Destined Hearts Ch. 09

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Welcome to this lovely chapter of one of your favorite stories. I would like to thank you guys for making this story a big success, even better than I imagined. I am sorry for taking too long to post. It’s just school has been keeping me busy but I will still be writing whenever I can and delivering to you. I really hope you guys understand. I love you so much.

Please understand that I didn’t have much time to edit this chapter so there might be some tiny errors but I promise it won’t ruin the story for you. I love you so much, guys.



Praveen is a starry-eyed young groom, dreaming of a fairytale life with his husband. But what happens when the fairytale has no happily ever after? Watch as Praveen deals with the disappointment of his broken dreams. A courageous story of a young boy’s struggle in the world that is against him… Can he survive and find true happiness? Destined hearts starts now.

Feel the passion…


“That is you in the picture?” Antonio gasped, pointing shakily towards the magazine. He quickly rushed to Praveen, grabbing the magazine away from him. “B-but, how? When? Where?”

Praveen shook his head, frowning at the question his husband was asking. “That day when I was locked out in the room, I came out and found that you had already had the shoot. Mr. Lopez felt really bad that he decided to have the shoot. I couldn’t turn him down so…”


“Oh, stop whining!” Granny chuckled, slapping his hand a bit. His eyes were still glued on that cover. “Praveen, dear, you looked really different.”

Praveen sighed, smiling at granny. “I know granny. That’s just another part of me that I haven’t seen for a really long time. Actually, I used to look like that before I started wearing glasses.”

Emilia was really surprised. She went to Praveen and looked at him. “I am so proud of you, Praveen. This is a really high fashion photo.”

“Thanks, mother.” He nodded. “I am really sorry that I didn’t tell you that about the shoot earlier.”

“You don’t have to apologize.” She rested her hand on his shoulder. “It’s a shame that my son didn’t get to shoot with you. I am proud of the both of you, son but most especially you because you’ve proved that you can do anything those models can do.”

Bruce on the other hand was standing there looking like a constipated monkey. He was burning, mad because of what he had seen. Praveen was his competition, he thought as he clenched his fists, looking straight at Praveen. He wanted to vent out! His body was about to start shaking in anger.

He moved his eyes to Antonio, seeing him looking at the cover like he wanted to rip it made him want to cry. He could tell by the way Antonio looked at that magazine that… anyway, he didn’t want to even think about it. Praveen had won against him and he needed to beat him.

Ethan chuckled when he saw the look in Bruce’s eyes and he had an idea. “You know, this is really nice considering that it was your first photo shoot. I would say that you’ve…” He eyed Bruce, giving an evil grin when he saw him frown. “…done a lot compared to some of these models, even Antonio’s photo isn’t that hot.”

They all laughed except for Antonio who was still staring at the magazine, Bruce who was burning in anger and Andrea who was still shocked by the news of Praveen’s photo shoot. The boy had guts and she knew it wasn’t gonna be easy to do something to him.

Antonio slowly opened the magazine and the first photo he saw inside made him feel really cold and weak. In that picture, Santiago was seated on a classy office chair with a big building behind him, dressed in a beautiful gray Designer’s suit with his shirt half way done and his jacket off but it was with Praveen who was holding it seductively in his hands.

Praveen was wearing a beautiful black designer’s skinny jean with a white shirt and yellow snickers and his hair tied in a braided ponytail. He looked like a true model, especially with his body language. He had his foot between Santiago’s parted legs and then leaned down in a position that made him closer to Santiago’s face. It was as if he was teasing him.

Antonio had seen such a pose before but there was something about the way Praveen and Santiago took it that made his blood boil. They had a smile on their faces with Praveen pulling the tie of Santiago, office romance.

Antonio couldn’t believe what he was seeing. For the first time since his marriage to Praveen, he felt really mad at seeing such a romantic photo of him with another man. It felt as if… he didn’t even know how to explain it. His heart was racing beyond miles.

He flipped through to the next page and he just got weaker. This time, Praveen was in front, pulling Santiago by his necktie with a really brilliant smile on his face, slightly looking behind at the handsome man behind him who had one of his hands around his waist. Shit! Antonio clenched his fists, going to the other side of the page.

This casino oyna time Praveen was alone, dressed in a beautiful red designer’s shirt that was tucked in a beautiful white designer’s skinny jean that showed his gorgeous curves that almost looked feminine. He was standing in a place filled with flowers with the brightest smile Antonio had ever seen on him. His hair was being blown backwards, revealing his gorgeous face. It was almost as if Antonio had never seen him before. He couldn’t believe that was the same boy standing right next to him.

He slowly started passing his hands on that beautiful picture, a smile popping up his face but before he went far, he withdrew and then went to the next page. But he lost his cool when he saw Santiago holding Praveen as if he was about to fall, holding his waist tightly.

Praveen was holding on tightly to the man’s shirt, both of them looking into each other’s eyes. Antonio closed the magazine and looked at the boy that was talking to his granny, his mother and Celine. He looked really different, smiling at the people he was talking to and were congratulating him. He had no expression on his face because he felt a little mad.

“He’s hot, isn’t he?” Antonio heard a voice say to him.

He looked passed his shoulder, seeing his friend with a smile. He chose to ignore him and just looked at Praveen, getting lost in him. Both of their eyes met but Praveen decided to look away and talk to the people he was talking to.

Meanwhile, Bruce was still standing there feeling out of place. People in that fucking house hadn’t given him attention like that when his and Antonio’s magazine had come out a few hours back. They were acting as if Praveen was the first model to have ever appeared in a magazine.

“Fuck!” He said under his breath.

“This is absolutely amazing, Praveen.” Granny said with a smile on her face. “Now I can see that my two sons are celebrities.”

“No, granny.” Praveen shook his head, smiling brightly. “I only took this photo shoot because I felt like I had let the crew down. They had so much expected to see me in magazine and they felt bad when I explained what had happened. I didn’t do this because I wanted to be famous.”

“But you are.” Ethan said, coming closer to him with his eyes on the phone. “The people online are demanding answers as to who the model in the picture is.” He said, looking at Praveen with a bright smile on his face. “There are reporters right now at the modeling company and they demand answers right away.”

“What?” Andrea gasped, feeling extremely mad. “But that’s impossible. Praveen knows nothing about modeling and besides, there is nothing good about that photo shoot. I still think Antonio and Bruce’s is hot though.”

Everyone looked at Andrea in shock, wondering why she would say such a thing. She looked at them with her eyes moving from side to side, shrugging. “What? I am only saying the truth. All of you saw that Antonio and Bruce’s magazine has been the highest rated magazine of their history in the few hours it came out. That to me seems like good modeling.”

Ethan shook his head and then just chuckled softly. “You think so?”

He opened his palm, showing his phone to her. He was showing her the number of sales and views that had happened in just two hours after the release of the magazine. When her eyes landed on that phone, her mouth fail open as her eyes widened. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her heart instantly started pounding deep in her chest as anger and envy got the best of her.

“This is impossible?” She shook her head. “I am sure those views and sales are all fake.” She chuckled bitterly. “He’s the owner of that company and can do anything just to…”

“This is the official website, Andrea.” Ethan was a little pissed by the way she answered. “Not everyone is narrow minded like…”

“But it’s impossible to sell…”

“50,000 copies and 10 million views in 2 hours.” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “This is possible and it’s because when you’re good, you’re good.”

Andrea clenched her fists, looking away in anger. She could tell that Bruce was dying inside because of the way he was looking. There were a lot of things going on through his head. In his years as model, he had been getting more views. His pictures, magazines and commercials had been getting high sales than any other model in the industry but never had he reached such sales or views in just a few hours. Those usually took weeks for him to reach. He was so mad that an amateur like Praveen had dethroned him and that meant war.

Antonio on the other hand felt as if the entire world had just fallen on his shoulders. He was looking at Praveen non-stop, getting angrier and jealous at the same time. He had supposed to take that photo shoot with Praveen that particular day and not some guy that had his hands all over him.

His heart was racing his anger, his breaths coming out harshly. He couldn’t control himself at all. He knew that being there and listening to his family slot oyna members telling Praveen that he looked hot with another man made him really mad.

He knew he couldn’t be there. He just turned and started leaving but he didn’t even go far before he suddenly stopped and froze, his eyes widening. His mouth started shaking as his feet felt cold, his body reacting. Antonio was suddenly hit by strong emotions that pounded on him like heavy stones.

His body started vibrating in anger, his fists getting clenched. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing at all. The guy, the some guy that had taken photos Praveen with him was standing right in front of him with a bright smile on his face. He was wearing a dark blue designer’s shirt, green trouser and brown shoes with a black blazer. His hair was well done and he looked handsome but Antonio didn’t care.

“Oh, hello.” Santiago greeted the man that was staring at him like he was a ghost. “I am sorry to come in like this.” He extended his hand to Antonio who just looked at it like it was made of thorns. “It’s really nice to finally meet you face to face, Antonio. I am such a fan.”

Antonio gave a half smile, slowly shaking the man’s hand. He didn’t even say a word but deep down inside, he was so mad that he wanted to kill the guy in front of him.

“Santiago!” Antonio heard Praveen’s voice behind him.

Praveen was really surprised when he saw Santiago right in his house. He somehow felt uneasy and uncomfortable because everyone was inside that house and he didn’t want things to go… anyway, just forget about it.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, moving slowly to him.

“I am so sorry.” Santiago apologized, looking at the boy with a smile on his face. “I couldn’t help but come to you because what you’ve just done is an achievement to my company. I had to come and see you myself. I just hope it’s not too much trouble, otherwise, I could…”

“No!” Granny said with a smile, coming closer with a smile on her face. “Please, come in dear. You’re most welcome.”

Santiago looked past Praveen and saw a beautiful elderly woman with a smile on her face. She reminded him of someone, his grandmother that he had lost a few years back. Seeing her, he couldn’t help but smile brightly.

“Thank you so much.” Santiago said as he quickly rushed to the woman, touching her feet. “Please, just give me your blessings. I have been missing this for a really long time, now. Please!”

Everyone was in shock with what they show. Santiago looked like one of those modern men that didn’t give a hoot about culture but what he did, pleading for blessings proved them all wrong.

“Bless you.” Granny touched his head with the brightest grin. “May you always be happy, son.”

He slowly got up, touching his head softly with a smile on his face. Granny cupped his cheeks, slowly rubbing them and right in front of everyone gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Fuck!” Okay that was it for Antonio. He didn’t like the guy one bit. First he had gotten a photo shoot with Praveen and now he was stealing his blessings? He was so pissed that he saw red. He was mad and he was having difficulties controlling himself.

“I am sorry for coming in like this.” Santiago apologized, putting his hands together. “I know this was your family moment but I couldn’t help myself. After all the achievements that my company has made in just a day, I had to come here to thank all of you, especially you, Praveen.” He turned and looked at him as if he was staring into his very soul. Praveen couldn’t help but blush. “Our magazine has had more views and sales than I had expected. I am now receiving calls from various firms and media houses asking me about the model that I took a photo shoot with.

They all want you as their model and they are offering all kinds of deals to me. The phones at the company are going crazy. There are reporters all over the company premises and they all just wanna know who this talented model really is.”

“But I already told you that…”

“I know Praveen.” He gave a sigh, nodding his head. “I won’t ever disclose your identity to them. But they shall have my head for this. What you’ve done is nothing that any model has ever done at my company. To be honest, I thought Antonio and Bruce appearing on the cover would yield more sales but that…” He chuckled happily, taking a deep breath. “…that was a shocker and I am glad I was in that picture with you. You’re like the greatest model ever.”

Bruce’s heart gave a sharp pinch, making his entire system feel as if it was poisoned. He clenched his fists harder, ready to snap but before he opened his mouth, he felt a hand grip his arm, stopping him from creating a mistake. He looked past his shoulder and saw Andrea staring at him, shaking her head in disagreement to what he was thinking of doing at that particular moment.

He breathed harshly, biting his bottom lip hard and swore that Praveen was gonna get it from him. He wasn’t gonna just let it go like that.

“Why are you guys canlı casino siteleri talking like that while standing?” Emilia asked, raising her eyebrow. “Son,” She smiled brightly at Santiago. “Why don’t you come to the living room where we can all talk and enjoy this time we have?”

“Sure!” Santiago nodded.

Emilia led him to the living room and made him sit down on the couch. The entire family went there with the exception of Antonio and Ethan. While Antonio was looking at the guy, hating on him, Ethan on the other hand had been watching Antonio’s reaction ever since Santiago had arrived.

“Why do you look like that, dude?” Ethan whispered, wondering what was going on in his friend’s mind.

Antonio sighed, his eyes still glued on the handsome man. “There’s something that I don’t like about him.” He groaned, clenching his fist.

“What?” Ethan teased, slightly hitting his shoulder. “Is it because he had a photo shoot with Praveen?”

“What?” Antonio looked at his friend, wide eyed. “Fuck, no!” His voice was filled with anger. “I had a photo shoot with the love of my life. What else can I ask for? I don’t care about who Praveen takes a photo shoot and if you think I am jealous then you’re wrong.”

With those words, he rushed to the living room and sat on the couch with his legs crossed, his eyes still on the guy. Ethan on the other hand shook his head, laughed and went into the living room. He had no idea if it was his craziness but he could tell Antonio was jealous.

“So son, what would you like to have?” Emilia asked, smiling brightly at him. “We have anything that you want.”

“Oh no!” He shook his head. “I don’t think that…”

“You cannot come to the Gonzalez house and leave just like that.” Granny shook her head. “I will have the maids make something for you.”

“No mother,” Praveen interrupted, getting up from the couch. “I will do it. After all, he is a my guest.”

“But Praveen…”

“No, granny.” He smiled brightly. “Santiago came to see me so it’s better I serve him. I will be back.”

He quickly left the living room into the kitchen to make something quick. He just took some flour, made dough and started making some cookies for his guest which he was sure he was gonna love. He was still making the cookies when he looked towards the entrance and found Antonio entering with his eyes everywhere.

Antonio slowly walked towards Praveen who was staring at him as if he had just seen a ghost. He looked away and continued what he was doing. Antonio wanted to talk to him, tell him to send the Santiago guy away but he didn’t know where to start. Plus, he didn’t want to talk to him but he also needed to get his attention somehow.

Antonio slowly walked towards Praveen, clearing his throat. Praveen just looked at him once and continued making his cookies. He wasn’t interested in what Antonio was trying to do or his trouble.

Praveen put the cookies in the oven and got some ice from the fridge, putting them in a bowl. He was trying to get some cups but almost bumped into Antonio who was standing right there without saying anything. They looked at each other awkwardly and looked away.

Antonio took an apple from the table and started eating it, leaning towards the table. He saw Praveen opening the fridge and then walked slowly to him. When Praveen closed the fridge to go back to the table, he just found himself staring into Antonio’s beautiful eyes and found himself drifting away.

Antonio was staring at him as if he was telling to just stand down and remain immobile and that was what he did. He felt as if something had him glued where he stood. He was holding in his hands but he felt really weak in his knees.

A shiver went down his spine to his brain, making his heart jump in his chest. His body felt hot and cold at the same time, making him feel as if he was standing in a really cold shower. Everything suddenly froze. It was just him and Antonio there.

Antonio on the other hand had no idea what was happening to him. Looking into Praveen’s eyes, his beautiful face and his sweet, pink lips got too much for him. Wait! Did he just say Praveen was beautiful? What was wrong with him, he thought as he tried to move away but he couldn’t do it.

For the first time ever, Antonio saw Praveen in a way he hadn’t seen him before. He was wearing glasses but he was breathtakingly gorgeous and his coolness, his quietness was something that he couldn’t understand. Sometimes Praveen was a little fierce but other times he was just quiet.

With all those questions in his mind, Antonio didn’t even realize how close he was getting to Praveen. His hands were slowly moving up to Praveen’s face, probably to cup his cheeks. His breaths were getting a little harsh and his body, his feelings were vibrating, getting out of hand with each passing second. He was getting lost in those…


A voice got the both of them out of their thoughts, bringing them to reality. Antonio almost jumped up from where he stood. He quickly stood right in front of Praveen staring at the person in front of him with wide eyes. It was Celine and she had a really beautiful smile on her face. She wasn’t even talking but Antonio knew she was teasing them.

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