Car Accident Ch. 10

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10th Day “Proper Training”

I was just in time outside Madame’s room with her breakfast dish, clean and shaven, when she rang the bell. Wishing that I hadn’t forgotten anything, I knocked at the door and entered her room.

– Good morning Madame, I quietly said and placed the dish on her bed, assuming my kneeling position. She totally ignored me; she was talking on the phone with someone.

– All right Kate, let’s give it a try…

– Today? No need to be so impatient, I think …

– OK, after all you’re paying…

– what’s her name again? …

– Ten o’clock? Right, I’ll be here to meet her. Don’t forget lunch at “Granny’s”. See you there …

Somehow I had a feeling that I was to be involved in this phone. But I didn’t know how. I stood there quiet kneeling by the bed, waiting orders. Madame finished her breakfast without talking. Strange, I thought. She seemed in a good mood. Is there a storm coming? Finally she noticed my presence.

– Kate took it really seriously with your training. She’s investing on you, slave. She’s sending an instructor to train you properly. She’ll be here in an hour, she added, carefully watching my reactions.

I tried not to show anything, although I was taken by surprise. An instructor? What kind of instructor? The game is turning serious now. ‘Come on’ I said to myself. It got serious the very moment you met this woman. How more serious can it be? Properly trained? What do they mean by that? Something was going wrong here and I was about to be an important part of it.

– I’m only here to obey, Madame! I carefully whispered.

– Indeed you are, she remarked meaningfully. Let’s get going, not much time left.

As usual, I was in place to receive Madame’s feet on my hands when she sat up. I gave her the usual morning worship, softly kissing her toes, while she spread them to ease the night dumbness.

-No need to help me dress. Go down and make sure everything is in order, before she comes, she ordered pushing me away with her feet.

– Your wish is my command Madame!

I put her slippers on, took the dish and rushed downstairs. I made some more coffee and prepared some orange juice, just in case. I cleaned the morning mess. I was still wearing a kitchen apron when the door bell rang. I took it off an rushed to the door. Madame was already sitting in the living room, on her favorite sofa.

I opened the door. A young woman was standing in front of me in her late twenties, carrying a small suitcase. She looked at me, almost piercing me with her stare. I felt like she was examining me with a natural X-ray system.

-Good morning … I stumbled.

– Is Miss Smith in? she asked in a perfectly cold voice.

– Is she expecting you? I managed to ask.

– I do hope so! She added impatiently.

– Do come in Miss …

She almost pushed me away, entering the house. I helped her with her coat, revealing a well proportioned body dressed in a black leather mini skirt.

– Good morning Miss Smith. I’m Jennifer, Jennifer Stanton. Your sister said you’d be waiting.

– Ah, yes, good morning Jennifer. Please sit down. Would you care for some coffee?

– No thank you. I just had some at home. Is he … she turned her head staring at me.

– Yes he is, Madame said. I almost felt a sense of pride in her voice.

– Can we talk in private? She asked

– Of course! Chris, go upstairs and make my bedroom. Take your time. I call you when I need you.

– Certainly Madame! I quietly disappeared and went upstairs to make her room.

I was really worried now. What was going on? What was going to happen to me? Why all this mysticism? I felt that the ground was slowly giving up on me. I had this feeling before, but I was so confused, I couldn’t remember. Maybe I was just beginning to realize the implications of my decision to become Madame’s devoted slave. And it hurt. I felt so insecure! What was to become of me? Yes I was frightened. Somehow I was receiving the side effects of my life’s decision. I was scared…

I couldn’t tell how much time passed before I heard Madame calling. Trying to put myself together, I rushed downstairs and stood by her, keeping my head down.

– Yes Madame? I whispered.

– Jennifer here will be your instructor for a few days. She’s a professional trainer, as she explained. She’ll be coming for a couple of hours every morning to help you become better. No need to say that you are to OBEY EVERYTHING SHE ORDERS. She stressed her last words really carefully.

– Certainly Madame! I managed to say. Miss Jennifer didn’t say a word, but I could feel she was examining me closely, with her X-ray look. I could sense her cold stare all over me.

– OK then. I’m off. I’ll be back in the afternoon. Don’t disappoint me! She said and stood up.

I knelt down at her feet and repeatedly kissed the tips of her shoes.

– Your Wish is my command!

– Nice shoes. Jennifer remarked. May I see them?

– Certainly dear, Madame said and went closer.

Miss Jennifer looked at casino oyna Madame’s shoes. She then took out a paper tissue out her bag and handed it over to me.

– Clean the tips! She said.

Using the tissue I carefully cleaned Madame’s shoes, while she waited standing. I was really confused now. Madame’s shoes were clean. I always made sure of that. What was going on?

– No kiss for now! Miss Jennifer told me when I finished.

– See you tomorrow Jennifer, Madame said, a bit puzzled herself.

– See you Sam, Jennifer added.

– You can reach me on my cellular, if needed. Bye!

Soon Madame was gone and I was left there, still kneeling on the floor, holding the paper tissue. I heard something opening, but wouldn’t dare to look up. Then a pair of black leather boots came close to my face. She pulled my face up using a stick. I could see her face looking down at me, showing no emotion whatsoever. I just realized that she was holding a small riding crop.

– Look now, she finally spoke in a perfectly balanced voice.

I don’t care what you think of your owner, or even what you think of me. I have nothing against you. My job is to teach you to become better for your owner’s sake.

It was funny the way she spoke of me as being someone’s property. It took me by surprise. But after all isn’t that’s all about? Yes. But still, coming from a stranger, it really hurt my pride, or at least what’s left of it. She carefully addressed Madame as my owner. Maybe she was really a professional in her own way.

– Whatever you say, Miss Jennifer! I managed to say.

– Your job here, she started, is to keep your owner satisfied, in any way she likes. And my job is to make sure that you know how to do it! You’ll learn to do things my way, just because I say so. Don’t bother asking why, probably you wouldn’t understand, and even if you did, it wouldn’t help you anyway. With my guidance you’ll become a useful asset to your owner.

She started pacing back and forth, the crop still in her hands.

– Contact! She finally said. We’ll begin with contact. When you contact your owner, when you touch her, every detail counts. You are not to disturb her, not to annoy her in any way. You are to serve her. Best slave is the one that goes on unnoticed by his owner. Satisfying her needs, without disturbing her with his presence. Discreet Contact!

Funny I thought, first time she used the word ‘slave’. Next thing, she’ll ask me to call her Madame. Maybe she’s predictable after all.

– Let’s start with basic rules for now. You may call me ‘Madame’

(Bingo!) I got her here! Maybe I should explain that the only person I call ‘Madame’ is my Mistress.

– But I’m …

Down goes the first strike on my face with the crop. It really burnt!

– Yes Madame!

– Good. Now it’s time to learn some basic vocabulary. ‘Submit’ a word that doesn’t really need to be spoken. You have to understand your owner’s needs, to be ready to fulfill her request. You often submit to your owner. More often, if she says the word, it only means that you’re late. You have to figure out by yourself when to submit. Sometimes it’s just a nod of her head or even a certain movement or gesture. Safe rule: if in doubt, submit. The punishment, if any, will be lighter if you do while you shouldn’t than if you didn’t while you should.

Every owner has her own ways to enjoy her slave’s submission. In your case, your owner likes to submit by kissing her feet, naked or not. Straight and simple.

She sat on the sofa, at Madame’s favorite seat, crossing her legs, left foot over the right.

– Submit!

Not wasting any time, I rushed in front of her, knelt and kissed the tip of her right leather boot. I still remembered the rehearsals with Madame, some days ago. She pushed me away with her left foot and struck me with the crop again.

– You made the same mistake twice, she coldly said. Your lips stained my boot. You never wet-kiss a shoe, because you stain it. I didn’t ask you to wash it, just kiss it. You see the difference? Use a dry kiss!

She handed me a tissue

– Clean it!

I took the tissue and carefully wiped the tip of her boot clean.

– I’m sorry Madame! It won’t happen again.

– Submit!

I carefully bowed down and pulling my lips inwards I kissed the tip of her right boot once. God! Please make this a dry kiss!

She examined her boot.

– Submit!

I repeated the process and kissed her boot.

– Simple isn’t it? We’ll keep all things simple. Remember that! She added meaningfully.

– What are you?

– I’m a slave Madame!

She struck be on my back.

– A slave is nothing without an owner! What are you? She asked again.

– I’m Your slave Madame! I said, understanding now the use of the word ‘owner’.

– Good!

She patted me with the crop.

– We’ll come back to means of contact later. Now let’s talk about ‘Level’.

If your owner has to raise her eyes to see your face, it only means you are at the wrong level. If you are within her slot oyna vicinity and has visual contact with you, your face must be at a lower level than her eyes. The rule is simple: she either lowers her sight to look at you or doesn’t see you at all.

She switched the TV on.

– Bring me an orange juice.

– Yes Madame!

Very carefully I stepped back not raising my body from the kneeling position. When I was certain I was out of her site, I stood up and rushed to the kitchen to prepare her orange juice.

I soon came back with her orange juice on a small tray. When I was almost beside her I bowed down, almost kneeling and offered her the glass, keeping my face as down as possible.

– Your orange juice Madame!

Leaving the small tray on the table, I bowed to the floor and placed a dry kiss on her boot. I stayed there waiting, my face just a few inches from her feet.

– What was that noise?

– May I ask what noise Madame?

– I heard something while you were at the kitchen.

– I’m sorry Madame, trying to be as quick as possible, I almost dropped a glass in the sink. I can assure you it didn’t break.

She struck me with the crop again.

– Never make any noise that obstructs your owner’s attention. Try to remember that.

She drank the juice and put the glass on the tray.

– Take it back.

– Yes Madame!

Again, being careful not to stand up in front of her, I took the tray back to the kitchen. I came and assumed my kneeling position in front of her feet.

– Always keep an eye on your owner. If she’s standing, you might be able to stand as well. But if she’s seated, then be careful. Go low, or go away. Get it?

– Yes Madame! Thank you ever so much for your consideration.

– Let’s go on with contact. You’ll learn some basic skills that are essential to your place here. The same rules apply on other cases, as you’ll find out. Now remove my boot! She said extending her left foot, touching my face with the sole of her boot.

I was really in trouble I thought, remembering what happened at the previous ‘contact’ session. Madame was so understanding when I removed her shoes. But Miss Jennifer wouldn’t be, somehow I figured. And her boot had no zip on the side. And it looked quite tight on the calves. I finally said:

– Please excuse my ignorance Madame. I’m afraid I do not know how to take off your boot! Please tell me how to do it properly!

-That’s what I’m here for. To train you properly. Just do as I say. Put your right hand behind my calf, a bit lower… good. Now put your left hand on the heel … grab it steadily … good. Now start pulling with your left hand while you press my foot lightly so that the upper part makes as much as a straight line with my calf. Pull gently, turning my foot inwards a bit, slightly shaking left to right. Support the leg with your right hand on my calf. Gently, ever so gently… careful with the stocking …

I was trying really hard to be as gentle as possible. It took me more than three minutes, but she was right. The boot finally came off, revealing a beautiful stockined foot. I could see her beautiful toes painted red. She swapped legs.

– Remember, your intentions must always have the same aim. Not to cause any discomfort to your owner. Now the other one, she said.

Very carefully I repeated the process, until the other boot came off. I put her boots aside and waited, still kneeling by her feet. A familiar scent filled my nostrils. She crossed her legs again.

– Submit!

I obediently bowed down and dry kissed her stockined toes. She struck me again with the crop.

– You don’t breath out when you submit to a naked warm foot. The air annoys the owner. Keep your breath when you’re inches away. Submit!

I did as I was told, this time keeping my breath while kissing her beautiful toes.

She swapped legs.

– Submit!

I repeated the process, dry kissing her other foot.

– Good. Boots are quite tricky to take them off. If you’re good with boots, then you can handle almost any kind of shoes. Be careful with your contact though. Never touch higher than needed. You insult your owner. Let’s try something easier.

She took a pair of red high-heel pumps out of her suitcase and handed them over to me, extending her right foot, her toes now touching my nose.

– Put them on! She ordered

– May I ask you to instruct me Madame, to do it properly?

– OK. Hold my foot by the heel, not my calf this time … OK … Make sure that the toe cups of my stocking are neat … don’t pull the stocking further up, it’ll show above the ankle when you finish, spread the fabric evenly over the sole … right … now take the shoe in your other hand … wrong shoe, the other one, hold it underneath the sole … stretch my foot lightly to get a straight lead … toes first … OK … now pivot upwards to put my heel in, withdrawing your supporting hand … examine stocking … OK. You got the idea. But next time be more gentle. Don’t just hold my heel. You must use your hand to hug it. canlı casino siteleri A naked foot needs hugging needs care, needs affection, get it?

– Yes Madame! I said, still upset by the effort.

– Now the other foot! She said extending her left foot to my face.

Carefully remembering her instructions, I managed to put her shoe on without any more surprises. When I finished, I properly kissed her shoes, being very careful not to leave any spots from my lips.

She examined her shoes carefully. This time she didn’t have to use the crop. She extended her right foot, the sole of her pump rubbing my nose.

– OK. Now take them off. Hug my ankles this time. No need to hold my calves.

– Of course Madame! I would never do anything to insult you!

– It’s simple really, just reverse the process …hug … hold by the sole, pivot downwards …hug my heel … away it goes!

– Thank you very much Madame! I said when I got her shoe off, dry kissing her toes.

– Now the other one.

I did as I was told. I put her pumps aside and submitted again.

– OK. Now something more difficult. Boots again. I’ll guide you.

She extender her right foot. This time I picked the right shoe

– Hold it by the top seem … use both hands to leave the hole wide open … keep it there …

She started pushing her foot in

– Watch the direction of movement, keep up with it … hold tight … don’t loose your grip … use your chest now to support the sole … push the seam up … fix the wrinkles …OK. The other one now.

I did as I was told. Moments later she was wearing both her boots, enjoying my proper submission. She examined her boots for spots and stood up.

She started pacing back and forth again, me still kneeling on the floor.

– Good. Now for the real contact. This is the most important thing. When you actually touch your owner’s skin you have to be really careful. Your touch must be pleasant or just unnoticed at all. It must be light as air, soft as a feather, still steady as a rock!

Finally she sat on the sofa again.

– Bring me a glass of water!

– Yes Madame!

I carefully stepped backwards, not raising my body until I was out of her sight and rushed to the kitchen. This time I was really careful not to make any noise. ‘She is really a professional’ I thought. She makes me do things over and over again, examines my progress, always watching my actions. No emotions whatsoever. A tough case. I begun feeling uneasy about my situation. I felt I was in deep water with my swimming talents gone. I was just beginning to realize the implications of my new life style. And I was beginning not to like it. But I was bound to go on. By whom? I asked. By me? By my own decision? By Madame’s decision? By the circumstances?

Life plays strange games with people sometimes. And I was part of such a strange game. A game normally ends with a winner and a looser. Or you simply exit the game. In my case though, the game would never end. And there was certainly no exit! Not at the point where I was!

I soon came back to the living room, remembering the ‘Level’ rule. I offered her the water and placed the tray on the small table, assuming my kneeling position by her feet.

She drank some water and put the glass on the tray.

– Take it back!

I did as I was told, always keeping in mind the ‘Level’ rule.

I was now back, kneeling by her feet, submitting to her feet.

– Take my boots off!

This time I managed to take her boots off without any problems. Maybe I was a bit slow, but she didn’t comment on that. Finally I kissed her stockined toes to show her my submission.

– Do you now what stockings are made from?

– Eh … I’m afraid not Madame!

– The most expensive ones are made out of silk. Silk stockings …she added absentmindedly.

– But most of them are made from synthetic fabric. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common. They’re very-very sensitive. Get it?

– Yes Madame!

She started rolling her stockings down, until they were knee high.

– Only slaves who went through the total absolute training will ever be allowed to touch their owner at intimate parts of their body. And you’re certainly not one of them … yet.

Stockings make women’s feet look beautiful. Most important though, they ‘hug’ their legs and feet. So when you remove them, you have to be very careful. Very gentle. And always remember the ‘hug’. Let’s go on. Remove my stocking! She said extending her right foot towards my face.

– Could you please guide me Madame? I asked

– OK. First pull the stocking downwards … gently … keeping it together … stop at the heel. Female heels are very sensitive. Pull it gently over the heel … don’t let it loose … hug my heel with your hand. Use your other hand now … gently … pull slightly upwards to get over the toes … that’s it! Fold it lightly an leave it on the side.

Now her right foot was right in front of my face in all its splendor. Her nails were perfectly shaped and painted. And I thought I was a good pedicurist! Still a lot to learn, I thought. Keeping my breath, I gently placed a dry kiss on her naked toes. The familiar scent had the same narcotic effect on me as always.

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