Clitoral Stimulation

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Klaire got out of the shower and sat down at her computer in her towel and typed ‘pussy’ in the search bar and selected ‘images.’ Her boyfriend Mark was at work and wouldn’t be home for hours so she felt safe that nobody would find out.

The search results flashed up on the screen, row after row of juicy pussies. Klaire scrolled down taking in the sites; some slits covered in bushy hair, others completely bare with the clit hanging out, others with fingers poked inside, pulling apart the puffy outer lips revealing their hole. She shuddered and licked her lips.

Klaire had never felt attracted to women and still didn’t but lately she had felt really turned on by the thought of women’s V’s.

She clicked onto one of the pictures, making it fill the screen, a hairless fat lipped pussy, slightly open and looking very juicy. Klaire got butterflies in her stomach and her clit began to throb. She pressed her face against the photograph. It looked so good she could almost smell it and she really wanted to taste it.

The juice started trickling down her kitty. Klaire took off her wet towel and arranged it in a ball on the chair. She lowered herself over it so that the very wet part of material that had been against her back, catching the drips from her hair, was now right between her legs. She gripped the front of the chair and rocked herself against the towel’s wet patch as she studied the pussy on the screen and imagined she was licking it. The wet towel slapping off her clitoris as she moved back and forth, imagining this was the tongue of the woman she was licking.

Klaire’s ass was bobbing up and down fast, her face red, holding her breath as she banged her clit off the towel. She started panting and growled “lick….. my…… pussy,” as she reached orgasm she slowed down her movements while it subsided and then quickly put on her dressing gown and turned off the computer.

After lunch Klaire could not get the images out of her head, she wanted to feel her pussy pressed against another one and looked all over the kitchen for something that she could rub herself on that would feel like the real thing. She didn’t want something inside her she wanted clitoral stimulation, as if two vaginas were rubbing together.

She opened the fridge and saw the two skinless chicken breast fillets for dinner that night, oh well I can always make something else, she thought. She ran the chicken breast under the tap water and then slapped it onto a cushion from the sofa in the centre of the room; she knelt down on to the floor straddling the cushion and eased her throbbing mound down onto the meat.

“Oh my gosh” she gasped, it felt wet and sticky like a real woman, she instantly started thrusting herself against it, sliding her clit back and forth, gripping her nails into the carpet, her big ass shooting backwards and forwards, grunting loudly. After a few thuds against the meat she came and then quickly composed herself and threw the chicken out.

All that day was the same, every opportunity she got she rubbed her slit against anything that provided stability for her to rub hard onto.

That night in bed Mark made casino oyna a move on her, Klaire pulled away from him and said “no, I’m really tired tonight,” Mark rolled over in a huff and went to sleep

Klaire lay with her eyes open thinking about her new obsession and what she was going to do about it.

She thought about women she knew who would be willing to play her naughty games, most women in these situations usually experimented with their best friend but she couldn’t imagine doing that with Sally, Sally would fuck anybody. Klaire wanted somebody fresh, pretty and innocent to lick. There was Dawn, she thought, anytime they had a night out Dawn always got frisky with the ladies. Dawn was a classy lady with long dark hair and huge tits.

Klaire decided that she would say something flirty at the underwear party at Dawn’s house on the weekend and see what happened, but she had to make sure she could trust Dawn because she could not chance Mark finding out.

On the day of the party Klaire pampered herself, waxed off all her body hair, leaving a mound of flesh between her legs, she knew that they would be trying underwear on before they bought anything and so wanted to look perfect.

She pulled on some shorts and a strappy top, finished glossing her lips and curled her long blonde hair.

Mark drove her to the party and as she climbed out of the car, he slapped her ass and said “behave yourself.”

In the party the women giggled at the outrageous underwear items on the rail as they knocked back glasses of wine, giggled about men and dared each other to try on revealing underwear.

Klaire drank almost a whole bottle of wine to herself and then when Dawn threw a pair of crotchless panties and a peep hole bra at her, she ran to the bedroom giggling to try them on. Klaire put the clothes on and sat on the bed, the room was slightly spinning from the wine. The door burst open and Dawn shouted “come on, we are waiting for you to model…….”

Dawn stopped and admired the view, Klaire was perching on the edge of the bed with her legs slightly apart, her pussy sitting on full show through the hole in centre of the panties, the lacy bra holding her tits up high and exposing the whole nipple area.

Klaire could see Dawn eyeing over her body but she pretended she was too drunk to notice, even though her pussy was now making a wet patch on the bed thinking of what she wanted to happen now.

Dawn walked over to her and kissed her on the head.

“You look stunning honey.”

“Thank you Dawn,” Klaire grabbed hold of her friend and swung her onto the bed laughing.

Dawn kissed her on the lips in a friendly joking manner. Klaire didn’t speak but made a noise to show she liked it.

Klaire lay back on the bed and pulled Dawn on top of her, they were now pressing their tits off each other’s and Dawn’s pussy, although covered with her shorts, was against Klaire’s exposed juicy pussy.

Dawn started to gently squeeze Klaire’s bum. Klaire didn’t stop her, it felt so good, she kissed Klaire softly; it felt different to kissing a man, more wet. Klaire’s body was tingling with her friend’s slot oyna every touch, she started kissing her all over her neck and Klaire started to moan and closed her eyes.

Dawn knelt down and ran her hand up her friend’s inner thigh, Klaire gave a little gasp, she had never given her pussy to a woman before, she parted her legs slightly aching for the touch to continue up to her clit.

Dawn still knelt on the floor followed her tickling fingers with her lips kissing Klaire and gently touching her with her tongue all the way up the inside of her legs until Klaire felt her lips press against her slit. She held her breath and then felt her wet tongue slip out and gently lap at her gash, Klaire gasped loudly; it felt like somebody had tied her up and was tickling her body with a feather. Dawn looked up at her friend, her brown hair tumbling into her eyes, “is that what you want” she asked. Klaire tried to say yes but yelped “yesssssss.”

Dawn pulled Klaire from the bed so they were both standing and licked her lips seductively and then took one of her friends exposed nipples in her mouth and slowly sucked it while massaging the other, they both moaned so loud, it just felt so good. Klaire heard the toilet flush next door and hurried to lock the door, her bum slightly bouncing up and down as she walked. Dawn was really turned on, she followed Klaire and grabbed hold of her ass, “oooh if I could fuck this ass” she said and held it tightly with both hands, “I can imagine this ass bouncing up and down on a big cock” she purred.

Klaire turned towards Dawn and slid a hand up the leg of her shorts, oh god, I have never touched another pussy before she thought, as her hand instantly touched the flesh of her friend’s lips.

Her clit was sticking out so ready for a dick Her cunt was soft and hot and so moist. Klaire gently pulled at Dawn’s flaps making her hole open, teasing it as if it was going to be entered and then pushed 2 fingers into her. She was soaking wet and they slid straight in, she moved them slowly in and out. Dawn started to scream and cum instantly over Klaire’s fingers. Klaire licked her fingers slowly as Dawn leaned towards her and licked them also, their tongues licking down in-between the fingers and touching gently against each other’s tongues.

Dawn tore off her clothes and went to her bedroom drawer and pulled out a rubber dick, she directed Klaire onto all four’s and then slid it inside her, in and out, she gripped hold of her ass as she pushed it in and out, pulled at her pussy lips and licked the juice off the edge of her pounding pussy, “is this how you want it” Dawn said, Klaire closed her eyes and bounced up and down as her friend fucked her, “oh yes” she panted.

Klaire screamed out “fuck me please,” the more excited she got the harder Dawn fucked her. Klaire turned over on to her back and propped herself up on her elbows, Dawn did the same and then slipped the rubber cock into each of their pussy’s, they wriggled down so that they both had enough cock inside them and started to bounce up and down, bringing their mound’s together and apart, their wet clits slapped off each others, their asses canlı casino siteleri bouncing against each other’s and the cock sliding in and out of their holes.

Klaire was panting hard and told Dawn, “I really want to lick your pussy, I have been masturbating imagining what it would be like,” Dawn didn’t speak she just gently removed the cock and pulled Klaire’s head down to her sopping minge.

Klaire felt so nervous as well as turned on, there was no going back now she was face to face with a puffy lipped juicy cunt, that wasn’t her own; the tangy smell hit her straight away. Dawn was soaking wet, her pussy squelched when she moved which made Klaire’s juices trickle down her legs, she knew that she had to do something quickly.

Klaire had been staring into the mound for a good few minutes as she thought about gently kissing around the edge but Dawn grabbed her head and slammed her face full on into the wet dish and said “eat my fucking pussy.” Klaire dived straight in munching on her pussy, lapping up all the cream, her face was soaking wet; there was a slight salty taste that drove Klaire insane.

Dawn writhed around the bed and gripped Klaire’s head tightly between her legs. Klaire took her hand and massaged her friend’s hard clit as she took her tongue and lunged it up into her vagina and flicked it in and out, Dawn went crazy and grabbed Klaire’s head and rubbed her pussy up and down her face hard, as her body tensed and she released her spray all over Klaire’s face.

Klaire stood up, her mascara smudged all over her face, her long curls all over the place and soggy. She slipped off the crotchless panties, she wanted full on sensation for what she was about to do; she dropped the soaking wet knickers on to the floor and slid her legs between her friends so that their muff’s were touching. As Klaire moved herself closer, the flesh of both pussies now stuck together, she remembered the chicken and had never imagined it would feel this good. She gently moved her pussy in circles and back and forth, slipping around on their juices and then they both gripped hold of each other tightly and rocked hard against each other.

The door knocked and a giggly woman shouted “what are you two doing in there, you have been ages!” Klaire’s heart beat fast but she didn’t stop, she slapped her pussy against Dawn’s, the two clit’s banging together, the fat lips squashing against each other. Klaire whispered towards the door….

“I’m fucking Dawn that’s what I’m doing and it’s so good, oh yes, oh yes, we are having dirty fucking girl on girl juicy ah ah ah ah….”

Both women reached orgasm instantly, their bodies shaking as the door was banging. Their juices mixed together, both women panting.

They stood up and looked at each other, hair all over, inner thighs soaking wet, makeup smeared across their faces, the air smelling strong of sex, “what the fuck are we going to say” Dawn asked, Klaire shrugged her shoulders, Dawn shouted out “we are coming now, go back into the lounge.”

A few minutes later the lounge door opened and all of the women turned towards the door to see Klaire standing naked and messy as though she had been dragged through the bushes. She lifted her hand into the air and dangled the crotchless panties from her finger and announced….

“Ladies…………..I’m fucking buying these!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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