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My name is John Jones. Yeah, I know, very original. Unfortunately, that is the name my parents saddled me with. Most of my friends call me JJ or Johnny which is fine with me. I’m a pretty average guy in all regards…height, weight, everything…I’m an average person with an average name. In one regard, however, I’m not particularly average. I had my own start up software business that took off in a big way in the 90’s. I was bought out by one of the big software companies just before the bubble burst so I was able to pocket a lot of money! I’m loaded with dough!

Having a lot of money means I don’t need to work for a living anymore but to be retired at the age of 28 is rather ludicrous. So, in order to keep busy, I became a “consultant”. Apparently, since I didn’t lose my shirt when the bubble burst, I’m a sage and a hot commodity. I kind of like being a consultant because I get to travel all over the world and share my “knowledge” with people who give me lots of money for that knowledge. It’s rather amusing.

I fly around the globe in first class and stay in the finest hotels. People kowtow and fawn over me all of the time. I really don’t expect people to do that and I ask (honestly, I do) not to be treated in a special way. Remember, I’m just an average guy. I do like talking to people and I try to earn the respect of the people I consult for. Because of this I have made a lot of friends all over the world.

During a recent job in Paris I worked closely with a young woman in the IT department of a major French company. Her name was Gabrielle. She was about the same age as I, was very smart and was an ebony beauty. It was a bit of a distraction working with her because I would catch myself just staring at her beautiful face. You see, I generally worked with men on jobs like this and most of them were older. With Gabrielle being the same age we had many of the same likes and dislikes. We started out on a very formal footing with her calling me Mr. Jones and me calling her…well I didn’t get a last name so I called her Gabrielle. During the first day, I told her to call me JJ and she asked me to call her Gabi.

After the second day, I asked Gabi if she would have dinner with me. I told her it got to be a little boring dining by myself. And, to not be too indelicate, I told her to bring her husband or boyfriend along. Gabi assured me there was no husband or boyfriend and that she would be happy to have dinner with me as long as it wasn’t somewhere fancy. We went to a bistro that she was familiar with and had a wonderful meal. I really enjoyed Gabi’s company during our dinner. She was a wonderful conversationalist and was very easy on the eyes.

We dined together a couple of more times laughing more often than not. Finally, after one dinner I asked her if she would like to come up to my hotel room. She said she had always been curious about what the rooms were like at my hotel so agreed to come up. I showed her around the room and ordered a bottle of champagne to be sent up. We drank the wine and talked about her life in Paris. She said she had a pretty normal upbringing by Paris standards. Her Mother was a professor at the Sorbonne and her Father was an engineer for Renault. They lived in the 5th arrondissement near the Pantheon because it was close to where her Mother taught.

After we finished the wine Gabi said she should go. I asked her if she would have dinner with me the next day and she agreed. I told her, “Since it’s Saturday I would like to take you somewhere nice. I think the hotel restaurant has two Michelin stars. Would you mind dining here?”

“I would love to dine here. Should I meet you here at 8 then?”

“That would be perfect! I’ll make the reservation.”

I’m well aware that I, as a person, am not the chick magnet but my money is. I have been chased by many beautiful women in my time and could have bedded them all but I don’t care for that sort of thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex as much as the next guy but I don’t want to get stuck in an uncomfortable situation. So, I’m generally a hands-off sort of guy. I’ll look but I won’t touch. Gabi, on the other hand, appealed to me in so many ways. She is funny, smart, beautiful and doesn’t seem to give a fig about my riches. During all of the dinners we had together she always insisted on going Dutch. I could fall for this woman in a big way.

I spent the day buying evening clothes so they would let me into the restaurant. The concierge pointed me in the right direction for the clothing and took care of the reservation for me. After shopping I wandered around Paris making random turns down back streets trying to get a feel for the noncommercial Paris. I had great fun while killing time until my dinner date with Gabi. Finally, I wandered back to the hotel to shower and change my clothes. At 7:45 I went downstairs into the lobby to await Gabi’s arrival. I asked the Concierge to send a bottle of champagne to my room at around 9. Gabi arrived güvenilir bahis several minutes early looking absolutely ravishing. She had a form fitting gown of cream with lots of sparkly bits on it. The dress was long and slinky, it was fairly low cut exposing a larger cleavage than I had expected and her figure was enhanced compared to her work clothes. Her hair was done up differently but was very attractive. Her makeup was minimal but what she had only enhanced her natural beauty.

I walked up to her and took her hands. She gave me the traditional two cheek kiss and then stood back.

“You look absolutely wonderful!” I told her.

“You look very handsome, too!” she replied.

“Shall we go in to dinner?” I offered my arm which she took and we walked into the restaurant. As we followed the Maître d’ I let Gabi go in front of me. I couldn’t help but admire her lovely figure and her enchanting backside as she walked. When we arrived at our table we were seated beside each other. A whole army of wait staff descended on our table while we read the menu. I had to ask Gabi what some of the items were as my French is far from comprehensive. We ordered and were treated to one of the best experiences of my life. The food was exquisite, the wine incredible and the company incomparable. When we had finished, I told Gabi that I had ordered a bottle of champagne to my room if she would like to join me. She readily agreed.

When we got to my room I went to the champagne, opened it and poured two glasses. I then held my glass up to her and said, “To the most beautiful woman in Paris. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to spend it with me. I am, forever, in your debt!”

Gabi blushed and said, “It has been my pleasure. You are kind, funny and a joy to be with. Thank you for allowing me to tag along!” It was my turn to blush now. We drank our toasts and I invited Gabi to have a seat.

My hotel room was actually a very large suite of rooms. The main room was large and furnished in a traditional French way with a lot of period pieces of furniture. There was a door to the right of the room that lead to the bedroom and a door in the bedroom that led to the bathroom. We sat on a settee drinking our champagne and talked. I admired Gabi as she sat there talking to me. We got through the bottle pretty quickly so asked Gabi if I should order another. Gabi giggled and said, “Sure, just be prepared to carry me home!” We both laughed as I got up to order more champagne.

When the other bottle arrived, Gabi walked across the room to look out the window. I walked over to her to see what she was looking at. As I neared her she turned to face me and smiled.

“You are such a sweet man, JJ. I really like you.”

“I really like you too, Gabi.”

“You probably have girls all over the world. I hope you don’t think I’m like any of them.”

“Truthfully Gabi, I have no girls anywhere. I usually avoid them because they only seem to be interested in my money. I know I’m not handsome so when women come on to me I know it’s my money they’re after. You seem to be different.”

“Thank you, I really don’t have a high regard for money. I try to live within my means and so far, I have been quite happy. You seem to be the kind of guy who could take it or leave it. I do think you’re pretty cute, though.” She said with a smile. “How about some more champagne!”

I took her glass and turned back to the champagne bottle. I poured two more glasses of wine and turned to give Gabi hers. What greeted my eyes was a vision of naked perfection. Gabi had dropped her dress to the floor while my back was turned and stood in the middle of the room in her naked glory. Her skin was the color of milk chocolate; her areolae were the color of dark chocolate and were quite large. Her nipples were very hard and quite large and just begged to be sucked. Her pussy was completely bald and her labia were swollen and dewy. I stood and stared for what seemed to be hours but in reality, was a minute or two.

“My god! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” I set the glasses down, walked over to her, took her in my arms and kissed her with all of the passion that I had. Gabi kissed me back with equal passion as we stood in the middle of the room. I began rubbing my hands up and down her back and along her sides as we kissed. After a while Gabi broke the kiss and began helping me out of my clothes. When I was naked we embraced again, kissing deeply and rubbing each other’s bodies.

“I think we should probably go to your bedroom, don’t you?” Gabi asked.

“Uh, yeah. That’s a good idea.”

I took her hand and lead her to the bedroom. We crawled up onto the king-sized bed and continued hugging and kissing. I couldn’t get enough of her kisses. My cock was at full attention and prodded Gabi as we hugged. I could feel Gabi’s hard nipples press into my chest as we embraced. I decided I had to get those nipples into my mouth, so I broke türkçe bahis our kiss and slid down Gabi’s body until her nipples were level with my mouth. As I took one in my mouth I grabbed her other breast and massaged it gently, lightly rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Gabi began moaning as I ministered to her breasts. “Oh JJ, my nipples are very sensitive. I liked them pulled and squeezed and bitten and sucked hard.” I complied with her instructions and began pinching and sucking both nipples very hard. Gabi’s moaning increased and she began grinding her pussy on my leg.

After several minutes of pleasuring her nipples I decided I needed to work my way lower to her damp vagina. I kissed my way down Gabi’s torso until I reached my destination. I pulled her legs apart and knelt between them gazing at her dark brown pussy. I lowered myself down and began kissing up and down both labia which were quite swollen. I then worked my tongue between these lips and delved deeper into Gabi’s depths, licking and kissing as I went. She was quite wet from her arousal as I lapped at her from her clitoris to her opening. I worked my tongue into her opening and pushed it as far as it would go enjoying the taste of Gabi’s honeypot. I then worked my way up to her clit and sucked on her nub eliciting deep moans from Gabi’s throat. She grabbed my head and held my mouth on her clit so I sucked and licked it until finally Gabi screamed that she was cumming! I continued licking and sucking until she released my head. I crawled back up the bed and then kissed Gabi deeply.

“Oh my, JJ! That was wonderful! I haven’t cum like that in ages! I need to reciprocate now!”

Gabi then crawled down my body. She sucked on my nipples, which seemed to make my dick even harder, before moving down to my cock. She lightly kissed up and down my length and all over my balls. Gabi then licked my erection all over up and down until she, finally, took me into her mouth. At first she licked and sucked the head of my cock before working her way slowly down. She sucked me hard and slow taking as much of me as she could and then coming back up until just the head was still in her mouth. The sensations she was causing were phenomenal and before long she had me on the cusp of a very serious climax.

“If you keep doing that I’m going to cum in about 5 seconds!”

Gabi looked up at me, smiled and tried to take me all of the way down her throat! Not only did she try to deep throat me she shoved a wet finger up my ass and began massaging my prostate! I let go with the most intense climax of my life. I shot a steady stream of semen down her throat and into her gullet. Gabi continued sucking on me until she had every last drop before she let up.

“Holy shit, Gabi!” I cried out. “I thought you were trying to suck my balls up through my dick! That was fabulous!”

“I told you I needed to reciprocate!”

Gabi crawled back up to me and we kissed again. I could taste myself as we kissed. I ran one of my hands down her back to her ass and massaged one of her butt cheeks as we laid on our sides face to face. I pulled Gabi’s leg up so that her knee was resting on my hip so that I could play with her pussy. She was very wet as I sank first one then two fingers into her vagina. Gabi let out a deep low moan as I let my fingers play with her pussy. I would, occasionally, let my fingers drift towards her anus which would, also, make her moan. So, after getting her anus wet with her dew I pressed a finger into Gabi’s ass and a finger in her vagina.

“Ooh, I like that!” moaned Gabi.

Having garnered approval, I pushed my finger deeper into her backside. It was very warm and very tight and felt great.

“JJ, fuck me with your fingers!”

I slowly pressed both fingers in as far as they would go and then pulled them most of the way out again before pushing them back in. Gabi’s moans increased in volume and intensity as I finger fucked her pussy and asshole.

“Put another finger in both places!” Gabi groaned.

I pulled my middle finger from Gabi’s pussy and added it to my index finger which was in her butt and then pushed my ring and little fingers into her vagina.

“Mon dieu! That feels so good!”

By now Gabi had reached between us and began stroking my dick in time with my stroking in and out of her holes. We were both breathing pretty heavily by now as we got more and more excited.

“JJ, I need you in me!”

With that Gabi pushed me onto my back, straddled me and then guided my cock into her wet, warm pussy. She sank down all of the way on my erection and then ground herself on my pelvic bone. After a few moments, she lifted herself up and then sank down again, the feeling was exquisite! I loved watching the contrast of my white penis being enveloped by Gabi’s dark pussy. I reached up and began pinching and pulling her nipples as Gabi fucked me. We were both in heaven. Gabi then reached down with one of her hands and began rubbing güvenilir bahis siteleri her clitoris. Gabi’s moans got louder and louder until she cried out that she was cumming.

Gabi quivered and shook as her orgasm overtook her and then collapsed on top of me gasping for breath. When she had regained her breath, she looked into my eyes, smiled and then kissed me passionately. I held and kissed Gabi for quite some time. I was still hard and was still inside her as I hadn’t cum yet. Not that I was complaining, it felt wonderful to be inside Gabi.

Then, much to my surprise, Gabi lifted her face from mine, smiled with a twinkle in her eyes and asked, “JJ, can you do my bottom now?”

“You want me in your bottom?”

“Oh, yes please! I just love anal sex. That doesn’t displease you, does it?”

“No, no…I like anal sex too. I just haven’t had anyone ask for it before.”

Gabi crawled off me and went into the living area and then came back with her purse. She pulled out a tube and crawled back in bed and kissed me.

“It’s lube…you never know!”

I chuckled and then asked, “How do you want to do it?”

“Can you take me from behind? I like it when my breasts sway as you take me!”

“I can do that!”

As Gabi got onto all fours I got up on my knees. Before getting behind her I lifted her head towards mine and kissed her. I then crawled around behind her and admired the sight of her chocolate brown globes. I leaned down and began kissing and rubbing them admiring their softness. I then pulled her cheeks apart and lowered my face into her crevice to kiss and lick her anus. I probed as deep as I could with my tongue tasting her dew that I had put there with my fingers. Gabi was emitting a low guttural moan as I licked and probed with my tongue.

“Oh, JJ, do it! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!”

I grabbed the tube of lube and quickly rubbed some in and around Gabi’s ass and then smeared a good deal on my entire length. I lined myself up with her hole and slowly pushed in. We both groaned simultaneously as I sank into her backdoor.

“Oh fuck, Gabi! You’re so tight and hot!”

I kept applying pressure as I slowly sank deeper and deeper. Gabi continued groaning while pushing herself back into me.

“JJ, you feel so good! I want all of you in me!”

When I managed to get all of the way inside Gabi’s ass I paused for a moment to let the feelings wash over me.

“Gabi, are you okay?”

“Oh god yes! I love anal!”

I then began pulling back slowly with my hands rubbing Gabi’s ass cheeks. When I was most of the way out I pushed slowly back in savoring the intense feel of her anal canal. I was happy that I had cum earlier as I think I would have blown by now. My lust began getting the better of me and I began picking up the pace. Gabi was crying out, “Yes, yes, yes” with every stroke.

I began feeling my orgasm begin to well up in my loins and began pounding into Gabi even harder.


I was now pounding Gabi’s ass with everything I had. I could see her tits swaying to and fro and I could see my white cock ploughing in and out of her stretched asshole. It was all so erotic I was about to cum. But before I could say anything, Gabi cried out, “MON DIEU! MON DIEU!” as her own climax struck. I could feel her anus grab me as she came which intensified the sensations I was feeling which caused me to shoot my load deep into the depths of Gabi’s bowel!

Despite having cum only an hour or so before I was shooting load after load of spunk into Gabi. I couldn’t recollect a more intense orgasm before in my life. When I was finished, I fell over on my side pulling Gabi with me. We were both soaked in sweat and gasping for breath. I held onto Gabi tightly not wanting to let her go as I loved the feel of her naked body next to mine.

After we came down from our sexual high, Gabi turned in my arms to face me. She had a big grin on her face as she gave me a kiss.

“Did you like that?” she asked

“Yes, very much. Did you?”

“More than you can imagine! I can’t wait to do it again!”

I laughed and said, “Me either! I do need to recuperate a bit”

Gabi laughed and said, “I understand. So, do I for that matter! Should we maybe, take a shower?”

I replied that I thought that was a grand idea. We helped each other out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I turned on the water so that it could get hot. I then turned to Gabi and asked, “Would you like to spend the rest of the weekend with me?”

Gabi looked like she was seriously pondering the question and then asked, “Would we have lots of sex and eat room service and stay naked the whole time?”

“I think all of those things would happen! Additionally, we will have sex in every room, embarrass the staff that brings the room service food to our room and stay totally naked!”

Gabi pondered some more before she said “There’s just one small problem…I have no toothbrush.”

I smiled, reached over onto the bathroom vanity and pulled a toothbrush from a small basket of items the hotel provides. “Voila, here you go!”

Gabi laughed and then said, “How can I say no!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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