Curiosity Takes Another Direction

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(This is the continuing saga of young men exploring sex with each other…enjoy)

It had been at least three weeks since we had been able to get together, so I was extremely horny, trying to limit myself to only one or two jerk off sessions a day. We still had not been able to determine who had seen us naked in his room the last time we were together, and it bothered both of us. Anyway, we both had been busy with other things and with colder weather closing in, the cave wasn’t as appealing as it usually was. But we had made arrangements to meet there today, which was very cool and over-cast.

Once we arrived, Scott lit two lanterns that he had brought which not only gave off light, but heat too. We both stripped out of our clothes, and were both slowly stroking our own cocks. The cave was cold, but was warming up quickly with our body temperatures and the lanterns. We hadn’t said much, after all the last time we were together, not only had we been very affectionate, but we had been seen and I was reflecting on that; I thought he was too.

Scott reached into his backpack and pulled out a magazine and said, “last night I got into bed and this magazine was under my pillow,” he sounded almost upset, “I have no idea where it came from, but it’s pretty wild.”

He handed the magazine to me and on the front cover was a picture to two young men kissing and stroking each others cocks. I just stared at it. In the upper corner was the price of twenty five dollars.

“You have no idea who put it there?” I asked, almost afraid to open it.

“None!” He replied. He smiled and said, “look inside, it’s really pretty hot.”

I flipped the magazine open and with three or four pages I say that the two from the cover were sucking each others cocks in a sixty-nine position. A few more pages and one was sliding his cock into the other one’s ass. After about ten pages, the one who was doing the fucking was now shooting his cum on the ass of the other one. On the next page, he was sucking the guys cock as it exploded onto his face. The final picture of their spread showed the one with cum on his face licking the cum from the ass of his friend.

I was amazed. I was shocked. And, I was extremely hard! Precum was oozing from the head of my cock like a fountain and beginning to puddle under around my balls. I looked at Scott and he was staring intently at my cock and stroking his own cock at a rapid pace.

“I told you!” he exclaimed.

“Wow!” I started, “that it some pretty wild stuff, and there’s more!” I said, flipping on past a two page spread of advertisements to find another couple mostly doing the same things. A third spread was a solo of a young man stroking himself and fingering his asshole. When he came, there was photo after photo of him licking his cum from his hands.

“Man, we have casino siteleri to find who left this!” I said. “Obviously, someone is trying to tell us something.”

“I know! I’ve narrowed it down to either my older brother or my little brother, but how would my little brother get his hands on this?” Scott asked in a puzzled manner.

Scott had stopped stroking, so I asked, “about to cum?”

He nodded, “Yea, and it looks like you are too.” As I had stopped too.

I was still flipping through the magazine and I realized that the pages of cum shots and the pages of the cocks sliding into tight butts made my cock jerk back and forth. I was wondering what it felt and tasted like. I was actually starting to wish that it was my cock sliding into the tight butt.

Scott, now flipping through one of our other dirty magazines, was the first to speak again after about twenty minutes of silence, “so, you see anything in there that you might want to try?”

I felt my face flush and didn’t know how to say hell yes! Without embarrassing myself, so I simply said, “Sure, there’s some cool things happening in here. How about you?”

“Sure!” he replied.

“Oh?” I asked, “which one do you want to try?”

He walked to me, turning the pages to one where the two guys were in the sixty-nine position, pointing he said, “that looks kinda cool, unless you don’t think so.”

“You really want to try that?” I asked.

“Well, only if you do. I mean, you can pick something else if you want.”

I quickly responded, “no, no, that’s fine with me. I’ll pick the next one.”

Scott smiled and said, “well, do you want to try it now?”

I replied by saying, “lay down.”

He laid down on the opened up sleeping bag, I then laid down next to him, slowly turning to face the other direction. I reached for his straining cock and wrapped my hand around his warm meat. He did the same to mine and began to slowly stroke me. We were now in position. My cock was only inches from his mouth and his only inches from mine.

As he spoke, I felt his hot breath on my cock and it strained harder to reach his mouth, “Last chance, you can still back out if you want.”

“I’ll be honest, I’ve wanted to try this for a long time, so unless you don’t want to do it, I’m ready!” I could see a smile on his face.

“Me too, I’m ready but, what about when we get ready to cum?”

I was still slowly stroking his cock, watching the precum ooze out of the tip. I decided to try it, so I stuck my tongue out to the tip and licked the precum off. He gasped as I did. I then said, “Oh, I don’t have a problem tasting it, if you don’t.”

“I was hoping you’d say that. I’ve tasted my own cum for a while now, and I want to compare.” He said.

“Okay, then let’s do it.” I then added, “I get to pick what we do slot oyna next, though, okay?”

“No problem, you pick anything, I’m up for it.”

I then scooted my hips toward his face as I slid my own face towards his cock. As his cock entered my mouth, I was amazed at how soft, yet hard it was. The cock was warm and slid easily into my mouth. I began to slide my mouth back and forth, tasting the precum as it was milked from his throbbing cock. I could feel dozens of small ridges all over the length of his dick, it was awesome. I sucked and pulled on the dick with as much force as my mouth could muster. It was only after a few minutes that I realized the sensation I was receiving on my own cock.

Scott’s mouth was sucking hard, pulling my cock deeply into his hot mouth. My cock was surrounded by the most awesome hot, wet feeling. I could feel his tongue slowly licking my cock inside his mouth. His hand was stroking my cock at the same time and I could feel my nuts beginning to fill with cum.

We had been sucking each other for almost five minutes when I began to feel his cock start to swell inside my mouth and I knew from the numerous times I had jerked him off, that he was near cumming.

My own cock was beginning to swell too.

I heard him begin to moan and his legs started to jerk. He acted like he was trying to pull away from me, so I grabbed his butt and forced him to stay in place in my mouth. Seconds later, he began to fill my mouth with blast after blast of cum. I kept sucking, swallowing as fast as I could, but my mouth was filling too fast and several loads of his cum was forcing its way around his cock and out of my mouth. I could feel his hot cum running down my cheek as I felt his cock finally stop. Then, my own release started. He swallowed quickly as I unloaded the largest amount of cum I had ever shot. I continued to cum, while I continued to suck on his cock.

As his cock began to soften a bit, my own finally stopped cumming. I could feel his wet mouth slide off of my still hard cock, which disappointed me for a minute, until I felt his tongue cleaning my cock, licking the cum off that had leaked out. I did the same, licking his cock and cleaning the cum off of him.

It had been almost ten minutes since we had decided to suck each other. We both sat up and looked at each other. Scott had a long stream of my cum along one cheek. Obviously, I did too as he reached out with his finger and wiped the cum from my cheek. He then sucked his finger, cleaning the cum from it.

I reached out and wiped the cum from his face, but rather than clean it off, I offered my finger to him. He opened his mouth and sucked his cum from my finger.

Smiling, I spoke first, “Well, that was pretty fucking awesome! Did you like it too?”

He smiled back, “It was great! Your cum tastes canlı casino siteleri much better than mine! And it was so hot and creamy. Fucking great!”

“I agree. Your cum was pretty good too,” I said, adding, “I didn’t think you were ever going to stop cumming!”

“ME! You came like a gallon!” He exclaimed.

We both still had raging hardons, so I said, “Wanna do it some more?”

He grinned, “how about I suck you then you suck me? That way we can both enjoy the process a little better.”


With that, he lowered himself between my legs and slid my cock into his mouth. Not having to concentrate on sucking him, I laid back and enjoyed this blow job even more. He was slowly sliding his mouth from about midway down my cock to the very tip and then back down, increasing the pressure of his mouth as he went. He would stop and lick my balls, tracing his tongue around both nuts and then back up the length of my cock. His mouth was hot and wet and so, very soft. I reached down and took him by the head and held his head as he sucked harder and harder. I noticed as I griped his hair, he sucked harder. When I pulled his hair slightly, he moaned and sucked harder even still.

I began to pull his head farther onto my cock. He seemed to open up and take me deeper still. His moaning caused an awesome vibration around my cock. He kept sucking and licking and I was on the verge of cumming as he pulled off again and took my nuts in his mouth, as he did he said, “how is it this time?”

I moaned as he slowly slid his mouth back over my cock, “awesome!” I then asked, “You like it when I pull your hair?”

“MMmmmhmmmm,” he moanded.

Getting braver, I asked, “Do you like sucking my cock?”

Again his response was, “mmmmmhmmmmmm.”

“Are you my cock sucker now?”

He lifted his mouth off of my cock, looked up at me and replied, “If you want me to be I am.”

I placed my hands on his head and forced him back onto my cock, he moaned again.

“Yea, I want you to be my cock sucker and later, I want you to take my cock in your ass!”

“MMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMM!” he moaned again, louder this time.

I smiled down at him, noticing his eyes looking up at me, “You like that?”

He nodded the best he could with my cock in his mouth.

“Suck my cock!” I commanded and his sucking increased.

I knew I couldn’t last long, as I now had an image of fucking him. As my cock erupted into his hot mouth he moaned and swallowed, taking my second load much easier than the first load. He swallowed every drop, draining my cock until it actually ached from being sucked.

“Okay, Okay!” I said, “it’s all out! Stop!”

He grinned and wiped his mouth as he sat up. Then I noticed a huge amount of cum underneath him and his cock was deflating. He had cum without touching his cock. I then knew that he was really into sucking cock and that he would suck mine whenever I asked.

“Well, guess we better go.” I said, adding, “it’s getting late and very cold!” We then dressed and headed out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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