Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 21

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 21 – A Swing Party Guest Likes the Group


People started to arrive at our party about six-thirty on Saturday despite Elsa’s having said seven o’clock as part of the invitation. By their admission, they were eager to get started. By seven-thirty we had a condo full of people. Elsa and I made it a point to meet and welcome everyone, and to check them out. I heard her explaining about the NDA to a couple of people at the door.

Steve introduced us to his new friend KC. She was not only nice she was hotter than sin. I wanted to make love to her on the spot, especially after I discovered how nice she was. I resolved to find some opportunity to interact with her later. I think she had the same idea about me because she kept gravitating into my conversational circle and kept wanting to touch me in subtle ways. We spent some time inside each other’s personal space, and then enjoyed a long lingering kiss before I went to meet some other friends.

That kiss was like liquid honey it was so wonderful and sweet. KC’s lips were succulent and made my mouth water for more. Our eyes met, and we couldn’t rip them apart for the longest while.

Margo and Andy arrived with another couple from their neighborhood, Don and Edie Gowan. Don was a laid back guy who I learned traded things: buy low, sell high. He’d started in college with things kids needed in the dorm, and had grown from there. He’d moved up to big-ticket items like commercial airplanes, ocean going yachts, diamonds, and even construction equipment. He dealt with churn, and often didn’t even see or take possession of the things he traded. He did comment that margins of several hundred percent were not unusual in his work. I liked him immensely, and that had little to do with hot little number who was his wife.

Edie oozed sex appeal from every pore of her body. She was a pixie like Melanie, only had another two or three sizes upward and outward for her tits; they were a major attraction and I resolved to suck on those babies for a long time later in the evening. Edie had a cute disposition, red hair, and she confided in me that she wanted to fuck all the men before the end of the party. She asked, “By the way, when is the end of the party?”

I smiled, “How about when you say it is?” I used a finger to stroke down her neck and into her cleavage.

Edie grinned back. “Oh, then I’ll meet my goal for sure. Maybe I’ll even go around twice. I’ll be seeing you later, for sure.” She ran one of her fingers up my thigh and across the burgeoning lump in my pants. I liked Edie too.

The other new couple was Jon and Amber Chambers, who were friends of Ryan. In introducing me to them, he explained in a low tone, “They live in the Broadhurst condo downtown near here, and they’ve got a growing number of swingers in a club they’ve put together in their condo building – almost the whole building. I thought they’d fit right in tonight.” [Author’s Note: read my story Condominium for more on Jon and Amber, and their condo friends. Another alternate universe version of KC, Don and Edie appear in my story Paradigm Shift.]

I studied Amber for a minute. She was giving off ‘I’m available’ signals, especially in my direction. She wore sexy heels, knee socks with little bows on them, a micro skirt that looked almost like what a parochial school girl might wear, a school tie, and sported a white blouse through which her dark areolas showed. She had her hair in two pigtails to make herself look younger. Together with her makeup, she was an invitation all by herself. She explained about sexual cosplay to me in a coy way, and all that did was make me want to fuck the little schoolgirl she pretended to be.

Amber heard the interchange with Edie and gave me a wink. I smiled back at her. I said, “Well, we definitely should get together later.”

She commented, “Well, Ryan said that you were a ‘must do’ for the night, so you’re on my dance card already. I think we’ll be teaching each other some new tricks.”

The last to arrive was Tom Power. He flew in from Silicon Valley that day, working on the plane as he explained. He had blocked off Monday with me, Andy, and several others at headquarters to accelerate moving the Nanotech business to a new level. Every time I talked to Tom, I liked him more. After this endeavor, I could see moving him to something more challenging and rewarding canlı bahis şirketleri for him.

Carter and the four men from Devil’s Throne mixed well with the other new comers. I actually had to congratulate my four girls for picking up some winners in the club. I knew there could be some real assholes out there. Sheila had told me in confidence about the altercation at the club that Cindy and Elsa had quickly put an end to with some of the assholes. I didn’t confront either of them with what I’d learned, but I did talk to Lucas about beefing up the security on each of the four women who comprised my inner circle, especially when they went out socializing. I also reminded Elsa that she had to have security when they were on the prowl or even just shopping.

I glanced around the condo from the foyer and did a headcount: eleven men and eight women. I’m sure that the women liked those odds. I chuckled; there’d always be a willing and ready cock available when the sexy part of the evening started.

The bar was open and self help. Everyone seemed happy and with drink and snacks for the first hour. There was a good intermixing of old and new people. I noted how Cindy and Elsa hovered around to make sure the new people got included in conversations and that people had bridge lines to talk to others. They were expert at that. I learned something watching them work the party and network with the other. I wondered how they’d learned those rare social skills.

Barnes was on duty for the early part of the evening. He, Elsa, and the other women put out the food about eight o’clock, and got us started on a buffet line. People stood or sat around eating and the buzz of happy conversation filled the condo.

Melanie was giving tours of the condo, only she’d disappear for long stretches of time and return looking slightly rumpled with her hair messed and in need of combing. I guessed that only happened when she was with one of the new men.

After the food was put away, Elsa put on a dance mix in one corner of the living room. She grabbed Jon Chambers, and got several other couples starting to dance. I noticed that the core group of dancers also included Cindy, Melanie, and Sheila. I decided there was a conspiracy in play. I found KC at the bar and asked her whether she wanted to dance; she gave me a hopeful look and said, “Oh, yes. All night long.”

KC melted into my arms, and the next I knew we were hugging and kissing, and then French kissing, and then I had my hand under her top feeling her tits as she humped my thigh. When I glanced around at the other dancers, they were in much the same situation. Looking further afield, I saw some of the sideliners making out and fondling each other as well. The trajectory for the next part of the evening seemed pretty clear.

I said to KC, “If I do something you disapprove of please let me know.”

She kissed me hard, “I doubt you could do anything I would disapprove of except ignoring me.”

KC’s top flew off joining Elsa and Cindy’s on one of the casual chairs in the room. My shirt was quick to join the pile, and then KC teased me by rubbing her pert erect nipples across my chest. We continued to kiss, and then I felt her hand massaging the front of my jeans. We kissed a little harder with some added ferocity and ardor.

I asked KC, “Public or private setting?”

“Don’t care. Public might be fun. How much of an exhibitionist are you?”

I smiled, “A lot. I live with four women. We’re always on display for each other. We even do little shows for each other.”

KC grinned, “Oh, I like the sound of that. If you ever want more steady players I hope you’ll think of me.”

As we’d teased each other, I had undone the zipper and button that held KC’s skirt in place. Suddenly, as we were swaying to the music her skirt dropped to the floor. KC stopped and looked at down at it around her ankles in mock horror. She put her hands on either side of her mouth and said, “Oh, dear. My clothes seem to have fallen from my body.” She had been commando, so stood before me nude, except for her sexy spike heels.

I bent to help her step away from the skirt, and as I did I kissed her mons, and ran my tongue across part of her slit. She had a small landing strip of pubic hair to give some definition to the landscape. I liked that.

When I stood, KC put both arms around my neck and plastered her body against me. In a large mirror on the wall, I could see us. KC not only had great breasts, she had an ass to die for. I guessed many of the other men were salivating at the sight.

After we kissed some more, KC fussed with my belt buckle and pants zipper. I helped her, and soon I joined her in our nudity. I’d also gone commando at the suggestion of my four bedmates. They invoked the Boy Scout motto: ‘Be prepared.’ Apparently, elimination of underwear put me closer to that goal.

KC trapped my cock between her legs, moving it with her hands until my rapidly inflating shaft was snug against canlı kaçak iddaa her moist slit. We started to dance again, swaying to the music. We were making subtle to and fro motions too, sort of faux fucking without actual penetration.

Only a couple of feet from me, Elsa and Jon were also nude and doing what we were. Cindy and Don were rapidly shedding their clothing. Melanie was in the darker corner on her knees sucking on Ryan’s long cock. Sheila and Tom were undressed down to her thong and his briefs, and obviously teasing each other. Along the sidelines, I saw Andy lowering Edie onto his already hard cock. Next to them Carter was about to mount Amber while Mike sucked on her magnificent breasts. This was turning out to be a fun evening for everyone.

After a sensuous bout of kissing and rubbing together, KC said, “I hope you love to eat pussy.”

I snorted because the statement came out of left field without preamble. “I love to eat pussy. Do you want some testimonials?” I reached out and tapped Elsa on the shoulder.

Elsa turned and looked at us with a smile. I said, “Elsa, am I any good at eating pussy?”

She swooned somewhat artificially, “Oh, God. If he were any better at it, he’d kill us all. Ask him to give you The Experience. It’ll ruin you for all other men, and leave you with a terrible case of passionate love for one man.”

KC turned back to me, “Oh, with that said, I hope you don’t wait all evening to start things. I’m already up to boil. Why don’t you see if I can pop? This party was all I could think about for days before. I tried to find out about you on the Internet but there’s little out there about your personality; it’s all about your business prowess, but that was very interesting too. You’ve built your company into such a powerhouse of experts and diverse products. That was nice to know, but I wanted to know more about you as a man.”

I felt mildly impressed that she hadn’t mentioned my wealth. She wanted to know what I was like as a person – a man. Further, she thought enough about things to do some research.

I led KC to a love seat that had been pushed against the wall. We pushed aside some clothing that had been tossed on it, and I had KC sit and slide forward as I knelt on the floor in front of her. No one seemed to pay us any mind.

She spread her legs at my urging, and I dove face first into KC’s pussy delighted in the taste and aroma of her love box. She was already wet and nearly to the point of dripping, but I lapped those fluids away in a few seconds and that brought on more for me to savor. I worked her over for a five minutes and her first orgasm over took her. She looked at me in awe because it hadn’t been expected.

I added a couple of fingers and focused on fingering her G-spot and clit, and that brought on another orgasm. Soon, I had four fingers in her, and then I pocketed my thumb in my palm and worked my hand inside her as I continued to lap and lick in the right places. My other hand romantically stroked the rest of her beautiful body, often focusing on her full breasts. She was watching me with great interest and later I’d learn utmost affection.

Another climax rippled through her, a little more intense than the first two, and then I got down to serious work. I found her A-spot by trial and error; she was easy and gave up signals that I’d found the spot without even knowing it.

I focused on her as I moved my other hand seductively to other erogenous zones. KC was crooning out her appreciation for the wonderful feelings I was giving her. After about five minutes, her body shifted into overdrive. KC’s body started to arch and push against my fist and the fingers inside her, she started to talk almost gibberish as her brain started to overload, and the fluids gushed from inside her. She was starting to orgasm in a huge way.

When I thought we were nearing her peak, I pinched her nipples hard and even slapped at her mons and clit, and then I pushed two fingers into her ass. KC screamed out “Oh God” a couple of times, and then collapsed in a sexually-induced coma. She was out cold.

I extracted my hand, licking up the good fluids I found there. I liked this new technique I’d inherited. I would have to thank Ryan for passing this on to me by way of Elsa. I wondered if he was doing this to someone else at the party right then.

I held KC, and kissed her repeatedly. She finally hummed in pleasure in my arms. Her eyes blinked open and she looked at me in the most adoring way for well over a minute; her eyes searching through mine as she looked into my soul. Finally, she said, “I love you.”

“I love you too, KC. Are you OK? I made you pass out from too much pleasure.”

In a weak voice KC said, “That was the most pleasure I’d ever felt in so short a time … really intense. You can do that to me any time, and I hope you do.”

I held her and we kissed for several more minutes. She eventually gave me a blowjob, but that was apparently only to fluff me up canlı kaçak bahis so we could fuck. When I was hard, she mounted me and we had a slow fuck that went on for about twenty minutes. We were all over each other during that time. There were lots of love words between us. This was very enjoyable. She used her body to maximize my pleasure in every way we could think of.

When I came inside her she came again, and obviously relished the experience. She told me repeatedly that she loved me and wanted to be in my life forever, even if we weren’t monogamous or exclusive; she said she didn’t need that. Steve had told her about my relationship with the girls. I knew reality would seep back in slowly from other experiences and from what Elsa told me how she felt.

Eventually, KC recovered enough to make it to the kitchen and refresh her fluids and her brain functioned a little normally. Steve found her, and they cuddled a little. I left them to it.

I’d no sooner turned away than Edie found me. She was naked like everyone else in the condo. I asked her, “How are you doing on your goal?”

She giggled, “I’ve gotten three out of eleven. I’m hoping you don’t mind sloppy fourths or maybe its only thirds, because the first guy didn’t have to follow anybody.” She paused and asked, “Do you think I need to count Don, my husband? He had me last night.”

I laughed at her logic, “I think I’d be delighted to be your fourth tonight. I can’t speak to your accounting methods.” I enfolded Edie in my arms and we kissed as her excited hot breasts pushed into my chest


I was so worked up about the party I think I would have had multiple orgasms just standing in a gentle breeze, so long as it slightly tickled my clit. Instead I started out with Jon – Amber’s husband, and based on what Margo told me, a swinger and a skilled lover. Well, Jon gave me about a dozen orgasms before dropping a huge load inside me. Like Mark, Jon went down on me and cleaned up his mess, even sharing some of it with me. We were having great fun, and savoring our arousal and the lewd act of sharing. He was a great lover, and a lot of fun.

I moved from Jon to Don, another newcomer to our party. I expected he’d be really laid back and just a simple fuck; he was anything but. He had some novel positions that made his cock stroke little patches of skin inside me I didn’t know about that kept me firing off climaxes until I had to stop. Somewhere along the line he’d cum, and despite that he’d kept fucking me because he thought that was what I wanted. He’d been right.

After a rest and a glass of wine with some others out on Mark’s balcony (despite the chilly temperatures), I then coupled up with Deke again. I liked Deke. I’m sure people discounted him because he looked like a surfer dude, so they thought him dumb, of no account, and a man of no responsibilities. He was quite the opposite, but I think he liked to project the other image to keep people off guard about him. Every discussion I had with him proved his brilliance. I learned he’d already amassed some significant money by prudent investments and ran a chain of retail clothing stores, plus he was giving back to the community by teaching English as a second language. He liked to teach firearms, a carry over from his military service.

Deke enlisted Ryan’s help, and the two of them took me on together. I got spit roasted in several positions, and then Ryan took my ass in a gentle way. I lay back in his arms as Deke started to fuck me from in front. I was DPed, and loving it. I had another dozen orgasms that way because the two of them found about every nerve ending that gave me pleasure in those two orifices. Eventually, they pumped cum into those two places as I had a ‘Big O.’

We’d had an audience of about eight people, most of who were also fucking in some way as they watched us. Cindy and Mike were two of them; she rode him in the reverse cowgirl style and I could see his cock happily fucking into my sister for the entire ride.

After finishing, Ryan, Deke, and I went off and showered together. We ran into Amber and Tom coming out of the shower. They both looked ridden hard and put away wet. Tom said they were going to rest for a little while. I allowed as how that sounded like a good idea, but the shower rejuvenated me. I fucked a few other men who I didn’t see too often: Steve, Carter, and a revived Tom. About that time KC found me, and asked if I’d like a little sapphic interaction.

I didn’t know her well, but she had a body to die for. She told me she thought I was also sexy, and I thought that incongruous given her beauty, but I enthusiastically accepted her offer. We pulled the futon down on the living room floor, and the two of us started our ‘show,’ as she called it. We both wanted to entertain the troops. She told me Mark had talked about our sex shows for each other and she wanted to try doing that.

Quite a few of the men and women started to watch us. We were all over each other, cleaning out cum from warm deep places, and lapping up any thing we could find. With our permission, a couple of the guys ejaculated on us after we gave them rather lewd blowjobs. We continued the show by smearing the fluids everywhere, and then licking each other clean.

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