From Cyber to Sensational

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Does nervousness always heighten the sense of anticipation and excitement when you first meet somebody? If that is the case then I always want to be nervous when I meet him.

Standing there waiting for him at the Railway Station, my bag on the ground, and I also a complete bag of nerves, oh typical vanity I know… is my hair OK, my clothes, make up… too much? Not enough? The list went on. Damn my super punctuality, I’m always early and always the one who feels as if everyone else is running late. The self-recriminations kept me quite occupied up until I felt a hand tap me on my shoulder.

Turning, shocked at the intrusion of my personal space, I was ready to have a go at the person brazen enough to dare touch me! My eyes fell on his face so familiar yet not quite, where I expected it, he seemed to tower over me, what a fool I must have looked with my jaw hitting the ground just staring at him. That soft gentle smile spread over his face and I felt myself relax, smiling back at him I instinctively moved forward, wrapped my arms round his waist, and hugged him ever so tight, I moved in closer as his arms covered me and enfolded around me.

Pulling away, I laughed and just grinned at him, blushing, and fumbling for words in a situation ever so new to me.

“Hello” I said at last and we both laughed. Leaning forward he placed a gentle kiss on my lips and I knew he understood what I was going through inside.

I had first “met” him in a chat room that we both used, for a good while we were just people who both enjoyed a laugh and of course, the occasional flirt. I knew he was off limits though because he had a partner (lucky bitch) but that did not stop me chatting to him and enjoying his company. Why not? After all, he was charming, witty, and ever so caring in many ways. I felt a lurch in my tummy whenever I saw his name appear in the room. Oh, I felt stupid; all this internet romance stuff…well we all knew it was a bunch of malarkey. However, try as I might I found myself more and more attracted to him. One look at his photo and I was smitten, the rest they say is history…months passed, he went “missing” from chat for a while and a sort of heaviness came over me when he didn’t appear at his usual times. I resigned myself to the fact that he had moved on from chat to real time with his cyber partner.

That was not the case, he turned up again, well he was “single”, and I leapt at the chance to get to know him better. That of course led me up and down the rocky road to where I was standing at the station waiting for him, and then in his arms.

Taking my hand we walked off, he led me to a quiet little café and sat in there chatting and laughing about everything. Although in many ways strangers, we melded and the time flew, we had lunch and many coffees, oblivious to the world passing by.

We had arranged to meet halfway between the distance of out hometowns, and I was pleased with the place we chose. Walking from the short distance from the café to our hotel we continued to revel in our past, in our expectations and dreams about this moment, the laughter was much and I felt the rosy glow wrap around me that I had always felt when I heard his voice down the phone line. I wonder now if people seeing me walking with him, would have known how ecstatic I was at that moment, that this man I had spent so many intimate sexual encounters with already was actually to all terms of social norms a completely new acquaintance.

We had agreed to book separate rooms. Realists at heart we knew that what was an almost perfect union online could be a complete failure when we actually met face to face.

Having booked in and received our keys from the receptionist, we walked up the stairs to our rooms. Standing at the door of my room, I shifted nervously, placing my overnight bag on the floor, he turned to me his face full of questions.

“Would you like to come in for a coffee?” I looked at the floor as I spoke, feeling almost shameful that I really just couldn’t put up with being apart from him for longer than I had to.

“Sure, I’ll just drop my bag off in my room, I’d also like a quick shower illegal bahis and then I’ll be right back to you” His smile was comforting; he showed neither shock nor distaste that I had invited him to my room.

Picking my bag back up, I opened the door and walked in, closing it quickly I leaned back against the cool of the solid wood, suddenly I was yet again a bag of nerves…shower…yes, good idea. Quickly unpacking so that my clothes wouldn’t crease, I grabbed my toiletries and ran into the bathroom. Before long I was in the streams of the hot shower, I even used the silly shower cap the Hotel provided. My nerves seemed to wash away with the fragrant shower gel; I rested against the tiles and let the water relax me. I must have stayed there for longer than I had thought because I was brought back from my thoughts by a knock on the door.

“Be right there,” I yelled, stepping from the shower, turning it off as I grabbed the soft towelling robe hanging on the door. Walking to the door, I threw off the shower cap onto a nightstand and then opened the door slightly. As soon as I opened the door, I blushed to see him standing there. His hair was still damp from the shower, but he looked refreshed. He had changed into a pair of jeans and a casual sports top, he smelled delectable.

“Are you going to let me in then?” He laughed and walked into the room.

“I’m…I’m not dressed yet” I stammered.

“And that is supposed to bother me?” Again, he laughed; I began to blush thinking of our times on the web cam. Oh, God I knew just knew all along that I would regret the things he and I had done in those months leading up to our meeting. The things we had done to gap the distance, to relieve the strain of our attraction.

He face came over serious, his face although smiling so softly had a look of sternness I backed off, suddenly a bit wary. What the fuck was I doing here, what a fool, I hadn’t even let anyone know where I was going what I was doing…had I been caught up in a web of deceit? My back up against the door, I stood there paralysed with a sense of unknowing.

The expression on his face changed, I suddenly recognised the look. He had the same look when I had first nervously shown him my body over the cam. A flush rose from my toes to the top of my head as I realised that my robe had worked loose and he was staring at my breasts. My breath came hard as a feeling of total exhilaration spread through me. He was displaying the same level of attraction now as he had in our online times together.

Walking towards me, his beautiful eyes held mine in a gaze that thrilled me. His hand reached out and tugged the cord of the robe, softly pushing it from my shoulders, pulling me from the wall so that it fell to the floor. His eyes went up and down me as he held me at arms length.

“You are so much better in the flesh” His fingers trailed from my neck down to my hand “So soft, so beautiful…” He tugged me close to him, wrapping me up in his arms, large hands holding me so tight that I could hardly breathe. I closed my eyes and relished in his closeness, all my inhibitions faded as I moulded my body closer still, the touch of his hands on my bare skin pleasing me than I thought I could ever imagine.

As his mouth began to cover my neck and shoulders in gentle yet needy kisses, I felt myself moving my hips in a circular motion, lost in the rhythm of his kisses my body reacted to the tune he played on me. His leg moved between mine and I carried on, there was I in my dream, the dream I felt we had both shared for so long now.

Moving me back against the wall, he went to his knees, his mouth moving over the soft roundness of my stomach, his hands holding me firmly on my hips, his mouth moved higher, as he pushed me down a little. His almost ravenous mouth caught a nipple which he began to tease and torture deliciously with licks and sucks, the exquisite delight had me gasping as his teeth tightened and clamped down on the now erect pink nub and began to tug it from my skin. A soft groan escaped him, as he seemed to feast on my large, heavy tits. His eyes displayed the typical look of a kid locked overnight illegal bahis siteleri in a sweet shop. All I could was stand there, my hands running fingers through his hair as he led me through a cacophony of emotions and feelings. I chuckled inwardly as I remember a very much earlier time when he had acclaimed himself as somewhat of a tit lover…no joking!

Broken from my reminiscing I felt my foot raised onto his bent knee, my legs slightly parted, my head flew back as his hands went between my thighs, his mouth still busy deciding which part of my chest it wanted to devour. Softly yet with no hesitation, his fingers entered me, I could feel them move so wonderfully in my now wet and ever so hot cunt. As if mesmerised his fingers left my now eager fuck hole and came up to my breasts, he smeared my juices upon each nipple and began to suck fervently, avidly paying attention so that he might lick and suck every drop of my juice from me. I stood there shaking like a bloody baby; I had gone gaa-gaa from his ministrations. I was lost in this total assault on my sensations.

My body slid down the wall as he spread my legs further until I was almost squatting for him. His fingers parted my now aroused, swollen lips apart; he explored me with his finger tips, no fold left un-noticed, no spot left untouched. His eyes were alight with lust and I was the focus of his attentions. I had to clench my teeth to hold back, I could sense that this was his way of “introducing” himself to me. He wanted to know me inside and out…and well you girls out there understand what I mean, when I say with a wicked grin on my face, who was I to stop him? His work rough fingers jerked me back to reality as my clit was laid bare to his explorations, I watched as he almost wanked my stiff, pink bud, moving its hood up and over repeatedly, just as he had seem me do…

My head became light as the sensations wracked through me, I clenched tight as the beginning of an orgasm tore through me. His flat hands now pushed my now damp thighs apart as he saw the orgasm come, and his tongue replaced his fingers, talented flicks of his tongue drove me wild, my pelvis began to thrust forward onto his face, as he lapped at me. The feeling of his tongue deep in my cunt sent me over the edge and with a scream, I came with such a force that I unconsciously grabbed and yanked at his hair to stop myself from falling. He seemed to sigh in delight as my cunt juice squirted onto his waiting tongue. My God, he was drinking me! Oh yes we had played all this in our cyber love life, but I never thought, I never knew…I was in heaven.

The cat that got the cream sprung into mind as his face lifted up to me with the most euphoric expression I had seen in a long time. He slowly licked at his lips, his face covered in my cum. I slipped further down the wall until I was level with his head, his hands held my face and pulled me in for a kiss, and I tasted myself on him, my own juice lubricating our kiss. Well that was it for me of course; all those words we had said to each other now became the menu of our lovemaking. I began to lick his cum smeared face clean, my cunt tightening with a wave of lust and horniness like I had never experienced before in my life. I wanted to fuck this man now more than I had ever wanted to fuck before.

I sank to the floor with a plop as he stood up and began to undress, I sat there spread-eagled as his slipped his jeans down his well toned legs, pulling his pants down with them, his stiff cock free from it’s tight cage.

I began to get up from the floor as his shirt was pulled up and over his head until his tall self stood before me completely naked, and as he had said so much better in the flesh. Now on my knees, I stared at him awed, the cam had not exaggerated the tightness of his foreskin and the way it made the shiny head of his cock glow a vivid purple. I growled from deep inside, (an animal instinct I say now) as I looked at his throbbing member, the blood coursing into it making it bob slightly with its power.

I began to crawl towards him as if hypnotised by his cock in all its hard glory. I could not believe it canlı bahis siteleri I was literally drooling with my desire for him. I licked at my wet lips and continued my pursuit, he grinned down at me as he walked backwards to the bed, he glanced at my pendulous breasts swaying as I made my way slowly towards him. As he sat down on the edge of the bed, I scrambled forward keen to get at his cock. I wanted to taste it so very badly. He moved swiftly out of my way and pulled me up so that I was standing, turning me around he laid me width ways over the bed. Walking round the bed he motioned me to shift so that my head hung over the side, he moved up to me his cock right in my face. My neck tilted back as far as it could go and I opened my mouth, my tongue ran inquisitively over the smooth crown, the tip probed into the cum hole as I tasted his pre-cum, I flicked at the creamy, salty taste closing my eyes as at last I got his taste in me. Taking advantage of the slight gap in my front teeth, I was able to suck against the little eye, dragging it tight towards me. His moans egged me on, I caught my breath in excitement as he bent over and began to caress my breasts, his hands large enough to grasp tightly on the orbs of flesh, the intensity of his grip made my whole body tense, and my mouth more eager to please.

Sucking at the crown to bring it to a point, I teased with my teeth nipping the slit together, before my mouth encompassed it entirely, my tongue bathing him with my warmth and wetness. Reaching my arms out behind me, I caught his thighs with my hands and began to rock him, my mouth a warm, wet cunt for him to fuck. Oh so gentle with his movements, resisting my efforts to rush him, he moved slowly in and out of the tight sucking hole that was my mouth. Gradually his cock was driving deeper into me, until at last my swallowing throat began to grasp at the head of his cock. Each slow stroke became more forceful.

His hand’s grip became fiercer as my mouth sucked…lapped…slurped…for that moment I became a cock slut, my whole focus was his pleasure, and oh, it seemed to be working.

I was quite shocked when he pulled away from me, climbing on the bed beside me, he moved me up so that my head lay upon the pillows. His kisses rained down on me, heavy, deep lip locking pleasure, his tongue dancing with mine. His rigid cock pressed against me as we lay on our sides wrapped around each other, my legs curled round his, pointed toes running up and down his calf muscles. My so wet cunt, pressed against his hardness.

This was where our exploration of each other began in earnest, hands running over each other in a frenzy of passion, our moans of delight filling the room with our songs of mutual adoration and worship of each other’s body.

His hand moved down to his cock, running it over my throbbing clit, the pink nub so hard from the excitement. Sensual overdrive as we joined in that way, my clit fucked his cum hole like my own miniature cock. It was too much for me, my words came out in a scream of necessity. “Fuck me! Please oh please fuck me baby…”

I was flipped over instantly, head on the bed my arse raised for him, my dew, glistening cunt exposed to him. No messing about now, his cock entered me with suck a force that I was thrown forward, his hands instantly on my tits, the roughness of his moves and his grabbing of my sensitive tits drove me wild, I almost howled in ecstasy as his heavy balls slapped onto my aching, throbbing clit. I began to rock back so hard against him, my hands reaching through my legs, grasping his balls in my reach, my thumb grinding my own clit.

My cuntal walls gripped him with a force I had never known before; it was as if my whole cunt was like a tight vice, I could feel each vein, each nuance of his hardness in me. Each bump, each little detail burned a pattern of pleasure in me. Light-headedness overcame me as the gratification became too much to bear and my body began to shake with waves of climax. His hands became tighter on my tits, driving me further over the edge, my hand let go of his balls as I grabbed tightly onto the sheets, screaming out as my orgasm over took me. Our climaxes came in unison, our cum exploding onto, into, from us. Each of us lost in that temporary nirvana.

Lying in his arms, both of us coming down from the high, I knew there was no other place I would rather be right at that moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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