Dirty: A True Confession

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Anal Sex

She swore she wasn’t going to do it this time.

Every time she had taken a shower lately, she had done it. It was getting scary. Too much. Now, it was almost the feeling of that hot water on her skin that triggered it. Starting it. And it was so easy to give in, the water heating her skin. Making it wet and slippery. So easy.

But this time, she wasn’t going to do it. She’d be a good girl, take a shower, and get clean, and get out. Instead of getting dirty.

She was so sure she wouldn’t do it. She hadn’t really thought about him that much this morning. Or at least not as much as she normally did.

So she turned on the water and stripped off her clothes. She avoided touching her skin as much as possible while doing it. Because she was going to be good this time.

Now naked, she made sure both doors were locked…just in case. And got into the shower. The water was really hot. So hot. She felt the sensation on her skin, on her back, her shoulders, her face, her breasts. And she started to weaken.

She tried to find resolve. She tried to think about anything else. But feeling that water on her – all she could find in her head was his mouth. His hands. His tongue. Especially his tongue. She weakened more. Leaning her head against the wall, she tried to focus away from it, but she lifted her face to the shower, letting the hot water pound against her lips, so sensitive and ticklish, she opened her mouth a little, weakening more, trying to not think about it, but her mouth was opening into the water, and eyes closed, she lifted her tongue to the güvenilir bahis pressure, thinking of his tongue on hers, thinking of giving him the blow job she desperately desired, her tongue moved involuntarily under the water pressure, back and forth, imagine she was tasting him.

And the resolve started to weaken more. It was his tongue that got her every time. All that hot water. She took her honeysuckle body soap and ran some in her hands, and ran down her stomach. She was trying to avoid anywhere above and below, but the water, it was so hot.

So she got her stomach soapy and then she had to go higher, circling her breasts with the slippery soap, suds running with the hot water now beating on them, her nipples getting harder, and she leaned her back on the wall of the shower, head back, her knees getting weaker. It was too easy. Too easy. Too fast.

Because now the pieces were coming together inside her. Those pieces of the orgasm she was trying to fight were building and getting stronger. She felt it. She couldn’t stop now. She was getting dirtier. Still the water was hot. And she turned the faucet a little more to make even hotter, and the bathroom filled with more steam, and her hands got more aggressive with the soap on her nipples.

And still she thought of him, thought of his hands. His mouth. His tongue. His dick. His body.

And then she had to see. See what she felt was there. She leaned her back against the wall fully now and reached down with her fingers, one hand still working her nipple and opened herself.

She told herself she türkçe bahis just wanted to see how wet she was. Just checking. But oh, she was so wet, and once she touched herself there, that was it. This shower had gone dirty with no hope of turning back around.

Further she reached, inside, feeling how soaking wet she was. So much wetter than the hot water, and she stroked and explored, and rubbed her wet clit and her knees buckled.

And she had to do it. She was so close. And she was all alone. And the water pounded her body. And there was no interruption and only her thoughts of him. And she felt how wet her pussy was. How sensitive and hot it was. It got worse. The water was hot, but not as hot as she was, not as wet as she was. And she wanted more.

And she reached outside of the shower. And forgot about being ashamed or trying to be good. Because she was there. Right there. So hot. And wanting to ….needing to.

And she took it from the cabinet where she hid it, behind the towels, and started breathing heavier just feeling the hardness of it. She wanted it to be him. She wanted him to open her pussy with his tongue, and taste how wet she was. And open her with his dick. And feel how hard he was. And the more she thought these things the faster her breathing came.

And she brought it into the shower with her. She didn’t even need to turn it on. Just the hardness was enough. And this time she was so hot she really didn’t need to turn it on anyway. And with her back against the wall, and her hand flat against the wall, she braced one leg on the güvenilir bahis siteleri edge of the tub.

And it was really dirty.

Because she opened her pussy, and pushed it slowly, slowly, all the way inside of her. So slowly, and gasped out loud. Luckily it was drowned out by the water.

And she slid it in and out, slowly. And like always, she suddenly remembered she was in control. And she didn’t have to go slowly. She was at no one’s mercy. So immediately, knees buckling, sighing and gasping, unable to be quiet, she fucked herself, hard, deep, and came, hard, harder, and again, feeling the water running over her dirty body, so not clean, fucking harder, harder, and she came over and over. Until finally she couldn’t stand anymore. She lay in the tub with the water pounding over her body and finished, hard. She was almost caught because she was so loud. And leaned her head back against the tub, feeling the water pounding, breathing hard.

Feeling so dirty. Smiling though. She stood up, knees still weak and went to put it away.

And then, she stopped – she felt it again, knowing she was so dirty, but she had to, and did it one more time. Wasting no time, hard, fast, quick and she came that last time. And knew she had to stop or she would keep going… all day long. She couldn’t imagine if he was actually there. She would be relentless.

She put it away behind the towels. She shut the shower off, leaning against the wall. Trying to catch her breath, her wet hair in her face, she felt messy and her smile wicked.

And she got out of the shower, tried to towel off gently to not get going again, trying to wipe that crazy smile off her face.

Knowing that however much she dried herself, she’d still be wet, and no matter how long she showered, she’d still be so fucking dirty.

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