Geek Lust

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“Jane? Hey, it’s Curtis. I just got the latest season of Battlestar Galactica on DVD,” Curtis said into the phone.

“Cool! Can I check it out with you?” Jane replied excitedly.

“Of course, that’s why I’m calling. How about Friday night? My parents will be gone for the weekend. We’ll have the house to ourselves, so we can watch it on the big TV in the basement.”

“Battlestar on the big screen with 5.0 surround sound? I’m there! I’ll bring the pizza,” Jane said.

“Great, see you then.”

It was summer break between college classes. Curtis was a 20-year-old English major at a small college in Pennsylvania. Curtis knew he was a geek, and had the resume to prove it. A bit too thin, un-athletic, a science fiction fan, former library aid, and member of the audio/visual crew during his high school years were his major qualifications. But in his own opinion, the worst qualifier was that had never been kissed.

Then there was Jane. Plain Jane, the geek goddess. She had all the curves of a wooden plank. Thin with no feminine hips or bust. But, she was not entirely unattractive. Jane’s long, dark brown hair that she usually pulled back in a ponytail, and her pretty, green eyes that peered out from behind a pair of glasses that were fashionably nerd almost gave her the look of a sexy librarian. Unfortunately, not quite sexy enough to make her popular with guys.

Jane was also a fan of science fiction and a fellow English major at the same college as Curtis. She spent her high school years unnoticed by members of the male species. On a dare, her only kiss came from her best friend’s older brother during a sleepover when she was in junior high school.

The pair first met at a science fiction convention during spring break from classes’ freshman year. They quickly became friends after sharing a few classes together at college. Both were too shy to make their relationship turn romantic, though, they seemed to make the perfect pair.

Friday night arrived, and Jane cheerily greeted Curtis at his front door with a mushroom pizza and some homemade brownies. After the pizza was gone, the pair sat next to each other on the couch in the finished basement, munching on the brownies. The room was practically a movie theater with a small bar off to the side, a 5.0 sound system tuned to perfection, and the largest hi-definition movie screen you could imagine. It was the perfect evening as the two college kids enjoyed the DVD version of the Sci-Fi Channel’s latest season of Battlestar Galactica together on the couch.

But, in the back of their minds, each of them thought about moving a little closer to each other. Their barrier of shyness prevented either of them from moving closer and sharing a warm snuggle on the plush couch.

“I love this room. I bet you are down here all the time.” Jane smiled.

“I get my turns. My dad is a fairly big sports fan, so he monopolizes it most of the time.” Curtis replied.

“Well, he pays the mortgage, so he has the right.”

“Yea, but not tonight.” Curtis said with a satisfied grin.

As the episode ended, Jane asked, “What other DVD’s do you have that would look cool on this?”

“I got my collection up in my room, if you want to check it out?”

“Sure, let’s see what you have in stock.” Jane chirped.

The couple trudged up to Curtis’s room. It was tidy, but crammed full of stuff. A small TV and DVD player sat on a shelf surrounded by his collection of DVD’s. Jane thumbed through the various titles, pulling out a few to examine the covers. As she reached to put a handful of disks back on the shelf, she peered closely at the open space between a few of the disks.

“Hey, what do you have behind these?” She asked. She could see some additional DVDs hidden flat against the wall, behind the other movies.

“Uh, nothing. Just put ’em away.” Curtis uncomfortably replied. He could feel his face becoming a little flush.

“Oh my gosh, I found your porn stash!”, Jane squealed as she punched a humiliated Curtis on his shoulder. “Oh, let’s see what you’ve got!”

“Aw come on. Leave it alone!” Curtis begged.

Jane reached into shelf, knocking over a dozen movies to grab the hidden contraband. “Hmmmmm, I wonder how these would look on the big screen in stereo sound!” Jane squealed as she reveled in Curtis’s embarrassment.

“Hey, knock it off!” a red-faced canlı bahis şirketleri Curtis exclaimed.

“Ooooooo, Asia Carrera! Or Jenna Jamison! So, what are you in the mood for tonight, Asian or blonde?”

Curtis’s face glowed hot with embarrassment. He knew he wasn’t going to win this battle, nor would Jane ever let him forget it. All he could manage was a goofy smile, knowing that all he could do was stand back and take Jane’s good-natured teasing.

“I say we just take both disks along. We’ll start out with Jenna.” Jane said with the biggest grin.

The pair made their way back to the movie room in the basement. Despite Curtis’s protests, he actually thought it would be fun to watch a porno movie with Jane. Heck, this would be the first time he watched porn with someone else.

“Pop in Jenna!” smiled Jane as she flopped down on the comfortable couch.

As Curtis placed the disk in the player, he asked. “Are you sure you want to see this?”

“Hey, I’ve seem my share of these. Remember, I’ve got two older brothers.”

“You went through their stuff?” He asked.

“Sure. What can I say? I was a curious teenager. When I had the house to myself, I’d snoop around.”

“And you like watching them?”

“They can be fun. I’m not the total prude geek-chick, ya know.” She smiled.

After Curtis closed the disk player, he sat down on the couch next to Jane. The pair slouched back into the cushions as the movie started. Strangely, he actually started to feel comfortable watching the movie with her.

As the movie played, Curtis could feel his penis harden in his shorts. His mind began to race. Should he put his arm around Jane? Would she reject him? Would she get mad or laugh? Finally, he worked up his courage and snaked an arm around her petite shoulder.

To his surprise, Jane accepted his embrace, as she placed her head on his shoulder. His heart was pounding as he debated his next advance.

“Jane, can I kiss you?” His voice cracked with anxiety.

“Sure.” Jane said softly, almost whispered. Her sweet smile melted Curtis’s heart and helped put him at ease. Nervously, he started with a small peck on her soft lips. Jane’s hand on his cheek reassured Curtis. As he went to kiss her again, their lips parted. Their kiss was a little unsure but sweet, as their tongues delicately danced together.

With his confidence growing, Curtis gently slid his hand under Jane’s shirt. His fingertips nervously, but gently, touched the soft skin of her belly. She felt so warm and smooth. His fingers tentatively roamed up to the lace of her bra, and he felt her heart pounding as hard as his own. Their tongues continued to dance the ballet of young desire.

Curtis’s fingers slipped under the textured material of Jane’s bra. She gasped softly as his fingers touched the soft skin of her small breast. As his fingers explored her flesh, he pushed up Jane’s shirt and bra, exposing her hardening nipple.

“Hold on. Let me help you.” Jane lustfully gasped as she arched back to pull off her t-shirt. Curtis’s eyes were as wide as saucers as she reached around and unclasped her bra. Her small, pancake breasts were exposed. To Curtis, she was the most beautiful girl in existence.

“I have to admit, I’ve never done this before.” Curtis nervously admitted.

“It’s ok. This is my first time, too,” smiled Jane.

Jane slid her body around so she was straddling Curtis as they sat on the couch. She rolled the bottom of his t-shirt up and pulled it over his head and off, tossing it aside. They were both breathing hard as their hands explored the exposed flesh of each other’s body, kissing each other between soft touches.

Curtis’s hands roamed to Jane’s petite hips. His fingers probed beneath the waist of her shorts and panties. Cautiously, he started to pull them down. Jane lifted her body up and rested her weigh on her knees, allowing him to pull her shorts and panties down. Her clothes bunched around her thighs as she squirmed to escape the fabric that confined her.

As her shorts tangled around her knees, she stood to let them drop to her ankles. After they fell to the floor, she kicked them aside. She stood completely nude in front of Curtis. He sucked in an excited breath as his eyes played over her body.

With one quick motion, Curtis arched up and pulled his shorts down. canlı kaçak iddaa Still sitting on the couch, he kicked them away. Free of their clothes, Jane straddled Curtis again. He gasped as his hard cock rubbed against the fur of her pubic patch. Her curly little hairs tickled the sensitive skin of Curtis’s throbbing cock. Their hips were grinding against each other as they passionately embraced and kissed. The sensation of her just her hair touching him was driving him wild.

Jane delicately kissed a path down Curtis’s chest. Her lips tickled over his nipples, down his belly, and nuzzled against the fur above his manhood. She slid her body down until she was kneeling on the floor in front of him. She paused for a moment, savoring her feelings.

“Oh yes Jane. Please.” Curtis whispered.

She gently grasped his shaft, wrapping her thumb and forefinger around the base above his sack. Excitement was seeping from the tip of his penis as Jane lowered her mouth close. Her tongue licked and circled the slippery head as he softly moaned with pleasure.

Jane parted her lips as they slipped over the ridge of his mushroom head, down the shaft. His cock felt so hot in her mouth. It was hard, yet his skin gave it a smooth almost soft feeling. She could feel it throbbing with excitement as it filled her mouth. Her tongue circled the shaft as she sucked it into her warm mouth.

Her lips were sliding up and down the rigid shaft. She would gently suck as her lips slid back to the head, then tease it with her tongue as she filled her mouth again with his fleshy rod.

Jane’s head slowly bobbed up and down, bringing incredible feelings of pleasure to Curtis. His hips rocked slightly in time with Jane’s motions. The sounds of Curtis breathing hard and Jane’s slurping competed with the 5.0 sound of the adult movie. As she bobbed up and down, Curtis could feel his intimate areas tingling. His bare toes curled in the soft carpet as the sensation was growing. His pleasure was about to release.

Jane could sense the stress that was building in Curtis’s body. Faster, she sucked up and down on his throbbing member.

“Oh, Jane! I’m going to-“

Curtis never finished saying what he was about to do. His hips arched forward as his orgasm came. Jane jumped with surprise as the first wave filled her mouth with sticky syrup. It caught her off guard like an electric jolt. He kept cumming in long streams that overflowed her mouth, dripping over her lips and down her chin.

As his orgasm subsided, Curtis exhaled a long gasp. Jane wiped the white sap from her face and curled up against him, smiling with satisfaction. They basked in the emotion of the moment.

After a minute, Curtis smiled at Jane.

“Your turn.”

Curtis slid his body down, so that he was now kneeling on the floor in front of Jane. She reclined back on the couch, spreading her thighs apart invitingly to Curtis. Her virgin honey pot was glistening with her juices.

Curtis placed his hands on her soft thighs as he moved his face closer. His tongue gingerly explored the velvet folds of her wet pussy. Jane gasped at the sensation of his tongue intimately licking her. She watched as his licks circled and teased her throbbing clitoris. She tingled with pleasure as Curtis’s tongue licked her sweet area.

Jane exhaled soft, raspy groans as Curtis fervently licked her sensitive nub. His lips and chin were soaked with the sticky sweet nectar that was trickling down to the puckered little opening of her ass.

Jane had been aroused by the movie and the blowjob she gave Curtis. Not to mention the fact that this was the first time her virgin pussy had been licked, so she was extremely turned on now. Her small chest heaved as her breathing became erratic and her heart pounded. She could feel the tingling of her own orgasm building.

She reached down; her fingers ran through Curtis’s hair as she pulled his face closer. He gently sucked her clit into his mouth and teased it with his tongue, pushing her over the edge.

“Oh Curtis!” She squealed as her body shook from the release of her orgasm. Waves of intense pleasure erupted from between her thighs and pulsated through her body for what seemed like minutes.

Jane collapsed back onto the couch as the last throbs of bliss subsided. Curtis slid his body up onto the couch so he was stretched canlı kaçak bahis out next to her. With their warm bodies pressed against one another, they rested for a few minutes. As they held each other, Jane could feel Curtis was becoming aroused again.

She looked into his eyes and whispered, “Do you want to go up to your room?”

“Yes.” Curtis replied softly.

As the young couple stood up, Jane grabbed her purse that was lying on the floor next to the couch.

“What do you need that for?” Curtis asked.

Jane opened her purse and pulled out a box of condoms. “I have to admit, I was hoping for this with you for a while. I thought I’d take the precaution tonight, just in case.”

Curtis just smiled nervously as the young couple walked back upstairs to his bedroom. His hard cock bobbed up and down as he climbed up the steps. Both of them were still a little anxious despite their first interlude downstairs.

When they reached Curtis’s room, Jane entered first. Curtis paused and watched her walk to his bed, admiring her nude body. He watched as she crawled onto his bed and rolled over. She lay on her back with her legs slightly spread and looked back at him invitingly.

His heart racing, Curtis walked to the bed with all the nonchalance he could muster. He was trying to be the picture of cool as he slid onto the bed next to Jane. Tenderly, Curtis leaned forward and kissed Jane’s lips. Their swirling tongues reaffirmed their desire.

Curtis gently kissed his way down Jane’s neck. His lips trailed delicately across her smooth skin, stopping at her pink little nipples. His tongue circled and flicked over the hardening little buds. Jane gasped softly as her body was throbbing with lust for her lover.

“Are you ready?” Curtis asked his voice just a little louder than a whisper.

“More than you can imagine.” Jane smiled back.

Curtis rolled over and opened the box of condoms that Jane left on the bed next to them. Carefully he tore open one of the small packets to reveal its slippery contents. He pulled the rolled up condom out of the wrapper and looked at it for a moment.

Lying on his back, Curtis unrolled the slick latex sheath down the shaft of his hard member. It all felt a little strange and foreign to him, but the newness of entire experience exhilarated him.

Curtis rolled back gave Jane one last passionate kiss. Softly, he told her “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

With that, Curtis carefully rolled over and slid his body between Jane’s thighs. His hands on either side of Jane’s shoulders as he balanced on his knees, Jane reached down to help guide him into her waiting opening.

Slowly Curtis pushed his hips forward to enter her slick pussy. They both gasped as he slid inside and their virginity ended. It was nothing like either of them had felt before. Jane felt so warm, so tight around him. Her softness and warmth felt so good, and it was an incredible feeling.

Slowly, Curtis rocked his hips forward and back. His hard cock was sliding in and out, as they breathed raggedly and softly moaned enjoying the incredible pleasure.

Jane wrapped her legs around Curtis, using her calves to pull him deeper inside. Her excitement was trickling from her hot pussy lips. Faster, he pumped.

“Oooh, God yes! Do it! C’mon! Yeeeess!” Jane passionately gasped.

Jane’s cries spurred him on. Faster, Curtis fucked, plunging his hard cock deep inside her with each furious thrust. With each passionate push, he was bringing both of the young lovers to climax.

Jane could feel Curtis’s cock growing harder with each thrust. With one final push, she could feel his cock pulsating as it filled her hot tunnel one last time. Curtis groaned and his body arched back, pushing his hips forward, his cock completely inside her. Jane’s hips rose up off the mattress to meet his last thrust. Curtis filled the condom with the spurts of his orgasm, while Jane squealed as her own orgasm tore through her young body.

They collapsed onto the mattress and into the warmth of their embrace. They were both shaking from the intensity of their orgasms as Curtis softly kissed Jane’s lips.

“Wow.” Jane said when her voice regained the ability to work. “Oh Curtis, that was just…I can’t describe it.”

“Incredible?” Curtis said. His smile was so wide that it nearly extended past his ears.

“Your parents will have to leave more often.” Jane sighed.

“So, does this mean you will be my girlfriend?” Curtis smiled.

“Of course. And you don’t even need to wait for the next Battlestar Galactica DVD to come out.” She grinned.

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