Carried Away Ch. 01

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Note: This is the first part of long story about passion, submission, and awakening. It’s my first story here, and I hope you like it. If you do, please let me know. All your comments will be dear to me. Love, SweetArtemis.

When I was younger, riding a motorcycle behind a rider was always exciting for me, dangerous and thrilling, and of course erotic because you had to hold onto whoever controlled the bike, embrace them while the machine vibrated under you. Riding a motorcycle usually happened in summer, some forgettable teenage boy pretending to be a daredevil biker, and me behind him thinking more about the smell of the trees flying by than about his skill maneuvering a mechanical horse. I liked boys, I liked holding a boy like that, but never enough to swoon.

Now years had passed and I was on a motorcycle again. But this time the body in front of me was a woman’s body. She was no teenage boy. Her name was Gail, she was breathtaking, and throughout the evening at the party it had never dawned on me that she might be my ride home. Was it real? The feel of the motorcycle’s engine under my bare thighs told me it was real indeed. I was wearing a skirt, had carefully folded it under me to keep it in place, but skirts are not made for motorcycles. No matter, I was thankful I had decided to leave my car at home and go to the party in a taxi.

Gail was certainly lovely, tall, a perfect face, high cheekbones, piercing eyes, a lean body in a tank top and tight black jeans. At the party, I had found her delicious to look at, and now I sat behind her on her motorcycle with my face resting against her neck and her scent intoxicating my senses. She seemed younger than I was, but I later learned we were the same age, just past thirty. I wondered if I’d stepped out of reality into a dream.

What did I want from her? I had no idea. I’d been in the dumps since my divorce, moving from one day to the next like an automaton. Did I want this? She was gay and I was far from that, no more than a few flings with girl roommates in college, then after college a completely straight marriage that fell apart when it became obvious that my husband drank too much to share my life. So why was I sitting behind Gail on her motorcycle? I told myself never mind that, I wanted it. I hadn’t ever been with a woman like her, not anyone so exciting. That was it: she was impossibly exciting and I needed some excitement. Would Gail bring me out of myself, out of my despair? Would sex with a woman make me alive again? And would there be sex at all? Maybe this was merely a ride home on a motorcycle with nothing expected. She certainly hadn’t hinted at the party that she wanted me in bed. Was I crazy to imagine I could go through with it? Giggling girls in a college dorm were one thing, but this was a grown woman and quite different.

Finally we were at my house, and as we rolled into the driveway it occurred to me the noise of the motorcycle had probably awakened everyone on the block and they might all be peeking through their curtains at me and this woman who was still a complete stranger to me. I knew nothing about her. Was she dangerous? But that too was exciting.

She killed the engine and I dismounted. After she stabilized the machine, she looked at me.

“Are you inviting me in?”

I nodded. “If casino siteleri you want to.”

She seemed amused. “Oh, I want to, all right. You know I do.”

We walked onto the porch. But before I could open the door, she pulled me into the shadows and kissed me.

“Last chance,” she said. “If you’d rather I go, I will. You’re new at this, I can tell.”

“How can you tell?”

“Intuition. If you’re not ready, let’s not do it.”

“I suppose I’ll find out.”

“How many women have you been with?”

“Only two.”

“And a long time ago.”


She nuzzled my neck and closed a hand over my breast. “Whatever you want,” she said.

I turned from her and opened the door with my keys.


The second we were inside, the door closed behind us and the hall light on, she took me in her arms and kissed me again. Her hands slid down my back to clutch my ass through my skirt. Then her hands pulled up my skirt in the rear and she slid her hands into my panties to grasp my cheeks. I thrilled at the feel of her hands on my bare skin. There would be no dallying, no romantic seduction. She obviously understood that I was already seduced. I knew it was senseless to hold back. I was all hers.

“I looked at your ass all evening,” she said.

“No you didn’t.”

“Yes I did, but only when you had your back to me.”

“I’m too big down there.”

“No, you’re not too big. I like it the way you are.”

How direct she was! I loved her for it. “You like asses?”

“A lot.”

As we embraced, I was still too shy to put my hands on her bottom. Silly me. Then she removed her hands from my ass and started unbuttoning my blouse. I laughed and pulled her hands away. “Would you like some coffee?”

“Playing hard to get?”

“Definitely not.”

“Am I too fast for you?”

I felt a clutch in my chest. “I don’t think so.”

“You want me?”


“Then take the blouse off and let me have a look at you.”

I blushed when our eyes met. Her force thrilled me. My eyes on her face, I stepped back. Did she want to be teased? I was never much good at that. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, pulled it out of the waistband of my skirt and peeled it away from my shoulders. My bra was just ordinary, white, pretty enough but with hardly any frills and nowhere transparent. She seemed pleased, her eyes hot as she gazed at my full breasts encased in white. I pulled my shoulders back a bit. Did she like them large? Was I large enough? She was still a stranger to me.

“You’re lovely,” she said.

I blushed again. “Coffee now?”

“Only if you remain like that.”

She followed me into the kitchen. I tossed my blouse over the back of a chair and busied myself at the counter with the coffee pot. I was uncertain again, my hands trembling. What was I doing? One part of me was sexually excited to a maximum, but I was also afraid, uncertain, my heart pounding. Why was I afraid? I had no idea. Was I afraid to know myself? Then I felt her behind me. She kissed my neck. Her hands slipped around my waist and moved up to hold my breasts through my bra. Her warm lips against my neck sent shivers up my back. I could feel her body as she pressed herself against me. She gently squeezed the fullness of my breasts and slot oyna rubbed at the tips to find my nipples.

She whispered in my ear: “Let me take the bra off.”

I said nothing, remained motionless, and she took that as permission. She could ask anything of me and I would agree. I was completely hers and I was certain she knew it.

She unhooked my bra in back, slid the shoulder straps down and helped me remove it. Then she stepped away. “Show me,” she said. “Turn around.”

I turned. I melted under the heat in her eyes. No one had ever looked at me this way, not like this. Even my husband hadn’t paid such attention to my breasts. He liked to hold them briefly and squeeze them, but he’d never looked at them this way, gazed at me with hot eyes when I was naked above the waist, my breasts aching to be held and caressed.

Gail’s eyes said it all, told me how aroused she was, how pleased she was with this view of my breasts.

“You’re wonderful,” she said. She moved forward, placed her palms under each breast and lifted their weight in her hands. When she bent her head and took my left nipple into her mouth, I closed my eyes and moaned. She sucked and licked, tugging at my nipple with her teeth. Then she moved her mouth to the other breast and did the same. When she finally pulled her mouth away and stood straight again, both my breasts were wet with her saliva. She still held my breasts in her hands. I looked down and saw that my nipples were swollen, sucked into stiffness.

She finally dropped her hands from my breasts and smiled. “All right, let’s have the coffee in the living room.” As she turned away and left the kitchen, I had a sudden epiphany that this was how it would be with her: she would always rule and I would always want her to rule.


I served the coffee in the living room, my naked breasts hanging as I bent over the coffee table in front of the sofa. I could feel her eyes on me. I wanted her to reach out and caress my breasts again, but instead she remained at ease, leaning against the back of the sofa as she watched me pour coffee into the two cups on the table. When I finished, I put the carafe down and walked around the table to sit beside her. I avoided looking at her. I felt so strange sitting there half-naked while she remained completely dressed. My hand trembled as I lifted my coffee cup and sipped at the hot liquid.

“You’re nervous,” she said.

I put the cup down. “Yes.”

“I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I know that.”

“Then what is it?”

“Maybe I feel strange sitting here half-naked.”

She ran the back of her hand over my cheek. “It’s a great turn-on for me. I like looking at you.”

“All right.”

She leaned towards me, and when I turned my head she kissed me. As soon as my mouth opened, her tongue was inside, her mouth clamped against mine, her tongue everywhere. The kiss lasted so long that when it ended I was breathless.

Again, she touched my cheek with the back of her hand. “Did you like that?”


Her hand moved from my face down to my right breast and she gently pinched my swollen nipple.

“Let’s finish the coffee and find a bed.”


As soon as we reached my bedroom, the passion erupted like a volcano. I thought we would undress, but canlı casino siteleri instead she urged me onto the bed and then she covered me and started kissing me, fierce kisses that made me groan. She kissed me, slid down to suck my nipples, then slid up to kiss my mouth again.

I pulled at her tank top to get at her bare skin. Her lean body felt so good under my hands. I moaned as her teeth nipped my neck. Then her weight shifted and she quickly unzipped my skirt and pushed my skirt and panties down to my ankles. I kicked them away, then toed off my heels to be completely naked. I tugged at her clothes again, but she pushed my hands away and rose from the bed to undress herself.

So I lay there and watched her. I wanted time to look at her body, but she undressed quickly and soon joined me on the bed to press against me again. This time she was as naked as I was, and I dared to slide my hands down her back to feel the cheeks of her ass.

She kissed me again. Our tongues dueled as we stroked each other’s bodies with our hands. She had an athletic body, with more muscles than I’d imagined. I loved the hardness of her rubbing against my nakedness, her mouth open against my mouth, her tongue sliding over my teeth and lips like a wriggling animal.

She used her leg to push my thighs apart, and then I felt her hand on me, her fingers stroking me gently, then with more firmness. I bucked against her as I felt her fingertips rub my swollen clitoris. I imagined my clit out of its hood as it searched for contact. I reached down and grabbed her hand and rubbed it harder against me. She understood what I wanted, and in a moment her fingers were inside my wet tunnel.

She hissed into my ear. “Now you’re turned on.”


“Good. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t take any more.”

Her words thrilled me. I was helpless. Such a long time had passed since I’d been aroused like this. She had at least two fingers inside me, filling me, my vagina stretched each time she pushed inward. She raised her head and our eyes locked as she continued fucking me. She slid her fingers in and out, twisting her hand, rubbing her knuckles and then her thumb against my clit. I raked my nails down her back and gripped her tight ass cheeks.

I urged her on. “Faster. Fuck me faster.”

She gave it to me fast and hard now, her hand slamming into me as she grunted and buried her face in my neck. I kissed her shoulder, then nipped it with my teeth. I was almost there. When I lifted my hips, she immediately took the hint and pumped even faster, grinding my clit with each thrust of her hand. Whimpers escaped my lips as my head thrashed from side to side.

She growled at me. “Come on, baby. Come for me.”

I cried out, clawing at her back as my belly exploded. My pussy clenched and tightened around her thrusting fingers. I was vanquished. A woman I hardly knew had given me the best orgasm of my life.

Minutes passed before my heart settled down. When she pulled her fingers out of me, I opened my eyes and watched as she sat up. A shiver of delight went through me as she raised her hand to her face and licked her fingers clean.

She seemed amused as she gazed down at me. “Tasty.”

I blushed. “You’re marvelous.”

“And you’re delicious. But we need to get to know each other, don’t we?”

I felt happy. “Does that mean this isn’t just a one-nighter?”

She smiled. “Does your pussy belong to me now?”

Our eyes met, my heart beating hard in my chest. “Yes, if you want it.”

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