Birthday Surprise: Anal Playtime

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Today it was the worst birthday ever. My boss had made me stay late at the office past my usual shift even though he had called that morning to make me come in early. In my hurry to work I had neglected to masturbate as I usually do before I start my day, and now as I was stuck in traffic my aching balls only further frustrated me.

Half an hour of traffic and several careless assholes later, I arrived home and dropped my briefcase by the door. I unbuttoned my shirt as I walked upstairs and threw it over my shoulder. When I reached the top of the wood stairs, I unbuttoned my pants as I entered the master bedroom of my house. I looked down as I walked in and noticed my daughter’s thong on the floor, and a millisecond later when I looked at up at the adjacent bed I stopped in shock.

There, for my viewing pleasure, my twenty year old daughter was bent over, her large, firm ass pointed directly at me. In her one hand was a large bottle of baby oil, which she squirted generously on her butt cheeks and smeared it across her perfect skin with her other hand. As she did so, she pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her brownish-pinkish asshole, which opened ever so slightly with the force of her tugs.

I took another step forward and as I did so the floor creaked, causing my daughter to glance over her shoulder at me and smile. With one last squirt of oil which she allowed to run down her ass and drip onto the sheets, and arched her ass further in the air and turned around. As she turned I noticed she had on a hot pink mesh bra, which allowed her silver nipple rings to show through.

I began to ask what she was doing, but she stopped me and pulled me closer, forcing me on the bed. I fell on top of her as I grabbed the base of her neck and kissed her lips adorned with red lipstick. Our lips touched, and as they parted both our mouths opened for our second kiss. This process repeated until casino oyna gradually we were poking inside each other’s mouths with our tongues. Her mouth was warm and wet, and I moved my tongue from side to side along hers, while she did the same. We parted for a second until I forcefully kissed her as she put her tongue as deep into my mouth as it would go, as I pulled her close to my body, running my hand from her shoulder blade to her large, oily ass.

My daughter put both her hands on my pecs and pushed me up, saying “You didn’t think I’d forget your birthday did you Daddy?” She smiled up at me and giggled. “I promised you a birthday surprise last week, so here it is. You know all those fantasies you’re always mentioning? Well today, we’re going to do whatever nasty things you want until neither of us can fuck anymore”

“That’s fine with me!” I said with a laugh, running my hands through one of her blond pigtails. “What would you like to do first?” My daughter blushed for a moment, looked down at the bottle of oil, and said “Why don’t you finish oiling me up?”

I removed my clothes and let my erection free at last, as it had been straining against my work pants for some time. My girl turned around and as I crawled on the bed, she put her large white ass in my face. Most of the oil had rubbed off her butt while we were making out, leaving only a faint sheen on her ass. I spread her butt several times, listening to her wet pussy click as its hole was also tugged open and closed. I kneaded each of her butt cheeks and held them open, leaning my face closer and closer to her waxed asshole until my nose was touching it. My daughter cooed as I connected with her sensitive hole, but did not budge. I rubbed my nose from left to right along her hole, inhaling her natural scent as I did so. It was not a smell of “shit” but rather of ass. It was a musky, sweaty smell which was closely related to the slot oyna smell of pussy, and it was not unpleasant at all. After a few minutes of rubbing her ass with my nose, I stuck my tongue out and pressed it against the center of the hole. Cooing again with the change, my daughter put her head down on the bed and used her hands to spread her ass. The wrinkles on her hole became more prominent, as did the circumference of her pink inner sphincter. Her outer sphinter was a browner color, all of it waxed clean. I stuck my tongue slightly in and out of her ass, licking her hole all over. It tasted pretty much how it smelled, tangy and moist, with a slight metallic aspect.

I was horny two hours ago, but now playing with my daughter’s ass, I was fairly delirious with lust. I decided that since it was my birthday and I could have whatever fantasies I wanted, I quietly asked my daughter to let out a toot in my face. With a giggle, she replied with “ok Daddy” and spread her ass a little further. I put my nose close, almost touching her ass, as i waited. It took about ten seconds, and I could see how her ass was contracting and relaxing as her intestines worked to push a gas bubble out. With an adorable grunt and an “ok Daddy, here it comes” her anus opened for half a second as a hiss of air escaped. I felt the force of her ass against my face as I inhaled her fart. It smelled sweet, like that of digested vegetables, and I had to close my eyes as I smelled it just so I could enjoy it longer. Without my asking, another “pop” of gas escaped, and as she did so I licked her bum hole. It definitely tasted more shitty this time, but not overwhelmingly so.

The taste of her poo made me want more, so I reached over and stuck my index finger in my daughter’s mouth. Without question she sucked on it as I swirled it around between her cheeks. I pulled my finger out of her mouth and put it against her butthole. My daughter canlı casino siteleri moved back instinctively, but braced herself as I pushed my finger in. Her butthole was very tight and closed on my finger instantly. I had to use considerable force to move it, and as I ran out of lubricant I would keep putting my finger back in my daughter’s mouth, allowing her to taste her own ass frequently.

She began moaning, telling me to “dig in there and look for something to eat”. I was intrigued, and began moving my finger inside her, rooting out a piece of her shit to try. Her bum was naturally clean, and it took some time of rubbing my fingertip against her rectum before I finally found a speck of fecal matter. My daughter looked over her shoulder as I pulled my finger out, and asked for her “treat”. But in my lust, I told her it was mine, and sucked on my finger. It was my first time tasting shit, other than on her fairly clean anus, and the taste will forever be remembered. Its taste was very strong, even for a speck of a few millimetres. It was ok in small doses, but unbelievably arousing. My penis actually jerked as I tasted it, and a few drops of cum leaked out of my penis. With beads of white liquid running down my shaft, I swiftly got up and put my penis in my daughter’s face. I told her this was to be her treat since I got a morsel of her shit. She had gotten on all fours and put my penis in her mouth, causing another spurt of semen to project.

Her mouth wet my penis quickly as she sucked me to the back of her throat. I moved forward, enjoying making her gag. I could have ejaculated right there, but I pulled myself out from her lips, leaving a connection of thick saliva from the tip of my penis to her tongue.

Her blue-green eyes, decorated with eye shadow, looked up at me, confused. Her lipstick had long since smeared away, and her pigtails were sweaty and were becoming messy. I leaned down and kissed her on the lips softly, the taste of ass on both our mouths. “How about I finish oiling up your ass first?” I said as my beautiful baby girl laid down on her stomach, giggling and saying “ok Daddy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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