Happy Birthday! – The Prequel!

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Several Months Ago…

I reported in to work as usual, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. I got to my floor and saw my co-worker checking out the assignment sheet for the day. “What’s up, Girl?” I say, poking her in the side.

“Nothing much, Neecee. Looks like I’ve got a one-on-one today. You’re gonna have fun though…looks like you’re doing the orientation on the new girl.” She said, shrugging.

“Great. You know I just love to have newbie’s trailing me around all day. What’s her name, anyway?”

“Georgia, I think…”

Several Days Ago…

“What time to you want to go to lunch, Girl?” I said to Georgia as she slid up beside me.

“Don’t matter…I’ve got most of my morning assignments done, so whenever.”

“Did you bring something to eat or you gonna get something from the cafeteria?”

“Well actually, I ordered something with the other girls…but I did bring in something for YOU to eat…” She said with a sly smile.

“You better stop putting it out there like that before I take you up on it.” I whispered in her ear.

“I’m counting on it. Been horny as hell the past few days, and I’ve thought about your tongue on my clit more than once. You’re getting weaker…it’s just a matter of time.” With that, after give a quick look around to see if anyone was watching, Georgia grabbed a handful of my ass and give it a good squeeze before walking away.

She and I had been dancing this dance for quite some time, ever since she’d come to work here at the hospital. We’d gotten to know each other quite well during her orientation, revealing many secrets over many conversations. I’d learned that she was a lesbian, and that the last man she’d had intercourse with was the father of her teenage daughter. While she’d dated a few men since, all her relationships had strictly been with women. Using that as a springboard, I told her of my desires to be with a woman sexually, something up this point only my husband was aware of.

These revelations, along with a growing attraction to each other had led to an ongoing “flirt game” between us, with Georgia doing everything in her power to seduce me. Not that I did anything to discourage it…in fact, I rather enjoyed it and had even fantasized about taking it further. Since it was just harmless flirting, I didn’t see it as a big deal.

Until a couple of weeks ago…

…It was business as usual on the floor, with the usual number of bells and paperwork. It was the middle of the afternoon when Georgia came and grabbed me by arm and begged me to come with her. Thinking there was a patient in trouble, I of course followed her. But oddly enough, she pulled me into an empty room. “Georgia, what’s going on?” I asked, confused as hell.

“I need your help, girl! My shit is so wet it feels like it’s about to run down my leg and my clit is throbbing so bad it hurts! You gotta get me off! Please!” And with that, she grabbed my hand and started moving it to her crotch.

Everything in me told me I should walk away, but I couldn’t move. Pressing her back against the wall, I reached over and locked the door. Pushing my left hand down past the elastic of her scrub pants and panties, my fingers found their way to her steaming hot pussy. With my middle finger, I easily found her clit and it was exactly as she described it…rock hard and sensitive as hell. As soon as I touched it, she buried her head into my shoulder and began to moan.

Moving my finger in small circles, I began to work her cunt in a way that I knew I would enjoy. It seemed to do the trick, because her moans got louder and her hand had a death grip on my arm. When she started to grind downward on my hand, I instinctively knew that was she was close to cumming. I worked my finger faster to help her along, and was rewarded for my efforts with her body stiffening in orgasm. She stopped moaning and held her breath though-out the ride.

When her body finally relaxed, I started to pull my hand out, but she grabbed my arm and said weakly “Please, one more?” Nodding my head, I repeated the process, enjoying my newfound power over her.

After three more orgasms, Georgia finally collapsed back against the wall, obviously spent. “Thank you! I don’t think I could have made it through the rest of the day without that.” With that, she pulled my hand from between her legs and proceeded to suck her juices from my finger. “Mmmmm…tastes good as usual.”

“Well, I wouldn’t know. You seem to have completely cleaned my fingers off. Didn’t leave me any…” I said, with a semi pout on my face.

“Trust me, girl…you’ll get to taste it straight from the source soon enough. I’m looking forward to that day. Now we better get back out on the floor before we’re missed.” casino oyna Unlocking the door, she headed out to finish her work, leaving me standing there wondering what was going to happen next…

Pulling my head out of the clouds, I returned to the business of finishing up the morning rounds. About a half hour later, Georgia signaled me that her food had arrived and she was ready to eat. Grabbing my lunch out of the refrigerator in the break room, I walked with her down to the cafeteria to eat. We chatted about the usual nonsense, cracking jokes between bites. Once we were finished, we headed back to the floor to finish our rounds for the afternoon.

Around two or so, I got a message from Georgia from one of the girls on the floor that she needed a hand moving a patient. I found her in Mr. Brown’s room, cleaning up some of his things, while she waited for me to arrive. It took several minutes as Mr. Brown is comatose, and therefore difficult to turn. When we finished, Georgia looked up at me with a gleam in her eye and pulled me by the hand to the opposite side of the room, which was unoccupied. “What’s going on?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” Said, pulling me over by the bed. When we got there, she turned and said “You ready to give it up or what?”

Stunned, I backed up and said “What? Give up what?”

“You know. Some of that ass, some of that mouth. I’m tired of waiting.” With that, she started towards me, one hand reaching for my tit.

“Are you crazy? Right here? There’s a patient in here!” I whispered to her, fighting the growing tingle in my pussy.

“You know he don’t wake up for anything. Now come on over here…you know you want to.”

And she was right. I wanted to more than anything. Stepping over to her, I pulled her into my arms and began nuzzling her neck, not quite ready for kissing yet. Putting both hands on her ample ass, I pulled her even tighter, feeling her body move with mine. We stayed like that forever, enjoying sensations that were too long in coming.

Knowing we didn’t have long before someone would come looking for us, I pushed Georgia back onto the empty bed, causing her to look up at me with both surprise and lust as she waited for my next move. Grabbing the waistband of both her pants and panties, I pulled them both down to her knees, exposing her precious honey pot. Pulling her knees to her chest, she gave me full access to what I wanted. Surprisingly, I didn’t hesitate, but dove face first into her soaking wet pussy.

With little effort, I found her button and began to lick it furiously, as though my life depended on it. The taste was intoxicating and addictive…the more I had, the more I wanted. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her hole to the top of her clit hood, hitting all points in between. She’d definitely been right about one thing; it was well worth the wait to taste her juices straight from the source.

While I’d not heard a sound from Georgia (she’d put a pillow over her face early on to prevent any screams from escaping, her body told me all I needed to know about my performance. Her hips rolled and trembled constantly, making it a challenge to maintain contact with her crotch. But like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco, I held fast, determined to make her cum.

Feeling her body tense, I knew it was almost time. I renewed my efforts on her clit, sucking it into my mouth to make it even more sensitive. Moving my tongue faster and faster o her spot, I drove her to the inevitable conclusion. With a whimper, she came, filling my mouth with her hot wetness. I continued to drink from her cup till she finished and her body finally relaxed.

Taking the pillow from her face, she let out a long sigh. “Wow! That was better then I dreamed it would be!”

“I’m glad I could exceed your expectations.” I said, laughing.

“Not as glad as I am. Damn, you got skills girl…you sure you never did that before?” she asked, laughing.

“Positive. You’ve got my cherry on that one.” I said, as I stepped out of the way. Georgia stood up, and started fixing her clothes. “I do know this: This was just a taste…I want more.”

“And more you shall have. We’re both off this Friday, and my daughter will be in school, so you can come over and we can pick up where we left off.”

“Sounds like a plan. Ron will be at work, so no need for an explanation. Friday it is.” I said, my pussy wet with anticipation. Once Georgia was straight, we went back out on the floor to continue our rounds, but the only thing on my mind was getting to the end of the week…

When Friday finally arrived I felt like a kid at Christmas. I stayed in bed while Ron got himself ready to work, just so I wouldn’t do something to give myself away. I’d already told slot oyna him that I’d probably spend the day relaxing in bed with the phone off, so I could rest from the rough week I’d had at work. Giving me a quick kiss, he left out telling me to enjoy my day.

When I was sure he was gone, I jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. I used my “date night” soaps, lotion and perfume, since this was an extra special occasion. Checking the time, I saw I still had about a half hour before I needed to head out since, according to Georgia, her daughter didn’t leave for school till 8:30. Turning on the TV, I split my attention between it and my thoughts about how this day will go.

When I saw that it was finally time to head out, I jumped in my car and drove over to Georgia’s apartment. Midway through the drive was when I started getting nervous. What if I couldn’t please her? What if I wasn’t pleased myself? What if Ron found out? Several times, I considered turning around, but I found I couldn’t…I had to see this through.

When I arrived, I rang the bell for her to let me in. Stepping in, I saw that she was wearing a deep red (almost burgundy) lace baby doll, with a sheer matching robe and a pair of red pumps. All thoughts and worries and nervousness disappeared, replaced with pure lust.

“I take it you like?” Georgia asked, her hands on her hips, a seductive look on her face.

“Yeah, I like. I like it a lot. But I’ll like it better when you take it off.”

“My, aren’t you demanding? And here I halfway expected you to pull a no-show.”

“Wouldn’t miss this for the world. Now, come here and give me what I came for.”

Without another word, Georgia stepped into my arms and brought her lips to mine. I returned the kiss, holding her tightly and enjoying the softness of her body. We stayed that way for a while, like two lovers seeing each other after a long absence.

When we finally broke apart, Georgia took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She’d lit several candles and placed them on the nightstands that were located on either side of the bed. I could also hear slow music in the background coming from the stereo. Seeing the care she’d put into making this special only made me want her more. Kissing her again, I slipped her robe off her shoulders, exposing them to my eyes for the first time. Moving each strap of the lingerie to the side, I give her flesh light kisses, making her tremble slightly. With a shrug, she let the baby doll fall to the floor, leaving her naked before my eyes. “Wow”, was all I could say.

“I hope that’s a good “wow”.”, she said softly.

“It’s a very good “wow”. The best “wow”.” Reaching my hands out, I cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. This brought a squeal from her throat, as well as more trembling. Taking one into my mouth, I began to suckle, feeling her breathing increase as she used her hand to hold my head in place. Freeing one of my hands, I put it between her legs, not at all surprised to find that her pussy was soaking wet. When my fingers found her clit, she quickly began to grind down on them, desperate to have the orgasm our actions had promised. I did what I could to help, using my middle finger to rub her love button vigorously. In a matter of moments, she climaxed, falling into my arms, out of breath.

“Wow…” was all she could say.

“I hope that’s a good ‘wow’.”, I say, repeating her phrase from earlier.

“The best ‘wow’.” Georgia said, when she’d regained her breath. “But what kind of hostess am I? Cumming before my guest…that’s just bad manners!” She said and laughed.

“That’s true. I think you better do something about that…and quickly.” With that, I began to remove my clothing, stripping down to the same level of nudity as Georgia.

“Lay back here on the bed then, and let me make it up to you.” She told me. Doing as she said, I climbed onto the bed and lay back on the pillows, crossing my arms behind my head to give her free access to my body. Surprisingly, she actually laid down on me, covering my body with hers. She kissed me deeply on the lips with the same level of passion she’d displayed earlier. From there she went to my neck, stopping short of giving me a serious hickey. Giving me one final kiss on my lips, she lifted up and moved her body further down on mine.

Her next destination was my tits. Holding them together, she rubbed her face with them, feeling every inch of them against her skin. As she moved them around, she would quickly take a nipple in her mouth, suck it for a second, then let it go, constantly teasing me. When I couldn’t take any more, I begged her to suck one of them, which she finally did. First the left, then the right, she gave them both her full canlı casino siteleri attention. At one point, she even pushed them close enough to suck them both at the same time. That’s when I lost it and had my first orgasm of the day. Grinning, Georgia said, “Damn girl, and I ain’t even got to the best part yet.”

“I know…so hurry up, already!” I said, laughing.

Without a word, she shifted her body again and slid the rest of the way down my body, till she was face to face with my steaming hot pussy and my throbbing clit. No longer playing around, she took my clit into her mouth and began to suck on it like it was the giver of life. I screamed from the shock of it, and came yet again. Fortunately, this didn’t slow her down one bit. No matter how much I bucked and rolled my hips, she stayed glued to me, riding my cunt like she was a surfer riding a huge wave. Through her persistence, I came at least five times. When I finally couldn’t take any more, I pushed her head away. “What happened?” she said, laughing at me.

“Nothing…just figured you were getting tired, that’s all,” my heavy breathing betraying the lie of my statement.

“Oh, ok.” She said, winking at me. “Good looking out. Yeah, I better take a break for a minute.” As she said this, she slid up to lie beside me on the pillows.

“Good, I said. Wouldn’t want you all wore out just when we’re getting started.” I said, laughing. Pulling her close, we snuggled together, another first for the day.

After awhile, Georgia quietly whispered “I’m really glad to came. I was really worried you were gonna back out.”

“I will admit that I did think about calling it off, but I didn’t want to live with the regret I would have had if I did.”

She smiled at that and reached up to kiss me. This time, it wasn’t the furious intensity of passion, but the slow, calmness of affection. I returned the kiss in kind, glad that we’d both found the courage to pursue what we wanted.

Without breaking the embrace, she rolled her body slightly, so that she covered half my body with hers, with her right leg planted between my legs and my right leg between hers. Slowly she began to grind on my leg, as I realized her clit was now resting against my skin. Adjusting myself so I was similarly positioned, I rubbed my clit against her leg, both of us taking the slow road to cumming.

I lost track of time, lost in the sensations I was experiencing. I would have never guessed that being with a woman would feel this good…this natural. I loved Ron and the life we’d made, but right here, right now, all I knew is that I wanted this woman to make me cum, and to allow me to return the favor.

Georgia finally broke the kiss to ask me if I was ready to cum. “I’ve been holding mine back cause I wanted us to cum together.”

“Yeah, I’m ready. I’ve actually been doing the same” I said, giggling. Pushing down harder on her thigh, I let myself go past the point of no return, even as I felt her do the same. Moaning together, we came but this time it was different…this time, it was from lovemaking, not fucking. This time, it felt like something I would want to experience time and time again.

We lay there together in each others arms for quite some time, “basking in the after glow” as it were, neither of us saying anything. Finally, Georgia broke the silence. “You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m good. Just enjoying the moment. You ok?”

“Of course, this isn’t anything new for me, remember?” She said, and laughed. “But I’ve never been with someone who’d never been with a woman before, so I didn’t know how things would be ‘afterward’.”

“‘Afterward?’ Are we done?” I said, sadness creeping in my voice. I thought we’d have more time.

“No, not at all. I just meant after your first time. I plan on enjoying you for as long as I can today,” She said, laughing again.

“I’m glad to hear that. But…what about the future?”

“What do you mean? You want this to be an ongoing thing?” Georgia said, propping herself up on her elbow to look at me.

“The thought did cross my mind. But I can’t cheat on Ron. I’m not that kind of person. I just wish you were bi, instead of a lesbian.”

“I still mess with men sometimes. I’ve dated a few since I realized I was lesbian. Even let them get to second base. Guess it’s the freak in me…makes me “try-sexual”…I’ll try anything.

“Then how would you feel about coming into our lives? Done right, we can enjoy each other almost anytime we wanted, with no sneaking around. Ron and I have talked about it before and I know he’d go along, as long as we present it right.” I said, the wheels turning in my head

“Sure, I’m down. I’ve gotten a good vibe off him the couple of times we’ve been around each other, so I wouldn’t have a problem letting it go further. The question is, how will you ‘present it right’?”

“Hmmm…I’ve got a thought about that. His birthday is in a couple of weeks. How would you feel about being a birthday present?”…

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