Departing Devotion Ch. 02

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-Sep 27-

What a strange life I now live. What a strange marriage.

Hubby, such a wonderful man, meets all my needs.

Emotional attentive, check. Intelligent listener, check.

He is an amazing father and steady provider.

Our house is peaceful, fun and always alive.

He’s a sweet lover, though he lacks some confidence.

Yet, his confidence shows in the freedom he gives.

He has fearlessly let me wander into a wild sex life apart from him.

I’ve learned a new level of sexual pleasure.

I’ve met a freak side of myself I never knew existed.

It seems absurd, but I realize where that absurdity comes from.

Social norms built an understanding in me of how things must be,

but this life has upended that understanding.

If I’m being honest, this is a better reality.

I can honestly say our marriage has never been better.

I can’t understand how, but it’s true.

Boyfriend wondered today if I’d ever leave hubby,

since I’ve found such better sex elsewhere.

I laughed loudly at him and called him stupid.

“You’re a great bull. Don’t be dumb as an ox.”

“Why the hell would I leave? Life is not all hot sex and big dicks.”

“Hubby allows me to have everything I could possibly want.”

“He never complains. He never feels jealous or threatened.”

“He makes me happy far more often than your cock does.”

“Why would I leave that?”

I realized then that so many people could never understand.

It’s all just too contrary to the realities they believe. That’s fine.

I’m loving the crazy life I have, no matter how crazy it may be.

-Oct 1-

I was stuck at home, with work stuff to do.

Hubby was home too, putting kids to bed.

Boyfriend was stuck in Ohio, flight delayed for snow.

Busy in my home office, I was suddenly horny for him;

writhing for that perfect cock and wonderful touch.

I tried to put it out of mind, but failed.

My slit had been juicing for an hour.

I knew hubby couldn’t satisfy what I felt.

His tongue is nice, but it’s just a tongue.

His dick is fine, but it wasn’t really what I was pining for.

Instead, I sent him to the store for wine.

He’s like the rich Russian in, “The Sun Also Rises”…

…I knew I’d have plenty of alone time.

Kids asleep, bedroom door locked, I fell onto our bed.

Self-touch and dreaming were somewhat satisfying,

but, I wanted boyfriend and his long, thick cock.

My toy could help, I thought, and got it out.

I’ll make a video, I decided, to send to Ohio.

I took my time and recorded every minute.

I looked in the camera and said his name.

I let him see my pussy getting opened and stretched.

I said it was good, but not as good as him.

I finally came; long and intense.

My sounds were exaggerated, and the camera focus perfect.

A smile and a kiss, then a long time rubbing myself calm.

I sent the video and got back to work in the office.

Hubby arrived and we drank wine; work stuff done.

I kept quiet about the self-love and the video.

But I did let him take me, when the wine was gone.

He did me in all the ways he loves.

I enjoyed pleasing him, having already pleased myself.

Still, the morning brought some guilt, so I fessed up.

I offered to show him what I’d sent.

He caressed my hip, “Not needed and no apologies”.

“We had our own fun. And with good wine”.

“I had you warm and in-person. He had a blizzard”.

“Just a phone screen in an airport, so, I think I won.”

“Seriously? You’re not jealous or mad?”

“You can do what you want with your boy toy.”

“He’s not a toy to me.” I paused. “I feel…”

“He’s not a toy, true. I take that back. He’s also not here for life.”

Hubby put his arms tightly around me.

“I am. If it all goes south, you’ll always have me.”

In that moment, something washed over me.

I felt things I’ve only ever felt with hubby.

Boyfriend goes deep, but not this deep.

I held him tightly and felt tears welling up.

The difference between love and romance was made starkly clear.

-Oct 20-

Hubby needed a happy hour with his buddy.

He’d had a rough day and needed some laughs.

I told him to go have fun as I was texting boyfriend.

An hour later, I was filled up with cock. So full.

Hubby kept interrupting us with texts.

I finally got pissed and texted him to hurry up.

It was an accidental text, boyfriend had me edging.

I was tense about needing to climax,

and I just wanted hubby to just finish texting,

He misinterpreted and was now on the way.

Boyfriend waited to the last minute to let me arrive.

Hubby walked through the door two minutes later, unaware.

I didn’t want to tell him, so I didn’t.

But, bahis firmaları I accidentally spread my legs in bed.

He was walking by the bedroom door.

I know he saw the damp streak on my panties.

The light pink was a darker pink where I was leaking.

He looked again to be sure. I know he saw, but he walked away.

As he left the room, I went to touching myself, still horny.

He came back and I was under the covers, still touching myself.

That dumbass just fell asleep! Did he not want me?

He’s mentioned enjoying seconds before.

Maybe, he didn’t realize boyfriend had come over.

Maybe, he was just tired from the beer or a long day.

Maybe, getting under the covers had sent the wrong message.

I was confused but couldn’t help rubbing myself.

It felt good, even through cum-soaked panty fabric,

and holy shit, before I knew it, I was enjoying a great clitoral orgasm.

He just slept through it. Whatever, his loss.

I finally pulled the wet panties off

and left them lost somewhere under the covers.

I slept for a long time the next morning.

Then he sent me a photo from the bathroom.

He’d unleashed a huge cumload onto those pink panties.

I just shook my head. My hubby makes no sense sometimes.

-Nov 5-

Middle of the night texting, boyfriend was crazy horny.

He wanted to come over and fuck.

I was nervous cause hubby had been distant lately.

Finally, I told him okay, as hubby slept.

Boyfriend met me in the garage.

We were in my car, in the light of hubby’s workbench.

Boyfriend had his thick Buick parked painfully in my ass.

I’m not big on anal, but allow it occasionally.

This was apparently one such occasion.

Considering his size, I couldn’t imagine the regrets I’d have.

My moans and cries were muffled into the backseat.

My moans and cries were legitimately Moans and Cries.

Anal sex with big cock seriously fucking hurts.

Finally, the muscles and skin started to loosen.

The stinging subsided and it began to feel somewhat good.

It didn’t feel good, but I forced myself to believe the lie.

Muffled groans turned into muffled “ahs” and pleas to continue.

His big cock had never felt bigger inside me.

Getting to this point of anal is always a challenge;

I was hopeful that it would last a while.

Right about then, he erupted into my ass.

His pulsating was abundantly obvious in my tight hole.

My final reward was a pleasing chorus of his deep groans.

The final withdrawal was a relief; I immediately tried to tighten.

My muscles didn’t respond; they’d been hopelessly gaped.

In spite of the hurt, I love the idea of cum in my ass.

I was sure he put plenty in me.

He offered me cunnilingus, but I declined, still in pain.

I went back to bed, my pussy wet, hubby still snoring.

I rubbed out an orgasm, as a sort of closure, and passed out.

Three days later, I peaked at hubby’s phone.

Because, why not? Sometimes, it’s fun to find something.

There it was: a pic of me in that backseat with a cock in my ass.

I was clueless of the phone, my face buried in the seat cushion.

Boyfriend was just as clueless, lost in his pleasure.

My sly, voyeur hubby had taken it right against the window,

directly in front of us as we fucked, with a goddam flash!

That damn paparazzi ninja!!

Impressed, not angry, I asked him about it.

He shrugged and said he’d already jerked off to it five times.

He added that my sluttiness is the hottest thing about me.

I felt embarrassed, yet loved, and weirdly proud.

-Dec 5-

Hubby is fucking me, but I’m thinking of boyfriend.

He’s asking me if I like it and I’m saying yes.

I accidentally say boyfriend’s name and he hears.

He slows down, but then he says to say it again.

I say boyfriend’s name again and “Oh, fuck me.”

Hubby starts going harder.

“Use my pussy, boyfriend, use it. It’s yours.”

Hubby starts groaning loudly.

“God, your cock is so big.”

Hubby is working hard.

“So much bigger than my husband.”

“Fuck me harder. Harder than hubby.”

Hubby pulls out and erupts all over my tummy.

I’ve never seen him make so much cum.

He looks at me strangely,

as if he just gave me the greatest fuck of my life, then leaves.

I touch his product for a while, then wipe myself clean.

He returns and kisses me goodnight.

I lay silent, somewhat shocked, very confused.

He notices I’m awake.

Without asking, he goes down on me.

I convulse to a nice orgasm and we both go to sleep.

I never get an explanation for that psychological event.

-Dec 20-

We’re traveling to my parents for Christmas.

There’s a man on the plane, a kaçak iddaa stranger.

He’s sitting across the aisle a row back.

I know he’s checking me out

and I know he’s cute as hell.

He’s not hubby and he’s not boyfriend,

but damn, he’s cute as hell.

Hubby is asleep and a thought crosses my mind.

A little self-Christmas present with cutie traveler.

But I feel terrible about the idea and I put it aside.

Hubby wakes up an hour later and goes to the restroom.

He returns and sits down.

My idea is still on my mind, nagging me.

I turn to see if cutie is awake.

He looks up and smiles at me and I smile back.

God, he’s got that fucking perfect face.

I subtly lick my lips, look him up and down.

A little raise of my eyebrows so he knows.

I return looking forward and take hubby’s hand.

Soon, my hand drifts into his crotch and squeezes.

I lean over and whisper in his ear.

I can’t believe what I’m saying as I say it.

“I’m going to the bathroom to let a stranger fuck me.”

He freezes and says nothing.

I stroke his hardening cock through his khakis.

“I’m going to the bathroom to get fucked by someone who isn’t you.”

I hear him groan as I stand and leave.

I give a nod to cutie to follow me and he does.

Amazingly, no one else is at the back of the plane.

I can’t believe my luck and go into the tiny restroom.

A moment later the door opens and it’s him.

His face is more pleasant than hubby or boyfriend.

I keep my eyes open, just watching his face.

I guide his hands so he knows that it’s okay.

He slides my yoga pants down as we kiss.

I can feel how strong his hands are.

Then he’s touching me, wetting me.

We don’t say word, but we manage in the confines.

He fucks me in total silence.

We go for a while, until I feel him weakening.

I whisper for him to not finish in me.

“I’m gonna sit. Give me a present.”

I sit on the tiny closed toilet and pull my hair back.

Shit. Even his cock is perfect, lovely, nice looking.

I hold his muscular thighs at the border of his ass.

He spurts mercilessly onto my face.

My bare chest is perked to catch any spare drops.

He starts shooting that perfect white geyser.

Even his fucking aim is perfect.

Every drop in my mouth or around it.

My poor titties are left dry.

God, it’s a lot. Still pumping onto my bottom lip.

He must’ve gone awhile without. I’m glad to help.

He’s finally done. I show him my tongue and swallow.

Then, I’m sucking him, as his muscles quiver.

As I mouth clean cutie’s perfect cock, I rub my pussy.

He caresses my face and gazes at me.

His fingers run through my hair as I finish myself.

I climax with his cock pressed against my cheek.

Back in my seat, I plop down, satisfied.

Hubby leans over, smiling.

“Merry Christmas to you.”

He kisses me on the same cheek.

-Jan 15-

I visited boyfriend at work, just to say hello.

He looked hot, light blue plaid button down tucked into khakis.

The shirt made him look more built than usual.

We chatted at his desk about nothing in particular.

I was looking at the way his shirt went into his pants and I noticed his bulge.

It was a really nice-looking bulge.

Then, I realized he’d stopped talking.

He’d seen me looking at his package and stood up.

“Does your husband know you’re here?”

I shook my head slowly.

“Come with me.”

He took me to an archives closet that only he had access to.

Inside, he just stood, his hands in his pockets.

“Knock yourself out.”

We started kissing and I sent my hand down into his pants.

His cock was getting hard and filling up space fast.

I undid his belt and unzipped his pants.

His massive cock pushed itself out and started to rise.

“Undress. Keep your panties on. Give me your phone.”

I backed away and took off my teal shirt and amber pants.

My white bra came off, but my purple thong stayed.

“Okay, now you can keep going.”

His hands were still in his pocket, my phone as well.

I got on my knees and started to work him to his fullest, longest, thickest, hardest.

It grew so much I could barely believe how big it was.

My left hand was in my thong, rubbing my clit.

I felt his left hand had found the back of my head.

He held my head and pushed into my throat.

He was gentle, but firmly in control.

My mouth and throat were utterly filled with him.

I could barely breath, but I managed.

I kept gagging, but he kept going.

Eventually, I learned to control the impulse.

He fucked my head for about a minute, then I felt him start to throb.

He let my head off him and I put out kaçak bahis my tongue to catch.

His hot throbbing monument of flesh unloaded.

I looked up at it and at him as it poured out.

I had his cum all over my face, mouth and tongue;

it was dripping down my chest and bare tit.

His aim wasn’t as perfect as cutie traveler.

I remembered my hand between my legs.

As he finished emptying himself on me, I began to finish.

I held his shaft near my face as I reached climax.

He had my phone out and had been recording.

He gave it to me and said, “take a selfie.”

He was still plenty big for the picture.

I still had plenty of cum on me.

“Send it all to your husband.”

I sent it.

“Okay, you can get up.”

I took one last admiring look at his now retreating cock, still twice the size as hubby.

“Time to put it back.”

I replaced his cock so it nestled into his boxers, zipped, buttoned and buckled.

He was fully back to his handsome professional look.

I was smiling, still nearly naked and dripping with cum.

“Why don’t you use your thong to clean up.”

I stripped out of that last bit of purple cloth.

The slight bit of silk was quickly soaked in cum.

It wasn’t enough so he had me also use my bra.

Then he had me re-dress, commando, and I left.

I was horny for the rest of the day.

I couldn’t stop thinking of my cum-soaked underwear in his desk drawer.

It was similar to the plane, but somehow better.

-Feb 10-

Friday. Hubby is so sweet to take on a pre-V-day date.

It’s so not fair to him; I’ve been horny for boyfriend all day.

I don’t say anything and just enjoy his company.

He’s wonderful to be around and I love him.

I decide he needs an unexpected reward.

“Let’s go to Victoria’s Secret.”

He immediately agrees; surprised and excited.

We choose a very sexy set; lace turquoise, sheer and skimpy.

He’s very excited to see me in it; so I say, “why wait to get home?”

I tell him to drive to hotel near the mall.

He’s worried about money, but I tell him to do it anyway.

We get a room with a view.

He’s more worried about money, but I tell him to stop being a pussy.

We get to the room and I tell him to order wine and dessert from room service.

I immediately put on my new comfy lingerie.

As we drink and chat, he cannot keep his eyes off my nearly naked figure.

“Sit in that chair and record a video on my phone.”

He sits in the chair at the end of the bed as I masturbate under my thong.

I push it aside and show off my well-kept pussy, slipping my fingers in and out.

I finally let him stop recording and fuck me.

He quickly spurts on my tummy and he’s done, but I’m unsatisfied.

Luckily, I’ve been texting boyfriend all evening and even sent him the video.

He’s waiting in the lobby to pay me for sex.

“Can you go to the store to get us better wine?”

Hubby just stares at me pulling my lingerie back on.

“Are you worried about money?” I ask.

“We’re definitely gonna miss the car payment.”

“If only I could make some quick money for us.”

He’s silent but he knows what I’m saying.

“You always said you wanted me to be slutty.”

He kisses me and says he loves me; then leaves.

He’s never met boyfriend.

He doesn’t realize that he passed him getting onto the elevator.

Boyfriend comes into the room and fucks me for a long time.

His fingers, tongue and much larger cock feel so amazing that I cum three times.

He finishes on my face, like in the closet at his office.

I’d been fantasizing about that facial ever since.

I’m on the bed and he tosses me his wallet as he dresses.

“You can take three hundred.

Or you can take it all if you help my friend who’s waiting downstairs.”

There are five $100 bills in the wallet.

“Um, I don’t feel comfortable with that.”

“No problem. Can I have my wallet back?”

I look at the bills again.

“Is he good looking?”

“Not particularly, just a lonely married guy; a nice guy.”

I’m holding all the bills in my hand trying to decide.

Boyfriend takes the leather wallet from beside me, finalizing my choice for me.

The man comes up and I do my best to make him feel like a porn star.

I blow him, fake two orgasms as he nails me, then let him cum in my ass.

As he leaves, I kiss him sweetly and thank him for the good time.

I feel pretty dirty, not really in a good way.

He smiles shyly and leaves another two hundred on the dresser.

“I know you don’t normally do this and I don’t think less of you for it.”

“Same to you.”

I take a hot shower and feel somewhat better from it.

When hubby returns, the dozen Benjamin’s are laid on the foot of the bed.

He looks at me lounging in the hotel robe.

I smile at him, knowing how afraid he is to be impressed.

He doesn’t say a word, but he kisses my forehead.

We drink and I curl up with him for a good night’s sleep.

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