Holy Ass of Antioch

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The holy ass of Antioch was the most protected ass in the Nine Kingdoms. Eunuchs trained for twenty years just to have the honor of guarding the holy ass from unwanted intrusion. The ass was attended upon by a squadron of vestal virgins who made sure that it radiated with raw sexual energy and power. The ass was the important symbol of Antioch and it was said that it if it was ever besmirched or entered, the great kingdom would fall. Yes, this ass was more important to the king and the people of the kingdom than anything else. This included the woman who owned the ass.

Jocasta Marten was a depressed woman. She was the possessor of the holy ass of Antioch and for it she dined on the finest gourmet dishes, bathed in the most luxurious oils, and sat on only the most comfortable and soft silk pillows. To many this was the considered the peak of living, but to Jocasta the glamour was fading. She felt trapped in her gilded temple as her servants and her guards prevented her from completing even the simplest task least it somehow blemish her perfect round ass.

Furthermore, she was passing a state of horniness into a sort of crazed desperation. She had not had sex since she became the holy ass, because men could not be trusted to enter only her pussy and not her ass. On top of that, all the men who gazed upon her fell in love with her ass first and the rest of her a distant second or third. She was offered the joys of Sapphic sex earlier to compensate for the lack of male attention, but she could not bring herself to accept such an act.

A year past, a priest made for her a false cock made from a mold of the king that she could use on her pussy and pussy alone. It had satisfied for a good six months, but now she began to feel the cravings for something more, something real once again. Furthermore, she became entranced as well with the power of her anus. She began to dream of having her holy, perfect ass violated. She could feel her sphincter pulsate with the idea of letting the city burn as her lust was fulfilled again and again.

She kept these dreams secret from all her confidants and the priests of her temple for fear they would see it as a prophecy. The fantasy was beginning to grow hard to hide however. Too often her false dick would absent-mindedly trail to her backside and her handmaidens would stop her. Soon it began to be difficult to masturbate at all under the stares of worried priests and she succumbed once more to a sort of undersexed desire.

Life continued like this for a good many day as Jocasta dreamed more fervently and desperately of her eventual anal violation. The priests had long since taken her false cock for fear that she would use it on her ass before long. The king hearing about Jocasta’s predicament began to pace with worry. This and the reports of a band of Visigoths raiding the local towns worried him about the future of Antioch.

It was in late December of that year, when the lust became uncontrollable. Jocasta thrust her fingers deep in her ass as she moaned into her dainty pillows, enjoying the feeling against the lubrications of her bath oils. Lost in the experience, she rubbed her clit in time to her self-violation letting the lust wash over her like the tide at full moon.

So güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri lost was she in this action, that she never heard the entrance of the Visigoth warlord through the supposedly impenetrable bedroom window. He was a tall rugged man with a full black beard and the stocky swarthy set of a man who survived by starting fights and winning them.

Grinning like the devil himself, he approached Jocasta. “So this is the famous holy ass of Antioch,” he thought as he watched her writhe below him. “This shall be my greatest conquest.”

Outside he knew his men were preparing an assault on the key points of the kingdom’s main palace and temples. The informant had been paid handsomely for pointing out the secret entrance around the main city walls and had been killed soon after. The warlord knew better than to leave behind a witness with such loose morals. Soon they would control Antioch and with the armaments and power of its many barracks, they would be able to break up the Nine Kingdoms once and for all. It would be a glorious completion of his father’s dream and a victory that he was young enough to enjoy for many years to come.

He thought on this as he watched Jocasta desperately try to quench her suddenly uncontrollable lust and smiled. First, before the conquest, there was time for the forbidden pleasure. He reached out and became the first male to touch the holy ass.

Jocasta froze up at once to the foreign touch and opened her mouth as if to scream, but the warlord’s other hand clamped tightly over it, squeezing the cheeks roughly.

“Do not make a word,” he commanded in a threatening whisper. “If you do you will die before your first guard can enter the room. Do you understand me?”

Jocasta gave a frightened nod as she considered the implications of her situation. It did not look good. The warlord moved the hand on her ass around squeezing one cheek and then the other, massaging each as if they were covered in gold. Jocasta wept as the shame of her arousal to the action began to rise within her.

The warlord continued his actions for a few more minutes and allowed himself to become hypnotized and bewitched by the holy ass. He was filled with a desire to do everything he could to the ass, to enjoy it to the best of his abilities. He felt powerful before it, like a god or perhaps a titan. He was the conqueror of this kingdom and he’d prove it tonight in all possible ways.

Taking his hand slowly off her mouth he reached for the silk dress she had been wearing before her self-violation. He twisted it around itself until it resembled enough of a gag to be useable. Through it all, Jocasta kept her word and did not scream though not in honesty because of a lack of desire but a sudden inability to do anything at all. She regained her voice in the same moment that he tied the gag around her mouth and her muffled cry did not even reach the ears of the warlord.

Optionless, she began to weep softly again as he began to massage her beautiful cheeks. He moved around to the side as he massaged, setting himself up to a perfect position. Then, raising his hand slowly he unleashed a hard spank on the holy ass. Such a blow had never been felt by Jocasta and left a painful güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri red mark. The blemish was her very first and burned hotly in her temple room. With this action, there was no return. Her holy ass would be taken, violently and without care, just like the kingdom would be. She began to cry at the thought, even though in the depths of her pussy she enjoyed it to no ends.

The warlord grinning at the red outline of his hand on the smooth white cheeks of his prey delivered another hard slap to her other cheek, besmirching it as well. Jocasta’s whole body moved to the blow in the sort of way only possible if you’ve lived your whole life second-fiddle to your ass. He enjoyed the action immensely and spanked her another four times to watch and memorize it.

Soon, Jocasta’s ass glowed a faint red and the warlord felt himself drawn again. He gripped both cheeks tightly admiring how they fit around his hands so perfectly as if they were made for him and pulled them apart to reveal her well-attended anus. He felt himself drawn to the cute puckered hole and slowly dipped down to it until his mouth made contact.

He gave it a little kiss and then began to extend his tongue, letting it swirl around the rim as if it was a gourmet treat. The sensation felt extraordinary to the warlord and he began to get more and more into it. His tongue ran over the hot red cheeks of the holy ass and then began to slowly insert itself into the depths of her anus.

Letting it plumb the forbidden depths, he lubricated the surprisingly utterly clean ass, tasting the bath oils as he went. Soon, the ass was slick with his saliva and Jocasta despite herself was as aroused as a Genuan prostitute.

Pulling out of the beautifully tight hole, the warlord growled with lust. He clawed at his belt, undoing it and removing it in one motion. He momentarily gave thought to whipping the ass in front of him, but other desires held stronger sway. He dropped his pants quickly revealing a quite large nine-inch member that had been the glory of his tribe. Rubbing it softly he tried to delay the moment that approached, letting the memory of it strengthen in his mind.

Finally unable to resist any longer, he firmly grabbed each cheek and pushed his cock against Jocasta’s virgin anus. Jocasta gasped through her gag at the feeling as the head slowly pushed into her sphincter. Even in her fantasies, she had never expected it to feel so large. She desperately wanted to close up against the invader, not allow any more, but the actions only served to massage the head.

Glorying in the exquisite feeling he began to slowly push deeper letting each inch sink little by little. It took him a good minute or two before he was completely buried, his balls resting firmly against her pussy. Through it all Jocasta had massaged the length of the cock in trembling fear and anxiety. The experience could not have been reproduced by the most mature of whores. It was instead a mythic feeling and were it not for the warlord’s excellent self-control, would have been milked him already.

As it was though, the resistance to cum required the sum total of his thoughts and the effort made him perspire slightly. Slowly, he began to move back güvenilir bahis şirketleri out of the ass, letting Jocasta massage him as he went. Once he had pulled out all but the head, he paused for a moment and then forcefully slammed back to the hilt, causing Jocasta’s tits and body to jerk forward violently.

As he began to repeat the motion, this time with greater speed, he allowed himself to bend forward and move his hands from her flawless ass to her moderate tits. He began to fondle the reasonably nice beauties with the rough art of an alpha male. After a couple of thrusts, he began to tweak her nipples between his thumb and forefinger causing her to moan through her silk gag.

Jocasta despaired at the betrayal to her kingdom that she was being forced to commit, but still she could not help but thrill in the actions. The hard and violent thrusts of the warlord in her ass sated her in a way that no amount of pussy play or fingers could ever hope to. She felt an orgasm begin to build up inside her like an unstoppable tidal wave. It began in the deepest humors of her body and extended outward filling her with blissful passion. She began to moan as it filled her and threatened to sacrifice her completely.

“I am going to cum wench,” the warlord growled in the back of his throat as he tweaked her nipples hard and thrust home to his full extent. The action completed her orgasm sending her off with wild abandon. She felt the stars dance across her eyes as the warlord exploded inside the holy chamber of her ass. His white cream filled her as she felt the wave of pleasure sap her full strength.

She collapsed in a dead faint to the experience and the warlord watched his cum ooze out around his buried cock and drip down her sopping pussy. He pulled out slowly, coming out with such a gentle “pop” that one would scarcely have heard it. The anus was distended and slowly pushed out dollop after dollop of his seed.

This was a pure conquest. He felt the power within himself become absolute as the distended anus slowly closed around a small ring of white cream. Outside he heard for the first time the sounds of chaos and battle and intrinsically knew that his side was the one winning.

His suspicions were confirmed soon after as the king of Antioch was pushed through the doors of the temple bedroom by his two most trusted warriors. The king laid not one eye on the warlord but rather looked at Jocasta’s prostrate form and in one instant lost all his fire and majesty.

“So we are lost,” he said dejectedly. “The kingdom of Antioch is no more.”

“Nay, but it is mine,” the warlord intoned, his voice echoing unnaturally around the room. “Your kingdom is now a holding of the Visigoths as is all your treasures.” At this he let his gaze once more fall on Jocasta. “Farewell.”

The king said not a word, but raised his head solemnly and the warlord severed his neck with one swift chop. The transfer of power thus complete all settled into proper form and his warriors returned outside to assure the townsfolk knew of the change.

Meanwhile, the warlord let his gaze fall upon the unconscious Jocasta. He knew deep down that in this act of coitus he had taken all of the power of the city and he also knew that he would only hold such power as long as he owned the holy ass as well. He would not be stupid like this king, he thought. No, he would protect it and use it well and it would use him to be ruler, to prop up the kingdom, to insure there would always be an Antioch and deep down he knew this and understood…completely.

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