Discoveries in the Country Ch. 02

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After my first experience in the pleasures a man can give another man, or in my case, not much more than a boy, I wasn’t sure just what to think. I lay in bed that night, reviewing the days activities, questioning my sexuality, and indeed, my reasons for allowing it to go so far so fast, even though I had to admit to myself that it was something I had more or less wanted to happen.

Every day I had silently admired the size and shape of his cock and every time I saw cum dripping from the throbbing tip, I’d wanted to hold it and feel it, although the thought of tasting it or even feeling it in my mouth wasn’t something I was ready for, no matter what.

I whipped my cock to more than one climax before it just was too tired to cooperate any more, then fell asleep, still holding it in my hand while the remains of a good cum leaked into the towel that I’d lay beneath me to conceal the evidence.

I went to work the next day, not knowing what to expect. I had no reason to believe that the previous day’s activities were going to be repeated although I had accepted the fact during the night that if he wanted me, I’d be there for him.

We were to be so busy for the next two weeks that we never even got to swim together. That didn’t prevent us from getting together on a couple of occasions though. When the weather forced us to move inside to work on maintenance chores, he found new ways to satisfy his needs. On one occasion, we’d been cleaning and lubricating the combine when he stopped and wiped his brow before heading over to the cooler where we were keeping some lemonade He’s stripped off his shirt and undershirt as had I.

Since I was smaller than he, I had crawled into the mechanism with the air hose to blast out the accumulation of dirt and dust. Leaving it to draw dampness causes rust and corrosion that can destroy an expensive piece of equipment. The next thing I knew, he raised was fumbling with the top of my jeans while I held onto a crossbar to keep from being dragged backwards. Lifting my feet from the floor, he stripped off jeans and underwear in one swift move.

With my clothes around my ankles, and my legs hanging down, he entered me a bit too fast, forcing me to scream. For a while, he held me with just the head of his cock in my ass before he began pushing deeper and deeper until the hairs began tickling my ass. Then he began moving faster until I could hear his breath change and feel him pushing harder with each thrust until he was slamming into me faster and faster until he spread my cheeks so wide it hurt and rammed deep, holding it in while I felt it pulse with his release.

Over the next few days, we had a several dry days in a row which allowed us to get the hay cut, dried, baled and in before the rain started again. When we came in at night, we were exhausted and neither of us felt any inclination to do anything.

On another occasion, he rolled me on my bac, lifting my feet high in the air, before he drooled saliva over my ass. He slid a finger into me and worked it around, then added a second, opening my ass up before slipping his meat into me. Holding my legs against his chest, he played with my balls before sliding his hands over my cock, beginning to slowly casino siteleri jack me off.

I think we both came at about the same time when he pushed deep and rammed his hand back on my cock. My stomach was covered with my cum and my ass was full of his. We stayed that way for a minute or two, just letting him go soft before he pulled out. Afterwards, we went to the faucet and cleaned up without saying much at all. When we were cleaned up, we went back to the job at hand. On two occasions, he tried to get me to go down on him and I wanted to, just to make him happy, but something in my mind wouldn’t let me do it.

When the weather finally calmed down, I took a couple days off to take care of my banking and do some other things I’d been neglecting. He told me that he had someone to fill in for me while I was gone and I really needed the rest.

On Friday, when I went to pick up my check, I met my replacement. He was a tall, handsome man, about twenty, I decided, and quite a surprise. He smiled when we were introduced and extended his hand. Although his grip was not nearly as strong as Derek’s,he was no wimp either. It was obvious that he was a farmer or the son of a farmer or something like that. His name was Gary, and as we became acquainted, I learned that he had worked for Derek for three years before he went to college, where he was a junior.

After sharing some lunch together, he asked me to help him get the Farm-all tractor started. I knew what the problem was. It was just old and cantankerous and had to be babied until is was warmed up. I climbed up and showed him how I bumped the starter a couple of times, then waited while the fuel settled into the carburetor before I bumped it and turned it over. It coughed and belched and slowly settled into a rough idle. I played with the choke for second longer and it began to idle smoothly.

“You just have to treat it like your lover,” I told him. “Be gentle with her but keep warming her up. She needs a tune up bad but I won’t have the time or the parts to get into it until the back 40 acres is ready for the winter wheat. Derek took the planter in for service though so I may have time next week to do it.”

“Is that how Derek treats you, David?” he asked. “Is he gentle and patient as a lover?”

I had suspected that he and Derek had been lovers but hadn’t wanted to bring it up.

“I doubt it,” he continued. He never was with me. I think my ass still burns sometimes as a reminder of how rough he can be. I can’t say he hasn’t learned anything though. The first time he did it to me I bled for quite a while. I kept giving myself cold water enema’s to make it stop hurting, so he’s at least better than that.”

“Not a lot, though,”I muttered.

He put his arm around me. “The worst is over, David, but don’t be afraid to tell him no if he gets too rough. He will never intentionally hurt you. It doesn’t have to hurt at all. The whole process can be beautiful and tender and loving. They don’t call us lovers for no reason at all. Momma tells me that you aren’t sure whether you’re gay or bi and I can tell you that you’ll know when the time is right. I’ve always been bi but I wasn’t sure at first either”

“How did you finally slot oyna figure it out?”

He smiled. “Thanks to a certain young lady that wouldn’t take no for an answer. I’m sure glad she wouldn’t though. She’s bi too. We’ve been together for a little over a year now.”

“Do you have a man you sleep with too?”

“Not really. It’s not that I wouldn’t like one at times, I just haven’t met anyone who made me want to.”

Does your girlfriend like it that way?” I wondered.

“Yeah, she does…a lot, in fact. She knows I like it when I guy does it to me and she like to watch too.”

I had no reply to that situation since I’d never heard of such a relationship.

His hand was on my thigh now and I felt his fingers move over my cock. Instinctively, I hardened to his touch and when he moved his fingers over me I moaned in pleasure. When he began to strip, so did I, not knowing what he intended to do or what he wanted from me. He reached over to take my cock in his hands, giving me a chance to look at his. Although it was almost as long as Derek’s, it was by no means as thick. The thought of that cock sliding into my ass excited me as I began milking it down, just as he was doing to me.

He threw our clothes onto some hay and had me set down. I watched as he played with his cock for a minute, but then he pushed it toward my lips. “I can’t.” I said. “I’ve tried, but I can’t.”

“Just lick it, David,” he replied. “It’s not as big as his is.”

I tried it and found that I could lick it without a problem and finally allowed the head to slip in between my lips just up to the thick base of the purple head. I moved it in and out of my lips and tried to go deeper with it, finding that I could go about half way in before I panicked and pulled away.

“I won’t come in your mouth,” he promised as he moved in and out of my face. I grew to like the taste of him on my tongue and kept trying to go deeper but then he pulled out. “I don’t want to come yet,” he said. “I want to save that for later.”

He pushed me back onto our clothes and went down on me, completely taking me into his mouth until I felt the head of my cock at the back of his throat. After a few minutes, he pulled it out. “Have you ever made love to anyone David?” he asked.

“I guess not,” I replied.

He sat up and had me get on my knees. “Fuck my mouth,” he said. “You’ll like it.”

I began fucking into his face and found that I did indeed like it. As I felt my balls begin to swell, I pulled out but he grabbed both cheeks of my ass and pumped my cock into his face faster and faster until I dug into his hair and held him onto my cock as I exploded in his mouth, shooting cum for so long I couldn’t believe it was me. He kept sucking my cock and milking it down until I got completely soft and he took it out his mouth, licking the last few drops from the tip.

He smiled and wiped his face with his fingers, offering it to me. I’d never tasted my own cum before but it wasn’t at all unpleasant. I let him pull me down and put me on my knees. Moving behind me, he spread my knees apart and began licking my balls and up over my hole. It felt so good I didn’t ever want him to stop. As he kissed and licked, his fingertip canlı casino siteleri slid into me and slowly moved in till it was as far as he could go. After a few seconds of fucking my ass with his finger while his other hand played with my balls, he pushed a second finger in and repeated the same action. My cock was getting hard again with the way he was rubbing inside of me and his fingers would go from my balls to my cock and back while the other hand continued fucking my ass.

I was pushing back into his fingers, wanting them in deeper and finally, he pulled them out before lining up his cock and slowly moving it into me. Since he was thinner than Derek, it slid in easier and he was so gentle as he pushed it into me that there was no pain or discomfort at all, and when he started fucking me, I was pushing back into him, wanting more. After slowly fucking me for quite a few minutes, he stopped and held it into me while played with me until I was almost ready to come again and he stopped before beginning to pump into me again. It was so beautiful and felt so good, I almost didn’t want him to come and when he did, he didn’t pound into me like Derek did until he was almost there and with three ramming strokes that nearly knocked my down, he came and I could feel him fill me.

For a while, he lay on his stomach beside me, facing my feet while he played with my cock. I began playing with his ass and he moved up on my body and turned so I could reach his ass better. His ass felt good under my hands and I could reach his balls to play with them too. He began to move his ass into my hand. Eventually, I got to where I could work my finger into him a little and he moved still higher, sliding off of me while he spread his legs. I sat up and twisted around so I could push all the way into him. I finally pushed a second finger into him and began pumping into him faster. He moaned and began thrusting back into me.

“Fuck me, David,” he begged.

“I want to,” I agreed, “but…”

“You know what to do, David,” he said. “Your smaller size makes it easy. Just line it up and push it in slow. When it’s all the way in, I need you to fuck me hard and don’t stop till you shoot your cum into me.”

I felt really strange doing this but I got between his legs and lined my cock head up with his hole. It went in real easy because I wasn’t big enough to hurt him but when his rectum closed in around my cock, it felt so good I just started fucking into him. He kept telling me to fuck him harder and faster and my balls were beginning to swell. When I came, I rammed as deep as I could for several strokes, and held it in as I pumped my cum into his ass. When I got soft, I pulled out and went to clean myself up. My emotions were a mess right at that time and I don’t know why. I’d just had my first sex…ever…with either sex, so why was I such a mess. Then I realized that it was just a conditioned guilt feeling and I began to settle down.

“Thanks Dave,” he said, as he cleaned himself up. “You did good. Are you OK?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I just had to stop to think for a minute there. I’ve never made love to another person before. I like it, I really like it. It beats masturbation and blow jobs all to hell but I’,m still not used to what just happened.”

He smiled and hugged me. “I’ve been there David. Don’t sweat it, you’ll work your way through it and next time you get a chance, you’ll want it again.”

(To be continued)

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