Crossing the Line

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Summary: Straight guy discovers the joy of cock in gym shower.

Note 1: This is a NUDE DAY 2021 Contest Story, since nudity awakens a side of the protagonist he hadn’t known existed.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for editing this story.

Crossing the Line

Moving to San Francisco for a new job as an investment banker, my biggest concern (in addition to my wife and kids not joining me until the school year was over in four months) was finding a good gym.

I’d loved my gym back home, and I worried about finding a new one I’d be comfortable with.

During my first day of work, one of my colleagues, Jake, in fact my immediate supervisor but a cordial one, convinced me to try out the gym he went to. “Trust me, there’s no better gym in this town than The Crown. I’ll even meet you there so you can do a first month’s free trial as my guest.”

“Cool,” I said, Jake seeming like a pretty good guy, and a boss who was more supportive than… well… bossy.

So that same day after work I went to the gym, filled out a ridiculous amount of paperwork, changed, and did a workout with Jake. I felt it was a very good gym with a great vibe about it. However, as we finished our workout Jake said, “So I do need to warn you about something.”

“Oh?” I asked, his tone oddly ominous.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal, but with your coming out here from the South, you may find it strange,” he said.

“I’m not some southern hillbilly,” I objected.

“I know, but I’m just saying; we have a unique tradition here.”

“Tradition?” I asked, his almost nonexplanatory explanation sounding all cloak and dagger-ish.

“Well, more like an extra perk.”

“Okay,” I said, not known for my patience, “So just get to the point and tell me.”

“It’s better if I show you,” he put me off, leading me past the sauna and towards the showers.

“Hey, no sauna?” I called him on it, finding a ten-minute steam always helped my muscle recovery.

“Ordinarily yes,” he agreed, “but today I want to show you something first.”

“All right,” I said, by now getting really curious.

We reached the shower area and I gasped. Two guys were on their knees sucking two other men, while three others seemed to be waiting in line at the far end of the surprisingly large shower area. It was twice as large as any I’d ever seen before. Just to paint a clear picture, the two guys sucking cock were kneeling facing diagonally out from the far right corner of the huge shower room.

“What the fuck?” I asked rudely.

“It’s completely optional,” Jake said, “but if you’d like to bust a nut, just go wait in line.”

“Seriously?” I asked, this tableau seeming too extreme even for San Francisco’s wild reputation.

“Yeah, there’s usually at least one, but sometimes two, or even three cock suckers ready to service you,” he explained rather matter of factly.

“I guess I yam a southern hillbilly,” I joked, hamming it up while as I watched in perverse curiosity, “cos I ain’t never seen nothin’ back home like this heah, y’all!”

“Yeah, you uneducated hayseed,” Jake tossed back, which he could only get away with because we were colleagues, and in just a single day we’d established an excellent rapport. “So if y’all wanna getcher rocks off, y’all jess git over yonder, and getcherself inter that there lion,” he finished, out-hayseeding the actual hayseed.

“Really?” I asked, since levity aside, this arrangement seemed too outrageous to believe, even though I was looking right at it.

‘Yeah, but pay attention,” he said, pointing out a prominent diagonal red line painted on the floor separating the cock suckers’ corner from the much larger expanse of the room allowed to the cock suckees and for men who just wanted to shower. “See that Line?”

“Yeah,” I said, curious about its purpose.

“Cross the Line, and you too become a cock sucker,” he explained.

“What? Really? No way!” I said, as I watched one guy on his knees bobbing intensely on a chubby man’s dick.

“Yeah, the rules here are simple,” Jake explained.

“And what are they exactly?” I asked, unable to stop watching, as the chubby guy grunted and obviously came in the kneeling guy’s mouth.

“If you ever cross the Line, you’re immediately and forever a cock sucker around here.”

“You can’t be serious?!” I expostulated/asked, as the chubby guy pulled out of the other guy’s mouth, and a big black man with a ridiculously large cock stepped up and slid his cock inside the mouth, replacing him.

“Very serious,” Jake said. “It’s formally called ‘Crossing the Line’.”

“Creative,” I laughed, as I couldn’t take my eyes off of that black man and his huge cock.

“Yeah, if you cross the Line you become a cock sucker, and your purpose in life thereafter is to be on your knees serving all the other patrons of the gym,” he explained.

“And what if someone crosses it by accident?” I asked.

“You almanbahis just don’t,” he said, “or else,” as he walked up to join the queue of men waiting to be sucked.

I followed him, not to join the queue, but to ask him some more questions. “You don’t really receive blow jobs from guys do you?” I asked, knowing from her picture prominently displayed on his desk that he was married to a very pretty woman, and yet because of where he was standing, it seemed that he did.

“Of course I do,” he answered affirmatively. “Our job is stressful, my wife doesn’t really like giving them to me especially now that she’s pregnant, and men can always give way better blow jobs.”

“Seriously?” I asked, bewildered by what I was watching and what he was saying.

“Yeah, it’s great to have guaranteed opportunities to getcherself awf, as they say in the South!”

“If that’s supposed to be an impersonation, you’d better not quitcher day job!” I responded with a chuckle. “But what if nobody is here to do the sucking?” I asked, and now I was much closer, so I could clearly see how incredibly long the black guy’s cock was, while his… server?… bobbed on it.

“Another rule is that a cock sucker isn’t allowed to leave his post if he’s the only one there, until he’s replaced,” Jake explained, as a slim Asian man uneventfully crossed the Line, dropped to his knees, and the next guy in line walked up, and just as uneventfully slid his cock in his mouth.

“Holy shit,” I said, both because of what he’d just told me and what I’d just seen.

“Try it,” he said. “Your wife is arriving what… four months from now? This is a great way to get your releases without cheating.”

“It’s still cheating,” I pointed out, as my eyes continued being drawn back to the black man. I don’t think it was his being black. It was just that his cock was so big.

“Semantics,” he said.

“Why don’t you come over and cross the Line?” the black man asked me. “Then I can give you a much closer look,” having noticed my staring.

I shook my head in the negative, quickly turned around, scuttled to the other side of the showers and washed off… embarrassingly feeling my cock hardening.

As I washed I glanced over a couple of times, and both times the black man noticed, making me quickly avert my eyes.

I finished up and went to the change room, I was halfway dressed when the same black man walked past me. His towel was draped over his shoulders, and not remotely hiding his cock. He asked me, “You’re new?”

“Yeah,” I said, trying desperately not to look down at the fascinating big cock dangling between his legs.

“Married?” he asked, this question surprising me.

“Yeah,” I answered, relieved that he’d now realize I wouldn’t cross the Line.

“Good,” he said, as he went to a locker just a few feet away from the one I’d been assigned.

I don’t know why I asked, or why I even allowed the conversation to continue, but I asked, “Good why?”

He didn’t look at me at all as he dialed his locker code, “Because married men make the best cock suckers.”

“I’m not gay,” I stressed, wanting to make that very clear.

“I never said you were,” he said, drawing a shirt over his head, and since he was standing nearby, I could still see his big cock. Even though it was no longer hard, it was still massive. I knew I shouldn’t keep looking, but it was just so majestic I couldn’t help it.

“Good,” I said, as he turned to me again, his cock still dangling like some chocolaty forbidden fruit.

“Most cock suckers here are married,” he added.

“Really?” I asked, trying to resist the desire to look down at his dick again.

“Yeah,” he said, then repeating his bizarre philosophy, “and like I said, married men make the best cock suckers.”

I didn’t respond, since his theory just seemed too far out there. I was married, and I’d never sucked a cock. Never considered sucking a cock. Never found guys attractive. Not any of them.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he continued, as he reached for a pair of boxers and I continued to avoid staring at his dick at all costs. I really didn’t want to suck it, but I was in awe of its sheer size. “You’re thinking, ‘This is ridiculous. I’m married. I’m straight.’ Yet deep inside you there’s an insistent curiosity. I saw it in your eyes when you watched me while trying not to.”

“I was just surprised,” I defended myself, which to me seemed a pretty good excuse.

“Yeah, I imagine you were,” he said, as he stood in front of me, boxers in hand, allowing me one last look at his cock. “But,” he continued, as he caught me taking yet another nervous glance downwards, “there was more than just surprise on your face. There was curiosity there too.”

“No, it was just surprise,” I stressed, which I felt was mostly true, even though I still couldn’t help glancing down at his black python.

“Sure,” he said with just the slightest chuckle, as I still couldn’t help glancing down at his cock once more… his tone almanbahis yeni giriş making it clear he didn’t believe me.

I turned away and reached for my clothes, just as Jake walked in.

“Hey, Vince,” he greeted the black guy, thus informing me of the name of this guy whose dick was causing me so much confusion.

“Hey,” Vince said back. “Is this new guy your friend?”

“Yeah, new coworker,” Jake replied. “Newly arrived from Mississippi.”

“I see,” Vince said, and when I looked over, I saw he now had his boxers on. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by the disappointment washing over me, but I was.

“Vince, this is Dwayne; Dwayne, this is Vince,” Jake introduced us, unaware of the awkward conversation Vince and I’d just had.

“Hey,” I said.

“Hey,” he said back, and we all dressed in silence.

Jake and I were walking out when he asked me, “What did you think of the gym?”

“The gym is amazing,” I said, “but the shower room activities are a bit too weird.”

“Yeah, that takes a while to get used to,” he said.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it,” I said, the image of Vince’s huge cock still lingering in my head. I couldn’t figure out why I found it so intriguing!

“Trust me, the longer you’re away from your wife, the more likely you’ll become to take advantage of our special amenities,” he said.

“I don’t think so.”

“Trust me, no one sucks dick better than another guy.”

“I can’t imagine.”

“Trust me, I’m speaking from experience,” he insisted. “Guys understand dicks from the inside out, and a cock sucker is born to suck.”

“This is all just too much for me,” I said.

“I thought it was pretty weird at first too,” Jake agreed, “but over time I’ve come to find it a pleasant reprieve after a crazy workday, and also a sure thing. Which hasn’t been the case at home for several months.”

“But you’re cheating on your wife,” I pointed out.

“I don’t see it that way.”

“How do you see it then?” I asked, curious how he could possibly rationalize it.

“Simple. I’d never fuck another woman, but getting a blow job from another guy isn’t any different than our hanging out.”

“I’m pretty sure your wife would disagree,” I said. “And I’m positive that my wife would.”

He shrugged, “You may be right, but I’m not going to ask her.”

“Good call,” I said, shaking my head moralistically even as ironically, Vince’s cock popped back into my head.

“Trust me, getting blow jobs from guys is the in thing,” he said. “Maybe not down in Mississippi, but here in San Francisco? You betcha!”

“That I haven’t heard before.”

“You’ll change your mind.”

“I don’t think so.”


That night out of curiosity I did some research, and was stunned to learn that straight men sucking dick was more common than I could have ever imagined. According to the survey, 20% of straight men had sucked at least one cock. That was one in five!!!

The next couple of stats on trans women was equally surprising: 74% of trans women had sucked at least one cock, and an incredible 92% had had their cock sucked. It was also interesting that 24% of straight women had eaten pussy… which was just an inch away from one in four, and which I found really hot. I’d dated thirteen women in my life including my wife, so statistically three of them had likely been with a woman. I tried to figure out which three they’d be… and no way would my wife be one of them.

The stats continued to surprise me, such as 18% of all women had fucked a straight guy’s ass, and 20% of straight men had been ass fucked. Although I’d never been curious about sucking cock, Beth, my college girlfriend, used to finger my ass while she sucked my cock, which always gave me the most intense orgasms, so occasionally I’ve contemplated getting ass fucked… although I’ve never considered it something I’d actually explore.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the percentage of people who’d cheated, and if the survey was accurate, woman cheated substantially more often than men (57% to 36%).

Then I read a plethora of kinky things the people surveyed had reported doing in the past year, which made me look like quite the prude. Some of the craziest ones that caught my eye included:

-“Fucked my straight husband in the ass.”

-“Started playing with forced feminization with my boyfriend. Seeing him acknowledge his desires head-on and supporting him, was so, so sexy.”

-“I watched a man fuck my wife, and then ate the cream pie.”

-“Fucked 20 guys in 30 minutes.”

-“Gave a blowjob in the theater during Pet Sematary.”

-“Watched my wife get gangbanged by 15 men.”

-“Girl-only twenty person orgy.”

-“Had sex with a teacher from my daughter’s school.”

-“Got fucked over an outside balcony by four guys at International Mr. Leather.”

-“Fucked a hot boy who called me Daddy.”

-“Circle jerk with dudes wearing tuxedos in a bathroom at a fundraiser.”

-“Went almanbahis giriş to a CumUnion party.” (which I learned was a males only sex club).

-“Went to a weeklong age-play campout.”

-“Role-played as a TSA agent.”

Coming from the South, I guess I’d lived a very vanilla sex life… since I’d found every one of those activities shocking… except perhaps the roleplay one, since my wife and I had done some… although all of it had been years ago… pre-kids. Actually, as I reflected back on my sex life, I realized all my best sexual encounters with my wife had been a long time ago. Shit, even my most recent blow job had been over a year ago!

I don’t know why, but I next googled fictional stories about straight guys sucking cock. I found some wild ones, like Turned Out on a Bet, Turning into a Cocksucker, Nosy Dad, Becoming a Cock Slave, Can a Straight Boy be Turned, Gay Like Dad, The Gay Maker, and the Power of Cock (a wild BBC one), all of them on Literotica.

I even shot a massive load all over myself as I imagined sucking a cock… not necessarily a black one, although that was the story that finally got me off.

Once I was done, I cursed myself.

What the fuck had I just done? I looked at the clock, and saw I’d wasted almost two hours reading about guys sucking cock or getting fucked by other guys!

Shit, I wasn’t gay!

Clearly though, I needed to fuck my wife the very next time I saw her.


Next day, confident I could avoid the cock sucking area, I went back to the gym and worked out. Once done, I went to the sauna and let my muscles relax.

I then went to the shower. I knew I needed to quickly shower and leave, but curiosity got the best of me, and I wandered over towards the cock sucking queue. I didn’t plan to get my cock sucked, and I certainly didn’t plan to cross the Line, yet I was drawn to the area anyway.

Two men were on their knees… they were sucking two chubby white men, while in line were four more men… none of them Vince… whom for some reason I was looking for.

I felt a strange feeling of disappointment at his not being there. Yet, as I looked at the row of men in line. I saw a couple of other nice looking cocks… then I shook my head at the thought of my thinking that any guys’ cocks looked nice.

“Swallow it,” someone grunted, and I turned around and watched as a guy spewed a load in another guy’s mouth. As I watched, I found myself wondering what it would feel like to have a cock in my own mouth, or to feel a load shot into my mouth.

I turned aback around and saw a large black man strolling towards the Line. He was very chubby, but he had a big dick pointing right at me.

“I think you’re on the wrong side of the Line,” the black guy said to me, in the deepest voice I’d ever heard, as I realized I’d been staring at his big dick.

“Pardon?” I asked.

“It’s obvious you want to suck some cock,” he said, now standing right in front of me, not in line.

“What? No,” I replied.

“You sure?” he said. “I can always tell whenever I see a cock sucker.”

“I’m not a cock sucker.”

“If you say so,” he said. “But if you change your mind, or better yet, when you change your mind, I’d love to fuck that cock sucking mouth of yours.”

“Get him to cross the Line, Big Bubba,” someone called over from the queue.

“You ready to cross the Line?” Bubba asked.

“N-N-No,” I stammered, now noticing for the first time my cock was rock hard, so I quickly headed out to the change room.

“You’ll be back,” Bubba called after me.

I hurriedly got dressed, even though I was still rather sweaty, and headed home.

That night, even after all that temptation and humiliation, but knowing I had to work this fascination out of my head, I went back online.

I read a few stories, worked my way through a couple of gay quizzes (they both judged me as straight, but only borderline, since I scored as ‘gay curious’ in one and ‘bisexual curious’ in the other). Which of course didn’t help my peace of mind at all.

I happened across a site focussing on men who only suck and get fucked by BBC, which I found fascinating. Tons of white men, usually married, seemed to have a fetish for only black cock. They posted accounts of their first black cock, about becoming addicted to black cock, and how whenever they were servicing a black cock nothing else mattered.

As I read these testimonials, my cock was raging, since I somewhat felt this was how I’d felt when I’d seen both of those black cocks at the gym.

I’d felt overwhelmed.


Not at all myself.

I googled some more straight guy sex stories, this time including ‘BBC’ in the criteria, and found one that really drew me in, because it felt oddly similar to what was happening to me. The story was called ‘Doing Hard Time in Prison with Cocksucker on Knees in the Shower’. [Author’s note… the story you’re now reading was written after I read this one, since I thought I could spin my version in a similar yet different way for the Nude Day Contest.]

The story was about a guy who’s in jail and finds there’s a lot of cock sucking going on in the showers, and if you go into Shower 27 you become forever a cock sucker.

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