Cabin Getaway

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Just an exhibitionist fantasy with a slight bi-curious and bondage twist:

We were so looking forward to this get away. It had been a long time since Dave and I had a chance to be alone together. You know how the rat race of work and children always seem to get in the way of personal time together. But, we finally got our schedules worked out and this was going to be just our week together.

Dave had found this secluded little mountain cabin in the woods that looked like the perfect place to get naughty together all week. The place was owned by a widow who enjoyed renting to couples who liked to just get away.

The pictures showed a rustic cabin with wood beams with only one great big room with plenty of windows overlooking the stream fed pond out back. The deck had a hot tub and ample room for sunbathing if you didn’t want to be by the water.

It advertised that there were no other surroundings for a mile, except for the owners home and that the wooded mountains would supply plenty of privacy. And there was beautiful landscaping all around for just enjoying the beauty of your surroundings.

We were all packed with just enough clothes to be covered in case we wanted or needed to go into town for any fun or supplies. Since it was about a four hour drive, we decided to get up early in the morning and head out.

We both like to leave early on trips because, for one, the traffic is less of a strain and, for two, I am somewhat of a shy exhibitionist and the early morning hours give me a chance to dress accordingly.

With Dave’s encouragement, I like to show off a little. I’m not sure either one of us really wants me to get caught, but the thrill of knowing someone might see me naked really gets me wet. And, it’s obvious that Dave enjoys it, too.

So, off we go with Dave in his loose shorts and t-shirt and me in my mini skirt and white tee that’s too short to tuck in. We hardly get out of town and Dave reaches over to feel my wetness. I’m so ready to get there but I enjoy his touches while we drive, as well. It doesn’t take long and he has me shaking from my orgasm.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I know, Dave is waking me saying that this is our exit and he was going to stop for fuel and a break. When I awoke enough to be alert, I couldn’t help but notice that my skirt was up to my waist and one of my boobs was showing. Dave just smiled and said he enjoyed the view. I wondered how many others also enjoyed the view, too.

I sure did get slippery wet just thinking about it. I smiled back, gave him a little peck on the cheek, and fondled his crotch a little, while I told him he was the love of my life. Judging by his bulge, I think he was ready to get to the cabin, too.

We arrived at the owners place to check in and Dave no more than got inside when he came back out and said I needed to come in, too. I said something about not being dressed to meet anyone and he just told me that I would fit right in.

Turns out, the widow owner was only a few years older than us and she was breathtakingly gorgeous. She was dressed in a leather mini with a white cotton top and I would swear her nipples hardened when she saw me. I know my nipples hardened when I saw her.

She greeted us with a warm smile, handed us the key to the cabin, and gave us a map and general directions around the area. She was so sweet, I just couldn’t help feeling a little tingle inside.

After offering us a “welcome to her place” drink, we were on our way to the cabin. I asked Dave on the way to the casino oyna car if he noticed the twinkle in her eyes and he said the only thing he noticed was both our nipples hardening when we saw each other.

I gave him a quick feel and push him away as we both laughed at ourselves for being so horny. How satisfying it is to be married to your soul mate and not feel jealousy and be able to not have sexual hang-ups, as so many other couples have.

After we unpacked the car at the cabin, we both fixed ourselves another vacation drink and began putting our things away for the week as if we were home. Dave decided to take a shower and I just walked around the place taking in the beautiful scenery. I came back inside just in time to see Dave finishing his shower and couldn’t help but admire my man.

While he was drying off, I striped out of my clothes, got on my knees on the rug in the middle of the room, and watched him finish drying using my hungry eyes to feast on his manhood. He saw what I had done and his erection was evident.

I summoned him to me so I could savor his hot tool in my mouth. He loves it when I’m submissive to his needs, but he likes to be submissive to me equally as well. We both just enjoy pleasing each other.

I continued to suck him into me and lick him all over his balls and shaft just the way he likes. Because of the teasing that has gone on all day, he was worked up like crazy. Before long, I had him spurting his cream down my throat and all over my face and breasts.

My, what a load of cum you had today I said out loud and he said that with all the teasing and watching my nipples harden when we saw the cabin owner, that he was almost ready to explode in the shower.He said he had to cool the water down just to keep some control.

I could tell he was tired from all the days events so far, so I suggested he rest up for the evening activities. Since he hadn’t had much sleep the night before, he thought that was a good idea.

We finished our drinks, I fixed me another, and he laid down for a well-deserved afternoon nap. After all, he did find us this place and drive us here safely while I slept.

That reminds me, I wonder how many travelers actually saw me while we were driving? Wouldn’t they be impressed now if they saw me all naked with cum in my hair and all over my face and breasts?

When Dave was asleep, I couldn’t help touching myself in just the right spot thinking of the events of the day and how I must look now. Soon, with visions of the cabin owner clear in my mind, I climaxed right there while Dave was sleeping.

Almost feeling guilty, I decided to get my shower and maybe look around some more. After all, this was a lovely place to enjoy. And, I needed to dream up some excitement for us both before he wakes up.

After my shower, I wrapped my towel around me and suddenly, I heard a light knock at the door. I could not imagine who could be knocking unless it was a broken down traveler or something like that.

Without even thinking about how I was dressed, I looked outside and recognized the owner of the cabin. I opened the door and she shyly apologized for disturbing us. I told her it was no problem and that Dave was taking a nap and to come on inside.

She hesitated a bit and I told her that it was fine since Dave had been up all night, then driving here for a few hours, and having a couple of drinks followed by a mind blowing blowjob, I thought he’d probably not know we were here.

I can’t believe I told her that; it must have been slot oyna the drinks flowing freely through me. She just giggled and said ok, that she would come inside for a little while.

I asked her if she wanted a drink and I swear her nipples hardened again. Is it just me? I can’t believe I’m thinking about her nipples again.

She caught me staring and broke my trance when she accepted my drink offer. She giggled again and said she had forgotten to give us the keys to her special toy box in the cabin.

I must have looked puzzled so she explained that her cabin was for couples to get away and she kept some toys here for some of the guests private use.

She said that she didn’t let everyone use the toys and that she tried to check out the renters before their arrival to see if they qualified.

I asked her what she meant and she said she had found my Literotica profile and that she was turned on by the fact that Dave and I were so open about our sexual fantasies. She knew before we arrived that we would qualify for the use of her toys.

Now I was really embarrassed knowing this lovely woman before me knew I liked to be tied up and have my husbands cum all over me. My curiosity was starting to get the best of me and I could tell she knew she was touching the right buttons.

Her nipples were hardening again and I couldn’t help staring at this lovely woman. Now my nipples were hardening and I suddenly realized I was still wrapped in my towel from the shower.

I was a little embarrassed when I realized she could see my neatly trimmed bush between my legs and said I should probably go get dressed.

She said that she would rather me not change and that she enjoyed looking at my body, as well. With that, she stood up and offered to fix us both another drink.

My head was already a bit buzzed but I said ok as she was already mixing two more. She handed me my glass and said it was time to show me her toys.

There was a lounge in front of the couch that looked like an over sized foot rest that she went to and opened. There were all kinds of bondage items such as handcuffs and ties, blindfolds and paddles vibrators and ball gags, and there were some DVD’s of all kinds of kinky stuff.

She said she hadn’t used this stuff since her husband passed away suddenly in a plane crash and she thought it would be better if they got some use from some of her selected guests.

She pulled out one DVD and put it in the player for us to watch. I was shocked at first and then flush with desire when I realized that it was her in the video and her husband had her tied naked over the back of the couch in this very cabin.

My wetness between my legs was starting to get out of control. She knew she had shared something personal and I realized she was rubbing between her legs just as I was doing.

She apologized for her lack of control and said that I was the first person to ever see this video other than herself and her late husband. She didn’t know why, but she felt she had to show it to me.

We both giggled some more, I think to help relieve some of the sexual tension, when she suggested trying out some of the toys. She said it would be a perfect way for Dave to wake up and find me all naked and tied to the couch.

She asked what he would do and I just said he would have his way with me. We giggled some more as we looked over in Dave’s direction to make sure he was still asleep.

Sure enough, he looked to still be out for a while. We both went over to check and for some unknown canlı casino siteleri reason, I pulled the sheet off him to reveal his wonderful nakedness to us both. What a sight for sore eyes was her response and she proceeded to tell me what a lucky woman I was.

She wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already know. One more drink and I think I’ll be ready for this she told me. I was trying to figure out what she meant when she asked if I was ready to be tied up and presented to Dave when he wakes.

All ready and horny as any one could be, so I said sure. With that, she laid a pillow on the back of the couch and told me to lay my head on it. I did what I was told and she then said to spread my legs wide apart.

I then felt her putting cuffs around my ankles and securing them to the couch legs with ties. She said it was time for the arms. She then secured my elbows with cuffs clipped together and put handcuffs around my wrists.

I could tell her breathing was getting harder, as mine was, too. She asked if I was ok and I told her I was getting pretty worked up.

Saying she could tell because my wetness was sliding down my legs, she took some ties and placed them around the wrist cuffs and ran them over my shoulder to the front middle leg of the couch. You up to the ball gag and blind fold, she asked with a giggle?

I said ok and she placed the gag in my mouth and the blindfold over my eyes. Now I was in total darkness as helpless as anyone could be with a gorgeous woman staring at my towel wrapped body.

Now this is what I’ve been waiting for since you got here today, she said, and with that, she unwrapped the towel from my body. I began to shiver from either realizing that I was naked and helpless in front of a stranger or from desire as I felt this woman was someone I’ve known all my life. All I knew at that very moment was that I was as horny as I have ever been as evident from my juices flowing down both my legs.

This lovely creature knew she had me where she wanted and began to caress my already hardened nipples. She then gave me a light spank on my bare bottom. Then she spanked the other side and began to caress between my legs. I was moaning through the ball gag when two of her fingers penetrated my opening. She knew just where to rub and had me under her power.

Then, she suddenly stopped. I moaned with frustration. She knew what she was doing to me and told me so. She said she was getting me worked up so my husband could use me as he pleased.

If I could have said anything, I would have begged her for release, but she knew how to keep me on the edge of orgasm without letting me have my final reward. I heard some movement behind me and suddenly felt her tongue between my legs.

Ohh, it felt so good. She lapped at my opening tasting all my juices and then worked on my clitoris for a bit. I was almost there when she stopped. She told me that I was definitely good enough to eat, but that she should save some for Dave.

With that, she took one of the small vibrators, placed it just inside my opening, strapped it to my leg, and turned it on. I was going wild with desire but couldn’t quite get over the edge. She then told me that she sure would like to have a taste after my husband got through with me.

If I could have, I would have told her to stay and have that wish fulfilled later that afternoon. But I couldn’t say anything as she left saying that the alarm clock would awaken Dave in about fifteen minutes.

I don’t know if I can last that long but I guess I have no choice. The door closed and she was gone. I could still hear the DVD playing on the TV. I was soo close, but not quite there.

Ring, ring. There goes the alarm!

This is going to be an exciting week.

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