Blood and Love Ch. 01

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The bright sunlight hit my face as Amanda slid the curtains from the windows. I moaned and pulled the covers over my head. I wanted to sleep. Last night had been like the many nights since that dreadful day when I had lost my parents in the car crash. The screams, the horror and the guilt kept returning to me every night. I couldn’t sleep and would lie awake looking at the ceiling. Tears would swell in my eyes as I would re-collect the memories of that tragic night, a year ago. My dreams haunted me. I dreamt of the car crash, my dead parents, my brother Aaron who accused me of being the reason of their death. But, there were nights when I had strange dreams. I would be running away from someone in some unknown woods. I never saw what was that I was running away from. I would suddenly wake up at nights bathed in sweat. I thought it was my guilt I was trying to escape. But I had a feeling this was something else…. or maybe someone..

“Get up, Sean! It’s the first day of junior year. You don’t wanna be late, do you?” Amanda cried pulling the covers off me.

I knew I had no choice. Amanda was my mum’s sister and had come up as guardian after my parent’s demise. She loved us and tried her best to fill in our deceased parents place. I appreciated this and loved her. I dragged myself out of the bed and into the bathroom. . I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw a tired and messy black-haired guy looking back at me. I had brown hazel eyes which people said were very expressive and sensual. I was 5 ft 6 or 7 inches, lean and well handsome. I was the life of sophomore year and quite popular. But since the accident, I had lost it. I didn’t care about my appearance much and had locked myself in my shell. My friends tried to approach me but I seldom talked to anyone. I hated this but I couldn’t get out of this. After my parent’s death I had thought Aaron and I would get over this together. But Aaron hated me. He blamed me for their death and never talked to me; except whenever needed.

But, I was fed up of this marooned existence. I wanted it to end. I wanted to break the fetters of guilt and sorrow and pull the pieces of my life together. I wanted to begin anew. And I knew the time had come.


” Hey Amanda! What’s for breakfast?” I walked into the kitchen with a smile on my face.

She looked at me, surprised. ” Hey! Someone’s looking handsome. Ready for junior year, stud!” she winked. I smiled again and sat down to a meal of cereal and eggs and bacon.

“So what has brought this stud back?” Amanda smiled at me.

“Well. I dunno. I just woke up today and felt like I’ve had enough of this lonely life and wanna go back to my normal life. Its time I accepted things and moved on.”

“That’s great, Sean. Just a tiny suggestion. I hope your ‘normal’ life doesn’t mean too much of bunking, alcohol and sex with random guys.”

I choked on my cereal and quickly downed a glass casino siteleri of water before looking at her, only to find he smiling slyly. She laughed and gave me a I-know-teenagers look. I started laughing too.

Aaron walked in at this moment and looked at us. He gave me a dirty look and turned to

Amanda, “I’m off to school. See ya later.” He shot past me without looking again.

I felt my confidence shaking and my smile wearing off.

Amanda called after him but he left. She came over to me and put a hand on my shoulder.

“It’s gonna be fine, Evan. He’s gonna be okay and you guys will be back together. Just give him sometime. You know he’s rash and all. But, you’re the mature guy. Give him time.”

I looked at her face which had an assuring smile and smiled in turn. “Guess, I should be heading now. Don’t wanna be late.” I picked my bag, kissed her on the cheek and got out of the door.

“Ready to go, mate! Hop in!” I smiled at my best friend Stefan sitting in his car. I gave him a high five and hopped in.

“So mate. All cool now. Junior year! Way to go, babe!” He shouted in his characteristic thundering manner jumping in excitement. I laughed and joined him in his discussion of the year’s big plans!

Things were gonna be different this year. They were gonna be better. My life was about to change. I smiled at the thought.

If only I knew the change had already begun. Not just my life, everything around me was about to change.


“Sean! Stefan! Over here guys!” We turned in the direction from where the voice had come. I saw Ralph hollering at us. I beamed at our gang all seated in the football grounds.

Tyler, Rachael, Drake, Chris, Sophie, Rebecca and Sarah looked at us with huge welcoming smiles on their faces. Stefan and I made our way towards them.

“Look who I brought here! Presenting to ya, Sean!” Stefan boomed again.

The girls hugged me while the guys either patted me on the back or messed my hair. I was happy to be back with them. We talked for a couple of minutes about the year, our plans for Tyler’s party this weekend, subjects, and then headed to our respective classes.

Rachael, Tyler and I had the same class- Literature in English and we headed to it. Entering the class we took our seats. I took the third seat from the front. Rachael took the one next to me while Tyler the one behind me. Everyone was pretty excited about school, chatting animatedly about plans and classes when the teacher walked in. Tyler kicked my seat and I leaned back( I knew the signal- time for his smart- arse jokes!). “Man! She’s smoking hot! I love literature. Love and poetry!” I sniggered at his comment and gave him a thumbs up while looking straight at the teacher.

I guess she was kinda hot. Perfect figure and features. Some package! Hot yeah but I didn’t really care. My interests were different.

“Good morning everyone. My name’s slot oyna Selena Reynolds. I’ll be teaching you Literature In English this year. I’m new here and I’ hoping to have a close relationship with my students.”

“You sure will, ma’am.” I heard Tyler’s comment. Rebecca and I exchanged looks and quickly looked away trying to stop smiling. It was then that I realized that Ms.Reynolds had stopped talking and was looking at the door. I followed her gaze and saw a guy. My mouth fell open.

It was ‘some’ guy. The girls in the class were stirring and I could sense buzzing excitement. Even I felt drawn to him. Tall, handsome guy, jet black spiked hair, blue hazel eyes, toned physique evident in the fitting black v-neck shirt and baggy jeans. Very pale complexion and blood-red lips. Something about him was intoxicating. He was smoking hot and stood in the doorway smiling at Reynolds. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

“Yes?” Reynolds asked him.

“Hi ma’am. My name’s Evan Damien. I’m a new student here. Joined today. I’m sorry I couldn’t locate the class. May I come in?” He answered in his soft and deep voice that made me and also the girls go…..ahhhh…….

Ms.Reynolds smiled at the charming guy and allowed him to come in. He walked up to me and took the one next to me. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I turned towards him. He looked at me and gave a subtle smile. I was taken aback but smiled back, awkwardly though. I quickly took my eyes off him and looked at the teacher.

She had written ‘Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen’ on the board. I quickly took out my copy from the bag but in the haste a pen fell out and landed itself at Evan’s feet. Shit! I thought. However, I bent to pick it. I hadn’t noticed but Evan had bent too. Our fingers touched and I shivered. They were very cold. I was taken aback and retreated. Evan picked the pen and extended his hand towards me, smiling. I took it without speaking much, muttered a thank- you and looked away. But, I could feel his eyes on me. However, I din’t have the courage to look back. I guess I was very nervous.

Tyler kicked my seat again and I leaned back. “Looks like someone has found an admirer.” I tried to kick him back but hit the table and created a ruckus. Ms. Reynolds turned towards me.

“Any problem? Erm Mr?”

“Sean Geller.” I spoke.

She raised an eyebrow. “Perhaps Mr.Geller can tell us about the novel. Please comment.”

All eyes were on me. I felt myself going red. First day and I was planning to make things better!

Seeing me silent she addressed Tyler. ” Perhaps this young man will be able to enlighten us.”

Tyler smirked sheepishly and spoke, ” Well, I guess the novel is written by Jane Austen and that its about getting girls and guys and marrying them for money.”

The class burst into laughter but it soon died away. Aparently, Ms. Reynolds was not amused. “I hope you don’t expect a detention canlı casino siteleri on the first day, do you?”

Tyler’s grin faltered. I could sense his discomfort.

Ms.Reynolds looked at the entire class and smirked. “I guess I’ll be teaching a bunch of ignorant scumbags.”

“Pride and Prejudice is a novel written by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. It’s a novel that gives us an insight into the social mores of Victorian England. How marriage was an instrument of upward social mobility and the amalgamation of the aristocracy and bourgeoisie was seen as an immediate need.”

My jaw dropped. Everyone led out a ‘Woah!’ and looked at the person who had spoken up. Evan Damien!

Ms.Reynolds was astounded as well. However. She regained her composure and smiled. ” Gud work, Damien. I guess someone does know his stuff.”

She said with a smile but I could see how fake it was. She was bugged.

I looked at Evan who smiled at me again.

I smiled too.


“Are you okay?” Rebecca put her hand on my shoulder. The class had ended and students were spilling out of the room. I was arranging my backpack and looked up.

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

“She was mean. She seemed so sweet at first but turned out to be a bitch!? Rebecca rattled.

“But. That was one hot bitch! Attitude! Oh! I so want her, right now!” Tyler grinned making lusty gestures.

Rebecca shot him an eye of indignation and walked out. ” See ya at the café, Sean.”

“Man! What’s her problem? She doesn’t like me or what?” Tyler said watching her march off. ” I mean I am super handsome, hot, toned muscles. Girls die to get in bed wimme. Whats up with her?”

” Probably, she has an anti-Tyler charm that blocks self-praising baboons.” I shot at him.

Tyler jumped at me, caught my arms and pinned me to the wall. ” Smart mouth. Don’t wanna mess with Tyler, do ya?” He said grinning at me.

” Lemme go, Jerk! You’re hurting me!” I laughed.


Tyler let go off me. We looked at the door and saw Evan there. My heart skipped a beat.

“See ya, Sean!” Tyler said grabbing his bag and walking out, not before mouthing beat of luck and winking at me.

“Uhmm….Hi!..” Evan said to me.

“H,….Hi!” I said trying to stand in a perfect pose against the wall. But my shoe slipped and I almost fell. But caught myself and stood straight. God! I was so embarrassed.

Evan smiled.” Are you okay? Reynolds did become mean.”

“I’m fine.” Was all I could manage.

“That’s great. I was thinking I am new hear and would like to know everyone. Could we hang out together sometime?”

I was excited but tried to be controlled. “Yeah! Sure. We can. I’ll get you aquainted with everyone around.” I smiled.

He gave me a charming smile and said. ” Thanks. See ya then.”

“See ya.” I extended my hand.

He looked into my eyes and then at my hand. He held it. I shivered again. Dunno. Whether I was excited or his hand was too cold.

Anyway, we broke the handshake and he gave me a brief smile before leaving.

I stood watching him go.

I guess this year would be a great one.

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