Breaking Them In

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I was glad I had somewhat tidied my room before had left earlier that evening. There was nothing on the floor and the bed was made; not that it mattered. It took me a few tries to open my door and I was well aware that the lock wasn’t the only thing that was stiff. I finally gained entry to my humble abode and dragged my catch in behind me.

I had met Tom early on in the night and we had struck it off. He was quite handsome, a small frame but muscular which was clear under the close fitting shirt he wore. I had initially been shy, but after a little flirting on his part I opened up and began to dance with him. As the night had progressed we had kissed and groped each other in various bars on the high street, culminating in Tom giving me a blow job in the toilets of a sports bar. When I had finished, he licked my cock clean and stood up before offering his hand. I had stood up and zipped up. When we got back onto the dance floor he had begun to grind up against me once again and I was soon hard once more. He turned to me and moved in close to me and asked if I wanted to take him back to mine.

Most of our clothes had been discarded upon entering the house and it was a while before we got upstairs. I flicked the switch on my wall and watched Tom take his boxer shorts off, having already relieved me of mine downstairs. As I walked towards the bed he asked me where the condoms were and if I had some lube. I had smiled and opened one of the drawers of the desk he was stood next to. He sat down on the side of my bed as I took the condom out and turned to him. Tom grinned and took the foil packet out of my casino siteleri hand and watch me place the small bottle on the desk.

A moment later the condom was out and he placed it on top of my cock before slowly unravelling it along my length. He took the lubricant and squirted some onto his fingers before coating the condom, running his hand up down the length of my cock. I watch him then stand up again and kiss me before gently moving me out the way and bending over my desk.

I took the small tube of lubricant and squeezed some onto my fingers. Toms backside was pointing up at me and he moaned softly for me to fuck him as my fingers spread his cheeks. There was a small gasp as the cold gel pressed against his sphincter and helped my fingers slip inside. I drew them back out before thrusting them in once more and removing them. Each hand was on each cheek and kept them softly spread as I moved forward and pushed my cock inside of Tom.

I groaned as I felt his tight muscles grip around my shaft;the warmth was intense and I could feel it twitch. I drew my cock out before thrusting back in again, beginning a continual movement. I let go of Toms cheeks and let my hands touch his back and explore his body. I was turned on by his muscular torso and my thrusts increased as my fingers explored every defined and toned extremity. He had told me he was on the rowing team in his final year of university, this was evident in his toned upper body and legs.

I was slightly taller and a little wider than Tom; my interests in fitness had focused a lot on strength, although cardio still played a big slot oyna part. I think I had surprised Tom earlier, he had teased on the walk home that he would be too tired to play around when we got back to mine. With that had picked him up and carried him over my shoulder up the hill towards the house, declaring there was no way that was going happen. Tom had laughed loudly and when we reached the front door and I let him down he had gripped my waistband and pulled me into the house.

Tom moaned loudly as I increased my pace. I had noticed one of his hands had disappeared under him and could heard the slap of flesh against flesh as he masturbated. I suddenly felt him stiffen before jolting as cum spit out of his cock. I was still hard and eager to cum; before Tom had had time to relax I removed my cock and lifted him up, lightly throwing him onto the bed. He slid up the duvet on his back, resting his head on the pillow and spreading his legs. I got between them and grabbed one of the pillows and placing it under his lower back. His rear was now accessable and I leaned over him as I thrust back inside of him again.

Tom now let his hands explore my body and his electrifying touch only made me speed up my thrusts. He shouted for me to fuck him harder as his palms pressed against my chest. I felt my orgasm approach and with a few more thrusts emptied my load inside of him. I relished that moment, keeping my hips pressed firmly against Tom’s hips. My hands were spread on his chest in a mixture of his sweat and mine. I slowly sat back on my knees and my cock slid from his rear. I removed the condom, which I canlı casino siteleri couldn’t help but admire the contents of. I had to admit, Tom was a great kiss and fuck. I tied a knot in the top and chucked it into the bin. I turned to Tom who was still spread eagle in front of me.

It was meant to be an offer but I pretty much told him that he would be staying the night, not that he had any qualms with that.

I had forgotten how drunk I was and as the sex fueled adrenaline wore off the room began to move once more. I looked at the clock and saw that it coming up for half one, I figured I didn’t have anything to get up for, so a shower wouldn’t hurt. I could feel sweat on my body and once the afterglow wore off it had become significantly less appealling and if Tom was staying the night, then he would be having one to.

I had certainly enjoyed our escapade but one thing I felt was missing was reciprocation on my part. Once Tom and myself had closed the door of the shower I had got onto my knees and began to suck him off. Tom had leant back against the wall as I wrapped my tongue around his cock. He hadn’t lasted too long, my lips were pressed up against the stubble of recently shaved pubic hair as his cum shot down my throat. After standing back up we began to wash; Tom had stood with his back to me as I washed him, before he did the same to me.

We dried ourselves and with towels protecting our modesty we headed back to my room. The hot shower had relaxed me and I felt as though my energy had been drained, I was ready to crash. I climbed under the quilt before flicking back the corner as an invite to Tom who immediately slid in and moved towards me. He took my arm and draped it over him before turning and resting his back against my chest. The warmth of his body spread through me and minutes later we were both asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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