Frat House Visit Ch. 03

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Manny turned the corner from the bathroom just in time to see Josh carry the woman into the room. They had been at the door long enough for Manny to see the woman, but she was not sure if this was the famous Jackie? Josh had stood her against the wall as he struggled to find the key to the lock. Even in this drunken state, the woman was beautiful. Her hair was lush, long and dark. She filled out her blouse in a way Manny could never hope to. She had all the curves the boys liked, and then some. Standing there in the shadow, Manny felt insecurity rise in the pit of her stomach. That is what all the boys want, including Josh. Manny watched Josh pick the woman up again with an ease that surprised her. She was not a small girl, but he carried her into the room easily and pushed the door behind them.

Manny was unsure of whether or not to interrupt them, but he wanted to help for Josh’s sake. If that was Jackie, Manny knew he cared about her a lot. She hesitated in the hall, debating with herself what to do next. She took a few steps towards the door before noise from across the hall caught her attention. Above the sounds of the din from below, she could hear a yelling crowd. Several voices rose and fell as if watching a sporting event. Curiosity got the best of her and she turned towards the other door.

Pushing the door open slightly, Manny saw a lot of people forming a circle around the middle of the room. Only catching glimpses through the bodies in front of her, she thought that someone was naked on the bed. She was not sure what was going on, and was suddenly surprised as the door was yanked open from inside. A guy dragged her into the room by the arm and handed her a cup of beer. “Either get in, or get out girl. But don’t leave the door open like that for all to see.” He pushed the door and she heard the lock click behind her.

Everyone was focused on the bed, but she could see nothing more yet. She squirmed her way between two guys to get a better look. One of them grabbed her ass as she passed, and it scared her enough to make her jump. Looking back at him and his friends, she decided not to say anything for fear of getting into a bad situation while locked in this room. She turned her attention to the bed, shocked by what she saw. There were five people on a very large bed, two girls and three guys. One of the girls lay on her back with one guy squatting above her face. She was feverishly licking and sucking his penis and balls, while another guy was licking her cleanly shaved pussy. She was squirming and moaning from the oral attention, passing it along just as skillfully to the guy in her mouth. The other pair were in a land of their own, the girl sitting high atop him on the bed, riding roughly. The crowd noise was escalating with her as she rode him faster, willing him to make her cum.

Louder groans from the threesome drew Manny’s attention to the guy receiving oral. He had reached the point of no return, and Manny could see the girl below trying not to choke under his thrusts. She twisted her head to escape him while trying to push him from her mouth, but he would not allow her to get away completely, and ended up spraying all over her face. She was blinded by the sticky mess, and tried to wipe herself with the sheets, but before she could succeed, the second guy rolled her onto her stomach. The first guy grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her arms out straight. The second came up behind with his penis in hand, stroking it to ensure its preparation. He kneeled behind her and spit into his hand, then stroked it once on his shaft. Then with a quick thrust, he plunged into her, drawing gasps from deep in her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri throat. She began to struggle, but the guy holding her wrists kept her down as the penetrator’s weight kept her pinned to the bed. His hips worked with the speed of a rabbit. The girl winced below each thrust, moaning expressions of her pleasure. It was not long before this guy was cumming also. He tensed up in orgasmic contractions, withdrawing to shoot his seed all over her back. As he finished, Manny saw more guys approaching the bed; stepping up to take a turn with her. They actually seemed to be forming a line, and she had never seen so many penises in her life.

The second girl was well on her way to her own conclusion when she looked over at the first girl. She watched as her friend’s face was being pushed into a pillow; unaware of the guy coming up behind her. He grabbed her hands from behind her and pushed her flat onto the chest of her partner. Her ride lay still beneath, as the second guy climbed up behind her. With her ass exposed high on her perch, he stroked his penis with his free hand, coaxing it to life. Manny saw it was not as long as the one she glimpsed in the shower, but it was quite thick and she feared it would never fit inside the girl. As he pushed it inside her ass, Manny expected to hear screams of anguish, but there were moans of joy instead. Manny could not believe her eyes. This girl was taking two penises at one time in two different holes! How could she enjoy this?

The crowd around the bed started chanting, “Open up, join up, open up, join up…” Manny realized that all the guys in the room were dropping their pants and in various stages of physical arousal. Some were well along the way of stroking themselves, others just freeing themselves of their underwear. The penises were all sizes, and colors. She was both excited and scared of the display in the room. Although their attention seemed to be on the bed, she became painfully aware that she was the only woman in the room not being taken by multiple guys. With the rising fervor in the room, she feared that she could be next. The crowd closed in around the bed, chanting louder and louder. Manny pushed her way to the back and wrestled to free the lock on the door. She took one last look back to see the first girl sitting atop one guy and holding another penis in each hand. Manny finally turned for the door, slamming it shut as she left the room.

Manny was both excited and confused. How those girls could do that was beyond her. Two girls taking on so many guys was madness. Were they really enjoying themselves? Would they remember doing this tomorrow? Wouldn’t they be embarrassed by it? The entire thing was so scary, yet somehow exciting and arousing at the same time.

Manny was dizzy from the scene and the alcohol, lost as to what to do next. Josh, she thought. If she could find Josh, she could find some semblance of normalcy, and maybe he could make sense of what she just saw. She hurried back across the hall, and then pressed her ear to the door. She knocked softly, but there was no response. She knocked louder; no response. She imagined that she might not hear the answer over the din from downstairs, so she tried the handle.

It wasn’t locked, so Manny pushed it open just a bit. Through the opening she saw the dark haired woman topless and on her knees. Her head was bobbing to and fro between the legs the guy standing before her. In a moment of horror, Manny gasped and leapt backwards from the door when she realized that guy was her brother! Waiting for the shock to pass, she listened for sounds that she had been discovered, but there were güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri no so such sounds.

Manny eased the door open farther this time. She was frozen to the spot, watching this woman suck her brother’s penis as her naked breasts swayed from side to side. Josh’s hands were on her head, and the look on his face showed he was enjoying it. If he opened his eyes, he would surely see Manny, but she forgave him his distraction. The familiar warmth had started between Manny’s legs, and she could no longer ignore the need to touch it. She glanced left and right down the hall to ensure she was alone in her voyeurism, before sliding a finger of relief under her skirt. She chose to kneel on the floor for the rest of the show. This would make her hands in her lap less conspicuous. Then she opened her mouth to mimic the girl, imagining performing the service herself.

The woman leaned back and took her mouth away, and Manny could see her brother’s penis. It was hard and thick, but not too long, at least not like the scary one she had seen in the other room. It was twitching as it stood out before him, and she watched it jump in awe. She wondered if all guys did that. The pair had turned enough for Manny to see that the girl was teasing him now, alternately stroking and licking the tip. Her own hands followed the example, as if understudy to the star. The girl then stood, still holding him firmly in her hand. She was saying something to Josh, but the words did not reach Manny’s ears.

As the two spoke, there was a look of sorrow that fell between them. Josh seemed to be leading the way. The girl sat back on the bed, raising her skirt and pulling her underwear to the side. Her pubic hair had been completely shaved and her vaginal lips were small and thin, both traits quite foreign to Manny. Her girlfriends had told her that she had to shave if she was ever going to wear a bathing suit, but she never did wear one in public. Manny was embarrassed by the thickness and length of her vaginal lips, learning early that they would show through a bathing suit. So on the rare occasions that she did swim in public, it was in a pair of shorts.

The conversation continued between the two in the room, but the woman’s invitation was apparently declined. Josh handed her clothes back to her, and turned to dress himself. Manny was caught up in her brother’s obvious sorrow, and didn’t notice the woman was moving quickly towards the door. Manny had no time to clear the way and the woman ran right into her, before cursing her and running on. She had not even finished dressing completely; her blouse hanging halfway off her shoulder. The sobs were telling that she had not taken Josh’s rejection lightly.

Manny got up from the floor as quickly as she could; scurrying down the hall to the room she was sharing with her brother. She didn’t want Josh to catch her outside the door, realizing what she had seen. Adrenaline was racing through her. She wanted to help ease his pain, but to do so would only prove she was there; flight seemed the better of her choices. With her decision made, she slipped into the bedroom and closed the door. She sat on the bed allowing her racing heart to slow; trying to figure out what to do next.



Josh had wanted Jackie for so long. He had waited and waited, and now when his time finally arrived, he couldn’t go through with it; not like this. Jackie was completely drunk, and was only doing it out of pity for him. Even worse, it was really just to make herself feel better. Despite his desires for her, he was not willing to have her in this way. He did güvenilir bahis şirketleri not want her pity, and he knew she would regret it when she sobered up. It was just not what he had been dreaming of all these years. After a last peek into the mirror, he stepped into the hall, headed back downstairs.

The music grew louder as Josh descended the stairs to the main room of the party. The party had continued to grow and there were many more couples and single girls on the dance floor. In his mood, he didn’t bother to scan the dance floor for the hottest girls. He was headed straight for the bar. The plan was to get in a few shots, and then he would evaluate his next steps with a good buzz on. Maybe he might find a girl to spend a few hours of quality time with to help him forget about Jackie… at least until the sun came up again.

Bang, bang, bang. The three shot glasses slammed back on the top of the bar. Josh was determined to drown his anguish and frustration. He scanned the room for a potential partner. There was the usual assortment of long legged women, wearing skirts that were barely bigger than a band-aid. There was an array of breasts on display, bouncing before him on the dance floor. They ran the gamut from barely there to ‘those can’t be real’, and some of these women were gorgeous, but Josh just couldn’t motivate himself to pursue any of them. He was really down, and despite the unfulfilled hardon still raging in his pants, the choice to leave the party seemed the best. He’d head back upstairs and lock himself away in his room, letting the rest of the house party on around him.



Manny was sitting on the edge of the bed still trying to digest what she had seen. The last few hours had been quite educational, but seeing her own brother was testing her emotional limits. She couldn’t come to terms with being so turned on by the site of her brother getting head, and the thought that she would have watched the entire scene if things had not gone sour between him and the brunette. Turning the images over and over in her head, she rocked herself gently on the bed, sliding her hands up and down her thighs. It was a gesture she had done all her life. In times of emotional duress, she found it calming, but this time it was not working. Her hands brushed against the moist swatch of fabric that was passing for her underwear, and she was reminded of her arousal. That was Josh, for goodness sake, how could she be so turned on by her brother?

But she was. The image of Josh’s hard penis sliding in and out of that woman’s mouth was so sexy. Manny wondered how it would feel sliding across her lips and if she would choke if he pushed in too far. The moisture between her legs returned and she spread her legs farther apart. The brushing of her thighs quickly became caresses of her lips, and the light from the lamp glistened on their wetness. She unconsciously formed an O with her lips as she imagined trying to get it into her mouth. She spread herself wider and rubbed faster as she allowed the images to sink in without prejudice. His penis was a beautiful sight, and she began to imagine its pressure as he probes between her wet hairy lips. Whether it would pull her hair as he went in, she did not know, but she conjured him as a gentle lover who would be concerned that he did not hurt her.

Manny closed her eyes and lay back on the bed, becoming consumed by the fantasy. She raised her hips skyward to free herself of her g-string for unobstructed access. Then her fingers plunged deeply, two at a time, as her mind saw Josh’s beautiful penis. He lay atop her gently with the width of his hips spreading her thighs. She envisioned his muscular shoulders and chest, as they bore the weight of his body during his slow penetration. He would feel so good, she imagined, so much better than her hairbrush ever could. She was lost in the dream while her fingers continued, and she began to whisper his name.

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