Helen’s Billy

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Cinnamon smells wafted by my nose and I thought I must be close to heaven. When I finally decided to open my eyes, just for a moment, I wondered where I was. Then I remembered the fantastic time I shared with the lovely Helen. A quick little shiver made me realize I wore no clothes and also, my dick felt a tad poorly.

I lifted the covers – I nearly screamed! A clump of bright yellow ribbons decorated my somewhat soft cock and there was no hair! None – no place that I could see was there any. When my hands search the nether places they were equally naked. I don’t remember anything like that happening while awake. I think I would have known.

Yesterday, when we came back from the adventure in the woods, I shaved all the hair off of Helen’s pussy and surrounding areas, just as she wanted. After our fantastic exercises, and before I totally collapsed in sleep, I had a normal amount of blonde hair all around my cock and on my balls, etc. Now, I have nothing, just a bunch of yellow ribbon. I’ll ask Helen.

Before I really was totally awake, gorgeous naked Helen with a peignoir draped over her shoulders, open, flowing freely, and showing all her lovely charms, brought me breakfast in bed on a brightly decorated serving tray. It consisted of hot coffee, cinnamon buns, scrambled eggs, and some toast.

I would have settled easily for a few minutes nursing on her glorious globes of beauty. The instant I saw her my cock was hard as a nail and my heart began to beat its primitive sexy rhythm. A thin film of sweat formed over me and I lost my ability to speak. All I could do was stare!

Helen set the tray beside the bed, threw off the peignoir, and climbed in beside me. I never said a word, but the sheet – the only thing covering me, went flying onto the floor leaving me nude, except for the ribbons, to her gaze.

Her dainty hands caressed and fondled my solid dick as I struggled to continue breathing. Shortly her hands stopped moving quite so much and she looked into my eyes.

“You like the way I’ve prepared you, don’t you, Billy? There is a little of my perfume on Mr. Jolly, too.”

“Mr. Jolly? What preparation do you mean? It is a real surprise to wake up like this, but if it is what you want, it is OK – I suppose…”

“I told you about the local girls – the ones who told me about that horny artist, Cecil? They are coming over in a few minutes – Ooh do not worry! Not all are coming – only a few — about six or so, just the cute ones that I like. We often get together to play around, but today will be special — the first time with a real man who is willing to play our way. You are – aren’t you?”

All I did was nod my head and pick up the coffee cup to take a drink, thinking that it would help clear my foggy mind – I must be dreaming! My heart was thumping in my ribcage so hard, I’m certain anyone in the room could easily hear it.

Helen leaned over and kissed me very tenderly. She still held fast to my rigid cock. Slowly she began to stroke it – very softly and tenderly. It was seriously thinking of exploding with a small flood at any moment just from her naked presence – without what she was doing.

What am I to do? From only daydreaming of times like this to multiple partners all that in one day! I know – just what my friend Wilber said, “If you are not sure, keep your mouth shut, relax, and go with the flow.” Often times, I have found that my mind plays tricks and makes the situation quite different from what truly happens.

“Are you going to eat the food I brought? I’ve eaten. I let you sleep so you’d recoup your strength. You are going to love it. You need not do anything but what you are comfortable with. Not all the people that come are horny like me. You still like me don’t you?” To emphasize her last remark, she leaned down, kissed the tip of my very wet cock, and then suddenly dropped her head – swallowing it all the way to the tight ribbon! All I could muster was a loud groan. If I make it through this day…

The doorbell rang. Helen took up the tray, closed the door, and went down the stairs to meet her friends. She left me the partly full coffeepot and the cup I was using. illegal bahis Should I get up and dress? I wondered as I sipped my coffee – very nervously.

I am almost totally inexperienced in this sort of thing. I peeked at the yellow ribbon decorating my hard (Still – WOW!) ready cock.

Several minutes went past while I stewed in my mind’s wild imaginings. Voices, laughter – other noises I do not recognize are coming from down stairs. What is keeping Helen?

I’m so nervous nearly the whole pot of coffee is now gone. Oh well! I’ll get up and relieve myself. They’ll probably be up soon and I will not have to bother with that. Nonchalantly, I strolled across the huge bedroom to the bathroom door. As I reached for the knob, I thought I heard giggling. Hesitating a moment, I looked around, and listened carefully.

“…Then when you see him, finally – you will be all ready! OK, dear?” I heard behind the door, along with a few more giggles.

I jiggled the handle as a warning and got a loud shriek in reply along with a lot of splashing and the sound of running feet.

I slowly opened the door. They would have locked it if they didn’t want to be disturbed. I went to the toilet, lifted the cover, and proceeded to relieve myself. That was when I took a really close look at my cock’s decorations – there is a gold (GOLD!) cock ring hanging on there! It sure doesn’t look or feel like shiny brass. The good thing about it is that it is quite loose – probably for someone else, I suppose.

I wiped up and was thinking of removing the ribbons just when Helen walked in with a girl I knew from school, Alice. They were both practically nude except for a transparent French maid’s apron that covered the space between their breasts and their crotches. It was easy to see right through the material, but it sure made them look sexy. Both women had all the hair shaved from their pussies – I noticed.

Alice walked right up to me and took my cock in her hand about like one would if shaking hands for the first time. I couldn’t help but jump slightly and looked at Helen for an explanation.

“Yes, Helen – I agree it is very nice, I like it. You are a very fortunate person Bill. You better appreciate it is — is truly lovely.” Alice said with a bit of a stutter just before she took it in her warm lips.

And then I felt her slick tongue caress the tip and I knew it wouldn’t be long. With Helen displaying all her beauty and having made a very brief study of Alice’s charms, I could not stop the great feelings moving to a shuddering great climax. My knees buckled and Helen grabbed me before I fell. In spite of my weakened condition, I could not help but enjoy the touch of her naked flesh touching mine.

Once again back in bed and my cock about to collapse (I thought), they made me comfortable. Each woman took a side of the bed and crawled on. I lay back and tried to keep some degree of calm, but I was trembling like a fall leaf.

“Bill dear, you know we are having a special meeting and you are one of the people that we are expecting to work for our purpose. One little lady, the daughter of my best friend has decided that she should become a woman. It is her eighteenth birthday today. She has never been with a man, but she has seen some naked. So, she is not totally ignorant of what it looks like. You will help us won’t you?” Alice asked as she stroked my cock while Helen kissed and caressed me.

I wanted to say yes, sure, or something positive, but all that came out was what sounded like, “Urgh.”

Helen pulled back from her kissing to say, “Honey, we want you to be the first for her, but it must not be just a slam bang thing, dear. We want it to be great – special, because she is going to remember this for the rest of her life. You understand that. Don’t you?”

“Yah, it’s OK with me, as long as it doesn’t spoil things with you and me, Helen.”

“We’ll talk about that later, Bill. Now put on this blindfold. She wants it. Her name is Pricilla – we call her Prissy. She is a little doll. You will see because the blindfold will accidentally slip off while you are pleasing her. All right?” Helen asked before she left illegal bahis siteleri the bed.

Alice was gone from the room when I looked around. She had taken the yellow ribbon from my cock that was now hard as a rock in anticipation of fun to come. The gold ring gleamed in the light. It was the last thing I saw just before I pulled the blindfold down over my eyes.

Very few minutes had passed before I heard the shuffling feet of a small crowd (that is what it sounded like) entering the room. I did feel a bit self-conscious lying here totally nude but for the cock ring. Only one person got on the bed near my feet. Nothing – I waited, expecting a touch somewhere – still nothing for a long while. My cock was starting to lose interest in spite of my thoughts. I did feel a little motion and a nearly imaginary touch at the head of my cock. It immediately sprung to full height. I snickered a bit – I couldn’t help it. I feel so silly. It is like play-acting rather than real life. Who ever will believe me when I tell them this?

“Honey, you can do anything with this nice man as long as you do not hurt him. All right?” I heard a strange woman say as I felt a hand stroke itself gently across my cock’s full length.

Then another hand replaced the first. I thought it was smaller. “Here dear. Feel how wonderful and nice it is. Give it a little kiss like this.” I felt the touch of her lips and a little swipe of the tip of her tongue as she backed away.

The next feeble touch was from trembling lips that were firmly pressed together.

“Would you like to be left alone? We do not mind in the least. We can find other things to entertain us. Your Mom is down stairs fixing the snacks for later. Just take your time and do whatever you feel comfortable with. Do you want Bill – that’s his name, to touch you? He knows how and all the right places, too.”

She must have nodded OK, because I heard the crowd leave. Immediately, her hands grasped my member firmly and her mouth plunged over the head.

Joyfully, I relaxed as her warm mouth lavished the tip of my cock in a crude fashion, but it was good. Slowly, I eased my right hand over until I felt it touch her bare thigh. She didn’t shy away, so I got a little bolder and moved my other hand to her arm. She lifted up away from my cock and leaned down to kiss my lips. My arms went gently around her and drew her close. It was then that I felt she was crying.

Sitting up, I tore the blindfold away and looked at the frightened girl. Kissing away her tears, I pulled the sheet up over both of us. She stopped her whimpering and kissed me more in a manner growing more passionate with each kiss. I hugged her close until she settled.

In a short while she moved the sheet aside and looked me all over. One little hand moved up and touched one of my nipples. “Do you like that?” she asked with the beginning of a nice smile.

I nodded.

Next she licked the same nipple. “Is that good?” she asked.

Again, I nodded with a bit of a moan.

“Do boys like to have their tits played with – like us girls?”

“Sure, we do, dear it feels great – at least to me it does. Do you like it?”

“Uh huh.” She replied lifting her small chest for me to get a taste. Her breasts were just a handful with a large puffy nipple covering almost the entire end. She lay back in my arms while I enjoyed myself caressing one breast then the other as she made cooing noises.

After awhile, she put her hand under my chin and brought my face up to hers for a deep passionate kiss. Shortly, I began to tremble with anxiety just as she was. One of her hands gently touched my cock and moved it up from the position it had been in, pressed between us, to the open area between us and directly in front of her shaved pussy.

I just lay back while she examined it from one end to the other and kissed it a time or two.

“Do you like me, Bill? When Helen and the others asked me if I was still a virgin, I told them yes. They don’t have to know all my business – do they? Besides, my Mom is one of them! Mike likes me. I let him feel of my secret place and I have touched him too. He tried canlı bahis siteleri to do it several times, but he doesn’t know how or something is wrong, because the stuff gets all over my clothes or in the hair when I had some – before they shaved it away. I didn’t mind it. Did you have problems when you tried to do it the first time, Bill?” She asked very seriously.

I thought of the time with Helen. That was practically my first and everything had gone very well – very well indeed! “No darling, I didn’t have that problem but I have had times when all we have done is touch each other and they were grand for me. If you want, I can show you what it is all about. And then you could show Mike what to do. If, you let him squirt his stuff right away then, he will take a while longer to do it again. You have to keep him going or he will stop everything. When the cum squirts out it relieves the system and you feel complete satisfaction, so you just naturally stop, but you do not have to let yourself get into that habit. You shouldn’t if you care about your partner.”

Prissy nodded and took a hold of my cock like she was used to doing it. She pulled and poked at my balls a bit before she asked, “Does it hurt a lot? That’s what the girls in school said. One girl had a big grown man do it to her and she didn’t even ask him! Should we do it?”

“If you really want to do it we will. I would love to do it for you, dear. Some times it does hurt a little. Everyone is a bit different, you just have to do it and see. First you need to be ready. Are you?”

“Ya – Yes, I suppose so,” She murmured.

“OK. To be sure that everything goes right let me check.” I reached for her pussy and she took my wrist and held firmly as I stroked her crack feeling for the moisture that should be there. It was, some, but not very much. I eased her back on the bed and wrested my arm from her grip. After I spread her legs, I moved up and kissed her inner thighs – first one then the other. Slowly, I moved up until I licked across the outer lips. She wiggled a bit at that but still has said nothing.

Opening the crack between the inner lips, I gave it a nice firm kiss. She responded to that with a little moan and opened her legs further making it easier for my tongue. When I finally worked my way up to her throbbing swollen clitoris she was very ready – shaking, willing, and quite wet. I thought it might be a good thing to bring her off at least once before we join. So, I continued to lavish her pussy in all parts while she moaned and groaned her approval.

What seemed only like seconds later, she stiffened and lifted herself up off the bed as she came hard with a bit of a scream and a lot of loud moaning. Quickly, she pushed me away with both hands.

I lay back a short time before I eased my way back to her very red cunt and gave it a bit of a kiss. An “Oh!” escaped from her as she looked to see what I was about. She let me begin again with my slick tongue work and I soon had her moaning and moving all over the bed. Just before she felt like she was ready to express another orgasm, I stopped and rolled to my back.

“Now, Prissy, climb up on my dick. You let yourself down on it. That way if it is too uncomfortable, you can stop. You will be totally in charge, dear.” I helped her urge her willing sweating slim little body over my hard ‘sticking up ready’ cock. Carefully as I could, I tried to spread the little lips. She moved my hands away and suddenly sank right down on my dick with a sharp loud, “Ooh!”

I didn’t dare move. She stayed very still.

The warmth and snugness of her pussy felt delightful. I wanted to move and make it even better, but it is her show. After a minute or so she began her motion, slow and short, to begin and then it became faster and faster until we were both moving passionately – I had to struggle to keep up and my cock in its place. Often it was just touching the outer limits, but she always managed to plunge right down on my throbbing cock unerringly. My emotions were approaching their limits in more ways than one. Her little body has gone through several quakes of climax that I was aware of.

Now, I felt my balls tighten and the cum quickly squirted deep in her warm wet tight well-fucked pussy. She fell forward on my chest and kissed me softly as only a loving woman can.


Comments welcome. Thanks for reading, Chet.

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