Fucked Like Never Before

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We were alone. I could hear his breathing quicken as I stepped towards him.

“Fuck me.” I told him, leaning against him, feeling his hardness through his jeans. It was inviting, calling me. He pulled me closer, lifting me up, making me wrap my legs around him as he pressed against the wall. I pulled at his shirt as his lips were pressed towards mine, tenderly kissing me as I pulled his shirt off. Grabbing him he turned so I was pressing into him, I lifted off his shirt then hopped off, jumping for his crotch, ripping his belt off and on my knees. I used my teeth to rip off his pants, pulling then off leaving him in his boxers. I kissed lightly on his member through the fabric until he grabbed my hair roughly, making me quit teasing and take out his cock. It was huge, scaring me at first but as I looked up to see the lust ridden on his face I spit on his member, lubing it up as I jerked him slowly, making my fingers twist slightly at his tip, and breathing hotly on his head. I could hear him get breathy as I did this, making my grind against my shorts in excitement.

Going lower I found his balls and took them in my mouth, licking and sucks as I jerked him hard, causing him to grab my hair roughly. I licked from his balls up his shaft canlı bahis and chest until I reached his neck, rolling my tongue out as I kissed it. Pulling me to him, I knew it was my turn. He picked me up once again and brought me to the bedroom.

Throwing me down, he ripped off my shorts and pulled off my shirt, leaving me in panties and a bra only. Forcefully he pushed me over, looking at me from the end of the bed.. “Get on your hands and knees baby.”

I did as he said, giving him a view of my ass. He kissed it, teasing my clit through my panties, then using his hand as a toy, rubbing me as I got even more wet. In an instant my panties were off and his face was buried in my exposed, shaved pussy. I moaned as he flicked my slit with his tongue, my moaning getting louder with every lick. He grabbed my ass, digging his nails into it, then dragged a finger with his tongue still sucking on my clit and inserted it; my body quivering with pleasure. I felt on fire, vibrating against his mouth. “Fuck baby this is hot.” He growled as he slapped my ass, then unclasped my bra. I felt myself climax, moaning loudly as my pussy tightened around his finger. I lay back over facing him as his finger came towards my face, wanting me to suck my own bahis siteleri sweet juices off of it. I shifted back, his body pressing into me as he crawled on top of me. His hardness was pressing right into my pussy, making me squeal a bit in surprise. He leant over to the side table and handed me the condom, demanding me to put it on. At first I licked his cock, poking the head under my tongue as he lightly pushed on my mouth, pulling his head in and out a bit as I grabbed the condom and opened it. Pinching the tip I rolled it down, making sure to tease him as I pulled down his length.

I lay back down, letting his eyes roam my body, then settle at my pussy. In an instant I grabbed the hand rails, stretching to give my tits a roundness, as he pressed the head into me, stretching my virgin core. I wrapped my legs around him, making him go deeper, until he was easily able to drill me. He moaned as I scratched his back, kissing his neck as he slowly pumped into me, I could feel myself getting hotter the harder he went. I whispered in his ear, “I want you. I want you to fuck me from behind, groping my ass, dominating me.”

He did as I said, which ended with me, ass in the air as I gripped the head board rails. He slapped my ass as I waited bahis şirketleri for him to push his cock into me, but instead he kissed my ass and licked my slit, teasing me. “Say my name.” he said slapping my ass again.

I whimpered as he slapped my ass, getting wet all over again. “You’ve been a dirty girl. Disobeying me. Say my name.” He then roughly drilled into me, grabbing my shoulder for support as fucked me hard making me scream. His other hand scratched down my back again, slapping me ass as he drilled me harder, making me close to climaxing.

“Fuck me just like that baby,” I told him as he went deeper, the sound of his body slamming into my ass making me shudder in utter pleasure. He stopped, then lie down as it turned to ride his face, his tongue beating into my pussy making me climax. I grabbed my breasts as my pussy tightened around his cock, realizing sweet, hot, cum on him. I screamed as the orgasm ripped through me, making me quiver on his face, he then gripped my hips and pulled me on his cock, making me ride him, his hands on my ass helping me bounce. I grabbed his chest roughly as I bounced faster, dominating him. I played with my clit, the combination making his hips buckle as he screamed my name. I quickly jumped off him, him knowing what I wanted causing him to sit up and shake his dick off onto my ass, cum falling on my ass, him rubbing it in until he bent over me, ” was that good enough?”

(a/n) first story! Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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