Bought by My Friends

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Madison—29, blond beauty, acts like a bitch to her friends. Always puts them down, thinks she is better than them, and has to be the best. Does not like to be called Maddie.

Jerry—32, her husband. Tired of his wife, having an affair with Jennifer.

Jennifer—29, brown haired beauty, Madison’s friend.

Carol—29, light brown haired beauty, Madison’s friend.

One night, after an evening of playing cards. Jennifer was mad again at Madison.

She says, “Damn that bitch. It’s always the same. She is such a bitch.”

Jerry, who is having an affair with Jennifer, takes her in his arms and says, “I know baby, but what can I do. She is still my wife.”

And Carol says, “She’s right Jerry. She is a bitch. Everybody says so.”

Jennifer is quite for a moment, then smiles and says, “I have an idea. Oh. It will be perfect.”

To Carol, “Let’s go. I’ll tell you my plan.”

To Jerry, “You just do as I say. Understand Lover?”

And she kisses him.

He replies, “Anything you want babe. Get her gone and we’ll get married.”

She says, “Oh, she’ll be around. Just not in the same way.”

Two days later, it was a Thursday; the four were having dinner at Madison and Jerry’s house. Jennifer steered the conversation to “which one of them; Madison, Jennifer or Carol, was the most attractive.”

Madison said it was no contest, “I am. Just look at me.”

And she stood up.

The other two stood up too and Jennifer said, “We’re just as beautiful as you are Maddie.”

Madison, “Don’t call me that, you know I hate that name.”

Jennifer, “Oh, that’s right. I forgot.”

Madison, “That’s because you’re stupid.”

After, a few drinks and more arguing Jennifer said, “There is one way to resolve this question.”

Madison, “What’s that?”

Jennifer smiles and says, “There is a Slave Grading and Auction over in Greenville this Saturday. We could all get Graded and then whoever is judged to be worth more is the winner.”

Madison, “What? That’s your idea? That’s a stupid idea.”

Carol, “Why? You afraid you’ll lose? Are you chicken?”

Madison, “No, I’m not.”

Then after a moment, she says, “Fine. I’ll do it.”

Jennifer, “Great. There is a required type of clothing we would have to wear. I’ll buy them. Jerry would have to pretend to be our Owner.”

Madison laughs and says, “Jerry? Oh that’s funny. Him an Owner of Slaves.” internet casino

Jennifer, “There is a form that needs to be filled out on-line for each of us. I’ll take care of it.”

She continues, “We’ll meet here at 9am Saturday morning.”

Saturday morning, the three were dressed in short skirts, crop tops, thigh highs and high heels. Also, each was wearing a collar and leash.

Madison was not happy about the outfits or the collar but Jennifer said, “Now Madison, you agreed to the conditions.”

Madison, “I know but this is so embarrassing.”

Jennifer and Carol just smiled. The four got into the car and drove to Greenville and the Slave Grading. When they arrived, Jennifer said, “Ok. Jerry has to take us in separately to Register us for the Slave Grading. I’ll go first, then Carol and then Madison.”

Madison, “The best for last.”

Jennifer just nods and says, “Oh, I almost forgot. We have to wear these hoods.”

And she puts on a hood.

When Jerry walks Jennifer inside, they turn and go into a small room. Jennifer had been here yesterday and arranged a place for her and Carol change their cloths and stay out of sight. Then Jerry brings Carol to the small room and soon they are both in regular cloths. Jennifer and Carol then go up to the desk.

Carol gives her name and says, “I have brought my Slave Madison to be Slave Graded. She will be here in a moment.”

The clerk, named Tia, finds the form that Jennifer had filled out on-line and says, “Yes, here you are. Owner Carol bringing Slave Madison to be Slave Graded for the first time. And you want her to be Registered and Certified, correct?”

Carol, “That is correct. I may wish to sell her at the Auction. Is there a way that this woman” pointing at Jennifer, “can be guaranteed to be the high bid?”

Tia asks, “Why don’t you just sell her to her?”

Carol, “I want the bitch to go through being Sold.”

Tia smiles and says, “I see.”

Then goes on, “Well, I can give you a “Right of Refusal,” that way you could reject all bids and then sell her yourself to this woman. We of course would still get our “selling fee” of 5%.”

“Of, course.”

Jerry than walks Madison to the desk. She is then taken by a handler to be Slave Graded.

Tia asks, “If you would like to see her get Slave Graded, you can. She is being taken to a room and there is one way glass.”

Tia then leads canlı poker oyna the three over to the room so they can watch. It is great to see the arrogant stuck up bitch get what is coming to her. At first Madison plays along, thinking it is just a game. After a few minutes she starts to resist and is roughly handled, strapped down and spanked hard into submission. Every part of her body is measured and photographed.

She is made to suck on a cock and eat pussy. Her cunt is measured as is her ass. She is assigned a Slave Number which is tattooed to her scalp just above the hair line. And she is branded with a Slave Mark on her left buttocks. A few minutes later all of the info has been downloaded into the database. Madison is now the legal Slave of Carol.

Tia brings Carol a copy of the Registration and Certification forms and a copy of the video of the Slave Grading. She and Jennifer are delighted; all is going according to plan. When the Auction starts, all the Slaves up for Auction are paraded around the stage. As each Slave is up for bid, she is brought to the front of the stage and made to pose.

The bidding was low for Slave Madison which is surprising except that Tia had let it be known that any bid for Slave Madison would not be approved by the Owner.

Afterwards, Slave Madison is brought back to her Owner, Carol, who says, “Well Slave Madison. I am surprised at the low bids for you. I would have thought you would have commanded more interest.”

Madison just looked at her, “What is going on?”

Carol, “Are you stupid that Slave. You are my Slave. Here is the proof. Just think what all our friends will think.”

As Madison looked at her paperwork, she said, “Why are you doing this? I thought we were friends.”

Carol, “We were and now you are my Slave. And look at what you are worth. Very little.”

To Madison, only bringing so little at the Auction was a breaking point.

She thought, “Maybe I am just a worthless Slave.”

Jennifer then walks up and says to Carol, “I hate for you to get stuck with this bitch. I’ll buy her from you.”

Carol, “All right. How much to you offer?”

Jennifer, “One dollar.”

And hands Carol a one dollar bill.

Madison saw that and thought, “I’m only worth on dollar.”

And in her confuse mind she decided to be the best Slave she could be. Jennifer and Carol led Slave Madison to the desk and completed the change poker oyna of Ownership. Tia gives them a copy of the video of the Auction as well. Then they all walked to their car and drove home.

Jennifer made Madison to all the cleaning at all three of their homes. And Madison serviced both Jennifer and Carol. The next Saturday, Jerry hosts a party for all of their friends. They are shown Madison’s new status. The video of her Slave Grading is shown, as well as the Auction video.

All Madison’s former friends are delighted. Each person checks out the Slave Tattoo with her Slave Number and look at her Slave Mark. Madison is so humiliated and embarrassed. She is ordered to service all of the women and ordered to suck every man. None feel sorry for Madison. She is now the group’s Slave.

Jennifer sells her services to everyone. Madison is now a whore and her self esteem is all but gone. Jennifer rents her out as a Maid, a Party Girl, and a Slut for a Women’s Group. Madison, or Maddie as she is now called, is kept very busy. But Jennifer uses her every day for her own pleasure.

After one year, Jerry divorces Maddie and marries Jennifer. Madison is kept as a Slave and her room was in the basement. Jennifer makes Maddie a porn star. She puts all sorts of photos and videos of Maddie the Slave Girl on the web. Jennifer took great delight in embarrassing and humiliating Maddie and was always degrading her and putting her down.

While out shopping, Jennifer would spank Maddie like she was a little girl and then would offer her services to all present. At a Christmas party, Maddie was the grand prize of the raffle. Jennifer takes Maddie to every Slave Auction, not to sell her but to make the point, “Be good or I will sell you.”

Madison knew that as bad as Jennifer was treating her, she could end up with a much worst Owner. She tried to behave and be the best Slave she could be. Madison remembers, she was at the top and now was at the bottom. And Jennifer made her life hell.

After 10 years of hard Slavery and being used and used by anyone who Jennifer wanted her to, Madison no longer looked younger then she was. Now, she looked twenty years older than she was. She had a used up look. Jennifer takes her to a Slave Auction and sells Madison. A older female Owner bought her and kept her in chain always. Life was very hard on Madison and none of her former friends missed her.

At the same Auction, Jennifer buys a young, better looking Slave named Giselle. Jennifer is kinder to Giselle than she was to Madison. She keeps Giselle to herself, Jerry and Carol. Giselle was well trained by her previous Owner. And life for was good. For Jennifer, not so good for Madison.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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