Co-worker’s Man Ch. 08

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I felt Frank’s weight press down upon me as we both drew in ragged breaths in the aftermath of my first ass-fucking. His weight felt comforting upon me, almost protective. I could feel the sheen of his sweat sliding against my own on my back. At the same time I felt the gooey slickness of my splattered cum on the sheet beneath me pressing against my chest and stomach. I was a mess of cum and sweat but I had never felt so content in my entire life. Frank had just been the first man to take my ass and then had confirmed my wishes by calling me “his boy”.

I felt his cock start to lose some of its rigidity inside me as it started to deflate. As our heart rates started to calm down, he slowly withdrew his softening cock from my ass. I felt a feeling on helpless emptiness as it emerged from my ravaged ass. As the head popped out, my stretched pink ring snapped shut, but not before I felt a few gobs of his cum slide out and run down my body. I felt a sharp flash of pain as my asshole snapped closed, keeping the rest of his hot load trapped inside me. The pain soon subsided as my body tried to return itself to my pre-fucked condition.

Frank shifted his body from on top of mine and rolled to the side. He lay propped up on the pillows beside me as my head lay adjacent to his hip. We both continued pulling in large gasps of fresh cool air to help soothe our bodies from our recent exertion. I saw his heaving chest start to slow to a more relaxed rate as he reached down with his hand and ruffled my hair.

“Well, you did just fine kid. It was a little tough at first but once you got used to the size of the head, you did great after that. Yeah….I’d honestly have to say that is the tightest hottest ass I’ve ever had.” I positively glowed under Frank’s praise and a smile of contentment from pleasing my master came to my face.

“Do you think you’d like to do it again?” he asked. I nodded my head rapidly in agreement. Frank chuckled at my eagerness.

“Don’t worry boy, you’re gonna get all the cock and cum you need from now on.” He paused for a moment as I looked up at him with loving eyes. “I’m just gonna need a few minutes right now though. I want you to go and get a nice hot washcloth and clean me up.”

I raised myself on one elbow and looked over at Frank’s monstrous cock lying dormant across his abdomen. It was glistening from the lubricant and the natural juices from the lining of my ass. There were numerous streaks of his whitish semen adhered to the surface of his cock. They had clung to his massive member as he had withdrawn it from within me. I looked up at Frank with pleading eyes and he seemed to sense my wishes.

“Need a little more right now, eh?” he said, again it was more of a statement than a question. “Go ahead… yourself.”

I leaned forward over him and extended my yearning tongue. I rolled it over the largest gob of cum plastered along the side of his shaft. I pulled his precious seed into my mouth and felt it slide down my throat. I took another swipe and was rewarded with another morsel of his cooling semen. I started mewing like a kitten again. I licked the full length of his cock and balls in order not to miss a drop. I rolled his heavy dick over with my tongue and got the hidden remnants stuck to the top side of his cock. I licked the whitish sheen off his stomach where it had lain and then took the end of his cock fully into my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head and probed into the pee-hole to clean out the final drop hiding there. Satisfied that I had gotten as much cum as I could, I sat back up.

Frank stared down at me with a smile on his face, “Good boy….now…. get that washcloth.”

I rose from the bed and as I did so, my quaking legs almost collapsed beneath me. I put my hand on the bed to steady myself and at the same realized I had to clamp down with my sphincter as his load of cum started to slide downwards within me. I walked gingerly to the washroom as I felt trickles of his cum slither out of my stretched raw hole and make their way down the inside of my legs. I sat on the toilet and as I relaxed my stretched ass-lips, I heard the sound of gobs of his cum dropping into the toilet. I flexed the muscles of my ass and pushed out a few more gobs that had been lodged deep within me. I looked down between my legs into the bowl to see the swirling mass of white creamy cum on the surface. I wiped myself clean of the remainder of his cum and most of the lubricant.

I took a washcloth from the shelf of towels and ran the sink until the water ran hot and steamy. I soaked the washcloth thoroughly and wrung it out. I washed the drying cum off my stomach and then made my way quickly back to Frank’s side and sat down beside him on the bed. I placed the warm washcloth over his dick and proceeded to gently wash away the remnants of the lubrication and any cum that my probing tongue may have missed. I was careful to thoroughly clean him as he instructed, also paying attention to his balls and asshole. When I finished cleaning his groin, he presented casino siteleri his hands to me for they too had been coated in Vaseline. I tenderly massaged his meaty hands and long, thick fingers under the washcloth. The rag started to cool and I made my way quickly to the bathroom to reheat it. I continued to massage his firm hands under my delicate fingers as Frank just leaned back with closed eyes and a soft smile on his face.

“That’s good,” he said as he opened his eyes and looked towards me. “Now I’m just going to lay back here and relax for awhile.” He noticed my glance of lust-filled desire drift along his body. “So feel free to explore all you want,” he said and actually winked at me! He slid himself down a little on the bed, lay his head back on a pillow and threw one arm up over his eyes.

I looked down and let my eyes wonder over the full length of Frank’s magnificent body. From his curly black hair, down to his broad shoulders and muscular chest, across his flat stomach and the fine line of dark hair pointing like homing beacon to that enormous cock, my eyes were treated to a feast of pure manliness. His muscular thighs lay open and his trim calves and large feet completed a god-like picture.

I moved to kneel between his legs and lowered my head to the inside of his thigh just above one knee. I dragged my tongue across his smooth inner thigh and heard him let out a soft moan. I rolled my tongue along his thigh a few inches and then switched to the other leg. I alternated between legs as I moved closer to the apex between them. His cock continued to lay heavy across his abdomen as I used my tongue to pleasure the area just south of his groin.

I moved upwards and intentionally avoided his massive cock. I ran my tongue into his belly button and was rewarded with a groan of pleasure from Frank. I probed it with my tongue and used my lips to kiss and nibble around his opening. I slid my tongue across his stomach and tasted the saltiness of his sweat, left there from our previous exertions. I lapped up every salty morsel until all that was left on his stomach was a gleaming trail of my drying saliva. With a hand placed on either side of his body, I leaned over him and dragged my yearning tongue across his firm pecs until I took one of his nipples into my mouth and drew on it gingerly. Frank groaned as I felt it respond under my swirling tongue and nibbling lips. It became a firm pebble within my mouth and I kissed and sucked as it grew harder. I slid my tongue across his chest and repeated my attentions to the other one. It too became a hard little morsel within my suctioning mouth.

I moved further north and ran my tongue around the smooth skin at the base of his neck. I then used long broad swipes as I cleaned his neck from the base to his chin and sides of his cheeks, my tongue rubbing over the fresh stubble of his beard. I paused and looked down at his full lips and trembled with lust. His arm remained thrown across his eyes as he allowed me to pleasure him at my leisure. I looked down at those full wide lips and slowly lowered my head as I extended my tongue. I drew it teasingly along the crease between his soft lips. I gently licked across the full width of his lips and then returned my tongue to probe between them. I felt Frank part them slightly and I pushed forward with my hot, slick tongue to delve deeply into his waiting mouth. I ran my tongue over his teeth, then pushed further into the depths of his mouth as I ran my tongue over his firm tongue that was now pushing back at mine. I withdrew my tongue and gasped for breath, my heart beating rapidly in my chest. I lowered my mouth once again to his and pressed my lips fully against his, kissing him with every ounce of my being. I felt flushed with passion as Frank kissed me back but allowed me to control the situation. I finally pulled my mouth from his and in appreciation continued to make love to his face with my hot sliding tongue. He removed his arm from over his face but remained with his eyes closed as I slid my tongue across his smooth eyelids to bathe them. I caressed each closed eye with a gentle kiss as I shivered with pleasure.

I felt Frank’s large hands grip my shoulders and push me firmly downwards. I looked back beneath me and saw that his huge cock had once again come back to its full 10 ½” glory. He pushed me further down until I took my rightful place between his thighs, my face inches from his pulsating monster. I looked down at the rope-like veins standing out in bold relief on his tremendous cock. I could see them pulsating along the length of his gnarled shaft as they drove more blood into the angry crimson head. His whole massive cock was pointing straight up towards him as if it was permanently adhered to his stomach.

I reached out and wrapped one hand as far around the thick base as I could get it, my fingertips once again unable to touch around his enormous girth. I drew it up and away from his stomach to point it straight up vertically. I moved closer to the flaring cockhead and after making slot oyna a firm corridor around his shaft with my hand, slid it upwards. I saw his piss-hole flex and then gape open as a large shining drop of precum made its way up to the surface and then started to run sluggishly down the V of the head. I shucked my hand once more and another drop followed the first one, making a slippery trail leading towards the base of his cock.

I moved my face towards his rearing cock and I swore I could feel the heat coming off that engorged head the closer I got. I extended my tongue to the end of the glistening trail of precum streaming down his cock and licked upwards, capturing every savory drop as I made my way up. When I reached the piss-slit, I opened my lips as wide as they could go and settled them over his cock to close behind his protruding flared ridge. Frank let out a loud groan and I looked up to see that he had thrown his arm across his eyes again as he released himself to my pleasure.

With his drooling cockhead safe within my mouth, I placed my other hand around the shaft of his cock and started a firm churning motion. I continued to bathe his cockhead with my swirling tongue as I shucked my hands up and down. Under my coaxing hands, he fed me a continuous supply of his precum. I swallowed it readily like succulent nectar, occasionally taking my mouth fully off his cockhead and licking along the full length of his pulsating manhood. For about ten minutes, I used my mouth and hands in a coordinated effort to bring Frank maximum pleasure.

Frank put his hands on my head and stopped me, “Turn over on your back…….I want that hot ass of yours again,” he said breathing rapidly. “Get me ready,” he said as he passed me the jar of lubricant. I knew without the lubricant, I would have been torn by his huge cock. I grabbed a large gob of the lubricant and ran it evenly over the length of his throbbing dick. The heat from his cock helped to quickly thin the thick lubricant and allow me to apply an even layer over the entire length of his rigid weapon. I took another gob on the end of my fingers and quickly ran it around my hot pink hole.

I lay back in the place Frank had been as he took his place on his knees between my thighs. I drew my knees up and let my legs drift apart to open myself up to him completely. He shuffled forward on his knees and I saw him take his hand and press down on the top of his cock. I saw a large drop of precum glistening at the end of his rod as he pushed it down until it was pressed against my quivering hole. He pushed forward and the angry head started to make its way into me once more. I willed myself to relax and felt the head pop into my guts. I think we both moaned with a sigh of relief and then Frank leaned over me with his hands on each side of my chest as he started that long slow progression into me.

My already raw ass stretched and stretched to accommodate him. He flexed and inch and glorious inch filled me. He got about halfway and paused. I looked up at him and he was looking directly into my eyes. He said not a word but continued to hold my gaze as with a final thrust, he drove the remaining length of his cock fully into me.

“Owwwwww……” I screamed. My eyes flew wide open and my body went rigid under the onslaught of his thick hard cock! I breathed rapidly as I gasped for air. Frank held still with his groin pressed tightly against me. As I took deep breaths, I felt the searing pain diminishing and the sensual feeling of being pleasantly filled started to engulf me again.

Frank pulled back until only the apple-sized head was lodged inside me. He drove forward again. I felt the pronounced ridge pushing against the raw lining of my ravaged ass. The feeling was frightening and at the same time overwhelmingly sensual. I locked my legs behind his back and threw my arms around his neck as he continued to pound his magnificent cock back and forth within me. He started to vary his thrusts, first he would slow down and make them long, slow and deep, withdrawing the full length until only the head remained. Then he would speed up, pistoning back and forth within me with short powerful strokes. I was a writhing, sweating mass as I held on to him tightly, the muscles in my ass gripping the full length of his throbbing shaft. I was continuously moaning as he pounded into me.

“Oh fuck…….it’s so big……..oh Frank…..more…..yeah…..harder…..,” the words continued to spill out of me as he slid his pulsating cock as far into me as he could.

He then returned to slowly long-dicking me, only this time he added a rotation to his hips. I let out a loud groan as it seemed like he was using his hard cock to stir a batch of cement inside me. He was pleasuring every available square inch of the lining of my ass. I ran my nails down his back as he flexed and maneuvered his rod around and around as he drove it forward. My cock was rock-hard as I glanced down between us. The constant rubbing of his huge dick across the lining of my ass was causing my own cock canlı casino siteleri to leak precum all over my stomach. He continued the delicious torture of my ass in this way for about ten minutes. I continued to writhe beneath him as I wriggled and flexed my ass upwards to meet him on every downward thrust.

I felt suddenly empty as Frank withdrew his cock totally from my ass and my stretched hole started to close. I looked up at him with a surprised look in my pleading eyes.

“Turn over and get back on your hands and knees,” he said as he sat back, his enormous cock pointing straight up at me.

I quickly flipped over and got up on my hands and knees in front of him. I felt Frank quickly move behind me and then felt the pressure at the entrance to my hot pink hole as he wrapped his hand around his thick stalk and fed the end into me. I gasped as he lurched forward and I clamped down on the head with my anal ring.

“Now, I’m gonna hold real still….just like last night. Now you move that sweet ass back onto it……..let’s see what you can do.”

I felt Frank remain in his place as I tentatively pushed back towards him. I felt his cock slide deeper within me. I got about half his length into me and then moved forward off it again. When I felt the head tighten against the inside of my stretched hole, I moved back again, a little harder. I took his cock deeper and then moved forward again. It was wonderful! I enjoyed being in control. I impaled myself further onto his cock until I felt his groin slap tight against my ass. I moved forward and then quickly back. The sweat was standing out on my brow and running down my back as I worked on his powerful cock. I tried to work in a slight rotation of my hips and this seemed to please Frank immensely.

“Oh yeah… learn fast….that’s a good boy,” he said as he stayed still with his hands resting on my hips. I continued to work back and forth, my tight ass wriggling and gripping at the entire length of his manhood.

“Reach your hand underneath,” he instructed. I shifted my weight onto one hand and looked down as I reached beneath us. I saw his huge balls hanging free behind my own smaller ones. My own dripping cock was standing hard up against my own stomach. I used my free hand to run my fingertips over the slickness around the base of his cock. I reached further back and rolled his heavy balls gently in the palm of my hand as I continued to drive myself back on forth on his gut-splitting cock. I shifted my hand back to the base of his cock and dragged my fingernails across the taut slick skin. Frank let out a low moan and I wrapped my fingers tightly as far around the base as I could go and gave a caressing twist as the lips of my ass continued to bump into my own hand caught between us. I alternated between the finger wraparound and the fingernail scratching as Frank continued to moan above me. I felt his body start to move again as he started to push his groin forwards. I looked down and saw that his balls were starting to draw up towards his body.

He slapped my hand away as he took hold of my hips and drove himself forward. His cock ravaged my ass as he pounded inch after thick inch fully into me. I was filled to the max with his savage member! As he dragged his flared ridge continuously back and forth across my prostate, I felt my cock start to pulse and throb again. I continued to twitch and buck below him as it felt like he was trying to force his whole body into me! I felt my orgasm hit me and my semen sped up the length of my cock to shoot forth in a white creamy fountain of cum. It sprayed across my chest and continued to shoot untouched as Frank made love to me. I was gasping for air as my orgasm continued, once more soaking the sheet beneath me. I was moaning constantly as I bucked and twitched beneath him.

“Oh fuck…..I’m gettin’ close. Where do you want this load… your ass….in your mouth…..or on your face?”

“In my mouth!” I answered immediately.

Frank continued with a few last deep strokes and then quickly withdrew. As his cock popped out of my clenching ass he quickly said, “Okay, now turn around!”

I spun around and saw his fist wrapped around the shaft of his huge cock. The large angry head was pointed directly towards me as I dove towards it. With my face inches away from it, I saw the piss-hole start to split open as the first massive shot of cum jettisoned out and launched itself towards me. I quickly opened my mouth wide as Frank directed his shaft towards me and I felt that initial blast splash across my tongue. I moved forward and had my lips starting to slide over the smooth surface of the head as I felt the second jet of cum hit the back of my throat and join with the first shot in a thick white pool at the base of my tongue.

“DON’T SWALLOW IT!” Frank warned as his fist continued to pump back and forth along the length of his throbbing rod. I finally got my lips behind the ridge of his cockhead as his cum continued to pour into my waiting mouth. It was backing up already and started to dribble out the corners of my mouth as I swirled my tongue into the V on the underside of his cockhead. Frank was moaning constantly as he jacked his cock off into my overflowing mouth.

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