Dinner Preparations

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It had been a year since Surgeons had removed Fern’s left leg just a few inches below her hip. She was now very adept and comfortable with her one leggededness and she and her husband Don had grown to enjoy the difference from other couples that they shared. Both had grown to agree that the loss of Fern’s leg was tragic and sad but that it wasn’t as much of a hardship as it could have been and that it certainly couldn’t have happened to a better prepared couple.

From a romantic point of view, adapting had been quite swift. No doubt due to the pre-amputation surgery fantasy of “amputee pretending” that the two had taken to high levels of creativity, complexity and risk, both found that her real stump in their life’s repertoire of assets was even more exciting than the pretend stump.

Fern had been able to develop ways to create her own aroused and excited state simply by imagining Don’s tongue or fingers playing with her tiny stumplette. Don simply had to see a skirt hemline with one shapely ankle and shoe showing, or a trouser leg tailored specifically to accept Fern’s stump, or a dangling empty pant leg whipping in the wind, and he would sense tingles in his manhood. Both had found ways to use her stumplette so that it complemented their lives together.

The accident that precipitated the amputation of Fern’s leg had happened at the end of their Honeymoon. And the calendar had rolled around to now where it was a week before their first anniversary as a married couple and 3 weeks before their first anniversary as a three-legged couple.

Don had a paper to present at a Conference this coming week and Fern had decided to use his away time to organize her anniversary gift for him. She was going to have a small heart tattoo with the letters “F & D” added to the inside of her stump. It was to be located where she would be able to swing her short stump up to her crotch and right thigh and have the heart kiss and caress her mons pubis and love gash. In addition, she planned to shave her pubic hair into a heart image and buy both a small silver anklet with the same heart design as the tattoo and a toe ring as “garnish” for her remaining shapely leg. Of course all the upcoming attention that she knew Don would be showering on her remaining leg made it essential that she have a pedicure.

Before his departure, the two had decided to celebrate their anniversary with a dinner at Granny Bogner’s, a nearby 5 star small West Coast Cuisine Restaurant when Don returned. Fern would be picking Don up at the airport just a few hours before their dinner reservation and she wanted to orchestrate an evening that would begin innocently enough at home with a small gift exchange. Then she wanted it to evolve into a dinner where she would urge Don to get a little tipsy so she could look after him. Back home, she saw the evening concluding with Don’s discovery of her new tattoo and toilette and Fern would “take advantage” of her dear husband and lover.

Fern had even been planning what she wanted to wear for the evening. güvenilir bahis She had found a long silky white dress in a local boutique that accentuated her length and figure. It would be highlighted by a 4″ high heeled, closed toe pump. She thought that the effect she would be creating would be of the hem of her dress swishing around her lovely shaped ankle when she moved, and while she would be standing she would be a stunning 6′ 1″ tall. And it would be on that lovely shaped ankle that Fern would get Don to “install” his anniversary presents before they went to the restaurant. She KNEW how horny that would get HIM and she knew that SHE would probably feel wet between her thigh and stump too.

At the airport Fern arrived at the same time as Don’s flight was scheduled to arrive. This was an instance where being an amputee had its advantages because she knew she would be able to park her Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4 x 4 in a handicapped parking spot immediately adjacent to the terminal entrance. She had bought this car after she healed and wanted to get mobile again. Her Buick Skylark was just too low and difficult to get in and out of. So she traded it in on this beauty with its higher freeboard and all-round versatility.

She swung the car into the spot, hung her small tote over her shoulder, opened the driver’s door and twisted outwards in her seat. Swinging her right leg to keep up with the twist, she lowered it to the ground and easily slid her butt off the seat.

Her long leg and short stump were in a pair of low cut, tight fitting designer jeans, washed out pale blue in colour. They were slightly belled at the ankle and had the split outer seam of the right leg laced with leather thong to match an amber threaded embroidery design stitched from the cuff line to just below her knee. On her foot, showing only slightly below the cuff was a western boot with silver studs and a 2 1/2″ heel. Her stump was tightly sheathed in the faded denim material in a stump pocket that looked as if it had been expertly sewn around a drooping, flesh filled orb that jiggled and swayed as she hopped, adjusted and gained her total balance.

Holding on to the car door, she hopped a few times and turned back to the car so she could reach into the back seat for her trusty under arm crutches. Adjusting her bag, settling her arms over the rests and firmly grasping the handles, she levered back, closed the door and flicked the lock on. Swinging on her foot to the right, she threw down her crutches about 4′ in front of her and swung her body through, placing her right foot about 4′ in front of the set crutches. She then arched the crutches forward to another spot in front and motored off to the terminal building in a rhythmic, up and down undulating, sensuous wave.

She found a spot at the back of the Arrivals area and saw Don enter the room before he saw her. Just the sight of him produced a tingle in her crotch where she was squeezing her new tattoo to her thigh and womanliness. She smiled to herself thinking of the adventures türkçe bahis ahead and she squeezed her short stump before striding off to greet her husband.

There was a huge hug, a lingering kiss, a stumpy caress of Don’s groin and a whispered pledge of love and devotion between the two when they connected. Few travelers noticed the striking, one legged brunette with long flowing tresses wavering on one long leg as she leaned back in Don’s arms and received his love and affection. To those in the terminal, they just saw another loving couple, reunited after a trip.

Fern let Don drive home. This enabled him to gently fondle her short stubbie of a left leg that barely extended out onto the car seat. She knew that this was as nice a welcome home as Don could hope and she also knew that it turned her on as well.

Home within moments it seemed and standing at the kitchen counter enjoying a glass of Hillside Estates 2005 Meritage, they caught up on their time away from each other. Both were hard pressed to keep their hands off of each other.

“There will be lots of time for that my love,” Fern said as she reminded Don of their plans for the evening and suggested that the two needed to be ready to leave by 7:45 PM.

It was 7:00 PM and Don was preparing pre-dinner cocktails when he heard behind him, “Hello my lovely man. I love you.” He turned and his smiling wife, who had crutched quietly into the kitchen, was gazing at him from her perch on one of the kitchen counter stools. She had hooked her leg and heel over the rung of the stool and her dress had slipped open on her empty left side.

Don beamed as he gazed in wonderment at her beauty and walked up to her empty side. He reached across her warm breasts and placed the drinks on the counter. She looked simply stunning in this new shimmering white evening dress with her dark hair. All the while the two never unlocked eyes or smiles. Don, slightly off balance, placed his right hand on the stool under Fern’s tiny stump and kissed her passionately. “Why thank you my sweet lover. No man on earth could have a nicer present than you on his arm tonight,” Don whispered onto Fern’s lips as their kiss subsided.

Don pulled a stool up beside Fern so that he could straddle her empty side. This brought him closer to her than would have been possible if she had a full leg instead of a perfectly parabolic shaped nubbin of a stump, barely dimpled by an almost invisible, tightly stitched suture line. Both knew of the suture line more from the harder and less malleable scar tissue that did not yield and mold to fingers as easily as the toned muscles of her stump that were transected by the scar line. He reached across her womanly chest and brought a cocktail to Fern’s and his lips.

“Thank you for making me the happiest man in the world my love. I am so happy to love you so much. I can hardly believe that an entire year has passed and that we have our entire lives ahead as husband and wife.”

“Oh darling,” Fern replied, “I too am blessed and it’s YOU who güvenilir bahis siteleri blesses me. Thank you. I love you so much. And……….oh yes, Happy Anniversary dear man.” She handed Ross a beautifully wrapped small box.

Don smiled and began unwrapping. A smile came over his face as he gazed into the box and pulled out a silver “bracelet” that clearly wasn’t going to fit his wrist. He reached for Fern’s left hand but he was met by her hand grabbing and stopping his. “No, I was thinking it would look much better down here.”

She swiveled to her left. Her stump emerged from the slit in her evening dress and nicely slid over Don’s right leg. Then she lifted her shapely right leg and laid it over his widespread left leg.

“Put it here honey,” and she wrapped both of her sensuous, long fingered hands over her one remaining trim ankle.

Taking a quick stiff belt from his cocktail as much to quench a thirst as to dampen the fire that was raging inside him, Don dragged the silver fancy over Fern’s strong svelte ankle. He teased it by draping the fancy to one side and then to the other side. He also began to gently stroke her perfectly turned calf.

“Oh no, no, no. Not now my sweet! That’s for later. Now I want to drive you to our dinner. Then I want to get you slightly tipsy. Then I want to play my red painted toes over you under the tablecloth and then I want to bring you home and make the slowest, the softest, the sweetest, the longest, and the nicest love to you. So, that’s it you sod. Drink your cocktail and let’s get going!”

Fern leaned forward and gave Don a quick and wet kiss on his lips. She dropped her right leg off of his lap to the floor and swung her stump back across Don’s crotch. She pushed down just a little harder than necessary with her stump, gazed into Don’s eyes, smiled and hopped to get her balance.

“Damn, I left the crutches I wanted for tonight in the bedroom honey. Would you get my black enamel forearms for me? They’re in the big closet. I’ll meet you out in the garage. I’m driving so we are going in my car!”

Fern hopped to the end of the counter and grabbed her kick-around crutches. She slipped her small billfold style purse and a lightweight black crocheted shawl over her shoulder and crutched gracefully to the carport door. Her dress swayed with the great swish she had envisioned. With no left leg under the dress to tighten and stretch the material the way two legs would she was able to swish in a very sensual manner. She stopped and twirled around on her leg and her dress swished to catch up with her turn.

It was at that moment Don noticed another advantage that a crutch using amputee has over two legged sisters. Fern’s already sensuous chest was exceptionally toned and curvy. No doubt the muscles she used for constantly crutching through her life served double purpose by also supporting her entire wonderful female front.

When Don reached the carport, Fern was already behind the wheel of her Jeep and Don climbed in, leaned over and gave his love a kiss and settled, smiling into his seat. The CD player came on with “Cartoon Heroes” by Aqua and the two of them drove to the restaurant singing and feeling just plain happy to be where they were at that moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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