Camping Trip – Day 01

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I was at a huge camping festival with a few of my friends, and we were sitting around the fire, having some beers. I was pretty stoned and tipsy myself, we had been drinking and smoking all night long. And then, late at night, that’s when Dan appeared.

I had never met Dan before, he was a friend of some of the people I was camping with. Dan introduced himself to everyone, and when he got to me, he seemed instantly drawn to me for some reason. He seemed interested in my name, how I knew everyone here, and when he shook my hand he seemed to hold it for way too long. It made me slightly uncomfortable, but I brushed it off and continued with my night.

We were playing a dimly lit game of beer pong, and I was noticing all of the girls around me. I was a virgin still, never had much luck with the ladies, but the possibility of something happening kept me going. And so I talked to them and my friends, and then I realized that I was without a partner for beer pong. That’s when Dan stepped up and said he’d be my partner. I felt a rush in my stomach and got a little uncomfortable and irritated, but I said it would be ok if Dan partnered up with me.

Dan turned out to be quite a good shot, so I didn’t mind having him as a partner, but I did mind how he was acting. Every time I shot the ball he seemed to stand so close to me, his body nearly touching mine. I had to constantly clear my throat and look at him, but he’d just say “sorry” like nothing was happening, and back up. It made me really nervous for some reason, maybe because he was a new person. He kept asking me questions, getting really close to me when he talked. I did my best to answer, but I was growing increasingly uncomfortable. I took a shot with the ball and made it, Dan placed a hand on my ass and said “nice shot.” I jumped at the sensation of his hand on my ass.

“Whoa, easy there,” Dan said, resting a hand on my shoulder. “Jumpy, huh?”

I pulled forward to get away from Dan and I looked around. Luckily it was so dark, nobody had noticed anything. My breathing tensed up and I felt my cock growing and pulsing. It immediately confused me, and I suddenly noticed the tight sweatpants I had on, hugging my ass and legs. I felt so exposed in them now, almost naked next to Dan as my cock twitched. My head was swimming, but I did my best to focus on the game. I didn’t shoot too well the rest of the game. Dan kept close to me, occasionally brushing his hand against my arm, or purposely bumping into me, up against my ass.

“Oops, sorry” he would say each time, only causing my cock and confusion to grow.

Dan kept asking me questions during the game, each time getting close go me, almost whispering the questions in my ear. His voice was calming and relaxing, causing tingles down my body when he talked to me. I struggled to answer, a strange lust and desire coming over me. At one point, the other team was discussing strategy and Dan stood right behind me, his hands barely touching my hips. I didn’t want to pull away from him for fear of causing a commotion and people seeing us, so I just stood there, frozen, Dan’s hands on my sides as he whispered in my ear, something about my form being really good for beer pong. My face was red and I stood there, trying to fight off my growing erection.

And then, almost abruptly, the game ended and we were defeated. “Oh well, we gave it our all,” Dan said. “Victory hug?” Dan looked at me, but I said nothing. My heart was racing, I was too nervous to move. Dan didn’t wait for me to answer, he pulled me close and squeezed me tight. I could feel his cock hard against mine, which also hard at this point. I gulped and pulled away from the hug, but not before Dan’s hand slid down my side, caressing at my hip. I squirmed, pulling away and left the table, hearing Dan say “See you around” from behind me.

I walked away from the table and didn’t even go to my friend’s right away, I needed a second to breathe. I willed my boner away, and took some deep breaths. What was going on? I’d had gay fantasies before, but I thought I was over them. I even came out here tonight with the intention of meeting a girl, maybe getting laid. But there was something deep inside of me churning. Maybe I wasn’t completely gay, but I had always had fantasies of being touched, caressed, seduced casino siteleri if you will, just like it seemed Dan was attempting to do. I had no idea someone’s hands on my body could feel so good though, the feeling of being vulnerable, of strong hands caressing my body, taking my clothes of… no, snap out of it! Just thinking like that was causing my cock to twitch again. I had to snap out of it, find my friends and hang out with them.

I ended up meeting my friends at the music stage, and we jammed out to the music together, passing joints and sipping beers. I was having a good time, I had almost completely forgotten what had happened with Dan earlier. Still, I kept checking over my shoulders, nervous that he might pop up at any minute.

“You ok?” One of my friends asked.

“Yeah,” I said, playing it off. The beer and the smoke were hitting me more and what worried me now was not that Dan might show up, but that I wanted him to

show up! I wanted to feel him behind me, those large hands sliding down… no. I snap out of it again, determined to have a good time with my friends, as my cock pulses in my tight sweatpants.

We continue enjoying the music and the night, and eventually my lust and desire starts to die down. When the music fades out and the night gets late, we all head back to our campsite and sit around the fire, bullshitting and smoking more weed. And eventually, around 2 in the morning, I get hit with the strongest feeling to lie down, it had been a long day already, and there was still 2 more days of this camping festival. Most of the people in my camp site have fallen asleep, quite a few stay gathered around the fire still, but I walk away from them, towards my tent. My tent is hidden away, behind the other tents.

I get inside and zip my tent up, laying down on my stomach, pulling out my phone to check a few things. My head is fuzzy from all the drinking and smoking, when I suddenly start to think of what happened with Dan earlier. No sooner had those thoughts started to pop in my head when I hear the zipper on my tent being opened. I turn my head, expecting to see one of my friends, wanting me for something, and that’s when I freeze up. It’s Dan! He’s creeping into my tent, I didn’t know what to do. I lay frozen as I watched him climb inside my tent and then zip the entrance back up behind him.

“Hey what are you doing? You can’t be in here, man,” I manage to say, though it’s hard to really say anything, I’m so stunned.

“Shhh, it’s ok,” Day says as he moves closer to me, my whole body frozen, my ass sticking up into the air. “Just lay down like you were doing and let me touch you.” His hand rests on my lower back, just above my ass.

“Uhhh…” I stumble for the words to say. “You can’t be in here doing this, one of my friends might see or hear. I’m not gay.”

Dan moved his face very close to my ear, his hand now resting on my plump ass cheek. “They won’t hear us or see us if you’re quiet and quit squirming around so much. Don’t lie, I felt your cock growing earlier.” Hearing that sent shivers down my back. “I know you want me to touch your body, this juicy ass.”

I squirm under Dan’s touches, his hands very softly squeezing and massaging my ass. I don’t know what to do. My heart is racing, my cock is growing, I feel my body start to sweat. But his hands feel so good on me, on the fabric of my sweatpants, hugging and touching the curves of my ass. “I don’t know, we should stop, I swear I’m not like this.”

But Dan keeps caressing me, gently. It feels so good. I can pretend to fight it all I want, but I need this, need to be seduced and taken. Dan’s hands roam around to the other side of me and lift my shirt up slightly, his fingers sliding along my soft skin. I bite my lip and let out a small squeak. I have to arch my back and readjust my cock, it’s growing so hard underneath me.

Dan’s hands leave my body, but only for a second as I hear him taking his shirt off. I lift my head up and cock it to the side. And speaking of cock, I can see Dan’s thick cock growing, tenting in his red basketball shorts. He slides his shirt up over his tan, toned body, revealing a 6 pack and flat stomach. I gulp hard and quickly turn away, my cock growing and pulsing underneath me, my whole body filling with tingles, slot oyna anticipating Dan’s touch.

Dan starts to slide my shirt up and off, but I attempt to stop him. “I don’t know if we should be doing this.”

“Come on,” Dan says, leaning down, kissing my neck, below my ear. “You have such a nice body, I need to see it.” And I give in, as Dan slides my shirt off, revealing my body. I lay back down and Dan’s hands travel down my back, gliding softly over my lower back, stopping just above my ass. His fingers slide underneath my pants and boxers, and he slides them down, revealing my large, toned ass.

I whimper softly, attempting to say something to stop Dan, but there’s nothing I can do now, I begin to melt under his soft touches. His hands squeeze and rub my ass cheeks, pulling them apart and then back together. I moan and squirm. Dan leans down and begins to kiss my ass cheeks, his soft lips smacking and sucking. I arch my back up and have to stop myself from moaning, his mouth feels so good. I felt so horny vulnerable, turned on by his soft touches. He was seducing me, kissing my ass, he wanted me body. Oh god it made me delirious, I was so hot and horny.

Dan continued to kiss and suck on my ass as his hands hooked into my pants and pulled them lower, down, and off of my legs. I readjusted so that my cock was pointing down under me, below my ass. I was completely naked now as Dan’s strong hands continued to touch my ass, squeezing and pulling. I moaned softly as his hands traveled lower, softly touching my balls, and then gliding up and down my rock hard shaft. His fingers traveled all the way to the tip of my cock and he squeezed it, milking my precum. It felt so good. He used my own precum to lube my cock up, his fingers travelling up and down my hard shaft. I bit into the pillow next to my face and began humping the ground softly, Dan’s hands still gliding over my wet, hard shaft.

I heard the sound of footsteps outside of the tent and my heart froze up, Dan threw a blanket over us and pressing his body into mine, his rock hard cock resting between my ass cheeks. I gulped hard and said nothing, listening to the footsteps. They slowly passed by and I breathed a sigh of relief, and so did Dan. He lowered the blanket down, but stayed behind me. His shorts were still on, but his shirt wasn’t, and his skin felt so good pressed against my back like that.

I could feel how hard he was through his shorts, his cock was digging into my ass, trying to pry my cheeks apart. “Uhhh, yeah, this feels so good,” I said to Dan.

He continued softly humping me from behind, his hands on my body, guiding me towards his cock. He began to kiss me up and down the neck and it was hard to keep it together, my cock sticky and hard.

“You like that? Like my cock in your ass?”

“Uh, huh,” I said back. I didn’t know what was coming over me (hopefully Dan, soon) I felt like such a slut. My cock was on fire, I tried to reach for it, but Dan’s hand got there first, slowly massaging my cock as he humped me from behind.

Dan backed up from me to slide his shorts down and he told me to turn over again, and I obeyed, with great difficulty getting my hard cock underneath me again. Dan pulled his shorts down and off, and now we were both completely naked. Uhh, being naked with another guy, our cocks hard and throbbing, just the idea alone of what was happening had me in ecstasy.

Dan straddled my legs and let his hard cock rest in between my ass cheeks. He spit down and lubed his cock up, letting his shaft slide up and down, inbetween my ass cheeks. His hands massaged and pulled my ass as he rode me like that, his shaft sliding up and down, gliding between my tight ass cheeks. I responded by arching my back in motion with Dan, letting him hump me from behind.

He started to groan and grunt as he humped me from behind, his hands gliding up and down, all over my body. Hearing him thrusting and grunting like that, breathing heavy, it turned me on even more. He wanted me and wanted to fuck me so bad, as his cock slid up and down, teasing my asshole. I felt like such a dirty slut all of the sudden, I loved it. I could’ve came just like that, but that’s when Dan flipped me over and his lips went straight to my hard shaft.

I started to moan loudly, but had canlı casino siteleri to hold a hand to my mouth to muffle the sounds. My cock was already wet with precum, and now Dan’s wet mouth felt soooo good as his tongue explored my shaft. His hands reached around and grabbed my ass roughly, forcing more and more of my cock into his wanting mouth. All I could do was buck my hips and moan (quieter now) as I face fucked Dan.

I had never had my dick sucked before, I had no idea it could feel so good! Dan’s wet tongue slid up and down my shaft as I moaned out Dan’s name. My body was hot and sweaty, but that didn’t stop Dan’s hands from roaming all over me. His hand found my left nipple and begin to pinch it, and that’s when I lost it. The sensation was overwhelming. I felt my balls fill up with cum and I barely had time to warn Dan as I started to shoot the biggest, stickiest load I’d ever shot. It shot up and into Dan’s mouth, as he let it drip down his lips and chin.

He pulled me in for a kiss, and my cum and our saliva mixed together. It almost half disgusted me, but Dan kept kissing me, his tongue deep in my mouth. His kisses muffled me, and I could see why, he still had a raging boner. “Turn over again,” he said to me, a devilish smile on his face.

At that point I didn’t really want to go further, my boner was dying away now, but I obeyed just out of curiosity, and my head was still spinning, so I got on my stomach again as Dan positioned himself behind me. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and spit down, letting it hit my asshole. I jumped at the sensation, as Dan moved forward, positioning his cock directly against my asshole. He let his cock mix with his saliva and I felt the pressure of Dan’s cock forcing it’s way into my asshole. He was going to fuck me!

Dan applied more pressure and let the tip of his cock enter me, gently moving his ti[ in and out. I moaned softly as Dan placed a hand on my ass cheek, steadying himself. He grunted slightly as he moved the tip of his dick and in out, softly fucking me. It actually felt good too as Dan started to fuck me with a quicker and quicker pace, letting more and more of his cock into my virgin ass.

He softly slapped my ass and it made me feel so slutty as his cock fucked me with a more rapid pace. He was careful to not let too much of his cock enter me, going about halfway. And the pleasure was overwhelming, it was even causing my cock to grow hard again. Dan’s hands caressed and squeezed my ass as he fucked me, moaning my name and grunting. I felt his cock swelling up, growing bigger inside of ass and I knew he was about to cum.

I was hoping he didn’t come inside of me, still weary of what it would feel like, and it’s almost like he read my mind. He pulled out of my ass and pressed his body against mine as his cock started spraying hot cum all over our bodies. He pulled me close and moaned, his mouth wide open in pleasure as his cum kept pouring all over us.

We both lay there silent for a minute, hot and sweaty, panting. Dan’s body is still pressed against mine. Eventually, I get the energy to grab a towel nearby, and we clean each other up, taking time to slowly wipe the cum off our bodies.

And then we lay there for a minute, our bodies facing, making out. Dan kisses me softly as his hand rests on my ass again, pulling me into him. We stay like that, kissing deeply for about 2 or 3 minutes it seems, and then Dan pulls away and starts to get dressed.

“Should probably get out of here, don’t want one of your friends sneaking in.”

I wipe the happy, daze off my face and snap back to reality. “You’re right… my friends.”

Dan starts to leave but then he looks at me and pulls me close, kissing me tenderly on the lips. “Remember though, there’s still 2 more days of this festival. Hopefully I’ll see you around.” I gulp hard. He was right. Geez what happened. A camping festival weekend with my friends quickly turned into the greatest sexual experience I’d ever had. And it sounded like it wasn’t over yet.

“Yeah, hopefully I see ya.” I say, as Dan leaves, zipping up my tent behind him. I lay there and smoke a cigarette, thinking about what had just happened. My cock was still erect again from Dan fucking me and us making out, so I lay there and stroked it, massaging my chest and pinching at my nipples as I jerked myself off. And I quickly came again, all over myself. I got a towel and cleaned up again, laying down and feeling amazing. I quickly drifted off to sleep, dreaming about the weekend ahead.

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