Do You Want To Cum With Me?

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I’m on my own again back into the world of respectability in the London suburbs. It’s the same old story, my husband is away for the majority of the week on business and I’m at work most days. But tonight, I’ve decided, will be different. I need a release from my frustrations, and I thought you might like to cum with me. Goodness knows, I know I need to.

7.30 a.m: It’s morning now and I feel as randy as hell. I’m not sure why but I just do. Perhaps it’s the warmth of my bed and the softness of the duvet against my skin. All I know is that as I stretch out to caress my breasts it feels good and my nipples are aroused and firm. Of course I could satisfy myself straight away but I thought I’d tease myself a little, well all day actually, and have a special masturbation session tonight. I hope you’ll join me.

7.40 a.m: Time for a hot shower. Afterwards I step out of the water, cleansed, and into a large thick, soft towel it makes me prickle with warmth and comfort. Now I’m dry, well in most places, I’ll massage my favourite lotion into my skin. This always turns me on, especially while I rub the cool cream into the area that surrounds my vagina. I’m shaved smooth, not a hair in sight, so I feel extra sensitive. I could cum so easily, but it’s not time as yet. I’ll just brush my finger lightly over my clit to send a thrill shooting to my sexual centre. This feels wonderful, my clit is hard and, oh God, I could cum so easily.

8.00 a.m: After dealing with my hair and make-up, it’s time to dress. Being a business woman of 41 I can’t dress too sexily but I’ll wear what I know will keep me sexed-up all day. I’ve slipped on my silky smooth, shiny stockings. They are the hold-up style with lacy tops that stop about an inch from my secret depths. This is all I will wear underneath my work suit. The suit is heavy and of a rough tweed like material. I pull on the skirt and it slightly scratches and itches my bare bottom and lower tummy – mmmm, heaven!

The jacket is shaped and beautifully cut. Again the cloth feels rough, especially as I stretch it over my full breasts to do up the buttons. The neck line is reasonably high so I hope no one will know that I am naked underneath. Well they might, if they look closely enough, as my tits will gently move and be stimulated as I walk and stretch. I put on a pair of shoes with kitten heels and, that’s me, ready for work – the respectable face (and body) of commerce.

8.35 a.m: I’ve arrived at my office and I’m sitting at my desk to view the morning mail. As I cross my legs I’m sure that I can sense moisture on my inner, upper thighs but I try to concentrate on what I should be doing.

8.55 a.m: A young messenger guy knocks on the door with a private package for me. He looks so fresh and healthy I could devour him for breakfast, but I try not to be too obvious. He asks me to sign his clip-board. As I bend over to do so I realise that he is glancing down my jacket as it gapes slightly at the top. This sends a shiver of delight to my nipples, but he has to go. I know I mustn’t weaken or make a fool of myself at work.

I run a hand over my breasts and can feel my nipples are erect and fighting to press through the thick scratchy material. I stifle a groan of pleasure.

10.10 a.m: After I’ve supervised my staff and given instructions for the day I’m back in my private office. I can now open the package I received earlier. I know what it is. I take off the brown paper wrapper and look at the box, the picture on the front makes me smile to myself. I tip the box, release the fastening and out falls my new vibrator, the one I’ll use tonight. canlı bahis şirketleri It’s big. Very big. About eleven or twelve inches with an impressive width as well. It feels softish, almost like real skin, on the outside with a firm, solid middle. It’s shaped exactly like a penis and looks very realistic – only much, much bigger than when compared to my husband. The thought of plunging this inside me makes my mouth water at the prospect. It will be the biggest cock, real or artificial, that I have ever used. This makes me tremble with anticipation. My hands are quite shaky.

I put the vibrator away in my bag and hope that the day will pass by quickly.

2.00 p.m: I’ve had lunch and I somehow got through the morning without doing anything silly. I still feel very sexy. I had one little shock. I was reaching for a box file from a high shelf, so my tummy was showing, and one of my young secretaries had entered into my office, without me knowing. I turned slightly and saw her staring at my expanse of exposed skin. I don’t know who was embarrassed most. She went quite red faced and stumbled her words as she spoke. I never thought I’d get pleasure from another woman looking at me but I certainly did this time. There seemed to be lust in her eyes, or maybe this was just wishful thinking.

After she had left I imagined her walking up behind me, while I was reaching up, and touching my skin, one hand moving slowly upwards to stroke my breasts, her other hand pushing down the front of my skirt. Her red plump lips would kiss and tickle my tummy button. I swear I almost cum just thinking about it. It was the first time I’d ever had a fantasy involving a woman – but the thought of me being stretched upwards while her delicate hands and red painted finger nails roamed freely over my body was very mouth-watering.

4.00 p.m: It’s no good, I’ve got to go home and sort out my frustrations. The expectation of the enormous vibrator is driving me mad. I give my final instructions to my staff and tell them I’m off to see a client. I can’t wait to get home.

4.10 p.m: I’m in my car heading homeward. My skirt is pushed high up my thighs and I’ve undone a couple of buttons on my jacket so that my breasts aren’t so confined. I’ve got the heater on full so that I’m very hot.

As I drive I rub my hand along my thighs and open my legs slightly. As I reach my stocking tops I feel the softness of my skin damp and warm. I must focus on my driving.

4.45 p.m: Home! What a relief. I get out of my car. Damn! This is like a bad dream. There’s my nosy neighbour, Mr. Wilkinson, the boring accountant. “Hello,” he calls out, “Have you got a minute?”

I wait until he reaches me and off he goes on and on about some ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ meeting. I try to listen but wish he’d just go away. It’s then I realise he’s staring at my unbuttoned jacket as he talks. I’d forgotten that I had quite a lot of cleavage showing. This excites me and I ask him if he wants a coffee. “Yes,” he replies, “I’d love one.”

4.55 p.m: We go inside my house and I take him into the kitchen while I make the coffee. I sit on a high stool by the breakfast bar while he continues with his theme about cutting crime locally. I cross my legs allowing my skirt to rise and watch as his eyes take in my silky legs.

“Do you take sugar and milk?”

“Erm, yes, p-please,” he says. I know he’s hooked so I pour the coffee and his eyes are now upon my breasts as I bend towards him handing him his drink. I straighten up slowly so he has time to gaze on my globes. The thing is I want him to look at me. I want to canlı kaçak iddaa take everything off so he can see all of me, and examine me in minute detail if he wants. I suddenly come to my senses and realise I must behave as I have my reputation to think about. I somehow persuade him to drink his coffee quickly and leave.

5.15 p.m: At last I’m alone. I can’t wait any longer. I’ve got to make myself cum.

5.20 p.m: I switch on my computer to update what has happened so far today. This done I go to my bedroom, take off my suit and slip on a thin, silk robe. Underneath I only have my stockings and I put on some very high heel shoes. I get out my new vibrator and put in the batteries. I’m hot, sexy and ready.

5.42 p.m: I’m now in ‘real’ time. I’m sitting in front of my screen, the vibrator next to the keyboard, my robe held together loosely by a looped belt. My chair is an executive style with soft leather, big comfy arms and a high back. It can tilt slightly backwards if I wish.

I feel a little nervous. It’s as if I’m talking to you – just you and me – and there you are watching. It feels exciting and so intimate. I’m hot, my face is glowing and my lips are full and fiery as I lick them to keep them moist. I’m sure I’m sweating slightly. As I touch my neck it feels humid and hot.

If I sit here quietly I can sense myself glowing with sexuality. I feel alive and sensitive. As I look down at my body my nipples show through my silk robe which reaches down to the middle of my thighs. My stockings shine and are so smooth and sleek to the touch of my hand. My high heels make my legs look longer and give me almost a tarty look. I feel sensuous and ready for almost anything.

I loosen my belt so that it drops away and as I breath deeply the robe moves apart slightly, the edges at the top hardly covering my nipples. I breath deeper and at last my tits are exposed, As I look down I see their softness contrasting with the hardness of the nipples. They are yearning to be touched and pulled.

I place one arm below my tits and raise this slowly so they rise and stand out more. My breasts look so full, enlarged with wanting and desire. I delicately touch one nipple and a ripple of excitement shoots through my body. I hold the nipple between three fingers and pull outwards slowly and watch it stretch out like a miniature penis. The harder and further I pull the more pleasure it gives me. I can sometimes cum just by manipulating and ‘milking’ my nipples, so I stop as I want to orgasm with the vibrator.

The robe is now wide apart and I can see my glistening mound rising between my legs. My vaginal lips look swollen and puffy and at the top I can see the hardness of my clit peeping through seeking attention. I breathe deeply again while looking at my body and it is turning me on more and more.

I hook one leg over the arm of my chair so that I can touch and caress the inside of my leg and upper thigh, moving to the white flesh above my stocking tops. There is moisture there and I sensuously massage the area. My fingers feel sticky and slippery. I let out a moan of pleasure and raise my hand to my tits squeezing them together tightly. I feel like I’m on fire.

I hook my other leg over the other arm of the chair so my cunt is completely exposed and slightly open. I’m panting as I lustfully look at myself. I touch my exposed parts with two fingers, running them down my crack and juices flow out. I’m drenched and lubricated.

The vibrator is staring at me and I hold it with difficulty in one hand. It’s so big, my fingers do not reach round the girth. I’m surprised canlı kaçak bahis now at the size and different emotions enter my mind. I’m excited but also a little scared by how much it will make my vagina stretch. I try to suck the end of the vibrator but it hardly goes in my mouth. I place it on one of my nipples and set it to a slow vibration. This sends me into wondrous spasms of sensitivity, my whole body seems to quiver and shudder.

I make a slow, tantalising, downward path tracing a trail via my belly button to my waiting, throbbing vagina. The vibrator touches my clit and I scream out with ecstasy. I pull it away. I know though that I must now cum, no more teasing, but I want the cock deep inside me as I do so.

I put the head of the vibrator between my distended cunt lips and push gently, they part and welcome the roundness of the head between them. I’m not sure if I can take such a size. I push gently again and about an inch goes inside me. My nerve endings shoot messages to all of my pleasure zones. I have to breath deep and slow myself down.

A little more pressure and I feel my cunt stretching and filling. As I glance down it looks obscene as this monstrous cock penetrates me. I can’t stop now so I push once more and I must have four inches deep inside me. I throw my head back in triumph and push again. I’m so wet that the vibrator impales me going in further and I feel like I’m about to be split open. There’s slight pain but mostly pleasure as I keep on thrusting until I feel my womb being attacked. I gasp at the wonder of it all and try to sit still.

I’ve never felt so full. I sit silently and tighten and release my vaginal muscles over and over as if I’m sucking this intruder further and further into me. I cannot take any more, I’m sweating, I’m hot and I need to be fucked hard.

I yell out obscenities I never normally use and start to move the cock in and out of me. As I do so my cunt is expanding, the stretching is making me groan and bite my lip. In and out I go pounding the sensations. I can’t stop I’m possessed by a monstrous desire and I go faster and faster. Juices are flowing onto my chair beneath me and I know I’m cuming, I can’t stop myself any longer. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I shout, “Pound my cunt, give it to me, all of it. I can take it.” I scream as I cum, my whole body is throbbing, my tits are bouncing and I’m shaking my head from side to side. Wave after wave of orgasms flood my senses. I can hardly breath, the pulsating orgasms keep on coming over and over until tears are running down my cheeks and juices are flooding over my hand. At last they slow down and I’m left gasping and groaning.

As I gradually come back to earth I pull the vibrator slowly out of my cunt and feel empty. I can see how open I am. It’s like there is a dark tunnel to my very soul. I reach down to investigate. It is wet and hot inside. I can smell a musk odour filling my nostrils as my fingers examine, and move along, the velvet like walls. I know I’m going to need more. More stimulation, more fucking. I pull myself wide apart wishing I (or you) could fill my vagina with hot spurting sperm over and over again.

6.26 p.m: Suddenly I’m jolted back to the real world by the front door bell ringing. Flustered, I quickly wrap my robe round me and tie the belt. I’m sure it doesn’t hide my desires properly but there may be someone important at the door.

I rush downstairs, sweaty, flushed and sticky, the robe clinging like a second skin to my naked body. I breath deeply and open the door very slightly. It’s Mr. Wilkinson! “I thought you might like this Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter to read.”

I mumble a thanks and then look at him looking at me. His eyes are glued to my swaying breasts and hard swollen nipples that are poking through the thin robe.

6.30 p.m: “Do you want to come inside?” I whisper…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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