Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 11

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The name is Gunnery Jackson Gustave. My friends call me Gunn or Mr. G. The name Gunnery tends to give people pause because it sounds unusual. I don’t know what the big deal is. What’s in a name anyway? Oh, well. Anyhow, I am a tall and ruggedly handsome, newly out bisexual black man of Haitian-American descent in his early forties with some time to kill and a story to share.

Recently, I moved to a mansion located on the affluent west side of the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I lived my whole life in New York City where I worked as a volunteer fireman, a state police officer and a public school teacher. I was also a varsity football coach for Brentwood Institute of Technology, a small private school located in Long Island, New York.

I recently came into some money. Quite a bit of it, too. Five hundred grand, to be exact. So I packed my things and left the big city. I left behind an unhappy marriage to pampered real estate heiress Jessica Woodland. Luckily for me, the dumb white chick was rich and didn’t make me sign a prenuptial agreement when we got hitched. I think my big black dick had her hypnotized or something. I walked away with quite a lot of cash. She could afford to lose it. Her family has millions, you see. Now, I was free to sleep with whatever woman or man I chose.

I came to New England for a better life. And in some ways, I succeeded. My new state was a lot more liberal than the one I left behind. And I most definitely had myself some fun. I picked up a plump, big-booty Hispanic-looking chick on Brockton’s south side. Turns out this hooker was from the island nation of Cape Verde, wherever that is. A lot of folks from that part of the world live in the city of Brockton. It’s like their Mecca or something. The chick was not pretty in the face and at five-foot-three, she was a bit short for my taste. But her big tits, wide canlı bahis şirketleri hips and plump ass made me forgive her shortness. Her name was Martina Mendes and she was twenty years old.

Once I saw her ass in those booty shorts she was wearing, I knew I had to hit that. So we went to my place to have some fun. I know what you’re thinking. Dirty old man picking up some college broads. And some ways you’d be right. I don’t like the term dirty old man, though. When a hot older woman hooks up with some young man, it’s considered cool. When it’s a hot older man hooking up with young women, some people start smiling and shaking their heads. What the fuck? Stop hating. Cock blocking should be illegal in all fifty states!

Martina and I got to my place and I showed her around. Man, this chick was not very bright. Kept asking a lot of dumb questions. About things she should already know. Why are women so dumb? I think it’s because they’ve had it easy since time began. Men always take all the risks and women reap the rewards. Even in modern times, in the age of equality, females live easier lives than men. The system is biased in their favour. When you have it easy, you don’t learn anything worthwhile. Not even if you’re a business leader, a rising politician or the head of your class. Those who have it easy are weak by design. If civilization ended, bitches would get the wake-up call they so desperately need and get smart fast because men would be too busy surviving to worry about saving someone too dumb to save herself just because she owns a pussy. Word up, people.

Still, you know, bitches had their uses. There were ways to have fun with them. You just had to be really careful because they can turn on you at any time. Kind of like a pet snake. Martina was easy on the eyes. If you didn’t pay too much attention to her face. Not very bright, canlı kaçak iddaa educated or polite. But she most definitely had a nice ass. I don’t know why I keep looking for a woman who’s intelligent, kind-hearted or has a nice personality. I’m starting to realize that there are no intelligent, kind-hearted females with good personalities. If they appear to be nice, they’re usually faking it to get something out of someone. Any chick who starts out being halfway decent learns to hate men both from exposure to other women and experiences with bad guys. And that’s a damn shame. I’m not bitter, just realistic.

Hey, I’m no saint myself. I married my ex-wife mostly for her money. And also she had a fat ass and I loved fucking it. She knew what she was getting into. I use people. I told her that upfront. She married me anyway. See what I told you about chicks being dumb? She thought she could fix me, change me. In the end, I took her to the cleaners. Nowadays, she was paying me alimony. Yes, rich women have been told by courts to pay alimony to their ex-husbands. Welcome to the dark side of the equality crap. Women are always surprised when they don’t get their way. Well, get used to it, ladies. Nobody wins them all. Now I was using my ex-wife’s money guilt-free. I used it to get younger women, and also to buy myself a bright red convertible. I bought a house for less than two hundred grand in Brockton, thanks to the foreclosure mess. I still had three hundred grand left. And I planned on using it to have fun like fun is going out of style. Isn’t that a hoot?

I sat on the couch and watched as Martina Mendes did her thing. The Cape Verdean chick knew the jig was up. Dumb as she was, she knew what a booty call was. A guy takes you home for sex. You have fun together, then you go your separate ways. End of the story. She got naked and we got busy. I canlı kaçak bahis unzipped my pants and told her to suck my dick. She gasped when she saw the size of my member. I have a nine-inch dick. It’s uncut. Why? Simply because circumcision of males is an unnatural and unnecessary procedure. If a guy is gonna be a slob with his body, nothing can change that. Martina began playing with my foreskin like it was a new toy, claiming she’d never seen one before. I was a bit puzzled by that but whatever. She continued to suck my cock and balls. I lit up some weed and began to relax as she worked on me.

Martina was really good at sucking some dick. When I came, she drank my seed. Afterwards, I had a go with her big booty. I put her on her hands and knees. Face down and big ass up. I spread her plump butt cheeks and looked at her asshole. Not bad. I slid first one finger in there, then two. She didn’t protest. Also, I noticed that her asshole was quite supple. This chick was no stranger to ass fucking. Makes sense. A big booty like hers needs some dick on a regular basis. I spat on her asshole, then pushed my dick inside. Ready or not, bitch, here I come!

Martina groaned as my cock slid into her asshole. But she didn’t scream. I placed my hands upon her hips and pushed my cock deeper into her. Martina’s asshole gripped my dick like cash in a hobo’s hands. I loved the feel of a big woman’s naturally tight asshole grabbing my cock. Word up, folks. I began pounding that ass like there was no tomorrow. Martina’s big booty bounced as I fucked it. I loved the sight of that fat ass bouncing. Nice. Martina squealed as my cock split her ass canal in two. Her screams of pain mixed with pleasure were music to my ears. Oh, yeah. I tore that bitch ass up, as they say in the hood. It was a lot of fun. As reward for her good behaviour, I filled her asshole with my cum. Then I made her clean my cock, right after it had just been up her ass. And she obeyed. Afterwards, I gave her a hundred bucks, then tossed her out into the street. She landed on her big ass. I laughed, and closed the door. I never get tired of doing that.

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