Convincing Me Pt. 08

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I was fidgeting outside the kitchen, where my mom was making snacks for Tamara and me.

“You don’t have to do this today. We can do it tomorrow.” Tamara whispered.

“No I want to come out today. I am ready.. I am ready for love, for you.” I stared at her beautiful pools of perfection intensely.

She sniffled back some tears and smiled, “okay.”

“It’s ready kids, why don’t you go sit at the table and I’ll bring it over. Tell me all about your day. Tamara, I want to hear about your day too. Mandy has never brought home any of her friends. I was starting to worry she doesn’t have any. So I need to know everything about you.”

Tamara just giggled nervously and a certain garment I was wearing started to get wet.

“I think this shirt looks good on you, Man.. You know Tamara, I keep telling her to wear more fun clothes, ones girls her age would wear, but she never listens. I think you would be a good influence on her.”

“If only you knew,” I mumbled and Tamara hit me discreetly.

We were all sitting at the table and digging into the homemade spring rolls, when my mom started hitting Tamara with questions, “Tamara, I thought you two didn’t get along?”

“I didn’t have a problem with her, Mrs.Kal-“

“Oh please, call me Viv.”

“Sure, Viv.”

“Did my daughter behave rudely to you?”

Tamara’s trademark naughty smile appeared and she said, “Let’s just say, Viv, I put her in her place.”

“Well, good. Sometimes I feel she is too smart for her own good, you know and that can lead to hardheadedness,” my mother smirked at me, glad at finding a companion to bitch about me.

I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. I started speaking a couple of times, but words wouldn’t come out.

“So, you’re a cheerleader? I was one too, you know. Back in the day, the routines were as complicated as the ones you do. But, it was still considered prestigious to be on the team. Then, you grow up and realize what you do and what you are matters more than these facades we put on to try and be ‘popular’,” she completed with air quotes.

“I agree, Viv. I used to think, being a cheerleader and dating the popular guy is the right thing do, but-“

“Mom, I’m gay.”

For the next whole minute, silence was palpable.

“Well, can’t say I saw that coming. Dad will be here soon, you can tell him when he comes.”

“Won’t dad get mad? Wait, aren’t you mad?”

“As long as you don’t turn into a sociopath, you are my daughter and I will love you, always.” She leaned over and kissed me. But that wasn’t enough. I was so relieved, I had to hug her close.

“So, I’m guessing Tamara isn’t just a friend?”

Tamara’s face was wet with tears but her she was smiling brighter than casino oyna I have ever seen her.

“No mam, she’s my girlfriend.” I said, never taking my eyes off her. She was positively gleeful.

“I knew I should have put money on that.” I heard my dad’s voice behind me.

“What?” I looked at him perplexed.

“That night she stayed over, I told your mom you guys were more than friend, but she didn’t believe me.”

“I thought my daughter was so innocent, she didn’t start thinking of sex..”

“Mom.. come on.. don’t talk about sex.”

“Why not? It’s not like you two were considerate enough to keep it down..” my mother was enjoying this too much. Tamara had turned a shade of red I’d never seen before.

“But you scored big huh? That’s my girl. Up top.” If Tamara was blushing earlier, her face was on fire now. But I couldn’t leave my dad hanging. So I gave an apologetic look to T and gently slapped my dad’s hand.

My dad grabbed me up and hugged me tight. “You will always be my baby. Never ever doubt that, okay?” He murmured into my hair and I hugged him as tight as I could. “I love you, daddy.”

“So Tamara, what are your intentions with my daughter?” Tamara choked on her juice.

My dad laughed heartily as my mom got up to where he was and hit him gently. “He’s just joking, dear. Don’t mind him. He thinks his juvenile sense of humor is funny” Before dad could interrupt her, she raised a hand and said, “which it isn’t”.

After spending an hour or more with my parents, who loved Tamara, we went to my room. I was so ecstatic after being honest with my parents and what’s more they didn’t even make a big deal out of it.

“I love your parents.”

“I love you,” I thought.

“They are so friendly and cool. My dad wouldn’t even know what grade I am in. Oh actually, he would. Because after this year I will finally leave his premises and he can fuck any trash on two legs without worrying about me.”

“I’m sure he loves you in his own way. May be he’s still trying to cope with your mom’s death.”

“How do you know she’s dead? No one talks about her. I don’t even know her name. I don’t know anything about the woman who gave birth to me.”

“Haven’t you tried looking for her?”

“Where would I start? Even Maria wouldn’t tell me anything and she’s the only one who actually cares about me.”

“I’m sorry.”

She smiled sadly at me and then her expression changed.

“You could make me feel better.” She said wiggling her eyebrows.

“I wonder how.”

She was as tall as me today, with her six inch heels. Latching her fingers together behind my neck, she looked into my eye reverently. My eye must have reflected the same amount of passion because we slot oyna were lost in each other for a while.

“Go on a date with me,” I said.

She looked at me as if she was unsure and then slowly a smile spread across her face that lit up my entire room. “Are you sure?”

“Don’t you want to go with me?”

She slapped my arm, “You dummy. Of course I do. Where would we go? When? What do I wear. I need to go shopping.”


“We should go somewhere quiet. I don’t want to be interrupted; moreover, I want you all to myself.”



“Would you please leave the planning to me? When you take me on a date you can decide. Also, please don’t go shopping. Wear something you have, you have so many clothes.”

“Why can’t I go shopping? It can’t hurt to have new clothes. I want to look nice for you.”

“If you go shopping, you’ll either ask me to go with you, but I’ll say no, ‘cos I hate shopping. You will go without me, which means I will go crazy from not being near you for what, five to six hours? Besides, you always look nice.”

“Flattery won’t get you anywhere.”

“I know,” I said moving my lips dangerously close to hers. “Which is why, I have planned to distract you through seduction.”

I pushed my tongue into her mouth and licked the insides of her lips as she moaned and grabbed the hem of her top that I was wearing. Our lips separated with a pop when we urgently lifted the top off me and I ran my hands along her sides and sculpted her breasts over her cheerleading outfit. It didn’t take too long for two bubbles to pop over her chest.

Very pleased with my prowess to turn her on, I licked on them both as watched her suck in a breath each time. She pealed the top off and grabbed my ass to pull me closer and kissed me again. She was wearing a flimsy, lacy bra, which I tore apart with my teeth.

I heard Tamara gasp and as soon as the bra was shredded, I grabbed the two breasts, turned the nipples towards each other and put them in my mouth. After thoroughly bathing them with my saliva, I bit on them, eliciting a suppressed moan from T.

I snuggled into the valley between the two mountains of perfection and smelled her essence. God, I get heady every time I smell her. She pulled me up and claimed my mouth, while unhooking my bra. She bent down and bit on her spot, making sure she left a huge mark. She scrapped her teeth over each of my collar bones and then went lower to play with my breasts.

I loved when my breasts are being played with, but today especially I wanted it. So I moved us to my bed and lied down, pulling Tamara over me. She seemed to understand what I want, because she started attacking my nipples with renewed vigor. When her mouth canlı casino siteleri ravished one breast her hand fondled the other.

In a matter of seconds I was arching like a bow on my bed and pushing Tamara further into my body. It is a mystery how she breathed.

After I was thoroughly pleased with breast worship, Tamara slid over me, the sensations causing ripples across my body. She kissed me slowly and seductively, all the while moving over me ever so slowly. Our breasts were caressing each other.

I reached between us and faced our nipples to each other and reveled in the feel of our nipples pushing against each other. Tamara moaned into my mouth and shoved her tight thigh between my legs. Our movements became more urgent. My wetness was leaking through my underwear and onto Tamara’s thigh, while hers spread on mine. The panties were honestly a hindrance, but we were far too involved in the frantic thrusting to really care. There was only one goal in sight and that was cumming to the point of exhaustion and falling into each other’s arms. It was achieved in another couple of minutes. This was the first time we kissed through the entire love-making, never for a second separating our lips from each other.

Tamara fell back on the bed for a second before snuggling next to me and placing her head on my heaving chest. She started tracing imaginary lines on my tummy as I started dozing off to the wonderful smell emanating from her hair.

“So, I am no longer head cheerleader.”

“Hmm?” She didn’t’ say anything for a second. “What? Why?”

“I told them I want to focus on my studies since it is my final year and opted to give the torch to someone else.”

“Why?” I was dumbfounded.

“I wanted to make time for the magazine work.. in case I get it.”

“There is no question of you getting it. You will. But, I don’t understand, I told you if it cuts into your other commitments its fine.”

“And what? Make you look like a fool in front of your friends?”


“Besides, if I do it, I get to spend time with you, meet your friends and it would be good for me when WE go to Uni.” She smiles her 1000 Watt smile when she said “when we go to Uni”.

I smiled and kissed her. “How did I get so lucky?”

“Shut up and make me cum again.”

And I did, before I made her cum again.

During dinner my dad kept smiling this silly, ‘I know your secret’ smile, while mom went on and on about the importance of safe sex in a homosexual relationship. We gobbled up the food as fast as we could and ran back into our haven.

We finished our home works and tried studying ahead, before we got distracted by each other’s naked bodies. Once we started, we couldn’t stop until we were both cuming again and Tamara slept off immediately afterwards.

“Good night baby. I love you,” I told a sleeping Tamara and kissed her nose before lying down and wondering if I would ever have the courage to admit it to her.

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