Christy Pt. 02

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Under Christy’s mentorship, I blossomed at the club. She took me to different dance classes-salsa, swing, even ballet-to teach me how to use my body effectively. “The key” she would say “is to build a strong core. It’s all in the abs and the hips.”

By the end of the first few weeks my body felt like a pile of twisted muscle. “Ugh” I whined, laying on her couch, “this is dumb! I don’t want to go to one more, not ONE MORE, of these horrid little classes you have me taking. No one is paying this much attention.”

Christy gave me a disapproving look, “Em” she started, “what do you make right now?”

Off the top of my head I could only guess, “Depends on the night. Around seven hundred a night, on the weekends.”

She looked at me intently, “Okay. Guess what I make.”

I was sure she made more than me but I was decent. I made a lot on the dances and I would regularly get guys asking for a private dance, and I rarely saw her dance on stage. So I lowballed, “A thousand?”

She gave me a little twinkling laugh, “Try twenty-five hundred, babygirl. On a slow night.”

Twenty-five hundred dollars?! “After house cut?” I asked, hanging my hat that maybe it was an exaggeration.

“After house cut.” she said.

I had no idea she made that kind of money. She was good and certainly deserved it, but the fact that she made so much and I made so little in comparison made me feel cheap. Then she said “Look-you want to know how I do it? By having regulars, men who are willing to pay for MY time. We’re in the city with some excellent dancers and competition, you can’t rely on looks alone. You want regulars, you have to earn them. You need to be in the best shape, with fresh routines. Listen to them, focus your energy on entertaining them. You get me?”

I hung my head, “Yeah. But what’s the difference in knowing all these different dances. You don’t have to do ballet casino şirketleri for any of them right?”

She laughed again, “It’s not about the dance itself, it’s about understanding all of the different ways your body can move. Learning the motions. You’ll get some that like smooth moves, others that like more powerful moves like the kind you see in salsa or hip hop. Your body needs to be able to accommodate their wants.”

She let that hang in the air for a moment, then sat on the floor next to where I was on the couch. I saw her sitting there, and started to sit up when I felt her hand on my lap. “What are you…” I started.

“I want you to stay seated. I can see why my lesson isn’t sinking in.” As I pondered the meaning behind her words she said suddenly “You’ve never received a lap dance, have you?”

“Uh, no” I replied.

With that, she smiled wider than ever before. Without saying more she got up, walked to her iPod that was already plugged into her stereo, skimmed through her selection and chose the song-“Mazzy Star-Fade Into You” came on. As soon as the, “I wanna hold the hand inside you” lyric came on, she closed her eyes and faded into the music.

She walked over slowly, her hips matching the slow beat that the song started at. Then, making it to me, eyes opened, and she straddled me gracefully. She caressed my temples as she took the hair out of my face, then lifted my head so my eyes met hers. Hers were perfect, barely open, looking down softly. ‘Fuck me she’s so beautiful’ is all I could think.

“Mmmmm” she moaned, swaying her hips to the beat, “take my top off, babygirl.” My hands were on her shirt in an instant, almost tearing it off. She laughed a little, God I loved her laugh, “Calm down a little” she said with a smile.

I smiled back and replied, “It’s hard to.”

She caressed my cheek sweetly, “I know it is.”

Christy casino firmaları proceeded to give me an incredible lap dance; slow, sensual, and teasing. Little touches here and there, and every time I tried to touch back, denial. In all honesty it was beginning to frustrate me. By the third time she stopped my hands from wandering I felt like I was about to scream with frustration when suddenly she stopped and said, “What’s wrong Emily?”

I looked up at her and it took a second to realize I had a scowl on my face. I wanted her and she wouldn’t let me touch her. The teasing was starting to irritate me, because it was her. She looked at me and wordlessly understood, threw both arms around my neck. I pouted a little a said, “Why can’t I touch you?”

Christy looked at me and said; “You can touch me anytime. I was only trying to show you what to do. Don’t be a pussy.” I looked up at her, surprised, and she only gave me a wink.

Instantly her mouth was on mine, hard. My hands gripped the back of her head tentatively, expecting denial, but instead I was met with a groan of pleasure. I slipped my hands up her body, towards her nipples, giving them little squeezes before putting them in my mouth. “Ahhh” she whispered “oh right there baby. Right there.” She loved having her nipples played with.

I sucked and swirled my tongue around each rosy little bud, nipping them lightly just to hear her squeal. She threw her head back, her body started arching and I saw an opportunity. Gripping her waist, I slid my leg up the side of her body and pushed her shoulder back lightly, she went with it, and flipped the script so I was now on top. Straddling her, I pushed both of her arms to the side and ran my fingers up through her hair and started grinding to the beat of the next song that came on, this one a little kinkier, “I’m a Slave for You” by Britney Spears. I started grinding, then lifted myself güvenilir casino off of her body on my knees. She went to grab my hips, this time I pushed her hands away. “No touching” I said with a smile. She smirked at that.

I moved my body for her, watching where her eyes fell-mainly on my abdomen. I leaned back and resolved to give her a real show, gripping the edge of the chair and rolling my abs for her in a way similar to belly dancers while bending backwards. Physically it was extremely uncomfortable, but visually I was aware of how sexy it looked. She sharply inhaled-this was good. She was pleased. I continued for a bit longer when suddenly I felt her hands on my belly, feeling the muscles and they moved. I looked up and started to say, “No touching..” but then,

“Shh” Christy said, “I’m so proud of you. You’re doing so well. You’ve earned a reward.” A reward? Wordlessly she gripped my hips and pulled them up, running her fingers along my panties. They were in the way, and in an instant she’d ripped the fabric off. She kissed my lips as though they were a mouth, using her tongue to make it a French kiss. Then she added in her index finger, pressing it in as deeply as possible and then made a “come hither” motion with her fingers inside me, tickling my G-spot.

“Oh fuck” I moaned, “right there. Right there.” I could feel her smile against my folds and she went all in, kissing and sucking and fingering me with a renewed energy. Right then, I felt myself come apart, cumming both from my G spot and my clit, squirting for the first time in my life. She slowed her motions as I came down from the high, rubbing instead of applying direct pressure.

“I didn’t know you were a squirter baby” she said softly.

I was embarrassed, “I didn’t know I was either. I’m sorry.”

She pulled me up so I was sitting on her lap, face to face, and kissed me deeply so I could taste my own juices on her lips. “Don’t be sorry” she said, “I like it. Let’s go take a shower.”

We went to the shower and spent the remainder of the night making love and alternating dances for one another. It’s the best lesson I’d ever received.

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