Craigslist Adventures Don Ch. 03: Rob

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This chapter picks up where I left off on Chapter 2. It was probably about 2 weeks after my last meeting with Don.

After Don had let me know that Rob wanted to keep in touch with me, Rob and I chatted over email for a couple weeks. We kind of got to know eachother a little better. Rob told me how much he liked playing with me. He absolutely loved my body, my cock, and my cumshot. It didn’t take too long before I was headed over to Rob’s house for some one on one fun.

He had sent me his address, it was in a city near me that was for the most part nice, but also had some shady areas. So I had no idea what to expect. As I got closer to the destination, I realized that he lived in one of the nicest areas around. I took one of the last turns on the GPS route into a small subdivision. I was quite amazed. Every house in the subdivision was massive and fairly new looking. I took the final turn onto his road and slowly pulled up to his house. I parked in the street in front of his house, took a deep breath, and opened my door. As I walked up to his front door, I noticed that his house and yard were very well kept. That simple fact definitely made casino oyna me feel a lot more comfortable. I rang the doorbell, and soon enough, Rob unlocked and opened the front door, said hello, and had me walk inside. His house was so big, and so nice! I could tell he was a history buff. And he had recently moved to the area, I could tell because he still had some boxes sitting out that he was unpacking.

We sat down in his living room and talked for a little while, just to get to know eachother a little better. We talked about what we each do during the day, interests, stuff like that. Eventually, he asked me if I wanted to head to his bedroom and watch some porn. Of course I said sure! So we went into his room, he had a massive bed, really tall, and a nice TV. He turned the TV on and went to the On Demand. He asked what I wanted to watch, and I told him it didn’t matter to me, I’d watch anything! So he just went to some co-ed college girl porn flick. That was completely fine with me, especially since I was 20, although any porn is good to me. By the way, Rob was 46 at the time. After the porn was selected and started to play, Rob got up slot oyna off the bed to turn the lights off…

He got fully undressed while I just pulled my shorts down past my knees. We both had our space, and we both started playing with our dicks. Rob had thrown about 5 different bottles of lube on the bed in between us. He grabbed a bottle and lathered a bunch into his dick. I followed suit and grabbed one of the other bottles and squirted it all over my hands and dick, which was already rock hard. Rob was having some difficulty getting his cock to stiffen. So I asked if he wanted a little help. He of course said sure, so I scooted over a little closer to him. I reached over and just softly started to play with his dick. Just fondling it, rubbing his balls and I eventually started to slowly stroke it the best I could while soft. He slowly but surely started to harden. I liked playing with his dick, hell I like to feel all different shapes and sizes of penis! It’s just interesting to know what’s out there compared to your own! While I was still playing with his cock, he reached over and started fondling mine. He rubbed my balls softly, played canlı casino siteleri with my big mushroom tip, and eventually started to stroke me.

Eventually, we each went back to stroking ourselves, adding lube when needed. Damn, I didn’t realize how great it feels to jack off with lube. We just layed there watching hot young women get fucked, stroking our dicks, and also looking at each other stroking. Rob couldn’t not seem to take his eyes off my cock at one point. But I didn’t mind. We both edged for quite some time, then I asked if he was close to cumming. He said soon. So we continued and soon enough, he said he was ready, started grunting and moaning, and started shooting cum all over his stomach. Not even a minute later, I was ready to explode. I started gushing all over my stomach, and Rob absolutely loved it. He was impressed once again by my load and how hard I shoot it out. He went to his bathroom, grabbed a couple of towels and rags and came back so we could clean up. After we were both clean, we went back to his living room to chat some more. We talked for probably about a half hour until it was time for me to head home. He said to come back soon, so sure enough, I was headed back to his house within a week!

And that’s the end of this chapter of my craigslist adventures. I’ll have another up really soon, maybe even tonight. Hope you enjoyed! Stay horny people!

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