Carcasonne Ch. 03

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Carcassonne, Chapter Three – Come One, Come All

© Bad Hobbit

I called for Rodrigo. The women began to grab for the bedclothes to cover their nakedness, but I reminded them that my manservant had closely inspected their most private regions earlier this very evening. When Rodrigo entered, he brought hot water, wine, cheeses, bread and fruits that had been prepared earlier. With wetted napkins he delicately washed my rather copious, sticky seed from Marie’s pale skin, pausing to steal a kiss from the young girl, who was now almost euphoric with her experiences. She smiled, and kissed him back, with a little more feeling than I had anticipated – something I believe he appreciated.

He then turned to Eleanor and removed the splashes that remained around her breasts, neck and cheeks from my earlier spending – again, rewarding himself with a kiss, though Eleanor’s response was friendly but cool. He then poured us all some wine and offered us platters of food.

“So ladies, how have you enjoyed your evening so far?” he asked with a slightly mischievous twinkle.

“Incroyable!” Marie sighed. “I have never felt such sensations.”

“He is indeed a man of many talents, your master,” Eleanor echoed. She looked at me in a strange way, almost as if there was now some stronger bond between us than the fulfilment of the commercial contract we had entered into. I smiled at her. I felt it too.

“From what I heard from the other side of the door – I was not listening, you understand, but you were hardly quiet – you all seem to have enjoyed yourselves. Quite immensely, if I’m any judge. And given the distribution of my master’s seed, may I conclude that the contract is now concluded, or is there more to come?” There was a hopeful glint in his eye.

I looked at the ladies. “Ladies, Rodrigo has shown great patience, skill and forbearance. He has prepared you with great care for our encounter – preparations that I trust you now understand and appreciate. I would that his efforts were rewarded. Would you be so kind as to offer him some reward for his pains?”

I was surprised that Marie answered first. “Monsieur, as I’m sure you are only too aware, my little love tunnel is – was – very tight before you so skilfully navigated it this evening. I do not yet feel able to accommodate a man, even if he is of lesser girth than your good self. However, the Monsieur and maman have tutored me in the use of my mouth, and if that would please him, I would be prepared to test my new knowledge on Rodrigo – if he is clean, that is.”

Rodrigo almost looked affronted. “Ma’m’selle, at times like this I am always clean! In the service of Don Carlos, I have learned to bathe daily, and to keep my private parts scrupulously cleansed for such opportunities as this,” he said in mock outrage. Then he grinned. “And the opportunity to try your sweet mouth would be too perfect to pass up. May I disrobe, so that you may ascertain for yourself whether my organ is worthy of the caress of your sweet mouth?”

Taking her smile as assent, he removed the belted cotton robe he wore – a shorter, European imitation of my own oriental kimono. Rodrigo is a handsome, dog, I confess, albeit in a manner some might think a little effeminate. His body is slim and well-muscled from the strictures of the life we have chosen, but his skin, beneath his clothes, is baby smooth. On occasion, when disguise has been essential, as it so often is in our trade, he has dressed himself quite convincingly as a woman, and charmed several admirers to help us in our plans or escape. His legs are long and shapely – a dancer’s legs, I chide him often – and his bottom firm and pert. (It has never occurred to me to follow that path, you understand. Not with a boy.) His penis, whilst adequate and nicely sculpted, lacks my rather extreme dimensions, but he assures me has never disappointed his lovers. It is little wonder that now, wearing a small, neatly cropped beard and with his long hair flowing and his dark eyes flashing, he was charming his way into yet another young girl.

This was not the first time that he and I had shared a room with ladies – well, at least with women – for this purpose. In bawdy houses across Europe, and even in some more respected establishments, we had partaken in orgies and adventures with multiple and sometimes shared partners. Nevertheless, it felt strange to be standing aside for my manservant to receive lip service canlı bahis şirketleri from a maid I had so recently enjoyed. I was well-used to the response of “oh no sir, not again, not yet, I pray!” from many of my female bedfellows. (Not all; I recall one duchess who seemed prepared to accommodate me all night… but I digress!)

To see Marie so eager to pleasure Rodrigo gave me feelings of both delight and a little jealousy; delight that my tutoring had gained results, jealousy that my rogering had not been enough for the girl. Nonetheless, it was thrilling to see the light of excitement in her eyes as she slipped to the floor and knelt at Rodrigo’s feet, tentatively holding, then kissing, then licking his member.

She glanced up at Eleanor, watching from the bed. “Maman? Comme ça?” she asked a little hesitantly, before slowly pushing her dainty mouth onto the head of Rodrigo’s cock.

Eleanor smiled. “Oui, chérie, comme ça. Bravo, ma petite!”

As we watched, Marie pressed a little further with each stroke, taking Rodrigo a fraction deeper into her mouth. Lying behind Eleanor on the bed, propped on one elbow, I reached around the older woman’s body to cup a breast. She turned her head and kissed me – a soft, very affectionate kiss as of accustomed lovers. We broke off at a small cry from Rodrigo, as Marie pulled back abruptly. “Pardon, monsieur! My teeth – I do apologise. I suddenly felt as if I could not breathe. Pardon!”

“Not so deep or so fast, ma chérie,” Eleanor advised. “Breathe in just before you take him down; try to yawn a little to relax your throat. You will soon find the rhythm.”

I slid my hand to Eleanor’s mound, and finding her still wet – or perhaps wet again – began to stroke gently between the plump lips of her quim. I managed to slide my other hand under her and clasp her other breast, whilst kissing and nuzzling at her neck. Her soft sighs and gentle movements showed me that my ministrations were welcomed.

But as she became more aroused, and became aware of my own growing organ pressing into her back, she turned her head towards me and said, “Don Carlos. Like Marie, I too am feeling the effects of your earlier onslaught. I will, if you wish, accommodate you once more, but I fear it will not be such a pleasant experience for me this time. I will try to pleasure you as my daughter is doing with Rodrigo, but even then, my throat is still a little sore from last time.”

“Do not fear, my dear Eleanor,” I whispered, reassuringly in her ear. “I will find another way to give us pleasure that will not cause you pain. Please roll onto your front.”

“Don Carlos, if, as I suspect, you mean to explore my other hole with that mighty beast of yours, I will of course comply – that was our contract – but I cannot imagine that the experience will be less painful than the other options. My husband tried it once, and made me weep. He was much less well-endowed than you, so I am quite afraid that you will cause me some of the anguish you professed you would avoid.”

“My dearest Eleanor, please do not fear. I have shown both you and Marie that I am skilled in the use of my organ, that it does not hurt but rather has brought great pleasure to you both. Trust me, my dear. I have performed this act with many women. Though not every one has achieved climax, most have, and all have told me it gave them great joy. I would very much like to share that pleasure with you.”

“Very well, Don Carlos. I do trust you, as you have shown you are a skilled lover and a gentleman. Do as you wish – I am at your command.”

I smiled, then kissed her gently. As she rolled over, I retrieved some unguent cream from my bag of necessities, and carefully coated my fingers with it. I slid one hand under Eleanor’s body, back into her slit, and gently probed her tight rear hole with the middle finger of the other hand. She caught her breath as the cold ointment met her warm flesh, but soon relaxed as I probed deeper, swirling my finger whilst stroking gently on her clitoris with the other hand. She made a small moan when I inserted a second finger, but by her breathing and body movements I could tell that her pleasure was continuing.

Just as I started to insert the third digit, I heard Rodrigo moan loudly. I glanced across and saw him, head thrown back, hands buried in Marie’s hair, cock buried deep in her mouth, clearly enjoying her oral ministrations. Marie, as far canlı kaçak iddaa as I could tell, was also deriving some pleasure from the experience, as her hand was once more between her legs.

Then Eleanor let out a gasp of, “Mon Dieu!” and I returned my attention to pleasuring the woman beside me.

“Am I hurting you, my dear?” I asked solicitously.

“Ah – ah – Don Carlos. Not – not pain. But – so strange, so – so intense. I – I don’t know. I …”

Her voice trailed off into a long sigh as I increased the pressure in her slit. A final finger slowly moved inside, soon I was swirling all four around, stretching the hole wider as Eleanor clutched at the pillow and uttered incoherent little cries.

The jar of unguent lay open beside me on the bed. Carefully rising to my knees, I asked Eleanor to apply some of the cream to my now rampant organ. The cream felt cool but very sensual as she spread it thickly on me. “Are you ready, my sweet Eleanor?” I whispered in her ear.

“I – I believe I am, Don Carlos. You have opened me wide with your fingers, and though it feels strange, there is little pain. Perhaps you are right. Try me now.”

“When I withdraw my fingers, rise to your hands and knees, spread the remaining cream from your hand between your cheeks, then hold them apart with your hands.”

Slowly I withdrew the thick plug of fingers I had inserted into her anus, and as directed she rose and spread herself. My well-lubricated cock-head moved to fill the slowly closing ring, and I gently pushed. My slow but determined thrust opened her back passage wider than ever before, and she began to whimper quietly with the profound stretch I was forcing on her, but there was no protest.

I had to press quite hard to achieve admission, but finally the head of my cock popped through the tight ring and we both gasped. I love the feeling of entering a woman’s arse for the first time. The tightness and the taboo nature of the act itself, together with the sight of the woman in such a position of submission, make this one of the most sublime acts for a man. Some men I have met abuse this position, thrusting lustily and causing pain for the woman. I, on the other hand, adore the sheer delight of using this position of power to drive the woman to an unexpected and intense orgasm through sensations she never knew she could experience. I find that the contractions in a woman’s already-tight back passage brought on by such an orgasm are so strong that my own orgasm is then both unstoppable and so intense as to be painful. It has the further benefit that a man can spend his seed here without risk of impregnation.

As I began the slow and delicate process of filling Eleanor’s delectable, tight and almost-virgin arsehole, I heard Marie give a sharp intake of breath. I saw her eyes wide, fixed on my cock, partly buried in her maman’s rear. “Maman! Qu’est ce qu’il fait?”

Eleanor lifted her head from the pillow. Her breathing was a little ragged and there was perspiration running down her forehead. “Don Carlos m’encules,” she replied. Yes, what I was doing was sodomising her, filling her tight little ‘cul’ – her arse. And Marie was surprised and clearly a little frightened by what she saw.

“Does it – does it not hurt, maman?” she asked querulously.

“A – little. But mostly – mostly it feels good. Don Carlos is very gentle. And – ooh – and he is teasing my little love button all the time, which feels – feels so good.”

“But – he’s so big!”

“C’est vrai!” Eleanor panted, as I quickened my pace, thrusting a little deeper than before. “But – it does not hurt – as I thought it would.”

As I continued to ease my way deeper with each slow but purposeful thrust, Eleanor’s moans became more pronounced. After I had insinuated around half my member into her tight passage, she moaned loudly, “Monsieur, please, no deeper. It begins to feel – uncomfortable.” Taking my cue, I pulled back a little and began to concentrate on teasing the tight ring with my cock-head, extracting a few gasps of “Oh yes!” from my partner.

As we explored the sensations together, I glanced across at Marie. Rodrigo was now stimulating her slit with his mouth and fingers, and she was gazing wide-eyed and open mouthed at what I was doing with her maman. Then Rodrigo glanced up, saw where she was looking and looked around at us. I saw him grin and then turn to Marie. “Would you like to try canlı kaçak bahis that also, my child? I can show you the sort of intense pleasure your maman is feeling right now, if you’ll let me.”

Marie looked even more surprised and confused than before, if that were possible. She suddenly gasped, and I saw that Rodrigo had inserted a finger into her tight hole to give her a small taste of what she might experience. I reached down and picked up the jar of unguent, casually dropping it at his side. He retrieved it, and availed himself of the slippery contents, while Marie seemed able only to look on in amazement.

I returned my attention to my own task – ensuring that Eleanor experienced a powerful orgasm as a result of my anal explorations and manual manipulations. As I progressed, raising Eleanor’s sensations gradually higher and higher, I was aware of gasps from Marie that told me Rodrigo was probably now well advanced in his preparations of the young girl’s tight passage. He said something to her which I did not hear, and she rose a little unsteadily to her feet and positioned herself behind the chair, bent forward, legs apart. Rodrigo pressed in behind her, and I heard the girl give a little yelp, which I took to mean that Rodrigo was in the process of forcing entry.

Eleanor, who until now had simply made an occasional gasp or moan, turned to look at her daughter. “Courage, ma petite. It will not hurt for long. Try to – try to relax and open for him. It will – it will feel good – I’m sure.”

Marie continued to make little whimpering noises as Rodrigo pressed deeper. Then she let out a sharp little cry, and Rodrigo grunted and threw his head back. So it seemed that both mother and daughter were now being simultaneously sodomised.

The next few minutes were as strange as they were sublime. Rodrigo and I both struggled to keep our composure and control as we navigated the tight nether holes of our two ladies. The ladies for their part seemed amazed and enraptured by the sensations we stirred up in them, letting out the occasional plaintive whimper or cry, but not protesting, never once asking either of us to stop. I had managed to insinuate perhaps a little over half my organ between Eleanor’s nicely rounded cheeks, but each time I tried to press deeper, the tone of her murmurs changed and I knew this was her limit.

Glancing at Rodrigo I could see that he and Marie were experiencing no such problems. Not only was he sliding his much slimmer member more energetically between Marie’s skinny cheeks, but the little strumpet was moving her hips back to meet him, encouraging him to drive deeper. I envied him as I saw him repeatedly bury his length into her welcoming dark tunnel, the rapture on both their faces evident.

And then the pitch of Eleanor’s cries rose, and for a moment I thought I had mistaken the depth or angle of my thrust. But no, seconds later, she began a long, undulating moan that rose in pitch, and I felt the first spasms of her climax as her tight ring gripped my shaft almost unbearably. As the pitch of her moans rose even higher, it was joined by my own hoarse cries as I made one last thrust into that pulsing tube and spent my seed so powerfully inside her that the sensations verged on pain.

Marie watched her mother, back hollowed, head back, making noises the like of which I had previously heard only from pigs being slaughtered. Then I heard her cry, “Maman!” before she too let out a little shriek and dissolved into her own climax. How he did it I do not know, but Rodrigo managed three or four more thrusts into the skinny girl’s pulsing arse before his own climax took him.

The cacophony in our room must have seemed like a bizarre farmyard, with Marie’s little yelps sounding a little like a seagull’s cry, and Rodrigo and I grunting and roaring like bulls. When finally we were all sated, it was Marie who suddenly burst out laughing. With some evident difficulty she separated her little bottom from the rod that had impaled it, and went first to her mother and embraced her. She then kissed me, before returning to Rodrigo and leaping onto him, embracing him with her arms and legs as he barely held his footing.

“Rodrigo, Monsieur Carlos, je vous aime! I love you both!” she squealed. With some difficulty I extracted my own cock from Eleanor’s tight hole, not without some discomfort on both our parts I might add, and we embraced like lovers – which perhaps we were.

After a cup of wine all round, we retired to our beds. Eleanor slept in my arms, and Marie went off to sleep with Rodrigo. We were all too sated, tired and sore for any more entertainment, but we agreed that it had been an excellent night.

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