Boys Will Be Boys

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I am Dan, an average guy. Mid forties, married for 10 years, good family life. I’ve kept myself in decent shape but could always use some work. I got a notice for upcoming reunion on my prep school. One of my office mates, who lived near the school when were growing up, he resorted, in jest, to the old townie response of “those faggots.” The idea of the reunion and his comment brought back some great old memories.

The all-boy prep school was known for its athletic teams and usually beat the local HS in the annual Turkey Day game. But of course, outsiders always made the “faggot” comment. Inside the school, the guys were homophobic, at least outwardly. This was the 1970’s, and alternative lifestyles were not yet embraced. During my time there, however, as the saying goes “boys will be boys.”

One summer night, a friend, Bob, and I after a few beers went for a late night dip in the ocean. Afterwards, sitting in the sand, we soon were boasting of wished-for sexual conquests. Being 16, we both were soon sporting a good woody and secretly stroking ourselves. I never had done this with another guy before but was soon enthralled watching Bob stroke his cock. He was a little smaller than me but had a great mushroom head on his cock. He could see I was enjoying watching him as he watched me. My cock casino oyna is about 7 inches, fairly thick. The conversation then turned to jerking off – how often we did it, where, etc. Bob then moved closer and reached across and put his hand on my cock. His warm hand wrapped round my cock felt fantastic. (Having only had self-satisfaction to this point in life, anything was an improvement!) Our conversations stopped as Bob slowed stroked my cock. Sitting across from him, I reached over and soon I was in my first circle jerk of two. All we could hear was our heavy breathing and the roll of the surf. A sudden noise set us scurrying for our clothes and to the car.

Bob slipped in the back seat as I jumped in the front. A few nervous seconds later we realized our fears had gotten the better of us. Bob, still naked, laid across the back seat of my 1975 Malibu and began to revive his hard on. “Come on” he said. I was curious and jumped into the back with him. As I got seated, Bob grabbed my cock, slid on to floor and slid my cock into his mouth. Despite being only half hard, I nearly exploded right then. His warm, wet mouth surrounded my head. What he lacked in ability, he was making up with gusto. He soon was bobbing (no pun intended) on my cock, and all I could do was sit back and moan. MY first blow job! My first…anything! slot oyna Watching him suck my cock was so hot. I had seen a blowjob in a movie and magazines but now was experiencing it. He looked up at me and I could see in his eyes he was enjoying it as much as I was. I knew I was getting close, so did Bob. Bob came up for air and was fisting my cock furiously as I could not take my eyes off my cock. Soon, a stream of cum spurted hitting Bob in the face, my chest and generally all over the place. Oh I never felt so good. Bob wiped his face and tasted a small amount on his fingers. “Try some”, he said. I scooped a small amount off my chest and tasted it. It was not unpleasant, salty, and a bit strange. Bob then proceed to lick my cock clean.

As I sat back and was recovering my breath, Bob sat up in the seat next to me and slowly jerked his cock and mine. As I looked at him I knew he wanted me to return the favor. I slid to the floor in front of him, and mimicked what I saw him do. His cock was already leaking precum and tasted saltier than my cum did. The sensation of his hot cock in my mouth was wild. I licked his head and shaft as I had seen in the movie and soon, Bob was gasping for breath. The car windows were completely fogged over by heavy breathing. I took his head in my mouth and proceeded canlı casino siteleri to slide my lips up and down the shaft. I nearly choked as he grabbed my head and forced me all the way down. My cock had sprung back to attention as I got into slurping his cock. My spit was flowing as my tongue played with his cock slit. I heard him say “oh, god I going to cum,” but being ever competitive, I was not going to stop just yet. Like a game of chicken, I was going to take him closer than he had taken me. I misjudged. The first shot hit the back of my throat; the second fell squarely on my tongue. I had pulled off of him as the third spasm shot me in the face. Sitting there, I froze. His cum was in my mouth! I did not know what to do. He did! He pulled me up and began to kiss me. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and swirled it around. We kissed for a few minutes then separated. We silently dressed. I used my socks to wipe the errant splashes of cum on the seats. Then once dressed got out of the back seat and into the front as did he.

What seemed like hours later, he said “I hope you liked that?” All I could do was smile. Soon were laughing, we reassured each other we were not faggots, it was just like jerking off, no big deal. The next two years we hooked up more and more often. After college, he moved out west and I only get to see him once in blue moon. Since I got married, I’ve been on the straight and narrow. However, I was looking forward to seeing Bob. Perhaps we could relieve old times ever a few beers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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