Ellie Ch. 03: Massage

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This is the third instalment of my series Ellie and, if you are interested in back story and following the narrative I recommend reading Chapters 1 and 2 first.

I am very new to writing on Literotica, so please consider this when rating or giving feedback. I’d love constructive comments to help improve my writing but I’m also a sucker for praise… so feel free to give either.

In my stories, I try to provide a realistic yet fantasy narrative which mixes a range of themes but that does occasionally involve non-consensual situations, Watersports and even occasionally raunchier toilet themes. If these things are not your scene PLEASE STOP HERE and go enjoy a different story. It not my intention to offend anyone and I want my stories enjoyed by people of all sorts of backgrounds and genders. If you are hard or wet, enjoy yourself…

With that out of the way, please enjoy Chapter 3…


As the raw sexuality cooled from our Starlight room experience, Ellie and I spent the rest of the morning continuing to enjoy each other’s company, flirting and teasing each other while trying some of the different pools and rooms that Eden Spa offered. We had our massages booked for midday so there was plenty of time to explore and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the tranquillity of the resort while we pretended to be proper adults.

I really enjoyed catching Ellie looking at me when she thought I wasn’t aware, occasionally lustfully glancing at my toned legs and muscular calves and once or twice I saw her just smiling a goofy smile or delivering a contented sigh as we held hands on loungers side by side.

“What you looking at?” she’d challenged defiantly when I’d caught her looking over at me and I’d fired back at her “Sorry, I was checking out the tits on that gorgeous girl over there.” gesturing in the direction of a couple of 70-year olds enjoying one of the Jacuzzis.

She whacked me with her towel with a laugh and agreed that she couldn’t really compete with that level of sexiness.

With half an hour left we decided to check out the hydrotherapy pool a large, swimming pool sized jacuzzi advertised as having 83 different types of water jets and fountains designed to ‘massage all parts of the body and relieve aches and pains everywhere’. As we entered the large room as we removed our robes and hung them on the hooks provided on the walls Ellie noticed the two cold water plunge pools. I still double took at how hot Ellie was and made sure I checked out her ass for the twentieth time that day as she kicked off her flip-flops. Grinning at me while mouthing “Perv!” as I held up my hands in mock innocence, she then issued a cheeky challenge. “I bet you aren’t brave enough to jump into the cold-water pool first!”

Never one to back down, I immediately stepped up to the steps and, eyes closed jumped in, almost immediately regretting my boldness. Resurfacing and shaking of the shock to the system of the cold water I quickly made my way back out and as we both waded into the warmer water of the hydro pool.

“Well that’s taken care of my erection at least”, I jokingly whispered into her ear as we went over to some mushroom jets bubbling from beneath the frothing water.

“Aww, has it gone into hibernation?” she giggled, gently patting the area where my cock would normally reside.

“Must be the lack of activity… “I smiled, “Now it’s my turn to dare you, fair’s fair right?”

I had a plan to get my own back and demonstrate that I wouldn’t be a pushover and putty in her hands (however hard that putty might get) like I had been in the Starlight room, all the time.

“Really, you think so?” she said, an eyebrow raised but a noticeable interest all of a sudden, a frisson of excitement as I asserted myself a little.

“Yeah, I dare you to stand between my legs and let me put my arms around you,” I suggested.

Ellie almost seemed disappointed by the simplicity of the task, especially given that several other couples were lightly embracing in the pool while chatting and relaxing. As I leant against the Jacuzzi wall, she playfully splashed me and defiantly made her way to me to stand between my legs as I widened my stance to accommodate her and enjoyed her firm breasts which proudly filled her bikini top several inches from my smiling face.

“Is that all?” she said, testily, “Not exactly a dare is… oh… fuck… what are you… oh… that’s not fair. Wait, erm… Oh shit… What?”

Calmly, I held my hands around her waist, soft enough not to be painful but firm enough that she was held in place and grinned, slightly too proud of myself. In her haste, Ellie had made one miscalculation and now, as the jet continued to spray a firm jet of water between my legs from the wall I was standing against, directly onto her clit and bikini-clad pussy, she realised that she was in quite a predicament. One which was getting more and more difficult to handle.

“I… erm… wow!… Stop now, canlı bahis şirketleri you need to stop… woah!… hhhhhhh… I… hmmmmm… hrrrr..”

She buried her head in my neck so to all other users we looked like we were innocently and sweetly cuddling up to each other, but also to hide her rapid shortening of breath and muffle her sounds as she found it increasingly hard to speak even the shortest of real words and became aware that within a short time she was going to descend into a knee trembling orgasm using just the pulsing and forceful stream of bubbles that continued to find their way between her legs and vibrated against her.

“Maybe next time you will think twice about pissing on my hand in the pool” I discreetly whispered into her ear, “and will behave like a nice lady instead.”

As I said this, I used the fact that her chest was now shielded from view, pressed as it was, against mine to slip my left hand inside the soft triangle of material and carefully took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger as I increasingly supported her light frame in my right arm and her breathing became even more rapid.

“I… uhhhhh… I… uhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I … you… FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!”

Her knees gave way as she finally gave up the fight and rode the crest of a huge orgasmic wave that wracked her entire body and lasted several seconds. It was a good ten seconds more before she was finally able to speak, through deep breaths as she tried to recover her composure.

“You… You… Bastard… You… You are in… so… much… trouble… …I’m so getting you back… For… wait!… no… what?… Andy… I… whhhhhh… FUCKING HELL… So good… Sooo good… Fuck…Fuuuuuuuuurccck… SHITTTTTTT.”

As she’d tried to defiantly threaten her revenge, I simply held her in place until she realised mid-sentence that the water jet that had brought her to the powerful orgasm only seconds earlier was still directly between her legs and I wasn’t letting her go anywhere.

This time, all attempts to speak and chastise me disappeared, as she softly bit into my shoulder, doing everything she could to disguise her quandary. I held her as her breathing became even more laboured than before and as she got closer and closer to a second orgasm, this time even more powerful and intense than the first. All of a sudden with toe-curling force so strong that her whole body ripped itself from my arms and away from me till she was in the water she was overcome with a shuddering, intense orgasm that made her quiver and shake and, as she recovered herself and swam away to a section of wall a couple of metres away, she was still pulsing with mini orgasms and had a look of pure bliss on her face.

I knew that she would try to get her own back as soon as she could but, for now, I had won a mini round and it felt deliciously sexy. I quickly used my arms to push myself up and out of the pool and wandered over to our towels. Putting on my robe, I called to her, “C’mon slowpoke, don’t we have massages to get to… what are you waiting for”

With a sexy shake of her hair, she composed herself, straightened her bikini and headed over, a look of mock indignation in her eyes. Towelling herself off she leaned over to my ear, smiled sexily and uttered one short and sexy sentence in my ear.

“I will get my revenge for that!”


The massage area at the Eden Spa was a dimly-lit, large oval room with heavy marble heated beds in the centre surrounding a central fountain, where this time a naked woman rode a dolphin as it leapt from the water, possibly trying to escape the sheer number of half-naked statue women in the Eden seas. Around the outside of the room were a number of small massage rooms which you were invited into individually, we hadn’t booked a couples massage so I softly kissed Ellie, affectionately this time, as we headed into separate adjoining rooms for our respective treatments, mine a sports massage working my thighs, calves and lower back and Ellies a ‘Swedish full body massage’, whatever that meant.

“Do try not to seduce the girl doing your treatment,” I teased her “Give your pussy a rest for an hour, although, she will probably smell the aroma of your arousal the whole time anyway”

“Really?” She grinned, unimpressed, “how about a little something to ensure you keep your mind on me…” with that she had discreetly slipped her hand inside her robe and into her bikini and as she pulled it out, moist with the wetness of her aroused pussy and carrying the distinctive aroma of her sex. Before I could move out of her range, she rubbed her two fingers along my top lip leaving the unmistakable smell of arousal in my nostrils.

With that, she disappeared into her room and the door closed behind her as I attempted to refocus my mind so my masseuse ‘Cristina’ wasn’t confronted by my solid erection as she massaged my legs.

45 minutes passed quite quickly, I may have even dozed off a couple of times as Cristina, an Elven-like canlı kaçak iddaa middle-aged woman with surprisingly soft hands rubbed oils into my legs and back and it was an invigorated me that was soon back outside lying next to a very relaxed looking Ellie on the stone beds. We had been told to give ourselves a few minutes and to help ourselves from water or juices in the small refreshment room that was through a door at the end of the room, so I offered to go an fetch us both a drink and with an exaggerated effort got up from the bed and padded over and through the door to the refreshment room.

I had expected the room to be empty but on walking through the door, I immediately saw a young member of staff, slender and very attractive with mousey-dark hair, a small delicate face and a cute little butt in the pink pyjama-like uniform of the health spa, but as soon as I checked her out I instantly became aware that something wasn’t right. Although she was going through the motions of topping up jugs of juice and clearing away used cups, adding a couple of trays of sliced melon and pineapple chunks to a station by the opposite wall I could tell she was also softly sobbing and clearly upset by something.

“Everything ok?” I asked.

“What!?” She seemed startled by my voice piercing her thoughts and turned away from me “I’m fine I, I’m not, I’m just…I’m not a lesbian”

She suddenly just started sobbing, realising I was ill-equipped to handle this situation alone I quickly paced over to the door and, as subtly as I could, got Ellie’s attention without disturbing any of the other guests in the oval room and got her to come over to me. Initially, she had a hot, slightly horny look, assuming I wanted to continue our naughtiness in the refreshment room, but when she saw my anxious face that quickly changed to a more concerned look in her eyes. “What’s up, babe? Everything okay?”

I beckoned her through the door, carefully locking it behind me lowering the small blind over the single window at the top to afford the girl some privacy and whispered to Ellie that the girl looks like she works here but seems both terrified and very upset.

As Ellie went over to the girl and put her arm around her girl, she leaned into her and just kept sobbing, “But I’m not a lesbian…”

It took several minutes of reassurance, and I definitely helped a lot by saying nothing and just handing her a glass of water and some tissues from a box on the side, but eventually, Ellie managed to reassure her sufficiently to coax the story out of her.

“So… I’m working in room 004” she started between stifled sniffles, “with a client called Marcia. She’s about 19, and here quite often with her mother. They are both really rich and she is such an obnoxious spoilt brat, the pair of them are both such bitches” She pauses, half to check we are still listening and half surprised at her own sudden angry outburst. “Sorry about that language, anyway a few weeks ago, I did a Massage with this girl’s mother and tripped and accidentally spilt cold water on her at the start of the Massage. She had hit the roof, and complained to management and tried to get me fired on the spot. Because she’s a regular client and the wife of a guy who plays golf with one of the directors of the Spa, they just took her word for it and gave me a written warning. Basically, they told me any more mess ups and I’d be fired.”

Reassured we were both listening and being supportive she continued, “See, I need this job to help fund me through college and my mothers really ill so I can’t afford to mess up.”

“Anyway, today Marcie came in for a day spa and when she saw me had this creepy, horrible haughty look about her and deliberately, while I watched her, directly booked me for a Massage.”

We both nodded still listening and unsure quite where this was all leading.

“It all just went downhill during the massage and” she choked back a few sobs, but with more resolve than earlier, took a breath, paused and started up again. “She, okay, so it was all fine and I was massaging both her legs and working my way up her right thigh when, slowly and deliberately, while looking me right in the eye she reached and grabbed my hand and, removing her towel with her other hand, forced my hand into her” she paused again struggling. “Into her pussy and started to stroke herself with my fingers.”

“I immediately screamed what are you doing and tried to get her to stop but… But she just laughed and said that not only was I going to play with her ‘princess pussy’ because if I didn’t, she would tell my manager that I spilt massage oil in her eye and I would be fired, but if she wasn’t satisfied then she was going to… I can’t believe I’m saying this… that she was going to cum in my mouth as well.”

Ellie and I listened with shocked sideways glances and, I noted in Ellie’s eyes a flash of resolved anger similar to that which I’d seen weeks earlier when she’d lost it with Laura.

“Carry on Emma,” Ellie canlı kaçak bahis said, reading her name badge on her chest. “You’ve done nothing wrong here, what happened next?”

Emma looked at the floor and told us the rest of the story with a few sobs as she did, “She, sorry, she made me masturbate her and as I fingered her she just laid back with her head on the pillow and made me make her orgasm, it was horrible, but then, when I asked if we could stop now, she just laughed in my face, grabbed my head by the hair and made me lick her. She forced me to lick her clit and slowly rubbed her wet shaved pussy back and forth over across my face until she came three more times, before finally lifting her legs up so her arse was on my tongue and playing with herself to a final orgasm. I hated it, I’m not a lesbian and she just kept laughing to herself before finally telling me to return to her treatment. She’s still in there now with a cucumber facial on her face and I have to go back in 3 minutes to finish cleaning her up and I’m worried she’s going to force me to do more.”

The relief in Emma’s face seemed clear at finally getting the whole story out, but she seemed genuinely terrified.

Ellie looked at me briefly, before assertively taking control. “Ok, if you can be brave, I’ve got an idea which, if it works, not only can you fix this problem so she has no power over you, but if you want you can punish her and ensure she gets what she deserves. Interested?”

Emma nodded, her interest piqued and a fire behind her eyes we hadn’t seen thus far. “I want her to pay so much.”

“Right, take my phone,” said Ellie handing over her iPhone with a smile before outline the details of the plan. I suddenly found myself intensely aroused and slightly in awe of Ellie her while simultaneously steeled to ensure Marcia got what she deserved.


Emma led us both across the oval massage atrium and into room beckoning us through the door silently and unseen by the girl laying on her back on the bed in the centre. Still, with cucumber pieces over her eyes and a green face mask, Marcia immediately started to speak, unaware of her full audience. “I’ve been wondering where you are, hurry up and get back between my legs slut, I want servicing again and your useless tongue will have to suffice.”

Emma looked to Ellie for reassurance, while I kept one hand on Ellie’s shoulder to stop her launching at the blonde-haired bitch in front of her. Carefully and discreetly Emma started the video recording on the phone and ensured she calmly and clearly positioned it on a shelf to the side of the room so that everything could be recorded fully. Using a warm towel and water she removed the face mask and cucumber from Marcia’s face and spoke calmly.

“Marcia, I don’t want to touch you or service you. I am very unhappy that you forced me to make you orgasm just now and I want this to stop. Now I think, we should end this session now please and…”

Without opening her eyes Marcia calmly ignored Emma and confidently cut her off. “I don’t think so; you are a slave to my sweet princess pussy now and if you don’t get your face between my legs sharpish, I will ensure my mother has you both fired and arrested for sexual assault. The police don’t know that I forced you to lick me and who do you think they will believe?”

As she said this, she lewdly opened her legs wider and began masturbating with her right hand, while playing with her nipples with her left. “Did I not make myself clear? Get over here and service me.”

With that, she opened her eyes and was immediately shocked to see Ellie and I stood either side of the massage table and Emma stood standing defiantly over her. “What the fuck? Who the fuck are you two? Get the fuck out of here? I’m calling security?”

She attempted to get up but Ellie and I each grabbed an arm and firmly secured it to the side of the table using the cords from our spa gowns. Ellie’s predictions about how Marcia would behave had been spot on and, knowing what was come, I found myself instantly swelling beneath my now dry Lycra swim shorts as Emma folded her arms. It was a completely different Emma that now spoke, more confident and self-assured but also exhibiting the same sexual anger I had previously seen in Ellie.

“Thank you for allowing us to record that Marcia, you will be delighted to hear that you have incriminated yourself and the only police involvement will be yours. Say goodbye to that university place next month now.”

Taken aback by the new confidence in Emma, Marcia was silent for a second before she tried desperately to find a way out of the situations while ending her futile effort to wriggle out of the bonds holding her wrists. “Look, how much money do you want? I’ll pay you to shut up about this and there’s no problem is there, I’m sure someone like you needs the money and then you can go back to your little college and maybe get a few new outfits as well while you are at it.”

“I’m not sure you understand,” said Ellie calmly, “Emma here was disgusted by your behaviour and wants to you learn your lesson properly, money isn’t going to help you right now.” As she spoke, she gently started to remove Emma’s pink blouse as I looked on horny as hell.

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