Catch a body

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Catch a body
I can walk into a room and everyone there suddenly wants to fuck me. That’s what Cait’s mom said, or something like that. And it’s not like I actually believed her, that I had this special power and ability to turn people into raging nymphomaniacs. Like, there’s Wolverine, Professor X, Mystique and then it’s me, and you can call me… Aphrodisiac. No wait, there’s them and then my uncle, Cupid, and then me, his not so faithful sidekick.
With benefits.
Imagine the final fight scene.

No, it’s not like I believed her. Because it’s just stupid really. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And I thought about maybe testing it out. On someone.

When I woke up that morning, Cait’s mom had already gone to work and Cait was sleeping and I took the bus to school. And on the bus I thought about who I could try it with. Like, it would have to be someone that would never ever do anything like that unless I used my mutant super pheromone powers on them.
Someone I didn’t know.

And then I was in school and we don’t really have any hot teachers in our school, men or women, so I didn’t really want any of them but I did think about my phys ed teacher and she’s not bad looking I guess but she can be really mean in class and she has this kind of She Hulk thing going and she’s a bit scary to be honest. But that was hot in a way too and so I looked for her and I even went to her office and on my way there I pictured myself just walking in to her office without even knocking and then locking the door behind me and then just taking all my clothes off without a word and she would immediately be overcome with lust and she’d grab me and lift me up on her shoulders like a little doll with my pussy in her face.
But when I reached her office door I lost my nerve and I just walked past it and I went to the bathroom and pulled my pants down and masturbated but before I could finish I heard some girls enter and they were talking and laughing and I could probably have kept going without them knowing but I stopped anyway and went to class.

Then after school I went to the coffee shop because one of the waitresses there is really cute, and she was working and I bought a coffee and a chocolate chip cookie and I just sat there at my table and thought about how I could do it, and I thought I could call her over and when she came and was standing in front of me I would just stick my hand in her crotch and rub a little and then she would grab me and take me with her to a room in the back and she would tear her clothes off and beg me to fuck her and I would bend her over the desk there and put my fingers in her from behind.
And so I sat there looking at her and sometimes she looked my way and smiled and then after a while I waved to her so she would come over and when she did and she smiled and was so pretty and she said “Yes?” and my hands wouldn’t move and I said “Uhm…” and she moved a little closer and her jeans were so tight and her crotch was so close and it was like she was daring me to do it but my hands were on the table and they both weighed a ton and then I said “Could I have another coffee, please?” and she said “Of course” and she actually sounded disappointed but that was probably just in my head. And she left and came back with a cup and I finished it quickly and I went and paid for it and she said “Thanks” and I said “Bye” and she said “See you soon, hot stuff”.
And when I was outside I walked around the corner to the back of the coffee shop and crouched down behind a dumpster güvenilir bahis there and put my hand in my pants and masturbated but I kept looking out towards the street because I kept hearing sounds like someone was coming my way even though no one did and I had to stop.

Then I went to the mall and just walked around for a while just looking at people and I tried to see if anyone was looking at me like they wanted to fuck me and some did of course but it was the usual kind of guys that always did that anyway but I thought I noticed it in some who wouldn’t normally do that too, like the woman sitting on a bench pushing a baby pram back and forth, or the guy walking past me holding hands with another guy or the girl sitting at a table in the pizza place with her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder, and I had never noticed stuff like that before and I wondered if it had always been like that but then I thought it was probably just my imagination anyway. And then I went into a clothing shop and I really just wanted to maybe buy a new top or something but then this girl came over and she was really pretty and she had a tank top on and obviously no bra and tiny tits and she said “May I help you?” and in my head I pulled her top up and started to suck on her nipples and she moaned and said “Oh yes!” but in reality I just said “No, I’m good, thanks” and she said “Let me know if you need anything” and I looked at tops and blouses and even sweaters and sometimes I would look at the girl and every time I looked she was standing behind the counter and she was looking at me and I was the only customer there so I guess that’s why but I thought about how maybe she was hiding there and touching herself while looking at me and I could quickly walk over there and catch her doing it and she would be embarrassed but she would say “Please fuck me” and then we’d lay on the floor right there behind the counter and lick each other.
I took two singlets with me to one of the fitting rooms and I took my shirt off and put one of them on and then I took my pants and panties off too and I sat down on the stool and spread my legs and masturbated and I had only been doing it for a minute or so when I heard the girl’s voice from right outside and she said “How are you doing? Do you need any help with that?” and she probably meant with the clothes because there was no way she could see me and I said “No thanks, I’m good” and I kept masturbating and she said “Do they fit or would you like me to find a different size?” and I was rubbing my clit and I said “No… Hnnngh… Thanks” and then she said “No problem, I’ll be right back” and it took me a while to realize she misunderstood me and I jumped down from the stool to put my panties back on but I didn’t make it before she knocked and she didn’t even wait for me to answer before she opened the door and she said “Oh”.
And then she said “Uh… these… should fit I think” and she blushed a little and I saw her nipples suddenly stick out behind her top and I could have just pulled her in there with me but I didn’t.

I bought the black one with the spaghetti straps and she put it in a paper bag and when she gave it to me I said “Thanks” and she said “Could I… uhm…” and then she blushed again and then she quickly said “Would you like to join our loyalty program?” and I said “No thanks, maybe next time” and she said “Sure” and “Have a nice day.”

After that I went to the library because we had to read Catcher in the Rye for school and internet casino I couldn’t remember the name of the guy who wrote it so I had to ask a librarian and it was an older guy maybe fifty years old or maybe even sixty and he took me to the shelf where it was and I walked behind him and then he said “What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it” and I said “Huh?” and he said “That’s a quote from the book” and I said “Oh, ok”.
He found it and gave it to me and still holding the book with me he said “If a body catch a body coming through the rye” and I said “Uhm… from the book too?” and he said “Yes, but originally from an old poem. About a woman who meets and has sex with a stranger” and I said “Oh, ok” again.
“O Jenny’s wet, poor body, Jenny’s seldom dry” he said.

“From the poem” he said. “Do you like poetry?” and I said “Not really” and he wouldn’t let go of the book like he didn’t really want me to have it or just didn’t want me to take it and leave and then he said “That’s too bad. Some poems can be quite… erotic” and suddenly I felt this tingling through my body and I looked down and he was stroking my fingers with his thumb and it was turning me on and I thought ‘Do something’ and so I opened my jacket and took his hand and put it on my breast and now he let go of the book and put his other hand on my right breast and it was like the feel of both of them woke him up or something because he suddenly let go and he said “Right, so… you can… check the book out yourself, at the kiosk” and then he left.

It was getting a bit late so I walked to the bus station to go home or to Cait’s place or maybe Lucy’s, I hadn’t decided yet and I sat down and took my phone out and sent a text to Lucy, just ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and there was no one else there except a woman sitting on the bench by the opposite wall reading a book and she had short hair and big glasses and she was pretty and Lucy answered ‘Not much, you?’ and I almost wrote ‘I’m so fucking horny right now!’ because I was but I didn’t write that of course because Lucy isn’t like that.

You see, Lucy is the most beautiful girl I know and everything on her is perfect and hot but she’s this pure, innocent girl that blushes and giggles at naughty words and she’s never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend even though I knew tons of guys and girls that would just die to be with her, and she has a line of Barbie dolls on her dresser and a giant pink stuffed unicorn in her bed and lots of Disney princesses posters on her walls and we would tease her about it but she just laughed and it made sense because she looks like a Disney princess herself and we were all just jealous really and that’s why we teased her. And I’ve seen her naked lots of times, in her room or in the bath or whatever and she was always like it’s natural and okay, like we were sisters almost and sometimes it would just drive me crazy just looking at her but it was like if I ever touched her inappropriately I would drop dead or be struck down by lightning or something and if I ever had a wet dream or a fantasy about her I would wake up and feel I had to call her and apologize.
Not that I ever did.

So I wrote ‘Same, can I come over?’ and I looked up at the woman and caught her looking at me and she quickly looked down at her book again and Lucy wrote ‘Yeah, what you wanna do?’ perabet and I wanted to write ‘I want to sit on your face’ because I did but Lucy would never do something like that and I wrote ‘Anything really’.

And I caught the woman looking at me again and this time she didn’t look away, like she just forgot but then she did and she shifted her position a little like she was uncomfortable and then Lucy wrote ‘Lion King + red? My bed?’ and we must have seen that movie a hundred times but she loved it and I liked it too because it made Lucy cry every time and when she said ‘red’ she meant red wine of course and usually popcorn to go with it and Lucy thought those two things were great together and honestly it kinda is. And when she said ‘My bed?’ she didn’t mean anything by it but was just asking me if I was spending the night and I almost wrote ‘Porn + tequila instead?’ but I didn’t and I just wrote ‘Great!’ and now when I looked at the woman she was looking at me and she looked down but then she looked up at me again and we stared at each other a little before she looked down and I stood up and she looked at me again and almost looked a little scared and then Lucy texted just ‘?’ and I hadn’t said if I as going to stay the night so I sat back down and I wrote ‘Definitely your bed. Love your bed. Want to live and grow old with you in your bed’.

And then I walked over to the woman and stopped right in front of her and she looked up at me and then Lucy answered and it was a selfie of her in her bed and she had her arm around her unicorn and the unicorn was staring right at me and Lucy was kissing it and the text under the picture said ‘Sorry, I’m taken’ and I could tell she didn’t have any clothes on or at least she was topless because I could see most of her tits and I sent her a crying face.

And I put the phone away and the woman was still looking up at me not saying anything like she was just waiting for me to say something and I thought ‘Do it! Say it!’ and I said “I want you to suck on my tits” and her face went bright red and that was it.
Her expression didn’t change one bit and she didn’t even blink or flinch, her face just changed color and then she said “Okay” like it was nothing.

I opened my jacket and pulled my shirt and my bra up as far as they would go and now I was standing there in front of her with my tits out and she put the book away and sat up and then she put her mouth over my right nipple and sucked on it and at first she was a little slow and hesitant but just for a few seconds and then she sucked really hard and eagerly and then she moved over to the other one and did the same and she didn’t lick or anything else, she just sucked on them back and forth like a baby suckling and it almost hurt a little but it felt so good and I held her head with one hand and I put the other hand inside my panties and I was so wet and I put two fingers inside of me and fucked myself and she was just sitting there stretching her back and her neck to reach my tits and she had her hands gripping the edge of the bench and she was staring up into my eyes the whole time and then I came finally.

And then she let go and I took a step back and straightened my clothes up and she was still staring at me and I said “Give me your phone number” and she said “I’m… married. And… a family” and I shrugged and said “Fine” and I turned around and walked towards the door and I felt almost evil but I felt great too and then she said “Wait!” and I turned around and she told me her number and I put in in my phone and I just put the name ‘Jenny’ to it.

And then I said “Thanks” and “Bye” and I went outside and it was cold but I didn’t mind and soon the bus came and I got on it and texted Lucy: ‘On my way’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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