Confident, Older , Powerful Men Ch. 04

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This section is about the sexy MILF mother, who along with her husband are the founders of a very profitable religious empire that prays on the weak-minded.

While Hanna was talking to her father, her smoking-hot 58 year old mother, Lenore was in the bedroom room of a lavish hotel room dressed in a sinful black ensemble complete with garter belt and stockings and devilish 4 inch stiletto heels while getting fucked from behind at lightning speed by a gorgeous, blond 18 year old stud with a huge inch 13 inch cock.

As the 18 year old stud greedily pawed at her massive 44DD tits and pinched her quarter-sized, inch long nipples with his oversized cock sweat was pouring off his face as he pounded into the most incredible pussy he had ever fucked.

At 5’5″ tall and 110 pounds Lenore’s amazing 44DD-21-33 body had been at the center of his nightly jerk-off sessions for years. Her name alone oozed sex and this huge-cocked 18 year old stud, like the hundreds of others who saw her seductive face, with narrow cheek-bones and slim nose along with a killer body would jump through hoops to worship her sinful bodyand fuck her.

As the stacked and gorgeous 58 year old stunner turned her head back to kiss him, her tight as-a-glove pussy exploded for the hundredth time that night as she thought to herself of the countless times she imagined their friend’s son fucking into her just like this.

As they fucked; both at the top of their game, he told her that he was in love with her, and that he wanted her to leave her husband.

“Oh baby, that’s so sweet,” she said in a hot, sexy voice while flicking her wild tongue across his as she thrust her perfect, round ass back to meet the powerful thrust of his massive cock.

Although she gave the impression she loved hearing him say it, even kissing him hard and grinding her ass onto his huge cock even more passionately then she already was, those words were something she had heard a million times before by all the young studs that fucked her.

To date, there have been well over a hundred young teenage studs, some of which were her sons or daughters friends, but most of which who were members of her religious community. Both her and her husband had an open agreement that they could fuck whoever turned them on, and always encouraged the other to enjoy the fuck of a young teen that they knew or felt wanted to fuck their partner. Of course the sexy Lenore’s cell phone was constantly ringing with a young stud or teenage girl who wanted to fuck her.

Lenore and her husband gave off the purest and most wholesome as they held hands and looked at each other lovingly while on the set of their multi-million dollar temple, portraying a relationship built on moral fiber As the loving couple extoled the highest high moral values to millions of viewers, it was a well-rehearsed act for what they really loved; money and power. And with that came a sexual appetite that ran extra-hot as they enjoyed being worshiped by young lovers who idolized them.

During the taping of shows, while she and her husband were holding hands and preaching about moral values, she would look into the packed audience of devoted followers and make eye contact with a young stud or sexy teenage girl or a young brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend that would find their way into her hotel suit for the night or the weekend.

Her sex-drive, like her husband’s was voracious. It came from the vast power they had over so many weak-mind followers. Just knowing she had a body that drove males and females, especially teenage studs crazy, gave her a decadent power that she was aware of every second of the day.

While on the set and in public she dressed in cloths that always showcased her amazing body. She always wore short, tight-fitting pencil skirts that showcased her beautiful legs and the most expensive transparent silk blouses that clung to her lace bras and narrow waist. Through her sheer lace bras her big, hard nipples were always being picked-up in the camera lenses as they pierced through the fabric of her bra and blouse.

She was always in a pair of classic high heel pumps and when she wore a mini dress you could easily see the lace trim of her stocking tops when she crossed her long, sexy legs. At times you could even see a garter strap attached to the expensive silk stocking as she purposely crossed her legs when she knew the camera would be angling in that direction. Every move on her part was deliberate and calculated, designed to keep her loyal television followers donating huge sums of money to her and her husband’s organization each week.

Her amazing body was on a hundred internet clips with titles that ranged from “Preachers wife’s sexy legs,” to Preachers wife’s huge nipples,” to “Preachers wife’s hot body.” She had millions of hits and thousands of comments that all said she was smoking hot, and if she wasn’t so loyal to her husband they would love to be with her themselves. The comments also praised her for being such a devoted wife and mother canlı bahis and that she was a great role model for them.

She loved reading the fan mail each week, immediately casting aside and throwing out the ones praising her for being such a remarkable inspiration and model wife to reading the one’s saying she was smoking hot and that they would love to fuck her or that they jerked off constantly when they watched her on television with her husband. She reveled in reading about how they loved how she dressed and the detailed ways they would fuck her if they had the chance. These letters all came with phone numbers and names and included pictures, some even in the nude, and were from males and females.

Her sexual experiences were constant, because of her ravenous sexual appetitive. One hot experience included a weekend with four 18 year old High School studs. It started at her son and daughters High School between her and the schools star quarterback at the annual pep-rally.

Her son Jason was one of the schools star basketball players and her daughter Hanna was the head cheerleader. While in the stands watching the game she sat with her husband. As his eyes locked on the stacked mother of his friend, the rugged star quarterback made his way up the bleachers.

He had been hot for the big titted mom for years and had fantasized about fucking her millions of times after being at her home and seeing her dressed in a short, reveling dress before going out to some event with her husband. Seeing her in the stands he worked his way to her, pushing anyone in his path to the side without even excusing himself.

When he got to the bench a student at his school was sitting next to the hot mom. He shot his classmate a look that instantly made him get up and give up his seat to the 6 foot 2 inch brick wall. Sitting next to the hot MILF he spoke to her in a flirting way which she thought was really sweet. He knew her husband was there but didn’t even acknowledge him. That in itself turned her on to his confidence.

She had always thought he was really handsome and acted mature beyond his years, and now as he talked to her she saw him scan her body with an incredible hunger in his eyes. As her husband listened to his wife talking back to the young stud in the same flirtatious way, he smiled to himself inside knowing that they’d most likely end up fucking.

During the rally he asked right in front of her husband if he could have her number. Looking towards her husband to make sure he wasn’t watching she bit her lower lip in a sly, seductive way and took his cell and put in her number. Of course looking at her husband was just an act, because she knew he heard every word that was being exchanged between her and the young stud.

After giving him her cell number he boldly leaned in and gave her a quick kiss as he felt the tip of her tongue go into his mouth for a second before she pulled away. To anyone watching they would have thought it was just a friendly ‘hello’ kiss, especially with her husband sitting beside her and the reputation they had as prominent, religious leaders.

On the ride home she had her head on her husband’s shoulder and her hand messaging his rock-hard 8 inch dick.

“So when do you think you’re going to fuck him baby,” he groaned as she squeezed his hard cock.

“Umm, so you heard every word,” she said in a sly, throaty voice.

“Every word my love. He’s pretty sure of himself. Just the way you like your teenage boys,” he groaned as she unzipped his pants.

“That’s right, young and confident. So sexy the way he hit on me and even kissed me with you sitting right there,” she said now pumping his hard cock, causing him to groan..

“Do you think he has a big dick my love,” he groaned as her mouth came down over his big, fat shaft.

“Oh I’m sure of that baby. As I was typing my cell number into his phone he whispered in my ear saying he was 11 inches,” she said hotly as she went back down on her husband’s throbbing cock as he exploded into her anxious mouth.

The star quarterback called the sexy older MILF 10 times a day for a week to tell her how sexy she was and how much he wanted to be with her. He called during school and even called during football practice while he was on the field.

Wearing her down, or so he thought, because she had talked to her husband after the pep-rally and had already gotten the green light to fuck him, he told her how he wanted to fuck her for years, and that her body drove him so crazy he jerked off every night thinking of her and her amazing body.

One day she agreed to meet him after football practice, but only to talk because she had a meeting to go to from there. Showing up in her Mercedes he followed in his car to a secluded part of town behind some abandoned factories. Getting out of the driver seat she went to the passenger seat so that she could be more comfortable.

Walking past her as he went to the driver’s seat and seeing her dressed in a hot, skin tight black mini dress bahis siteleri that showed her huge tits and her amazing legs with a pair of sexy high heels had him instantly turned on. Telling him that she only had a few minutes before she had to leave to meet someone from their religious group, who happened to be a 20 year old son of one of the members she had been fucking for two weeks, they started kissing hotly.

During the deep kiss she was pleased to feel the big cock he whispered in her ear about.

“Wow, you didn’t exaggerate lover,” she groaned as they kissed while she ran her hand up and down his huge throbbing shaft.

“You like big cock Mrs. Kane?” he said proudly, then added conceitedly, “I fucked tons of my girlfriends mom’s and a bunch of teachers already, and they all go crazy for it and tell me I’m the biggest they ever had.”

“And now you want me lover. I’m so flattered,” she said in a seductive voice knowing he was hot for her.

“Oh fuck Mrs. Kane, you beat them all hands down,” he groaned as his hands started roaming all over her turned on body.

As he kissed her his hands were all over her massive 44DD tits and over her stocking covered legs, parting them to access her already pussy.

“Wow, you heat up really fast Mrs. Kane,” he said hotly, as her groans of excitement filled the inside of her sixty thousand dollar Mercedes.

“Oh fuck, you turn me on like crazy baby. I’m so wet for you. For years seeing you at my house always made me hot,” she confessed in a throaty voice.

Of course she was already hot knowing she was going to fuck the 10 inch cock of the 20 year old in an hour and as she got dressed that day she was ultra horny thinking about fucking him all night. Getting the call from the star QB and agreeing to meet him only added to her being so hot and so wet. Knowing she was running late she told the 18 year old stud that her husband and her two kids were going out of two for a long weekend retreat and that he could come over as soon as they left.

That Friday night she greeted her lover at the door in the naughtiest, most sinful outfit that would give a blind man a raging hard-on. She wore a red lace-up corset that came down to her slender waist. The bra part was cut in two deep oval patterns that showed her nude tits. Her quarter sized nipples stood out over an inch which made her look so lust crazed. Her nipples were always hard from being turned on so much from fucking a different young stud almost daily, and they attracted attention from a mile away.

There were two long red garter straps on each side attached to the sexiest red stockings and a red thong that made her round ass look absolutely delicious. She wore a pair of red pumps to absolutely turn on her newest lover and completing the sexy wardrobe she wore a sheer red transparent robe that made it easy to see everything under it.

As they were locked in a scorching kiss with their hands running all over each other and groaning like two animals in heat she did not notice the three boys standing behind the 6’2″ stud. While she was getting dressed he left her a message saying that he was coming with his three buddies but that that could just hang out and watch television while they were playing with each other.

As she messaged his straining cock through his strained pants, telling him she couldn’t wait to fuck him, the three boys stood watching their friend with the most knock-out woman they ever saw; each wanting their turn to fuck her. It was then that she noticed the other three boys with sly smiles on their faces.

As they took in the sight of the stacked MILF with her huge exposed tits and rock-hard nipples fully exposed dressed in her sexy and very naughty outfit, her eyes drifted the sight of their noticeable and quite sizable bulges in their pants. Explaining that he left her a message on her cell about them coming alone, but that they were only going to wait for him while they fucked, she comfortably told them to come in then closed the door.

She even thought to herself how sexy it would be to know there three horny teenagers waiting down stairs for their 18 year old friend while he was upstairs in her bed fucking the living shit out of her.

Going to her bedroom with her new stud they fucked and kissed for over three hours before he was drained of every ounce of cum, and passed out of her bed. As he lay collapsed on the bed she went down to the kitchen for some water and some fruit to eat. Coming down stairs she had almost forgotten that his three friends were in the house waiting for him.

Halfway down the stairs she thought about going back to her bedroom and putting on a robe to cover up. What she decided to do was go back and get the sheer transparent robe that highlighted her sinful outfit, with corset, stockings and pumps even more. She wanted to maximize the effect for the three teenage boys.

Walking down the marble staircase all three boys turned their heads as the clicking sound of her high heels drew their attention bahis şirketleri to her immediately. Seeing the knockout MILF dressed for fucking, they were instantly drooling with raging hard-on’s. As she walked by the sofa she grinned at the sight of them as their eyes were riveted to her amazing body.

As she walked past the three teenage boys to the kitchen, the sway of her incredible ass with the tiny, red thong making a beautiful dividing line, separating each delicious cheek had their hormones raging. In the kitchen, as she stood at the counter eating a piece of fruit and drinking a bottle of water she suddenly felt the hands of the three horny High School studs on her body which made her put down the water bottle and groan excitingly. While their best friend lay on her bed crashed out she was treated to an incredible fuck with three horny studs.

After two hours the revived and very horny star quarterback came down looking for his sexy MILF. As he came down the stairs he heard these guttural sounds coming from the living room. He could her groaning in the same way she did while he was fucking her. He knew by the sounds of her groans that she was really turned on.

When he came to the living room he was treated to the sight of his three friends and the hot mom going at it real hard. After he sat back in a high back cushioned chair he watched the knock-out mom in a sexy position with his best friend fucking her massive tits with his fat 10 inch cock while her pussy was being fucked from behind by his other friend who was black and had an even bigger cock.

As they were working her really hard her hands were fisting his Hispanic friend’s thick 9 inch cock feverishly. The sight of his friends driving her crazy and the words of her telling them she loved all their big cocks caused his own huge 10 inch cock to stick up like a flag pole.

After his three buddies exploded all over her, coating her body in a thick glaze of cum he took her by the hand and brought her back to the bedroom where he fucked her though the night. The four boys never left the house all weekend and were treated to the best pussy and biggest tits they would ever fuck in their lives.

During the non-stop fuck-fest each of the teens had fucked her alone for a few hours and when they did they each told her that they wanted her forever, saying they wanted to be her only fuck. Telling each of them that she was flattered, she used the excuse of how it would destroy her reputation in their religious empire.

She assured each one of them that she would get away with them from time to time so that they could fuck alone just like this. Of course this offer to continue fucking satisfied each of the horny teenage boys who wanted her incredible body more than anything in the world.

The weekend ended in an earthquake that shook the house with the four studs taking her in every hole. They all came, including her for more than 15 minutes in an explosive orgasm that could be heard all the way down the street in her religious and conservative community.


“Oh fuck Mrs. Kane, you have such an amazing pussy,” the blond 18 year old twin said as he fucked his 13 inch cock deep up inside her; deeper than any girl his age or older woman he had ever fucked.

“I want you forever Mrs. Kane. I want you to leave him so that we can be together and fuck every day,” he said as his throbbing cock was about to explode for the twentieth time that day.

Loving the attention and craving his enormous cock she thought about the studs offer to be his. She hated to admit it, but his 13 inch cock was simply magical and made her pussy explode in ways very few of her many young studs ever did, definitely much more than her husband ever did.

The thought only lasted for a fleeting second, entertaining the idea of just being his, but she and her husband were prominent figures in the religious empire they built and they used the religious retreats as ways to fuck other people, most of which were young teens like the brother and sister twins who came to the seminars they hosted or lectured at.

Not wanting to reject him, out of fear of losing that 13 inch cock for the week she made up and excuse saying that as much as she would love to be his, to fuck his huge cock every day, it was impossible to be together telling him that it would cause a huge scandal in their religious community.

“I’ve never fucked a sexier women or a hotter pussy Mrs. Kane,” he said as he slid his massive cock way up into the back of her pussy where only a few have ever reached.

The words he used to compliment her were words that she had heard from all her lovers, but it was the ones with the biggest cocks that excited her the most because she knew they fucked all the time. As their tongues flicked across each other’s in a sexy way she told him how much she loved his huge cock and that she wanted to fuck him every day while they were at the religious retreat.

“Oh baby, I love the way you fuck me, and my pussy’s never had a cock this fucking huge,” she said in a hot breath, although she lied, because for three months she had been fucking a 18 year old black Rap Star who had a 14 inch cock that was as wide around as two of her hands.

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