Birthday Girls

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Ivan checked his watch. Nope, he hadn’t misread it the first 3 times, it really was 8.30…where the hell was Joanna? He sat back on the bar stool, and surveyed the restaurant once again. No sign of her. Dammit, she’d told him how important it was not to be late, that this restaurant had a strict table policy – they could and would get them out in time for the second seating. What was she playing at?

Suddenly the guy next to him at the bar gave him a nudge “Holy shit, look at that. I wonder which lucky guys they’re meeting.”

Ivan looked over at the door, and his look of chagrin slowly melted into a wide smile. “That would be me.” he told the man as they watched Joanna and Ella stroll into the restaurant.

The two were dressed to the nines, sexy without actually crossing the line to cheap-looking. Ella was wearing strappy shoes with 2-inch heels, a short suede skirt and close-fitting shirt. The buttons were undone just far enough so that you could see the swell of her cleavage, and the entire outfit set off her tan nicely. Her long blond hair was sleek as she flicked it over her shoulder and whispered something in Joanna’s ear. Joanna smiled, looking up to meet Ivan’s eyes. Her dark hair was curled up in some elaborate hair-do (Ivan was afraid to guess how this had been achieved), and if he wanted to he could stroke her all the way down from the back of her neck to the small of her back and touch only bare skin: the black dress was cut extremely low at the back. Otherwise it was reasonably demure, coming down to mid-thigh, but Ivan suspected there wasn’t much, if anything, underneath it. He could feel a stirring in his loins, but resolutely quelled it as he stood up to greet the girls. “Ladies, how are you this evening?”

They each kissed a cheek “Happy Birthday hon. I do hope you don’t mind that I brought Ella” Joanna whispered and winked cheekily at him. Belatedly Ivan realised both girls were wearing red bows around their wrists, and his heart sped up a notch.

He didn’t know how he made it through dinner. The girls cooed over him, feeding him and each other bits of their meals, daintily nibbling asparagus and sipping champagne…when the waiter first came to the table Ella had been running her bare foot along his thigh and over his crotch, hidden from view by the table. Joanna had had to order the wine as Ivan didn’t trust himself to speak. She had in turn let her hands roam freely (though discretely) during the canlı bahis meal and although the food was great he hadn’t eaten much. A different appetite was replacing hunger. Suddenly he was grateful for the strict time limit for diners: he wasn’t sure he could behave in a proper way for much longer.

Joanna leaned close “You remember how you asked what was for dessert? Well, we thought *you* would do rather well for an after-dinner treat.” Joanna grinned as she watched Ivan’s reaction. She stood up from the table, taking Ivan’s hand and leading him through the restaurant. Ella had taken his other hand, and followed closely. As they headed for the exit Ivan saw quite a few jealous looks, from women as well as men. One especially jealous look came from the man who’d spoken to him at the bar. He was now dining with a rather boney-looking older woman, who had her lips tightly pursed with disapproval.

It was dark but the maitre-d had managed to find them a black cab. The girls sat on either side of Ivan, curled against him. The teasing began in earnest: both girls were caressing Ivan’s thighs and the hard length that was making his trousers increasingly uncomfortable. His hands roamed their bodies as he tried to decide on what to touch and taste first. His hand slid under Joanna’s dress, slowly making its way up her thigh…as he suspected she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it, and he could feel the heat coming from her bare pussy. As he slid his fingers between her folds and encountered the wetness there she sighed, nibbling and kissing his neck.

Meanwhile Ella had unzipped his trousers, her warm hands freeing his cock. It sprang up, and she giggled with pleasure, stroking it firmly, massaging his length. His fingers dug deeper into Joanna and she rubbed herself against him encouragingly, almost purring. Ella lowered her head, drawing him into her hot and hungry mouth. He groaned as she started to suck his engorged cock, her tongue tasting the pre-cum. Ivan started finger-fucking Joanna in earnest, her moans mixing with the slurping sounds Ella was making.

Ivan could feel his dick twitch, the teasing had been driving him nuts all evening and he knew he wouldn’t last long now. With his free hand he pushed down on Ella’s head, forcing her to suck him deeper and faster. He groaned again deeply, then felt Joanna stiffen beside him as her cunt spasmed, her juices covering his hand. Suddenly he pushed hard on Ella’s head, his cock bahis siteleri sliding all the way down her throat as it started jerking, making her gag and swallow desperately to get all the cum as it pumped into her. Slowly the jerks subsided and she released him, sucking his cock clean as she did so. She tucked him back in, licking her lips to get a stray drop of cum.

Ivan slumped back against the seat breathing heavily, Joanna nestled against him. A few minutes later Ivan looked up and found himself meeting the cabby’s eyes in the rear-view mirror. The cabby gave him a wink, then turned into the next street. “Here we are, sir.”

As they walked up the stairs Ivan grinned: he had a great view of both asses from here. Joanna might have guessed what he was thinking: she reached ahead and lifted Ella’s skirt so he could watch as they headed up to her flat. Ivan collapsed on the bed, pulling Joanna down on top of him. “That was a lovely present, sugar.”

Joanna smiled down at him, then kissed him: gently at first, then more passionately. “You didn’t think that was all, did you?” she whispered. She reached for one of his arms as Ella reached for the other. The girls set to work, quickly stripping him of his shirt and tie. As he watched both girls tugged the bows from around their wrists and used them to tie him to the bedposts by his wrists. His tie was used as a gag, rendering him speechless. They stripped off the rest of his clothes, Ivan helpless to do anything to either help or hinder them.

The girls stood back, eyeing their prize. Joanna slowly started unbuttoning Ella’s shirt as Ella pulled the pins out of Joanna’s hair, bringing it tumbling down. Joanna sighed “You do have the most gorgeous breasts, Ella. They’re so soft, they’re perfect to play with” and proceeded to do just that. She kneaded the other girl’s breasts, sucking gently at the nipples, then slid her fingers under the waist of the skirt and tugged it down.

Joanna quickly shrugged off her own dress, then turned Ella to face Ivan. “What do you think, Ivan? Doesn’t Ella just have the most delicious body?” Joanna was standing beside Ella, giving him a good view as she once again caressed the other girl. “Oh yeah, these are great.” The words sounded muffled as Joanna’s mouth once again latched onto Ella’s tits, nibbling her flesh. Joanna’s hands stroked Ella’s body, running over her abdomen. Her fingers slid to the other girl’s pussy. “Oh dear, we haven’t treated bahis şirketleri you very well this evening, have we? You’re so wet, you must be dying to have a good hard cock in this little pussy.” A moan escaped Ivan as he watched the girls, his cock growing hard again. Joanna grinned mischievously at him. “Well, I’m sure Ivan will be willing to help out.”

The girls pounced on Ivan, Joanna caressing his growing cock. “Ella, I’m sure Ivan’s talented tongue is itching to get to work on you.” She started lazily lapping at his meat, enjoying the way she could feel it grow as her tongue curled across the soft skin. Ella reached up and untied the gag, replacing it with her pussy. She moaned as Ivan did as suggested, his tongue catching the girl’s clitoris and strongly stroking it in long slow movements. Ella’s fingers tightened their grip on the headboard, and she closed her eyes to better concentrate on the feelings in her pussy. She ground herself down on Ivan’s mouth as he sucked at her, driving her wild with desire. Joanna was by now deep-throating Ivan, sucking as hard as she could at that delicious cock. She slowly released him, and pulled Ella back to position her dripping pussy over Ivan’s rod. Ella looked Ivan in the eye as she slowly impaled herself on him, his dick sliding deep into that hot little cunt. She uttered a guttural moan as she started riding him wildly, slamming herself down so she was penetrated deeply over and over again.

Joanna caressed her own pussy, her fingers plunging in, glistening wetly. She crept over to Ivan and kissed him, tasting the other girl’s juices on his mouth. Ivan growled at her, breathing heavily “I want to taste your pussy, NOW!”

Joanna complied with alacrity, taking Ella’s place, his tongue lashing her clit. She was incredibly turned on from seeing him take care of Ella, and it wasn’t long until her hips bucked, her orgasm washing over her in delicious long waves. She collapsed beside the other two, who were still fucking furiously, both moaning loudly. Joanna sat up, slowly recovering. She reached up and untied Ivan’s hands.

He grabbed Ella’s ass, pumping himself into her, pushing her towards her orgasm. Joanna slipped behind her, settling between Ivan’s legs to suck his balls. At that moment Ella howled, her cunt clenching around Ivan’s cock as she came powerfully, her body shuddering. The twin sensations proved too much, and with a heavy groan Ivan unloaded himself into Ella for the second time that evening, his fingers digging into the flesh of her ass. All three lay back, the two girls bracketing Ivan, curled around him. Joanna smiled to herself: she knew this was one birthday Ivan wouldn’t forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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