First Visit to an Adult Bookstore

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Firsts tend to be memorable events. Even 40 years later…

I was home from college for the first time; winter break after living in the dorm for 5 months I was back in suburban New Jersey for the first time. I had two things – a baggie of weed, and ID that said I was an adult. My hometown had something I could now visit – the Adult Bookstore!

I remember it as a sunny day. No one else was home, so I stepped out on the back porch, smoked a joint and was buzzed. I went back to my room and for some reason, figured that it was important to leave my underwear home. When I was set, I got in the car and drove the ½ mile or so and then parked my care. Never dawned on me that I might want to park carefully and strategically so I wouldn’t be seen – I learned to do that later.

I opened the door and it was as if I was in another world. Garish neon backlighting on the walls; display cases with things ranging from handcuffs to dildos; aisles of books and magazines with naked bodies prominently displayed – this was new! There was also a smell to the place – a mixture of cigarette smoke and something undefined.

Nobody asked to see ID, so I just went in and assumed that my newly grown mustache was enough. I suspect that my status as “new to the place” was probably obvious to the regulars – gazing wide-eyed at magazines featuring every sort of sex act I had read about. (Remember, this was before the Internet and the advent of “all porn, illegal bahis all the time” that we now live in.) I remember that I was hard as a rock within minutes, and that I spent what seemed like forever browsing through magazines. There were seemingly dozens of magazines just featuring boobs! And then I found the hard core magazines and I was aching!

Even back then, I was drawn to written pornography. That was back when there were series’ of paperbacks, with illustrated covers and titles like “Steaming School Teachers”, “On the Wrong Side of the Tracks” and many others. They had shelves of paperbacks with titles that were as arousing as anything. I haven’t seen much of those in the last few visits in recent days, frankly.

At some point, I discovered their movies. The technology we have now didn’t exist – they had a master list of booths with titles, and then each booth would have a card. One film per booth. To see something else, you needed to change to another booth. Yes, I know, primitive stuff!

I got change for a ten, and with all those quarters in my pockets I walked behind the black curtain for the booths. I don’t recall which one I picked, but I remember it was a large room where I carefully locked the door behind me. I put in a quarter, looked through to the wall where the projected image showed a busty woman on her knees, sucking cock. Damn! It really was my first porno movie, and in no time at all I had my zipper illegal bahis siteleri down and my hard cock in my hand, pumping furiously. Then the picture went dark and I realized I needed to feed in more quarters to have it on long enough to get off. As I was putting money into the machine, I notice a slot on the side wall, and a finger beckoning me.

Could it be? Did someone want to suck my cock? (I liked getting off. I had learned at college that guys liked to get other guys off and letting them didn’t make me gay.) So I let the money fall in and then turned to face that hole in the wall. What I hadn’t counted on was the effect my not having underware was going to have.

The guy had his hands on my cock and it felt wonderful. He managed to get his other hand through and unbuttoned my jeans and let them down to find out that there was nothing else to deal with. I remember his hands on my ass feeling so different and gooed. I remember him turning me around so he was looking at my ass and then massaging both cheeks.

He pulled his hands back, and whispered “come over to my booth”. I thought about it for a second and simply wanted to have him playing with my ass again, so I said “ok”, picked up my pants, zipped up and left my booth for his. I knocked and he opened it. I remember thinking “an old guy” – and now I suspect he might have been in his 40’s. He pulled me in, got down on his knees, undid my zipper, pulled down canlı bahis siteleri my pants and briefly played with my cock before turning me around.

Then he started eating my ass. I couldn’t believe it – I was speechless and lost in the sensation and horny and just plain feeling good. His hands on my ass, then on my balls and then on my cocks were making me dizzy, and his tongue on my ass was beyond description. I heard his zipper go down, and suddenly his cock was pressing into my ass. I didn’t even think – I just listened to him in my ear telling me to bear down and then suddenly his cock was in my ass. I have no recollection of how big it was – but I do recall him bending me over, then fucking me for a minute or two and I felt the hot explosion of him cumming in my ass. It was stunning! I was stunned.

The one thing that stays with me to this day is what he did next – no sooner had he pulled his shrinking dick out of my ass but he got down on his knees, turned me around and dove down on my aching cock until his nose was buried in my pubes and his tongue was licking my balls. I exploded down his throat as soon as that happened and he stayed attached to me, drinking down every drop and draining me dry. I was seeing stars by that point.

As I pulled up my pants and got ready to leave the booth, he thanked me and invited me to call him for some more time together, slipping me his phone number. I mumbled something and almost ran out of there, got in my car and headed home with his cum leaking out of my asshole and the most amazing buzz I had ever enjoyed.

Needless to say, I became a fan of more than adult bookstores that day. Hopefully I’ll have more fan tales to relate.

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