Everything Works Out OK

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In the previous chapter my Warrior Returns you learnt that Chris was injured and how we overcame it. This is definitely the last episode of the series. Again many thanks to all those who offered encouragement, suggestions and ideas and be sure to read the epilogue.

Neither of us wanted a white or religious affair, so we decided to keep it to close ties and battalion friends. With constant emails between us and daddy, we finally managed a date and venue. The wedding was to be a civil ceremony at one of Salisbury’s finer hotels. With the date and venues set; we now began sending out invitations.

I could only think of Izzy; Chris could only think of 4 probables and father well ‘he couldn’t give a shit’, which I thought rather strange. Perhaps a little unbalanced but just the ideal number for a small intimate reception.

A couple of days later we received the replies, Izzy was only to pleased to be invited and offered to be a witness, the 4 probable’s could come but were unable to find female companions to bring with them and father who seemed so distant for such an occasion, well he just had to be there. Quickly I phoned Izzy on her mobile, leaving a message I explained my predicament and asked if she could help; I was in need of 3 female companions for Chris’ friends. A few hours later she came back to me saying only her friend, Charlotte, Charly for short, was free and able come.


I woke up long before Chris, and crept into the bathroom to wash off all the sweat and pussy juice that one seems to collect after a good nights fucking, not that I’m complaining for its nice to see Chris back on form. After taking a hot shower, luxuriating in the feel of the water splashing over my tits, I decided it was time to shave the hairs off my pubes and make it real smooth and silky again.

Looking under the basin, searching for a pair of scissors or something, I came across Chris’ electric hair clippers. Using the wooden laundry box as a seat I sat down and spread my legs as wide as possible, I turned the clippers on and started shaving slowly around my pussy; cold to start, the clippers soon warmed up, and so did I, for its vibrations began to slowly turn me on. My pussy with its hair trigger began weeping, and my nipples, already made hard by the clippers coolness, got even harder. Having shaved my lips, I didn’t want the sensation to stop, so I continued gliding the clippers as slowly as possible over my pubic area, paying special attention to the area just above my clit. How I never managed to cut or nick myself was a miracle.

I lightly ran my fingers across the top of my mound, as a start to masturbating myself but I could still feel stubble. Stepping back into the shower and, using Chris’ shaving gel and a fresh razor I began to gently remove all traces of stubble from my crotch. Using a hand to pull my lips out of the way and slipping a finger (sometimes two) inside for comfort, I expertly removed all traces of stubble. Having finished I got out and dried myself off before applying some baby lotion to my newly shaven pussy.

Looking in the mirror I realised that, because my pubic hair is blonde, the follicles were now invisible. With my small breasts, completely smooth pussy, and young looking face, I could have passed for a much younger person say an eighteen year old: A very horny eighteen year old at that, as I was to discover, as I felt the silkiness of my newly shaven pussy. I sank down onto the bathmat and started to finger myself again. With my right hand pounding my cunt, I dipped a finger from my left in my pussy juices and slowly inserted it into my asshole.

I was moaning as quietly as possible, so as not to wake Chris, and rapidly approaching orgasm when I heard the rattle of a doorknob. Too late, for I now realised that I had forgotten to lock the door. For there I was, laying there, with atleast two fingers in my pussy and one stuck up my ass, when the door burst open and in walked Chris. His ‘morning glory’ doing him proud as his body demanded its morning relief.

“WHAT THE FUCK” exclaimed Chris seeing my predicament?

Staring up initially in horror, I noticed Chris’ cock was fully erect, quickly thinking I replied.

“You said you wanted me to remove my ‘fungus’, so I did, but got carried away;” then I remembered how great sex was with dad when he came home bald so I added; “Anyhow why should you be the only one spitting out hairs, I get the same problem too.”

Chris stood there agape, his cock now very proud and wondering how to rely to me, for now I was standing up and gently stroking his manhood. Chris was still astounded when I turned on the shower and lead him in. Well that did it, not one for water sports, but with me holding his cock, Chris took ages to relieve himself that morning.

With him suitably wet, from the shower that is; I gently cut away at his bush until it became impossible for me to continue using just nail scissors, then reaching for his shaving gel and razor I gently lathered, or perhaps masturbated would have been a better description, his pubic area and began shaving. In bending over whilst shaving Chris’ pubes, his hand floated güvenilir bahis over my arched back and came to rest on my ass; where a fingertip gently probed my rosebud before gently sliding into it. Held by the crook of his finger I finished shaving his pubes.

Looking up, I murmured “Its ok” then turned and offered my ass to him

With my pose so enticing and erotic, Chris slid the head of his cock up and down my slit, teasing my clit at the bottom of each stroke, pulling out and tapping up against it. After several goes, Chris positioned his cock at the opening of my anus and then slide a couple of inches into my rectum without any problem. The only time I reacted was after the initial penetration of my sphincter.

“Oh! My god…”Oh fuck, FUCK!” I moaned, as I gently forced myself onto his cock. Such was my eagerness.

At this point Chris told my to relax, clench my arse as if I was having a good dump then be still while I got used to this ‘monster’ inside my. Between pauses I was soon able to accept all of Chris’ cock. As I’ve said before Chris has one of those long thin cocks which seem to go on for ever and today that’s just how it felt, never ending.

It took my breath away when Chris did hit bottom; for it had been so long since anybody had fucked me anally. With Chris becoming sexually active I had been douching myself regularly just waiting for such an occasion, but it still came as a shock.

Having rested a little bit, Chris started gently moving in and out. Placing his hands on my hips, he slowly picked up the pace and in no time to coin a phrase ‘humping my brains out’. Frequently his hands captured my breasts, pulling and teasing at my nipples or my clitoris leaving a trail of female secretions in my wake, by god was I wet. I felt it running down my leg and every time we made contact, a slapping sound could be heard. I was now climaxing on every other deep thrust into my rectum. I had also regained my sphincter control, knowing exactly when to ‘clench and when to relax’.

After a few minor (I had lost count) orgasms, I began to loosen up. Allowing my head to rest against the shower wall, I reached down to join his fingers thrusting into my pussy. My fingers slid in alongside his, my pussy expanding to a width never known before. Then an uncontrollable wantonness came over my, I ejected his hand from my pussy and moved mine further into my body as his cock continued its insane fuck. Then, with three fingers pushed against the membrane separating our bodies I managed to massage Chris’ cock.

As Chris’ cock became gripped in the need for an uncontrollable orgasm, my pussy and arse united in orgasm, causing him to shoot wads of cum deep into my bowels. Chris writhed and moaned as I felt the ejaculations build up, trapped by the tight ring constricting his cock. I came and came again as he slowly returned to normal until all we could do was stand, hear our moans and amaze at his softening cock, as it kept pulsating, pushing more and more cum deep into my bowels.

Eventually I came down from one of the highest level I had ever reached; gently Chris extracted his cock from my arse. Wads of cum seeped from my arse and ran down my inner thighs.

Whereas in the past we had soaped each other’s skin and played with each other’s cock and pussy now we inserted soapy fingers fully into each other’s rectums. Pushing our digits far up into each other’s rectums until the palms of our hands stopped them. I had one hand on his cock lathering the soap that covered it and the other hand playing with Chris’ arsehole. Chris kept teasing and playing with me in the same way.

The desire began to build up once again. Chris rinsed off his cock knelt down and kissed my body whilst I in turn anally fucked him with two of my fingers, occasionally managing to massage his prostate. With great pleasure, he forced his tongue into my pussy sucking hard on my clitoris. Soon Chris had his hands on my buttocks and thrusting two or three fingers into my rectum using soap to ease their entry.

It was no good, we couldn’t deny ourselves any longer, not bothering to dry ourselves; we walked into the bedroom pausing only briefly to pick up a box of tissues.

Almost soundlessly, with just small squeals of pleasure, I got onto the bed on my hands and knees, raised my buttocks into the air and waited. Chris didn’t make me wait for long and soon had those now familiar fingers pushing in that now familiar cavern, my pussy was leaking like a waterfall, my anus still dilated and wanting, Chris was already beginning to lose himself in his own desires.

Chris surprised me by turning me over onto my back; I went willingly, trusting him to introduce me into new heights of pleasure. Again, there were few preliminaries.

Chris just bent both my legs at the knees and leant forward onto my shins forcing my legs back, hard against my breasts. “Be gentle, I’m a bit sore,” I pleaded innocently. He smiled at me with devilment in his eyes. Using his hand to guide himself, and with no hesitation, Chris pushed the end of his cock against my anus and with one gentle shove embedded it up to his balls.

He couldn’t help himself. türkçe bahis He was lost already. I gave a little whimper, and then Chris was grinding and thrusting into my rectum giving it its second fuck of the day. His arms went up and around the back of my neck pulling my head down towards his. The movement made me rock backwards almost on to my shoulders as my lips met his in an open mouthed, saliva mixing, tongue entwining deep kiss.

We fucked each other’s mouths with our tongues as Chris fucked my widening arse with his cock. In and out, he strained to reach ever deeper. Chris had my own arms around his shoulders pulling me away from the bed as he pulled down on me. We became animals in our lust. Our nibbles became bites both on the neck and on the shoulders.

As Chris sodomised me, I took his nipple deep into my mouth and bit hard, the motion of our actions tried to wrench it from his chest. He didn’t mind, he was to far gone for it to hurt. We had become insane with our needs. Chris dug his teeth into my shoulder as I left one breast and attacked the other. My pussy was swamped with liquid. It was so wet it was like pressing into a wet sponge on every entry. My whole arsehole felt sloppy and inviting. Chris looked into my half closed eyes and saw the same madness I felt in mine, pure animal lust; my pussy was bucketing as his cock was pounding, in and out, in and out.

Our bodies came at the same time melting into one as cum passed between us; this time Chris’ cum flowed freely, emptying him filling me, then mixing with his remaining wads as our motions continued, I felt glorious. We both shook as the flow continued, our hands clawing at each other trying to truly make us one. We both stayed tightly coupled as the flow continued, slowed and then finally ebbed away.

Chris didn’t want to withdraw, as much as my legs hurt I didn’t want him to; the feeling of a softening cock housed warmly in my quivering rectum is too pleasant to give up easily. Chris made a few small thrusts but there was no desire in them, just a comfortable feeling of his cock being there, snugly inside my back passage. The moment eventually passed and with that Chris carried me cocooned like into the bathroom for yet another shower. It had been a long time since I had been treated like this.

Dressed in only trackers and T-shirts we made our way downstairs and into the kitchen. Here I knock up something for us to eat; we now ate according to how we felt not according to time since time to us was meaningless. For Chris’ occasional nightmares, our carnal needs and sleep were now our driving force.

As the days got closer to our wedding, Chris became more and more reticent; he didn’t want to talk about re-uniting with his army comrades or anybody, even making the final arrangements for our wedding became a struggle for him.

Fearing the worst I sat him down and gently coaxed him into revealing all. First Chris questioned our need to get married; surely the current status quo was adequate. For I could fuck him or father at any time and it wouldn’t bother him, which was a fair point.

Thinking this one out very carefully, I remembered something my father said just after we all got together, that was of course well before I fell in love with Chris. He reckoned that Chris was a lost soul and needed something or somebody to believe in. He was becoming reckless and would probably end up killing himself. He also added that for the betterment of the group it would like better if Chris and I were to marry then our threesome could be easily explained i.e.; a widower living with his daughter and son-in-law.

Ok that’s the easy bit but how the fuck do I put this across to Chris without it appearing condescending. Somehow with a lot of love and understanding I convinced Chris that married would be good for us, it would give him something to think of whilst he was out on manoeuvres and that there would always be someone here for him.

Four days before the wedding came the phone call I had been waiting for, father was on his way home.


As Chris and I lay in bed one morning coupled together and sorting out the final seating plan on his chest, the door bell rang. Ding Dong, Diiiiiing Dooong went the bell.

“Alright…Alright! I’m coming as quick as I can” I yelled putting on my trackers and vest as quickly as possible, the doorbell continuing to being rung relentlessly.

Rushing towards the stairs I heard the slamming of the heavy front door followed by a “Hello, Sarah, Chris, is anybody there.”

“Daddy…Daddy! Your home!” I cried as I rushed across the hallway to meet father.

With his kit on the floor, father quickly braced himself for the impact. We hugged and kissed each other like two long lost lovers, each trying to get the better of the other, our actions finally slowed until we just stood there: Apart father cried out “Where’s that lazy son-in-law of mine?” as Chris had yet to put in an appearance, offering some sort of an excuse I ran back upstairs to find Chris getting properly dressed. I told him there was no need to but Chris’ mood told me to ‘Shut up’.

Now correctly attired Chris made güvenilir bahis siteleri his way down the stairs, before offering his hand for father to shake.

“Bloody hell Chris, you can do better than that!” father muttered as he embraced Chris and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

With that they retired to the living room where they each poured themselves a large whisky. Soon father was quizzing Chris on just about everything; his injury, how he found it living with me, and how were things going with the wedding. Waiting outside in the hall I could tell that Chris was getting a bit edgy, so in I burst asking them if they wanted any coffee, catching father’s eye I gave him a stare before making my way to the kitchen. It wasn’t long before father came into the kitchen.

“What the hell was all that about!” he demanded.

“Be very careful, that incident in Iraq really shook him up and Chris is not the man you knew.” I replied and left it at that.

Father walked very slowly into the living room and informed Chris that the coffee would be coming shortly. This time their conversation was faltering but of a more general nature.

After we all had coffee (boy, was that a struggle) I went about doing small jobs around the house and left them to it; if they wanted to act as spoilt kids then I wasn’t going to stop them. With both father and Chris now in the same house it was like walking on eggshells.

Their childish actions carried on well into the evening, by which time I had had enough. Kissing them both goodnight I told them that I was going to sleep in the guestroom until they sorted themselves out and went upstairs to bed.

Being both mentally and physically exhausted I must have fallen asleep very quickly; for the next thing I knew was seeing both my lovers holding a breakfast tray between them and telling me to eat up for we were going shopping for a wedding dress. I tried to protest but father insisted that I wasn’t going to get wed in some of my old rags, but we were going to London for one which suited the occasion.

Soon I was fully dressed and on my way to London, where we searched everywhere for a dress… Nordstrom, Saks and Neiman Marcus etc; everything we saw was either ugly or totally not what we were looking for. Taking a break from shopping we were strolling around Covent Garden, when all of a sudden I saw my dress in the window.

The dress was beyond what I had been looking for but I knew it would be just perfect! It was a cream dress designed by Karen Millen, and if worn with black tights or leggings would really suit my petite figure. I pleaded with father if I could try it on, who after a lot of arm twisting finally agreed. Entering the shop I asked the assistant if they had any black tights or leggings I could buy whilst I tried the dress on.

Armed with both dress and tights I retreated into the changing room and quickly changed; searching around in my handbag I came up with a claw hair grip, and quickly gathering my hair together I formed it into a loose bun and used the grip to hold it into place. With a quick slap of makeup I was ready to face my audience.

Exiting the booth my lovers were first unaware of my appearance and it took a gasp from the assistant to draw their attention to me. The expressions on their face informed my I looked stunning and father god bless him insisted I must have the dress for nothing else would suit me. With the dress and tights safely in my possession, all I needed now was a pair of shoes to set it off. Not being one for shoe shopping I chose a simple black patented style sling back with a 4 inch heel and for an accessory a matching evening style grip.

By this time we had all had enough of shopping and decided to go back to Covent Garden for something to eat before catching the train home. If you’ve never been to Covent Garden whilst in London, then you should make it a ‘must see’; for it’s famous for its shops, street performers, bars, restaurants, theatres and of course the Royal Opera House.

Following our superb meal we began our train journey home; being at the very start of the rush hour we found the trains cramped and depressing. They all looked as if they could do with a clean and the people, why do they have to be so arrogant. We were only to glad to get to Salisbury station and back into our car heading home.

With us all filthy and tired, especially Chris I suggested we had a nightcap before retiring to bed and as things were still a bit frosty between father and Chris, not to expect me in either of their beds.

The following morning, the eve of my wedding my lovers again appeared holding a breakfast tray between them and telling me to eat up for this time we were going to the hotel to check on the final arrangements. For some reason they appeared jubilant and seemed to be their old selves. When I asked what had changed they just laughed and left me to enjoy my breakfast. Later that day, Chris told my all about it. Apparently it all started with an argument as to who was going to be first in the shower since theirs adjoined both bedrooms, with the shower running and them both starker’s, a fight broke out until they both said ‘fuck it’ and jumped into the shower together; soon, with very little persuasion ‘normal service was resumed’. Thank god for that, the friction between those two was really beginning to stress me out.

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