Education Reform Pt. 01

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Part One. Feedback Welcome. First Time Writer.



While many were fearful of the rapidly increasing cost of healthcare, or impending doom of a new world war few paid attention to rapidly changing education reforms. As more and more jobs were replaced by artificial intelligence and automation only the best could go to a college that provided credentials for employment.

Only the very rich could afford to send their children to schools providing an education that led to opportunities for wealth generation. As the nation abolished public schools and eventually created a charter school syndicate, the education community controlled less and less of what children learned at school.

Soon the elites controlled all forms of education with very little federal or state government oversight.

With the passing of Make American Men Great Again Act (MAMGAA), once again certain jobs were only available to male applicants. As a result of MAMGAA the job pool was less competitive leveling the playing field for employment. MAMGAA was a bi-partisan attempt to stabilize the job market and reduce the pressure of high unemployment on government.

Women were left with few options; selling their sexuality in the hopes of becoming a trophy wife or live in bimbo for a wealthy man became the most sought “goal.” Many would fare much worse.

Many called this the Kardashian effect, women were categorized once again by their breast size and hip size in relation to their waists, with importance placed on how many Instagram followers they could achieve after turning eighteen.

Scientists studied the process and the effect of the Kardashian family on society. In all honesty after a decade plus of Kim and then Kylie, society became consumed with the look and attitude, Kardashian just became the new normal.

Charter schools changed the female curriculum, splitting up the sexes. Males were expected to be at college proficiency by sophomore year in High School, keep up or drop out. Female students learned about beauty, male anatomy, and took physical fitness classes like Pilates, Yoga, or booty building.

Quickly higher education adjusted and offered programs for women to achieve their bimbo goals of landing a wealthy man.

For their part men paid close attention to the number of Instagram followers a female had and if she “earned” a bimbo degree. What did the degree include?

Let’s follow Shasha as she starts the program at Harvard University. Harvard increased its requirements for men, only accepting the smartest and wealthiest individuals, or less than 1% of applicants.

The school loosened requirements for woman to simply her natural beauty and “ability to achieve the highest echelons of male attention” as defined by the literature from the School of BIMBO Studies.

If males were to be measured by IQ, females would be measured by the male definition of beauty and worth, tits and ass!

Chapter 1.

My name is Shasha I am a recent graduate of the Shire Crest Charter School, one of the nation’s elite schools.

A few billionaires donated millions to the school in the hopes of attracting the smartest boys and most attractive females. The male program had been doing great for years and produced some of the highest ranked male recruits year after year.

Our female classes didn’t do so well and this was the first year we had the

ranked class in the country, I was the first female to be accepted by Harvard from Shire Crest!

Many attributed this to the Double D Rule, an Ivy League decision that gave females with breasts D cup or larger priority if all other beauty conditions were equal.

Many called it “breastative action” and it quickly was adopted throughout the country to prequalify students for admission.

At Harvard, a new building was built to house and educate the “Leading Future Bimbo’s of the World”; a gleaming master piece that showcased the wealth of the school.

Adorned with marble floors and glass everywhere, the school quickly achieved the “highest cost per square foot for a building in the North East”, as the dean was quick to point out.

On the first day we were given room assignments, I found out I would not have a roommate.

Odd because all of the year one girls in line had more than one roommate, I quickly learned that room assignments were based on the beauty score given to us on acceptance to the school.

My score was one of the highest for both year one and two girls.

Riding the elevator to the top floor revealed two suites, I checked my keys “702” opening the door I found a fully furnished apartment, the décor looked to be out of an Architecture Digest magazine or something.

Then suddenly startled, I heard a voice behind me. It was a girl with a year three tag on her shirt.

She quickly introduced herself as Charlotte, “I wanted to make sure you were settling in and meet the year one girl who got a suite all to herself!”

Charlotte explained that she lived in “701” just across the güvenilir bahis hall.

Charlotte had the Bimbo look down pat, six-inch heels, booty shorts, and gorgeous breasts hanging out in a school branded tank top, with a face of expertly applied makeup.

I later learned that she finished year one at the top her class, finishing with a beauty score that allowed her to live in the largest suite in the building.

She asked my score and I said that I had forgotten, she was aghast with shock.

Charlotte told me ” all females need to know their score and number of social media followers at all times, it’s all we have as females!” I quickly pulled up my Instagram, 1 million followers.

She looked at me with disgust and flatly said “I bet you will take the record at the end of the year.”

I knew I had a good amount of followers and the boys loved me, always calling me “Hoover” because my lips were naturally so large, but all of this was so overwhelming!

I quickly put down all of my bags and attended the year one meeting in the main atrium.

Riding the glass elevator to the lobby bellow, I noticed the sheer number of females attending the school and their intense beauty.

At Shire Crest all of the girls were attractive, but here every girl could be described as a twelve if not higher.

Many girls were annoyed at the cramped conditions of the suites (dorms); most elite charter schools did not make girls share sleeping or studying space.

But Harvard offered the best opportunity to marry rich. We quickly took our seats.

There was a gorgeous woman standing at the podium, she must have been forty plus, but didn’t look a day past twenty-five.

She spoke softly and confidently “welcome, welcome, welcome” and all of the girls started cheering.

She introduced herself as Bonnie our “school mom”; she said there was a lot to explain in our opening week.

But tonight was important; we were going to meet the freshman guys.

“The social tonight would allow us to understand our attractiveness through the eyes of men.” She explained that being attractive to men is the most important trait we as females can have.

“Y’all have a long way to go to understand the needs of men, but tonight will introduce you to the value we bring to their important lives.”

Cheering again from the crowd and this time it took a while to settle down.

We were told to spend the night with the young man that showed us interest.

Bonnie also told us about the new “freshman 15” girls were expected to tone up and gain weight in the “right” places, while guys were expected to gain 15 pounds of muscle or more, why on that later.

She went over our daily schedules and explained how meals worked.

Another shocker, the university decided we would only get solid food ¬five times a week!

Every girl would receive smoothies matched to our body index to meet exact dietary needs for the day. In other words, “meal replacement” as highlighted by the documents aides were handing out.

Aides then started to hand out special bottles with folding suck-able straws with each girls name on them.

Not receiving a bottle, I asked if I could get a bottle, she told me that 701 and 702 receive “special” instructions.

She wouldn’t tell me any more information.

Later that afternoon, starving, not able to eat with the rest of the girls, I headed back to the suite.

Then there was a knock at the door; answering I found a man with grey hair who I later learned was Hans.

Hans informed me that he was the 700 suites personal doctor/dietician. He shook my hand and asked me to follow him to 701.

Charlotte’s suite was easily double the size of mine and decorated so differently, but equally as classy, if not more so.

Charlotte’s face lite up as she greeted me; “hey babe, isn’t this place the best… they let me pick the furnishing this year!” we hugged and sat down with Hans.

He then proceeded to inform us about our food packages this year and explained that we would not receive any solid food.

Explaining that because the 700 suites now had a personal dietician and doctor our diet could be managed to a “high enough standard to achieve an attractiveness score never seen before”. As Hans pointed out in a way on he could.

Charlotte was sobbing curled up in the big sofa as Hans told us.

Shouting “NOT EVEN ONCE A WEEK?!!”

Hans was shaking his head, Charlotte asked “WHY!!” between sobs.

Clearly used to her behavior Hans didn’t reply and opened a box with our bottles; we both just stared at them in shock.

Charlotte just started sobbing louder.

I couldn’t blame her; the suck-able straw was at least three times the diameter of the straws handed out downstairs if not more.

I get that we were attending this school to please men, but even a normal every day act like eating required sucking an erection sized straw.

Charlotte composed herself and asked why it was so big compared to the 700-suite türkçe bahis bottle from last year?

Hans shrugged, and flatly told us we had the “highest score.”

He went on to tell us that the scoring system was going to change and as residents of the 700s we would be given the highest priority to achieve the highest possible score.

He told us a story and it involved some person. I could not tell you what he was babbling on about, but I am pretty sure it had to do with a women’s place in the world and the importance of Botox.

Chapter 2.

After Hans left Charlotte could clearly see I was totally shocked, and visibly pale.

“So much to take in for one girl!” I blurted out.

She had the oddest grin on her face “this is why we haven’t had a frosh in a 700 suite for eight years!” but went on to explain the whole process.

She explained the social to me, “they try to get all the girls together with the guys, they will explain everything to you, but after they like changed to charter schools and separated the stuff we learned, guys very rarely interact with females, so they’re trying to open these guys up and get them out of study mode briefly, it has become a huge problem across the county.”

She basically described almost every guy I went to charter school with.

Charlotte was definitely a talker.

“They are super socially stupid; my guy would only look at my boobs for the first four months we were together!”

When I exclaimed, “you do have huge tits,” she just laughed.

“They have us here to help them out with socializing, they basically have no clue how to talk to us, also they are super scrawny, none of those super buff hotties from charter school textbooks.”

What was also super strange is the setup, while the other girls would have to mingle and find their guy, because my score was so high my guy was selected for me.

Charlotte again, “basically they will give you the wealthiest freshman with the highest IQ.”

In today’s world IQ meant you had wealth and could buy your kid tutors and the most advanced computers.

These guys usually were the strangest, never really went outdoors, or even talked to girls once in eighteen years, beside their mom, according to Charlotte.

But these were the type that typically blossomed into receiving the highest GPA and most lucrative job, if not already the offspring of a billionaire.

Charlotte said we have to be super patient with them and lead them, we are expected to fuck them night one.

Under her breath, “a freshman 700 wow.”

Returning to 702, a girl not too much older than me was waiting, she handed me a garment bag with a note.

The note said “FOR TONIGHT”; inside was a Balenciaga dress that left nothing to the imagination.

My body would be on display tonight. I looked amazing.

I never told you guys what I looked like and why my score was so high.

I am a petite 5’3″ mostly legs, 36-22-36, definitely have the hourglass thing going on.

My face is definitely what allowed me get to the 700 suite; my lips were naturally what every female wanted “DSLs”, or dick sucking lips, they were just huge and puffy, dominating the lower half of my heart shaped face.

A few people noticed my blue eyes and blonde hair if they could make it past my tits and lips.

My ass was a whole other story for later.

In this new charter school world, all of the “elite” schools have girls that looked like me, but I guess I was the best combination of Kardashian to make it this far.


The scoring system worked was up for much debate amongst us Bimbos.

“The most widely known rule was called the 5 Circles Law.” According to the information handed out at the reception ceremony.

It only applied to a female that fell within a certain BMI range and was quite simple. Each round shape a female had needed to be equal to each other.

Starting with the head, the tits, and ass all needed to be equal with each other, or the 5 Circles of a female.

The closer a female got to achieving this perfect figure the higher her score.

Significantly higher points were marked if 5 Circles was achieved without surgical enhancement or more importantly if she is skinny and petite.

Other areas widely understood are facial beauty and lip size.

Additional points could be awarded as guys make decisions about our bodies and sexual skills.

Every attempt is made to show off females.

Sexual gratification is one factor in the equation; the score of the female he was fucking was valuable in more ways than one.

For example, every detail was picked apart for score. The longer a female’s hair or nails showcased her higher value.

Short nails probably meant she had a low score.

Long nails probably highlighted a high-quality life, but bimbo nails reflected a whole other life.

Bimbo nails told bystanders that this female’s score was exceptional, “her only purpose being to make wealthy men satisfied.”

After güvenilir bahis siteleri a quick knock at the door I answered to find Bonnie.

She quickly gave me a hug and asked if I was ready for tonight she informed me that I could be the highest scoring freshman in history.

I simply drank from my erect shaped straw and nodded my head.

She was definitely impressed with how quickly I was adjusting.

She quickly changed the subject, “As you might have heard you already been matched with an excellent young man, his name is William Bogel” she paused to see a reaction.

Still sucking down my meal for the night she continued.

“He is the heir to Bryant Bogel” POPPP… The feeding bottle popped out my jaw hanging open. Bryant Bogel was the mastermind behind the Amazon- Google merger!

He was the wealthiest man in the world by a large margin. I had no clue he had a son my age, the guy seemed so young.

Bonnie was quick to inform me about “Will.”

“He is a sweet kid but you’re going to be too much for him tonight, he has one of the highest IQs ever achieved and his file says he has social problems, he probably won’t say anything, so be as sweet to him as possible, ok honey?”

I still was reeling; the Bogel estate was worth 500 billion.

Bonnie gave me a once over, her grin told me everything, “oh and remember the suite is here for a reason so use it!” with that she gave me a huge hug and pointed to my tits “best set here”.

I blushed and showed her out.

Little did I know, the females with the highest scores usually received the least social guys, Charlotte did tried to warn me.

The social was set up like speed dating; females would walk around the room to the different guys.

I quickly found Will standing by himself; the other guys were all talking and cracking jokes.

I approached him noticing how attractive he was, he had big brown eyes and was at least 5’10.” I told myself this wouldn’t be so bad.

After receiving my fair share of stares from the rest of guys I approach Will and introduced myself.

“Hey I’m Shasha!” he looked at me and inaudibly mouthed “hello.”

‘Man, this was going to be tough’

“Let’s talk over here,” I told him.

Grabbing his hand I lead him to the other side of the bar.

We sat down at a small booth and I started asking him some questions. “Will, what is your favorite hobby?” (what is a girl to do, I never had to pick up a guy?).

Still not making eye contact he told me he liked stocks.

I shook my head and got closer to him; I need to break the touch barrier.

At first, he didn’t know what to do so, I placed his hand on my thigh whispering in his ear “this body is yours honey.”

He was staring intently at my hips and shooting glances at my tits, which were now in his face.

Still not making eye contact with me.

Then I sat on his lap and placed his other free hand on my tits and started to make out with him. He was doing good and keeping up with me, or at least attempting to. I quickly told him I wanted to go up to my room. He quickly got up and followed me out of the bar.

Once in the suite I quickly removed my dress and underwear, leading him into the bedroom. As we walked to the bedroom Will grabbed my ass firmly from behind and started to rub his hands over the expansive area of each cheek.

Entering the bedroom, I dropped to the floor and quickly dropped his pants to the floor.

I could feel a nice cock in there. And boy was it!

He was close to a foot in length but not exactly and very big around I could just barely touch my fingers around his shaft.

I started spitting on his head and immediately started bobbing on the head.

Looking up to see how he was doing, Will looked like he went to heaven.

His hands were kneading my breasts and his eyes were firmly on my pussy.

God this guy would not look at my face. I started to really bob up and down speeding up my motion and taking more of his shaft.

His cock was twitching in my mouth at this point and he started to shoot in me. Still looking him in the eye as he unloaded into my mouth he finally made eye contact.

Omg! I was so excited; it meant the world to me!

He looked down briefly and as I was about to come off his cock he covered my head with his hand and pushed down firmly, for such a scrawny guy his cock was quickly coming back alive.

Swallowing his seed I started bobbing up and down again on his now erect cock.

Will then motioned for me to flip over. He started smacking my ass and grabbed both sides.

All I heard him say “so big and round” then “put it in S.”

I guess “S” is my nickname now?

I look back and reach for his cock placing it at the entrance of my pussy.

A second later he grabs me at the top of my waist and slams his cock home into my wet pussy.

I immediately felt the wind knocked out of me, my mouth open in shock.

After ten second he takes it out and drives it back in, this time not waiting, he starts doing it over and over again.

At this point I was his BIMBO, I had not cognitive thought in my mind.

All I wanted to do was arch my back further and present my ass into him.

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