Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
In the process of relocating to the West Coast, I headed south on I-35. Made it about 45 minutes south of Minneapolis, MN – freeway closed due to blizzard. I was fortunate to find a hotel with a room (it pays to be a Gold Member). Checked in – did some miscellaneous administrative “stuff” for my house purchase in my destination – grabbed some dinner – and could only think of the hot tub at the hotel.

Back at the hotel, I stripped – donned my trunks – and soaked the day away. About 5 minutes into my solo soak, a very nice – very attractive middle aged woman approached. I smiled and invited her into the hot tub. As she was wearing a very fashionable bathing suit, I knew why she was there. She entered, and sat 90 degrees from me. She’s quite gregarious, and we soon were sharing our “weary traveler” stories. She’s headed south, then east; I, south, then west.

I was enthralled, and stimulate by the bodice of her bathing suit. She’s very well-endowed, and the globes were doing their best to decide whether to remain constrained or free themselves. It was great to focus on her tits, bahis siteleri canlı but she has such a lovely smile and pair of eyes, I decided to not be too obvious in sating my fetish for tits of all sizes & shapes.

She asked if I’d dined yet, and I confessed that I had. She claimed to have had a late lunch, on the road, so could pass on eating. There was, however, a convenience store across the road from the hotel. I offered to pick up some wine. She accepted without drawing a breath. A few moments later, we were out of the hot tub – I made the wine run – and she prepped for coming to my room.

She showed up at my door, bearing nothing but herself. She was d****d in a kimono, about mid-thigh. I simply had a pair of lounging pants and a t-shirt on. In she came, and she made a direct lunge for the bed. I assumed we’d sit in separate chairs, but she had other ideas. I opened the wine bottle, poured two glasses, and joined her on the bed.

She first sat in a semi-reclining position, and I sat with legs crossed while facing her. I had inadvertently not buttoned the fly of the loungers, but didn’t notice. casino firmalari She noticed, and teased me about my “condition.” I looked down, and the window was, indeed, open. I apologized, but she said, “No reason!” She then crossed her legs, and the hem of her kimono parted. There, in all of its radiant glory, was a delightful, full-lipped unshaven cunt. I stared only momentarily, then made eye contact, and said, “Mmmmmmm, my favorite!” She blushed a bit, then said, “Really? Most guys expect Brazilian – that’s not for me!” I gave her two thumbs up, and said, “I believe in letting nature take its course!” She smiled, and leaned forward. She planted a big, wet-lipped kiss on my mouth, and nature was taking its course. We had barely finished our first glass of wine, and were already in each others’ clutches.

She was as hungry as I, and we soon were covering each others’ bodies with caresses and kisses – and penetration. Yes, she loved penetrating my ass while caressing my cock and ball sack. I, at the same time, was planning my moves to enjoy her every square inch.

Since we had more wine in the casino siteleri bottle, I refreshed our glasses. Now, I had props. She was fun – funny – lustful. I got close, took one of her tits in my hand, and dipped her nipple & areola into the glass. It was red wine, and the color-tinged flesh was soon in my mouth. Not to be outdone, she fondled my now rigid cock, dipped the head into her glass, and enjoyed the cock-scented wine herself.

As mature adults, clearly with an eye on taking every advantage while on the road, we knew we’d never see each other again. Because of that, we released it all. Licking, nibbling, sucking, stroking, penetrating. Nothing exotic – simply great, straight sex. Oralizing each other as a prelude to cock/cunt merging was excellent (she’s really good with her mouth). When we joined in sharing body fluids, it was quite natural – as though we’d been making love for years. That’s what comes with maturity, I suspect.

We consummated our lustful acts, then lay together and talked. We each knew we’d part ways in the morning, so decided to stay in my room. She’s showing as I post this documentation. It’ll be great to continue our intimacy. The sex was excellent, and the real intimacy will begin when we bed down for the night. Cuddling, cradling, caressing until we fall asleep.

As the title says, “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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