Bratty Ally

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This story contains dom/sub, sadomasocistic, and rapelay themes/


Benson was a hard working man. He had deadlines, schedules, and deals to make. He didn’t have time to waste on stupid things. He was a gruff and industrious gentleman with a strong frame and gray-wolf like features. His mind, house, and body was forged from cold iron and refined into a well oiled machine. He’d been married to his current wife for ten years, but when he saw her enter his study he knew at once they were going to have a fight, and it was the kind of fight Ally loved to instigate.

Ally was nearly thirty. Benson had never stayed with a woman so much younger than himself, but she managed to annoy him in the most acceptable ways, and otherwise she was a beautiful and intelligent woman. Today however he knew she was looking for trouble. Her friends had just left and she wore her long hair in two pigtails like a girl half her age. Her clothes were tight and small and showed how well she’d been exercising and sculpting herself just for him. She wore a sports bra that held her large chest tight and pert, and she wore yoga pants over bare skin.

As Benson tried to work he felt her hands touch his shoulders. “What are you working on?”

She knew he hated being interrupted. “Just give me five more minutes to finish up honey.”

“You have had all day with your computer!” She argued. “Come on, I was hoping you could help me with the laundry.”

It wasn’t that he never helped around the house, or that he didn’t want to. It was that she knew that this was his time. “Not right now honey.” She closed his laptop without his consent and sat on the desk in front of him. He was at his limit. “That was very important-“

“Not as important as me.” She smiled a cunning smile. He sighed. There was no avoiding it. She won.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down over his knees in a strong, swift motion. “AH!” She screeched in pain and feigned surprise. “What are you doing!” This is exactly what she had wanted, and every inch of her smile proved it.

“You still need to learn respect.” He yanked her pants and underwear down to her knees, stripping her ass bare.

“Benson!” She called out. “What are you doing!” She wriggled as he slapped her bare ass with enough force to cause legitimate pain.

He was actually quite angry. casino şirketleri “Bitch.” He struck her hard.

“You bastard!” She couldn’t help but grin after the pain wore off. She tried hard to act upset. He let his hand fall hard again while the skin was still hot, “You pig!” Her bratty butt bounced as he struck her rear again. She cried out. “Ahh!”

“I’m in control here.” He asserted as he stretched her over his knees.

“I’m not a child! I’m an adu-” He silenced her with a five firm spankings with a vice grip on her pigtails. “-AH-AH-AH-AH-ALT!” She called out between each. “You fucking dick!” She cursed him, half laughing and half in pain. Her face was red and upside down, “My mom hits harder than you!”

He forcibly spread her legs and slapped her pussy. Her legs clenched immediately and she hollered out, “Shit! You abusive fuck!”

“It looks like you still need to be taught a lesson.” He yanked the bra off her tits. Her breasts bounded back and forth with the force as she fought back. He pushed her ass to the floor and her skull to his crotch. Her hands were on his, her chest bare and bouncing with her struggle. He unbuckled, unzipped, and uncovered his manhood as she fought against his hard grip on her scalp. Her tits shook as he slapped her face.

“Hey!” She cried, her lipstick smearing, “I-“

He slapped her again, “Quiet.”

“I’m go-” She opened her mouth to speak and then he stuffed his cock in deep to silence her. Her eyes widened as he firmly gripped a pigtail in each hand like a handle and pulled her around his manhood. “Goh! Gahgh!” She tried to speak past the dick as he stretched her jaw and lips. He felt her gag and cough. He fucked her just there, right on the edge of her throat, just enough to be uncomfortable.

“Finally, silence.” He mused. She pushed his knees to relieve her mouth but he pulled her tighter. She hummed and growled as her face failed to conceal her delight. Her eyebrows curved with scorn but her guttural breaths sounded hungry. He pushed deep enough to cause her eyes to water and her mascara to run and held her there. She stopped fighting after half a minute. Her face began to relax and her grip loosened.

With perfect timeing he pulled her off and she sputtered and heaved for air. She was halfway unconscious. “Have you learned your lesson?”

“F-Fuck casino firmalari you!” She stuttered, out of breath. He rolled his eyes and slapped her tits. “Eek!” She whined. He slapped the other and pushed her to the ground face first. He aimed his cock and pressed on her womanhood. “Fucking pussy as bitch.” She heaved out insults as he toyed with her pleasure and held her firmly down by the neck. She was sopping wet. “I’m going to tell all my friends how much of a piece of shit, limp dick, bastard you are. I’m going to-” He aimed higher and pierced between her cheeks, stabbing half the head of his cock into her rectum. “AAH!” Her back arched and her toes curled in surprise. He slowly dug down into her, the head breaking through without mercy. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck it hurts!” Her sphincter was tight as it spread to accommodate the burning steel rod, lubed only by her own throat. “Ah!” She tried to escape but he gripped her pigtails from behind, pulling her up, back, and around his cock like a sleeve. She writhed as much as she could, but it only helped to ease the member deeper into her. She sank down on top of him with the help of gravity and his unyielding pull on her skull. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” Her spine curved back like a C. She was small enough to face Benson from bellow. If he loosed his grip, she would be close enough to kiss him upside down. Her eyes were locked on his.

“What a potty mouthed brat.” Benson sighed as she sat her cheeks on his lap, his cock as deep as it could get. “And such a lying slut. You are making such a mess.” Her pussy was drooling onto the hardwood floor. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“It hurts!” The persona was breaking. “N-No more!”

“No more?” Benson questioned. “No more of this?” He slapped her ass and gave a slight thrust forward. He pulled her pigtails tighter with his other hand.

“Ah!” She shouted. She panted in high pitched yelps as he bounced her ass up and down.

“P-Please!” She sighed. “P-Pretty please, mister Benson. I’m sorry for distracting you. I’ll be a good girl.”

“And?” He pushed her head down and away and shifted Ally slightly back. She groaned with discomfort at the minor movement. He pulled her mostly with the friction of his cock. After going back about a meter Benson reached into a nearby cabinet and placed a dab of lubricant on the base of güvenilir casino his cock.

“And I’ll do the laundry!” She said as his slow, tight movements slowly became more slick. Each painfully playful poke spread the juices around. “And clean up my mess!” She looked down and saw the puddle she had left behind, “L-Like this!” She bent down and licked the floor clean of her own love juice. He held her head there against the hard wood and let the slippery mess drip down into her with every movement. Once his dick was halfway wet he began to draw out of her. “Ah!” She called out, unable to keep concentrating on licking the floor. “A-And I wont misbehave, or interrupt you, and I’ll- I’ll,” Her makeup and the juices mixed on the floor as she kept dripping with each thrust. Red and black oozed into the clear goop and painted her tits that rested there. “I’ve learned my lesson!” She called out. “Oh!” She was starting to like the feeling. He felt her shiver as he fucked Ally in the ass.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” He asked. He was closing in on his own pleasure.

“Yes! Yes! I’ll be a good girl!” The now slick sex pounded her deep and hard with a quickening pace. “I’ll act my age! I’ll-I’ll,” He felt her voice rising in pitch, “I’ll-I-I, Ah!-Ah!-Ah!” She shook and cried out, “Fuck me! Just like that! Just like that! Cum in me! Fuck my bratty ass!” Her ass clenched tight and her lips babbled when she came. He came into her, shooting his slick deep inside. “Oh!” She felt it smooth the last of his dry dick. And her body fell in ecstasy at the added sensation during her climax. “Pump me full of it!” She trembled as he emptied his load. “Woah!” she shouted as she rode the pleasure forward. He fucked her faster and harder than usual. Her back arched even further as her tits slid on the wood. “OAHH!” Her legs shook and her body fell flat as the fucking continued past her peak. He followed her down and rammed her into the ground. “YES! YES! YES!” She chanted as he finished that last of his seed and her brain was more animal than human. She was giddy and groaning as he slowed down. Every other moment she’d twitch and shiver in the aftershocks.

Benson groaned and took his half hard cock from her rear. Her pert cheeks clenched and seeped with his spunk. It dripped down onto her useless pussy and mixed with the messy puddle underneath. “Clean up this mess.”

“Yes sir!” her butt wobbled happily as she regained her senses. Her smile showed a knowing victorious glee.

Benson sighed and rolled his eyes. He’d have to finish his work tomorrow. She always knew how to get what she wanted from him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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