Enslaved at My Feet

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Today my slave cleaned my apartment, did my laundry, washed my car, made me lunch, took my dog for a walk, and went grocery shopping for me. He paid for my groceries and made a car payment for me, too. As I sit before my computer this afternoon, my slave is beneath my desk and he is gently sucking my toes. It feels wonderful and very relaxing. I feel reflective.

Many men seem to be confused on the issue of female domination. They mistakenly think that domination means telling the Mistress about their fantasies and fetishes, and then having their dreams fulfilled by her. That’s not how it works. A true Mistress does not have a menu from which men can order to satisfy their sexual appetite. A slave’s duty is to serve his Mistress by unselfishly providing her with pleasure, service, and amusement. He gives, she takes. That is what female domination is about.

I view a man’s fetishes as a tool with which I can train him to conform to my expectations. As a dancer, my feet are always sweaty, tired, and smelly when I get home from work. That’s when a foot slave is most useful to me. My current slave was submissive and had a foot fetish when I first met him; however, he had a strong preference for squeaky clean, perfumed feet. It was obvious that he was a spineless wimp with no ego and was willing to do anything canlı bahis şirketleri to earn a place at my feet. He had potential. I knew that with a little training and conditioning, he could become an efficient slave to me.

To begin with, I agreed to let him come over a couple times a week to clean my apartment and run some errands for me. When his chores were finished, I reciprocated by allowing him to give me a pedicure or a foot massage. I knew how desperately he wanted to kiss and lick my feet and suck my toes, but I pretended to be disinterested. Actually, doing so took a quite bit of willpower on my part; I’d had my feet orally serviced by men in the past and absolutely love it. Withholding my feet, sort of like a carrot on a string, increased the power I held over my slave and he became increasingly docile in the hopes of winning my favor. Before long, he was not only doing my laundry and housework, he was buying me expensive gifts, too. I actually had him begging for my feet. It was great!

Once I had manipulated him into contributing money towards my bills, I began permitting my slave to orally worship my feet. The first few times were right after my pedicure, when my feet were fresh and perfumed with floral scented bath oil. From the very beginning, I was pleased with his foot canlı kaçak iddaa worship skills. He was a natural born foot licker and toe sucker. Saying that worshiping my feet made him aroused would be an understatement, but I refused to let him get off in my presence. I told him he could take matters in hand when he got home.

In the next phase of my training strategy, I had my slave tonguing and sucking my feet before giving me a pedicure. My feet weren’t really dirty in the early stages, but had a mild, natural scent. At this point in my conditioning of him, I would occasionally rub the bulge in his pants with one foot while he serviced the other. It is the same principal as with Pavlov’s dog. I was teaching him to associate the smell and taste of my unwashed feet with his own pleasure. Each time he served me, I made sure my feet were increasingly soiled. And I’d bring him closer to climax each time.

Finally, when I had gotten to the point that he was obediently tongue bathing my reeking feet when I had gotten home from work, I let him take his dick out and jack off right there in my living room. Before long, he was enthusiastically licking the filthy soles of my feet clean after I had gone barefoot outside. Then I had him polishing my dancing shoes with his tongue, licking them spotlessly clean canlı kaçak bahis both inside and out. Each time he performed these tasks, I let him get off. This reinforced his behavior. The fragrance, flavor, and humiliation of worshiping my dirty feet quickly became his greatest source of arousal. Once I had him so well trained that just sniffing my unwashed feet gave him a boner, I gradually started denying him masturbation privileges.

As it is now, he will ardently use his tongue to bathe and massage my feet regardless of their condition. I occasionally permit my slave to jack himself off as he worships my dirty feet, and he considers this a very special treat. Actually, I allow my slave’s self-gratification to reinforce his craving for my dirty feet. Masturbation while at my feet, the reward he so dearly cherishes, serves to make him increasingly devoted to me.

My efforts and patience in training my slave have been well-rewarded. I’ve molded and conditioned him to meet my expectations of what a slave should be.

My slave’s gratification is of no concern to me; however, he’s learned to relish the humble fulfillment that comes from worshiping my dirty, sweaty, smelly, feet. In his mind, I am doing him great favor by allowing him to wash my feet with his tongue. He loves doing exactly what I want him to do, and he feels indebted to me for allowing him to do it. I’ve got him wrapped around my little toe. My slave is required to earn the privilege of worshiping my dirty feet with his complete subservience to me.

He is truly enslaved at my feet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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