Birds, Bees and Booze Ch. 03

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“Come one, Daddy,” my daughter, my completely nude daughter, said while holding out her hand. “Let’s get in the shower.”

Completely entranced—and also as completely naked as Cait—I sat up in her bed and swung my legs over to stand. I reached out to take her hand, but she playfully swatted it away.

“That’s not what I’m reaching for,” she said teasingly.

When I stood up she found my flaccid penis with her hand and gave it a gentle but secure grip. I had ejaculated into my 18-year-old daughter’s mouth only a few minutes before, so there wasn’t much chance I’d get hard again that fast, but damn did it feel good to feel her small warm hand on my shaft. For a moment we both looked down at what she was holding onto, then we caught each other’s glance and laughed.

“Okay,” I said, “lead the way!”

Cait gave my cock a little squeeze, then turned and led me out of her room, literally leading me by the cock. I had thought at first that we’d simply make our short way to her bathroom, but it quickly became evident that she had another location in mind. As we padded down the hallway I had an excellent opportunity to watch my daughter from behind. I was mesmerized by her pert round bottom and how it moved and giggled slightly as she walked. With each pace I could see adorable and sexy little dimples form and fade above each creamy butt cheek. Her long hair flowed gracefully behind her shoulders, down her slender back. I was close enough to her to see the sides of her large luscious breasts swing back and forth before her.

My cock twitched and swelled slightly. Cait noticed.

She glanced over her shoulder and grinned at me. “Daddy, you just never quit, do you?” To emphasize her amazement, she gave my thickening girth another gentle squeeze.

“I’m surprising even myself,” I said. I mean, let’s be honest, I had just turned 45. I certainly wasn’t old, and I was proud about being in very good, even athletic, shape, but I was certainly no spring chicken anymore. I had only climaxed twice in the last 10 hours or so, but the most recent time had been less than 15 minutes ago. The fact that I was getting hard again so soon was very much a testament to how utterly and insanely erotic this situation was. Any 45-year-old male would readily sell his soul to the Devil to sleep with an 18-year-old female. But to have that 18-year-old be his own daughter…

My cock twitched again, and Cait giggled again as we made our way down the hallway—to the master bedroom! I had been oddly disinclined to go anywhere near that part of the house last night. Call it some sort of twisted sense of respect for my wife, Heather. But my daughter, who seemed to be quite okay literally having an affair with me against her own mother, obviously had no qualms about going into her mother’s bedroom as well.

Cait led me into my bedroom and directly for the master bathroom. “We’ll have so much more room in here,” she said matter-of-factly. She was correct. Whereas Cait’s bathroom was what you would find quite typical for any normal guest room in any given house, our master bathroom sported an absolutely massive shower stall. Heather and I had gone all out tiling the shower with rustic natural stone slabs, and water jets pretty much everywhere. Two people could very easily take regular showers in there at the same time, and Heather and I certainly did quite often. We didn’t always have sex in the shower, but our morning schedules were very similar, so showering together was usually quite efficient—and of course still fun whether or not we fucked!

Once we were in the bathroom Cait very reluctantly let go of my semi-erect penis and stepped into the shower, turning various valves until jets of water started spouting from various angles, quickly steaming up the place. It was evident that Cait had showered in here before, because she knew just how all the controls worked. She noticed me scrutinizing her.

“What,” she said. “Yes, of course I’ve tried this shower! Several times!”

I grinned. “That’s okay, pumpkin. You were always welcome to use it, even before—you know…” I blushed, gesturing our mutually naked bodies.

She laughed. “Oh, I know. I definitely enjoyed it a number of times when I knew you and Mom would be out of the house for a while.” She turned away for a moment to test the temperature of the water. Satisfied, she turned back to me and gave me the classic come-hither gesture with her finger. As I approached she said, “And if you’re a very lucky man—which so far you definitely are—I’ll be happy to show you which water jet is angled in just the perfect way to hit my clit…”

Holy God did I love this girl!

For the next several minutes we quite literally showered, letting the nice not water blast us from all directions, rinsing away the remaining vestiges and bodily fluids of our sexual activities from the night before and this morning. Once casino siteleri we were lathered up with soap and shampoo we began fondling and sliding against each other, laughing and tickling and teasing like the new lovers we were.

When eventually rinsed off and got to the conditioner phase, I sat Cait on the stone bench integrated into one side of the shower and began massaging the conditioner into her hair. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly, thoroughly enjoying the soothing scalp massage along with the hair-washing. I watched her for several moments, drinking in the image of her nude perfection. Her nipples were rock hard and lifted and lowered with her full breasts as she breathed. She finally broke the silence with another giggle.

“What was that for?” I asked.

She kept her eyes closed against the suds and water, but she grinned widely. She said, “Just realizing that I was going to show you which water jet is angled perfectly to get my pussy buzzing. Not exactly something a daughter talks to her father about.”

It was my turn to chuckle. “No, I suppose not.” I continued to work her scalp and asked, “So which one is it?”

Still without opening her eyes, Cait reached out and, with obviously experienced memory, touched one of the jets that was about halfway between the floor and the shower head. This jet normally sprayed a fan of water upward toward one’s chest or back, depending on how one faced. But with a practiced hand Cait adjusted the tip of the jet so that it started shooting an actual jet, not just a fanned spray, and then she angled it down, so it was now shooting out a little more directly at 90°. She dropped her hand and managed to crack one eye open to confirm that I had been observing all this.

I had, and I had to think about it for a moment. It was a fun mental exercise imagining how my daughter would have to stand, how she would have to position herself, for that steady jet of water to stimulate her genitalia. But I wanted the real thing.

“Show me,” I said simply.

Cait smiled and reached up to gently pull my hands from her hair. She stood and rinsed thoroughly while facing me, I and enjoyed the most wonderful image of my naked daughter completely exposing her breasts and pussy to me as she let the main shower head wash away the last of the conditioner. Then, still without speaking, she gently nudged me over a little so that she could position herself for the demonstration. I stepped back and watched as she turned to face the shower head. That put the bench on her left, and she lifted her left foot to rest on it. She moved forward a bit and repositioned herself so that that particular jet of water was now squarely shooting at her smooth vulva. She reached down and started pulling her vulva apart, giving her swollen clitoris more direct exposure to that stream of water. She then rubbed her clit a little, but it was more about positioning herself so that the water hit her for just the right amount of stimulation she preferred.

And once that right amount was achieved, I got to witness the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life.

There, before my eyes, my naked 18-year-old daughter, Cait, began masturbating freely with the much welcome assistance of a jet of water from my custom shower. And as if the sight of my daughter wasn’t enough, the noises that started coming out of her mouth started making me weak in the knees.

“Ooooo…oh, Daddy…Daddy!” she began cooing. She was getting stimulated and turned on real fast, and all I could do was watch, speechless, hypnotized by the site. “Oh…oh, God…oh fuck!” She was getting close now. And what a goddamned turn-on to hear my young daughter use the F-word!

It only took a few minutes, but time seemed to stand still. As I watched, my beautiful daughter used that water jet to bring her to an orgasm. And it was an orgasm I had not yet seen from her before, not even when I was inside her. The fact that Cait had orgasmed during the very act of losing her virginity to me was impressive enough, but it had certainly not been the greatest orgasm of her life, having had to adjust to a huge penis inside her for the first time ever.

But this—this—was an approaching orgasm that would put all the others to shame. I could sense it, I could almost smell it. My daughter was freely masturbating with the help of the shower, in front of her father, and all of this eroticism was only fueling the fire that was building at epic levels within this young woman’s guts. As if in pain—absolutely exquisite pain—Cait had closed her eyes again, tightly, but her mouth was completely open, a silent scream of pleasure when not grunting out in pure pleasure.

Then, as my daughter’s orgasm began to reach its crescendo, Cait began openly wailing, almost screaming, her young nubile voice echoing loudly throughout the bathroom. Up until this time she had been using two both hands on her slot oyna pussy, one to pull her labia open, the other to play with her clit. But at a certain point she stopped stimulating her clit—the water jet was doing that well enough on its own now—and with that now-free hand, Cait began blindly reaching out my way. I stepped forward and quickly took her hand. We interlocked fingers, and she squeezed hard. I leaned forward, kissed the side of her face, then put my mouth to her ear and whispered over the spray.

“Cum for me, Cait. Cum for your Daddy…”

That was all it took. All I could do was hang on for dear life as my sweet beautiful daughter launched over the edge and blasted into what had to be the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced in her young life. Her body trembled, her legs buckled, her cries of pleasure drowned out all other sounds or thought. And as her climax wracked her body, Cait simply slumped back, instinctively knowing that I would immediately catch her, which I did.

We crumbled together to the floor of the shower, but I shielded her slender, trembling body, with my own and clutched her tightly as she succumbed to wave after wave—after wave—of orgasmic bliss seemed to devour her very soul.

I could barely take in what had just transpired before me. The eroticism of it all was simply beyond what I could describe. At the same time, I felt a huge wave of love and admiration for my daughter. For a woman to feel comfortable enough to openly masturbate in front of a man is one thing, but this was a young woman who had done this in front of her father. It was enough to practically make my heart explode with emotions.

God knows how much time passed, minutes, an hour? All I knew was that for the longest time I had been holding on to my practically comatose daughter as she recovered from the Orgasm of the Ages. I began to feel cramped and even chilled, despite the hot water, because we had been in there so long. Our fingers were pruned. But I held on. I held on to my daughter and listened to her breathe, calmly now, against me, as the shower continued to spray down.

Then I felt her stir.

I felt something else stir, too, and I was pleased to realize that my penis had hardened once again, fully, and was now pressed against the small of my daughter’s back. I’m pretty sure I had been semi-erect throughout Cait’s masturbation session, but because she had just sucked me off not too long ago I figured it’d be a while before I could get another full erection. Well, in a good way, I was wrong.

Cait was feeling it, too. She finally regained enough strength to straighten and pull away from me just enough so that she could turn and look down at it. My hard cock happily stared right back up at her, and she smiled. She reached out and traced a finger lightly up the underside of my shaft, causing it to twitch, which made her giggle. She looked up at me.

“Your turn,” she said.

My cock twitched again.


“Yes you, silly. I want to see how my Daddy masturbates.”


“Oh yes.” She started getting up and gently “pulled” me by my cock to a standing position. As the hot water cascaded over our naked bodies I looked down at my beautiful teenage daughter and was reminded at just how small she was. Despite having wonderfully large breasts, her physical frame was actually quite petite, and I towered over her. The top of her head came level with just below my shoulder. She was looking up at me and smiling.

“Show me how you make yourself cum, Daddy.”

I smiled down at the girl I loved so much.

“Okay, baby. Daddy will show you how he likes to play with himself.”

As if getting ready for a formal show, Cait stepped back and sat on the shower bench and crossed her legs like a proper lady—only that she was completely naked, of course!

I didn’t make her wait long. I got a good grip on my cock and started stroking. I started slowly at first, letting her see how I used just enough pressure to move the skin of my shaft move gently with my hand. The water made my hand and cock slick, and I thoroughly enjoyed pleasuring myself while watching my naked daughter. She, in turn, was staring directly at my dick, her mouth open in amazement, absolutely entranced.

“Like what you see, baby?” I asked, somewhat breathlessly.

“Daddy,” she said, “this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, my sweet Cait.”

“I’m serious, Daddy. Your cock is absolute perfection. And so huge! I can’t believe I managed to fit that big thing inside me!”

“Oh baby!” I crooned, so incredibly turned on to hear her say such things.

Cait seemed to catch on that her words were making me hotter, helping to bring on yet another orgasm. She continued.

“I can’t wait to put it inside me again, Daddy. I want to feel you shoot your cum into me again and again. I want to feel it splashing canlı casino siteleri into my pussy.”

“Holy Jesus, baby!” It was incredible. My entire body was trembling with lust, and I suddenly started jacking off full-steam. My fist became a blur over my cock, and water was spattering everywhere as the shower came into contact with me.

Hearing her lustful words and simply looking at her naked body was all the stimulus I needed to reach orgasm quickly, and I couldn’t wait to see her reaction to it.

“Daddy’s gonna cum soon, baby.” I moaned. “You ready to see Daddy cum?”

“Oh yes, Daddy! Please cum for me!” She suddenly scooted forward and scooped up her large wet breasts with her hands. “Cum here, Daddy,” she said. “Cum on my tits!”

Still stroking, furiously now, I took a step forward, and the tip of my cock came into contact with her cleavage. I stabbed at her breasts a few times, only enhancing my sexual pleasure, and as I did so I felt a few of Cait’s finger tips reaching out and scraping lightly at my balls.

“That’s it, Daddy,” she encouraged. “Stroke yourself, faster, faster! Make yourself cum on your daughter’s tits. Let me see you shoot your sperm, Daddy!”

“Oh Cait,” I groaned, “Oh, baby, oh my sweet girl, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna—”

“Yes, Daddy! Cum for me! Cum all over me, Daddy!”


The first jet of semen launched directly out and splashed thickly onto my daughter’s left breast, causing her to squeal with delight as she stared directly at my erupting urethra. The next two sticky ropes of cum shot out at almost the same tremendous pressure as the first, and I watched myself absolutely paint Cait’s heaving breasts with my semen.

“Yes, Daddy, yes!” Cait wailed. “Keep stroking, keep cumming on me!”

I managed to milk out a few more strands of cum which dripped and drooled over Cait’s tits, and finally, after several seconds, I could coax no more cum from my balls. I let go and simply let my still-stiff cock come to rest within her cleavage. Cait kept her breasts held high and together, and she used a few fingers to gently nudge my cock between her breasts, lovingly cradling the object of her desire.

“My God, Daddy,” she said, clearly astonished. “I have never seen anything so amazing, so beautiful.”

“Thank you, baby,” I muttered, still breathing hard, feeling my knees wobble in the aftermath of orgasm.

She looked up at me and grinned. I grinned right back and blew her a kiss. She looked back down at where my softening cock still lay nestled in her breasts. My semen was slowly sliding off her warm skin, and after we both enjoyed the erotic sight for a few minutes, I reached up and adjusted the main head of the shower toward where Cait was sitting. Reluctantly, I stepped slightly back, and let my cock drop down, my mostly flaccid now but still thick and threatening.

Cait leaned forward into the warm spray and began rinsing my spunk off her chest, but not before she scooped a little up with her finger and tasted it, making sure I saw her do that.

“Mmm,” she said. “Tasty.”

“Have I mentioned lately how much I love you, Cait?”

She smiled. “Say it as often as you can, Daddy, because I love you too, so much!”

Then she leaned forward, bringing her face right up to my penis.

“I love you, too,” she said to my cock, then gave it a little kiss before standing.

We embraced and kissed under the shower for several minutes. It was deep, passionate kissing. We were 100% lovers now, and we kissed like it.

All told we must’ve spent the better part of an hour in the shower. Thankfully the water itself remained hot, but we’d been in there so long I could feel the goosebumps forming on my daughter’s skin, and she even gave a slight shiver, but she remained tightly embraced against me. I knew I would need to be the one to get us out of there, so I gave her tight round bottom a loving little spank.

“Didn’t you mention something about making me breakfast, pumpkin?”

“Are you hungry, Daddy?” she asked, her voice muffled as she pressed her face to my chest.

“I’d say we’ve worked up a pretty good appetite.”

I reached to turn the shower off, then guided my daughter toward the door. She was shivering again, and I stepped out and quickly got a big fluffy towel around her. I helped her dry her body and her hair a little, and she did the same for me. She kept the towel wrapped around her for a few minutes, but only until she warmed up, then she let it slip right off her.

“We shall remain naked all day,” she proudly declared in a regal fake-British dialect.

“Yes, Your Royal Highness,” I replied, bowing demurely.

“Come hither, my good man.” She stepped forward, once again getting a light grip on my cock. “We are off to the kitchen!”

And, just as she had led me in here by my cock, so my daughter Cait led me out in the same manner.

“We must provide nourishment and fuel for this,” she said, giving my cock a slight squeeze, “for there are many more orgasms in store for us before this weekend is out!”

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