First Time

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“Hmm. Nice body.” The girl spun around trying to put the towel around her ‘nice body’ and confronted her friend Becky.

“What’s the matter with you?” She cried and tightened the towel around herself glaring at her best friend.

“The door was open so I came in. Did I scare you?” Becky teased eyeing Monica. Long blond hair dripping wet from her shower, lush curves hidden underneath the towel and a wide eyed expression on her face.

“No. Yes. Maybe.” Monica stammered. She flushed red and turned away. Becky, unperturbed continued to eye Monica. Monica pretended to ignore her and instead wiped the steam from the bathroom mirror and caught sight of her friend in the reflection.

Tall perky breasts flame red hair. Everything Monica wished she could be. She glared hatefully at her friend again for having caught her naked and then relaxed her shoulders.

“Did you need something?” She asked. Becky grinned.


“Wh-What?” Monica stammered her eyes growing round with fear.

“Well you looked a little into seeing yourself naked and I would love to explore that cute body of yours.” Becky explained.

“You’re talking as if you’re a….a lesbian.”

“Because I am.” Becky replied. Monica gasped and turned redder.

“But I thought….”

“Thought what?” Becky countered. casino oyna

“Nothing. I didn’t know you where a lesbian. How come you never told me?” Monica asked now very conscious of how she must look to Becky.

“It never seemed to matter I wasn’t horny around you. Now I am.” Becky said with a shrug.

“But.” Monica was at a loss for words.

“So can I?”

“Can you what?”

“Explore your body. With my tongue and hands I really want to.”

“I… I don’t think that would be a good idea.” Monica said after a long pause.

“Please? I promise you’ll like it.” Becky pleaded stepping closer to Monica. She stepped back her body coming in contact with the sink. Becky reached forward and grabbed the towel yanking it gently free of Monica’s grasp and revealing her body. Becky grinned and ran her palm down the center of Monica’s chest to her stomach watching her friend’s eyes. Monica shut her eyes and shuttered a little bit.

“Come on lets go back to your room.” Becky suggested tugging Monica along and down the hall. Monica put up slight resistance as her curiosity began to take control. Becky led her to her bedroom and shut and locked the door before Monica could protest. While Monica stood unsure of what to do Becky began to take off her own clothes. Her nipples growing hard in anticipation slot oyna and excitement. Monica started to look away but somehow couldn’t. Becky caressed her own tits moaning a little and watching Monica.

“Can I touch you again?” She asked. Monica nodded slightly. Becky moved to stand in front of her and cupped her tits lowering her head to take one nipple then the other into her mouth. Monica gasped. Her knees starting to feel weak. Becky backed her up until she sat down on the bed. She released Monica’s tight nipple from her mouth and looked down at her.

“You’re scared. Don’t be.” She whispered and pushed Monica back on the bed spreading her legs wide for an unrestricting view of her tight pussy. Becky licked her lips and grinned wickedly at Monica. She touched Monica’s clit softly and watched her jerk slightly. Arousal shot through Becky.

She slowly began massaging Monica’s pussy lips and lowered her head to suck on her clit. Monica let out a low moan and arched slightly toward Becky. Becky rubbed circles around Monica’s tight hole enjoying the feel of her slick opening growing wetter by the minute. Her juices beginning to flow. Becky inserted two fingers inside her tight hole and began to finger her slowly still sucking on her clit and listening to the small gasps and pants coming from Monica’s canlı casino siteleri mouth. Becky began to move her fingers faster sucking a little bit harder on Monica’s clit making her squeal. She grinned.

“Feels good huh?” She teased. Monica didn’t trust her voice all she could do was nod her head and moan again as Becky rubbed her clit and finger fucked her. She removed her two fingers dripping wet and licked them clean then ran her tongue in teasing flicks along Monica’s pussy tasting her and loving it. She thrust her tongue inside of Monica who gasped and arched her cute ass completely off the bed. Becky put her hands down and stroked Monica’s ass with her hands holding her up and thrusting her tongue faster. She felt Monica’s muscles begin to tighten and heard her breathing coming faster and harder as her climax drew closer.

Finally hot juices came forth in a gush that shook Monica’s whole body. Becky’s tongue becoming bathed in Monica’s sweet climax. Monica moaned louder and wiggled a little bit. Becky pulled back and watched as the juice flowed from Monica’s swollen pussy and soaked the bed a little bit. As Monica gave one last spasm she went limp and moaned again. Becky smiled and crawled up the bed to lay next to Monica.

“Women do it better don’t we?” Becky asked. Monica still breathing hard nodded and flushed deep red.

“You’re not going to tell anyone are you?” She asked fearfully.

“Nope. It will be our little secret.” Becky whispered bringing Monica’s head forward until their lips met. Sealing the promise with a kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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