in that situation. Either situation can result in an annulment if one of the parties protests the union, regardless of how long in existence. I said a moment ago that we divorced, but actually I had the marriage annulled. It amounts to the same thing. I asked her to move out and she did. She moved in with boyfriend, of course. I think they plan to get formally married sometime, but that’s speculation.”

“Do you two still talk?”

Matt shook his head. “Only through my attorney. I sent the message that I never wanted to see her again.”

I got up and went around the table and hugged Matt. “I’m so sorry for you.”

Matt made a ‘pffft’ sound. “The funny thing is that by the time all this was discovered and uncovered by my investigators I was in a place where I already felt separated from her. She’d continued to be distant and nearly devoid of affection for me. We rarely had sex. Our conversations were usually functional about the house or some event we were both interested in, such as a neighborhood construction project. We just didn’t interact on much of any basis at all. I have deeper relationships with the people I work with than I did with Peg.”

“Did you ever find out why she stayed with you as long as she did?”

“Not really. The commonly held belief by my legal team and the PIs is that boyfriend didn’t want to make that big a commitment and she needed a security blanket. What’s that old saying about why buy the cow when you can get all the milk you want for free? Well, after my confrontation via my lawyer that included a mountain of evidence and her legal handiwork, she passed on my demand that she move out. She did. No muss; no fuss. The lawyer was friends with the judge and he signed the annulment; better than a divorce actually when nothing is contested. Peg signed off on it, even giving up her rights to any kind of financial settlement. The boyfriend took her in apparently. It should have happened years earlier. I don’t even want to think about it.

“Peg did try to contact me, but I won’t talk to her. I can’t. I hurt so badly that I’d just dissolve into tears and a crying jag that would go on for weeks. She was just so callous to do what she did. What a pile of lies and bullshit. I thought the fire went out of our relationship. I never believed she had built or could build another relationship with someone else – and one that went on for two decades apparently. I guess she never felt any guilt about it either. If I did that I’d have that guilt gnaw at me. My little affairs that I mentioned to you while fun and necessary to my sanity, just felt necessary; maybe it was the idea of cheating that didn’t make them more manifold in my life.”

“So what now?” I asked in a low-key way.

Matt shrugged. “I have no idea. I sure don’t see myself doing the mating dance that the younger single guys do. I guess eventually I’ll try computer dating.” As he talked he gestured to the bar area where a cluster of obviously single men and women were socializing.

“Matt, I have a question for you that I need you to answer very candidly.” He nodded and I went on, “The night we met, we had a nice fuck at the Club in the VIP room, and then some of my sisters joined in.”

“I’ll never forget,” Matt said with a broad smile.

“My question is, ‘What did you really think about that? Guilt? Regrets?”

Matt gave me a funny look. “You’re kidding, right? Guilt, none. Regrets, only that it didn’t happen to me every night since I started having sex. Elsa, I loved it. I kind of wanted it to repeat, but I never saw another opportunity given how I was feeling and what I was then trying to do at home. No, I thought that night was super. It was unbelievably arousing and sexy. I couldn’t remember ever being so hard and lasting so long either.”

I tried to think how to phrase my next question, and then I had an idea. “So, how would you like to dabble in that bathtub of sex some more – group sex, I mean?”

Matt gave me a warm and mischievous smile that said all I needed to know.

I made a small gesture and two of my sexy sisters leaned in on either side of Matt and kissed him on each cheek: Cindy and Sheila. Matt’s head swiveled back and forth between the two pretty women. Of course, he had a wide grin, surprised by the two.

“Cindy and Sheila meet Matt, and vice versa.” Knowing they were coming to the club that night, I had given them a rundown on what I knew about Matt and this history that I knew about. Of course, now I had a whole new situation to report. After my sisters got their drinks and ordered, Matt excused himself for a few minutes. While he was gone from the table I quickly told them about his new status.

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