Fat Bottomed Girl Pt. 05

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It’s gotten to the point that I’m chained to my obsession to a fat bottomed girl. I’ve allowed myself to be molded into that mate Sheila wanted. I mean before Sheila I was a woman chaser. A woman with a big ass fascinated me, aroused me, and now I’m a slave to my fetish. Sheila dominates every aspect of my life. Me queering off for her is just another way for me to show my submission and devotion. Her feminization of me and my relinquishing my masculinity enhanced Her control.

My girl friend with her fine fat ass has me sucking the cock of her friend’s man Mike before and after he fucks my woman. A cock sucking cuckold is what she calls me. I considered that for a while and came to the realization that there was no denying it. More than one of Sheila’s friends had witnessed me kneeling in front of Mike and pulling his pants down so I could access his cock. A couple murmured their appreciation of Sheila’s control over me while one called me a cock sucker. And Mike. Normally submissive to Bev acts dominant with me. But why should he not? After all, he’s fucking my woman and has me sucking his cock in gratitude.

My dick hardened at the memory and I tried to understand why that was. What excited me? Was it the mental image of Mike’s cock in my mouth? Was it being watched and humiliated? I concluded that it was probably the combination of being naked in front of those completely dressed women and doing something so nasty.

For that matter, why was I completely naked all the time when not at work or outside? I struggled with what I’d allowed Sheila to turn me into as I absently rubbed my hairless crotch with one hand and drank with the other.

There was going to be no turning back to what most people call normal between Sheila and I. She would not permit that and I knew I wouldn’t insist because it was not my place to insist on anything. I felt fortunate to be her male partner and willingly submit to Her.

I had willingly tossed out my male underwear and replaced them with panties at her request. It seemed to me that my boxers weren’t the only thing I’d tossed out. My masculinity went with them. Sheila’s happiness gave me pleasure and, for me, winning her approval is addicting.

It took some time but Sheila convinced me that I’d been a submissive male all along. Regardless, inwardly I know it’s who I am now.

My thoughts again turned to Mike and his big cock. Sucking it was one thing and I confess I enjoy pleasing Mike and his cock while Bev and Sheila titter out their approval. The first time I’d done it strictly to make Sheila happy but it’s now almost routine. There is no longer any hesitation in me when it comes to being Mike’s cock sucker. Taking his cum from that wonderful source or cleaning the pussies of Sheila and Bev after he fucks them into blissful orgasms. I like the taste. I have come to savor the manliness of his sperm over that of my own. But now Sheila mentioned having Mike use my ass to get off and that was something entirely different.

Yes, I wanted to please Sheila and I did enjoy Mike’s company. The angst I feel watching him please my Lady is only surpassed by the pride I felt at being there assisting in her pleasure. Sheila tells me that this is but one of truest forms of submission. It’s proof to Her that I only want Her to be pleased.

But I’m confused. How did I so willingly perform acts that once would have been disgusting to me? Why do I get hard thinking of Bev and Sheila watching me suck Mike’s big cock? And why I wondered, did I so eagerly acquiesce to Sheila’s suggestion that I start wearing woman’s panties when I was permitted to wear clothes?

I turned to the internet for answers and for an hour or more I read articles, opinions and stories. I was shocked at what it told me I’d become and what I was. Many sites and stories described me as a sissy cuckold. I found that to both Men and Women, I’m not considered Man in the accepted sense. By consensus of both I’m thought of as a beta male. I am there to please my mistress and her Real Men. According to the internet, my pleasure would come from being there for others. My release was unimportant. It would be my duty to avail myself to Sheila’s whims and those of her guests.

I was absolutely stunned by the revelation.

I went to chat sites on adult sex and began to interface with people who are familiar with my predicament. I got sympathy from a couple guys who described their relationship in terms similar to my own. One gentleman who went by the handle “Daddy”, wanted me to skype him.

I did skype him and as He spoke to me, it was clear that I was beneath him in the hierarchy of Real Men versus sissies. He had me show him what I was wearing and laughed knowingly when he saw me in my panties. Worse, my dick was hard and He noticed that immediately. He told me I liked being a submissive. That being a sissy was who I am and that He wanted to come over and have me suck His cock before He fucked what he called my boi pussy.

He showed me His Manhood and what a cock it was. I could tell casino siteleri that seeing me in my panties made Him hard and He fisted it, bringing pre-cum to the large plum-shaped head.

Had He been at my home I knew I would have gladly dropped to my knees and made loud, wet love to His magnificent cock. Then I thought about inviting Him to fuck Sheila. I knew She chose Her own Men so I erased that thought quickly.

My tormentor wanted me to pull my panties down just below my balls and masturbate while looking at His cock. Without a second thought I did as I was told. Beating off over skype had become second nature to me by now and all the thoughts that I’d had made me horny.

I locked my gaze on His cock as I sexily squirmed and pulled my panties down. My dick throbbed and I slowly jacked myself lost in the thought of what it would be like to kneel before such a wonderful cock.

My Man friend pulled his PC back so he could see me looking at His cock and I could see Him. His smirk told me all I needed to know. He was a Real Man and I was a faggot sissy.

His balls were enormous and I could imagine myself lapping at His sack while holding that cock. I wanted it. I wanted to please Him, suck Him, and let Him fuck me.

His laughter only spurred me into jacking myself faster and I soon filled my hand with my sperm. Without even thinking, I brought my cum filled hand to my mouth and looked Him in the eyes as I licked and lapped up my spending.

He only laughed cruelly as He ended our session and my screen went dark.

I left the computer in tears, silently sobbing as I cleaned myself up, changed into dry panties and powdered my privates, chest, and legs.

Pulling up and nice pale pink bikini panty, I laid down in my bed and thought about what had just happened on the internet. I decided to try to stop thinking about His big cock and turned my thoughts to my Lady.

My mind raced as my memory brought forth the images of Sheila’s big wide ass. My breath became shallow and rapid as I remembered how it felt to kneel and kiss and lick her large buttocks. My dick throbbed once again remembering how grateful I was when she’d reward me by allowing me to slide my dick between those cheeks until I came on her back. I remembered how pleased Sheila was that I no longer needed to be prompted to lick my sperm from her porcelain body. I saw the smile she beamed as I ate my cum from my hand after masturbating for her and her Lady friends. I stroked my dick through the panty knowing I was going to masturbate again this night.

I decided to call my Lady and express my thoughts about her turning me into a sissy cuckold.

An hour later I felt a little better. Sheila explained to me that she was no magician. She couldn’t turn me into anything I wasn’t.

Her words made sense. Of course she didn’t perform any magic ritual. All she had to do, she told me, was to shimmy her big fat ass I my face and I’d do anything do make her happy.

God but she was right.

Sheila had gone on tell me that she lost three prospective male friends because they wouldn’t do the things for her that I found so easy. She told me I was special. She told me she loved me. She told me nature had intended for me to be submissive and not to fight it. Sheila told me I was a natural cock sucker and asked me to deny it.

I couldn’t. I admitted to her that yes, I did enjoy sucking Mike’s cock. I also fessed up that although I suffered some pangs of jealously watching her cum from the fucking his big cock gave her, I knew it was not my place to interfere with those things that brought her pleasure.

Sheila told me that my understanding that is what makes me precious to Her.

She assured me that I brought her pleasure by loving her for who She is and for demonstrating my devotion to Her by performing depraved acts for Her and others.

When She asked me what I was wearing as we talked, I told her the truth about the pale pink panty I’d put on.

She laughed at that. She told me that I was slow to understand that She was giving me what I needed. She was allowing me to free to be what I truly am. Sheila told me how happy Bev is that I became Mike’s cock sucker. She shared Bev’s secret that Bev hated sucking cocks and that having me as her surrogate relieved her of that duty she felt was so disgusting.

I blushed when Sheila told me how quickly she became aware that I would suck cocks for her. When she had me eat my first load after masturbating for her she said it was only a matter of time and planning. We both laughed as she remembered how happy I seemed to be when I gave Mike that blow job in front of her friends. She called me a little showoff.

Towards the end of our talk Sheila suggested to me that she would like to see me grow my hair out long and think about polishing my nails. I had to catch my breath when Sheila said she was going to teach me how to apply make-up for special occasions and maybe I should acquire some thigh high nylons to go with my panties.

She calmed slot oyna me as I tried to resist and object. Sheila knew what buttons to push and reassured me that I would always be a male in her eyes but not so much in the eyes of Her friends. She told me that what they thought about me mattered not in the least to Her but for me to never forget that She loved me for who and what I am.

It made sense when She explained that if I was going to be a greedy cum slut that I might take more care to present myself as the cock sucking bitch for the Real Men She allows me to service. I was to be naked for Her and Bev and whom ever other of Sheila’s friends might join us, but, to not be a threat or distraction to the Real Men she entertains I should look and act feminine.

Sheila was right when she said that Real Men don’t suck dicks nor watch as Men with big cocks fuck their girl friend like I enjoy doing. Real Men don’t beat off and eat their cum while others watch. She told me I’d make a pretty sissy and for me to consider cross dressing.

Her constant approval of the changes I was going through coupled with Her understanding explanations convinced me that She was leading me down the path nature had chosen for me.

Firmly convinced that Sheila’s feminizing me was the natural progression for some one like me I hung up and jacked my dick as I pictured myself looking sexy in panties and hosiery as I seduced Mike into feeding me his gorgeous cock. I could see my slutty red lips part as I accepted his gift and I came all over myself.

My panty felt snug on my bottom as I drove to Sheila’s home. After 6 months my hair is nearly shoulder length and luxurious. She taught me hair care like I never knew before. My eye lashes were darkened and the tad little bit of mascara I was wearing gave me a mysterious appearance.

For this visit Sheila told me dress nice. She had a couple I’d never met join Her, Bev, and Mike this evening. I knew what she wanted. Her training me was thorough and I was learning to anticipate my Ladies wishes.

The tight white capris I wore did nothing to hide the outline of the cute panty I had on underneath it. Tonight for Her guests I was wearing a dark red panty that was lightly trimmed in lace on the edges and waist band. The sides were cut deep and the front and back panels met on my side at the waist band, showing my legs to my hip bones. Under the white shirt that I had left unbuttoned to my naval and tied at my waist I was wearing a black tube top that covered my titties.

Ahhh my titties. Sheila surprised me by having me get my nipples pierced. To show our relationship to others who would see me naked, Sheila presented me with two hangy down tags, one for each nipple. The right one read Sheila’s and the left one read Property. That left no doubt to anyone who saw them that we were together. She was spoiling me.

I gently tapped on the door of Sheila’s apartment. Upon hearing my Lady tell me to enter I went in. I saw that Bev and Mike were sitting in the over-stuffed chair. Or rather I should say that Bev was in the chair and Mike, naked was kneeling at Her side. Bev was in her usual drab attire. She was wearing jeans and what looked like a man’s chamois shirt that was unbuttoned to show her cleavage.

Another couple whom I’d never met was there. One look, however, told me that the Lady must be related to Sheila. She had little breasts and wide hips. I couldn’t wait to see her ass.

Sheila introduced them to me as Carole, her sister and James her sister’s Man who I was to address as Mr. James or Sir. Sheila did not want me to think I was His equal and made that clear to all in attendance. Especially as She smiled as She told everyone that I was Her little sissy cuckold.

Sheila had me put down my man purse and fetch drinks for Her guests. I scurried off to the kitchen listening to their drink orders. I was to fix the Ladies three white wine spritzers. Mike wanted red wine and Sir told me He wanted scotch on the rocks. As I served the Ladies Sheila told me to fix myself a Shirley Temple because she wanted me to fully experience the evening.

Drinks served I stood by my Lady waiting for them to finish their conversation and nursing my Shirley Temple. They passed around a joint, purposely by-passing me, as they chatted among themselves.

It got quiet and Sheila gave me a nod. I knew I was to present myself. I removed my white shirt and left the tube top on. I kicked off my sandals and skinned out of the capris pants.

Sheila smiled and I knew She approved of my panties. My polished toe nails matched my finger nails and my hair was shiny and sexy in the way it curled around my face.

On Her cue I went to Mike and took his hand, helping Him to stand and led Him to the center of the room. My Mistress announced to Her guests that I would show them one of the few things I was good for.

Standing before Mike I lowered my head and teased and bit gently at His nipples as I slowly sunk to my knees.

My face was buried in Mike’s pubic hair that covered canlı casino siteleri the top of His cock. I kissed my way down the magnificent shaft and gently rolled His big balls in my delicate hand.

I looked up at Mike and smiled as I hefted His Manhood and kissed the dark pink head. I felt Him get hard as I lavished the spongy mushroom with my tongue.

I heard my Lady explain how easy it was for Her to have me suck cocks. “I knew he was a natural born cock sucker when he ate his own cum for me.”

There was no conversation in the room as I knew all eyes were on me as I knelt before that mouth watering cock, preparing to please the Real Man from whom it hung.

My left hand went to Mike’s ass as I took His cock in my mouth and bobbed my head, grateful to be where I was. His scent was familiar as I hummed my appreciation of His big appendage.

Mike, being more aggressive than I, took me by my hair and began to slowly fuck my face. In complete submission to His cock I knelt at His feet, placed my hands behind me as Sheila taught me, and stayed still as He took His pleasure from me. I almost gagged as He plunged deep in my throat. I knew how Mike enjoyed taking charge. His submission to Bev was one thing. His being Dominant over me gave Him a power that was rare to Him and He took advantage of the situation to show me who was the better man.

My dick throbbed and leaked in my panty as Mike fucked my mouth exactly the same way He fucks my Woman. For all intent and purposes, I was His woman for the time being. My mouth was His pussy to use and abuse. I was merely a receptacle for His seed.

I submitted completely feeling like I belonged here. I wanted to show my Lady, Her Sister and Friends that She had trained Her sissy well.

Mike had me raise my arms and pulled His cock from my sucking mouth so that He could pull my tube top over my head. I heard some laughter as His cock bobbed free while I tried to get it back in my mouth, my head moving herky jerky until I was successful.

Mike reached down and pulled at my nipple tags which caused me an exquisite pain.

I reached for Mike’s cock and jacked it in the same rhythm as He fucked my pussy mouth. Spit, slobber, and a trace of my lip stick covered His wonderful tool as He pulled out and sprayed His appreciation on my upturned face.

Mike painted my face with a three heavy shots and then allowed me to take Him back in my mouth and savor His Manly gift.

I nursed His cock of it’s last offering and used His softening Manhood to wipe His cum from my face and lick it off His cock.

I looked up at Mike and He grinned at me. I thanked Him and kissed His balls as I knew Sheila thought was only proper after they shared with me their precious load.

We parted and I looked around. Bev had Her hand in Her jeans playing with Her pussy. Sheila and Carole had Sir’s cock out and each had Their hand on it coaxing it to it’s full glory. Both Women were breathing hard and I could see Sir had His hands on Their asses. He was looking at me with a mixture of curiosity and disgust. I knew right then that He wanted me to service Him as I did Mike but that maybe I wasn’t feminine enough in my appearance for Him. Maybe the thought of Him being with a sissy, wanting this sissy to suck His cock made Him apprehensive or gay.

I heard Sheila tell Him it was okay. That His taking His pleasure from Her faggot wouldn’t make Sir less of a Man. She told Him I was there for Real Men like Him to use.

Sheila and Carole led Sir to the couch and beckoned me to kneel between His legs and help Them prepare Him. I untied and removed His shoes and socks as the Women removed His shirt. I could see that Sir had a broad and hairy chest and six pack abs. He stood and Sheila convinced Him that it would be okay for Him to allow me to remove His trousers.

I knelt face to face with His impressive cock and with the utmost care I opened the button that held His pants closed. Then without making eye contact I gently and slowly pulled down on the waist of His Khakis. Very carefully I put His big cock back in His boxer shorts and pulled them down.

Unlike me, Sir had hair on His balls and legs. This is an impressive Man I thought as I wrapped my painted finger nails around the base of His throbbing member.

Sheila told Sir that it was my function to suck off any Man in Her house that was going to fuck the Women. That was so the Real Men wouldn’t cum too soon when He fucked the Ladies.

I held His big cock up in one hand and lowered my face to His balls. I buried my nose in the crack of His ass and licked whatever exposed skin I could. I suddenly became in heat and I really wanted to please this Real Man. I need to show my Sheila how far I’d come under Her tutelage. I was also remembering the big cock I beat off to over skype.

Sir’s wasn’t the first ass I’d made love to. I had shown my devotion to Sheila’s big ass many times but I heard an audible gasp from those watching as I moved behind Sir and licked the crack of His tight ass. I reached around and tenderly masturbated his cock as I worked my tongue into His puckered rose bud. My other hand held His balls, my nails teasingly scratching the hairy sack as I worshipped His anus.

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