I Love Orchestra!

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Adriana Chechik

It was about 7:20 in the morning, and I was late for my lesson with Ms. Thompson. Well, I wasn’t really late, as we hadn’t set a specific time, but I liked to be there before she was. I rushed into the band room with my violin case in hand. I greeted my friends, and plopped myself into my seat just as Ms. Thompson walked through the door, carrying her books and papers. I began unpacking my things. Out of my peripheral vision, I watched her make her way to my direction. She was beautiful, with long brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a figure that made guys and girls (such as myself) drool buckets.

“Hi, Danielle,” she said, smiling her gorgeous smile. The room seemed to brighten with it.

“Uhm…Hi, Ms. Thompson,” I ducked my head.

“So, are you in tune?”

“Yes ma’me, I think so.”

“Shall we begin?”


I began to play my piece, she counting time. I shook in her presence, which was visible through my vibrato. I tried to follow her instructions, and got through it all.

“Danielle, that’s very good.” She smiled again. My heart melted.

“T-thank you, Ms. Thompson.”

“However, I think you should try this…” She leaned over, and put my fingers in the position she thought they should be in on my instrument.

“Your palms are a bit sweaty. Are you alright?” She asked.

“Uh…I’m fine.” She continued maneuvering my hand.

“There.” She seemed pleased with her work, as my fingers were in the exact same place they were before she’d started moving them. What was the point of all that? I gave her a quizzical look.

Grinning, she asked “Can you meet me after school?”


“Just meet me here. We might go some place else.”

“Like where?” By now, I was thoroughly confused, although slightly titillated.

“You’ll see. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get the lesson plan together for orchestra class today.” She walked away, and I watched her go. What could she, possibly, be planning?

The day wore on and on. It seemed as if my teachers were solely convinced that we were undeserving of the luxury of having no homework over the weekend. We begged, pleaded, and go the preppy girls to try to pimp them, but it was all to no avail. I almost ran out of the building when I remembered I had a “date” with Ms. Thompson. I sighed, and reentered the building. I stood around and goofed off with my friends who were in the band until she arrived. Her attire blew me away. She was wearing tight leather pants and a halter-top that barely passed dress code.

“Uhm…uh…. Hi Ms. Thompson.” I managed to utter, even though I was looking her up and down, as was half the band illegal bahis room. My nipples were hardening, and I was getting wet through my jeans. DAMN! She was FINE!

“Hi, Danielle. Shall we go?”

“G-go? OH! Sure. Just let me grab my stuff.”

“Sure. Meet me at my car.” I didn’t take my eyes off her until she left the room. I finally came to my senses, and hurriedly grabbed my books and instrument. I got into her black, luxury, Sedan. It was quite nice with leather seats and a CD player.

“Uhm…Ms. Thompson?”


“Where are we going?”

She chuckled, “You’ll see.” I kept my eyes on the road. I couldn’t stare at her. It wouldn’t be seemly. Besides, I didn’t want her to see my apparent arousal or the lust in my eyes. She pulled onto the expressway, and we rolled along for a while, making small talk. She pulled off at an exit, and we rode around for about ten minutes more. Finally, she pulled up at a modest, two-story house. She turned off the ignition, and stepped out of the car. I followed suit. She took out a key and opened the door, and I stepped in.

“This is your house?”


“It’s quite nice.” I said. It was cool inside with plush furniture, hardwood floors, a fireplace, and lots of violin knick-knacks. She smiled her appreciation, and bid me sit down. I sat on the couch, and she sat next to me, with only inches separating us. My leg shook, as it is apt to do when I am nervous. She put her hand on my knee, and I instantly froze. Gulping, I turned to look at her. The silence between us was deafening. Finally, she broke it.

“Are the rumors true?”

“Huh? Rumors?”

“About you…being a lesbian.” Her hand rubbed my knee and slowly crept up my leg.

“Uhm…Well, yes, they are.” I replied. She grinned, and I began to get an idea as to why I was here.

“So, let me get this right. You and Amanda…?”

“Well, for a time, we did. But…She moved on to other people. We’re still friends, I guess.”

“So…are you as good as she tells Bianca you are?” I jumped at this question. That wasn’t expected.

“Well…uhm…er…It would depend on how good she said I was…” I managed to utter.

“She says you’re mind blowing.” Wow. I’m that good, eh? However, the situation at hand had to be addressed.

“Ms. Thompson…You didn’t bring me here for…I mean…well…er…uh…”

“Yes, Danielle, I want to have sex with you.” Well, jeeze, she didn’t waste time. But, then, neither was I.

“Well, to be honest with you, I’ve wanted to ever since January.” She turned a beet red at that statement. “I’m sorry…I guess I…” I didn’t get to finish making my apologies because she kissed illegal bahis siteleri my lips. Her lips were soft, pressed against mine. Then, her tongue probed my mouth. I responded in kind, and we kissed for many minutes, exploring each other’s mouths. My hands explored her face. My kisses trailed up and down her neck.

She moaned and sighed. As a test, I placed my right hand on her right breast. She smiled as I began to rub it through her shirt.

“Wait a second.” Her voice took the teacher tone, which I found so cute coming from her. She took off her shirt and bra to reveal small, pert, breasts. Her nipples were a rosy color. Immediately, I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. I could easily suck her entire breast into my mouth, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

“I’m cumming! God, my nipples are soo sensitive. I love it when someone sucks them!” She, then, proceeded to thrash around wildly and scream my name. Damn, she was loud. I couldn’t decide what to do next. Should I explore the rest of her of my own accord, or wait for her to beg? It’s a major turn on when women beg, but, still, the rest of her unseen flesh intrigued me.

I decided to go ahead and see the rest of what was in the box. I kissed my way from her breasts to her stomach, tonguing her navel. I removed her pants and a pantie in short order, and was greeted with the sight of her unblemished body. It was perfect in every way. I, especially, enjoyed the sight of her pussy. It was shaved completely smooth. I could see her juices coming out of it. I salivated at the thought of how they would taste.

“Danielle, Amanda didn’t tell Bianca you just stood there, you know.” She giggled, making light of my silence and apparent ogling. I reached out to stroke the outer lips of her pussy. She moaned and sighed, arching her back to try to get my fingers inside of her, but I avoided it. I massaged her clit in an almost nonchalant way with my left hand. My right hand began to play with her breasts. Her moans became louder, and I smirked a little bit.

“Lick my clit.” She demanded.

“Ms. Thompson, this isn’t orchestra. You aren’t telling me what to do in this instance. I think I have a bit of the upper hand in this one. You’ll have to be a whole bunch nicer for that.”

“Amanda always said you were a tease…”

“I’m not a tease…I just like to tempt people with undiscovered perks.”

“What do I have to do to get you to fuck me?”

“Uhm…well…there’s always one thing I’ve always wanted to see a woman do, now that you mention it…” I grinned a little bit, “but I doubt you’d do it.”

“Danielle, I’m so fucking horny, I’d do Mr. Battle if you told canlı bahis siteleri me to.”

Laughing, I replied, “No…it’s far from that, Dora. I guess we’re on a first name basis, hmm?”

“We could be on middle-name basis, for all I care. What do you want me to do, baby? I’ll do anything.” She sounded like she meant it, too. The look in her eyes didn’t hurt, either.

“Play with yourself for me. Amanda never would, and it’d be such a major turn on to see a woman of your caliber and maturity do so.” Thus saying, I removed my hands, while she stared at me, stunned.

“Well…ok…” She closed her eyes and spread her legs. She displayed all her charms before me. I sat back and watched as her hand slowly inched to her pussy. She inserted a finger deep inside, then, slowly drew it out. I was turned on all the more by this. She licked the juices off her finger, and dug in for more. She began to fuck herself with two fingers. She was, apparently, as turned on as I was. She began fucking herself faster and harder. She screamed as she came.

As she was coming down off her high, I began to suck and flick at her clit. I pulled it into my mouth. My fingers tweaked both of her nipples simultaneously. I sucked her juices into my mouth. I kissed my way from her clit, up her stomach, past her twin peaks, up her neck, and to her lips. She hungrily returned the kiss I gave her. I pulled away from her.

“What the hell are you doing?” She challenged. I didn’t reply, just removed my clothing. Both of us were as naked as the day we were born. And both of us were searching for release from the other. I pushed her down on the couch, and aligned myself so that our pussies touched. I ground my clit into hers, causing us both to moan loudly. Our bodies crushed together faster and harder. Our screams got louder and louder.

“I’m CUMMING!!” She screamed. Her body shook beneath mine. She shouted my name over and over. I kept going, as I hadn’t just yet. I hungrily kissed her as I came. I lazily got off her, and sat on the opposite side of the couch. We both tried to catch our breaths and collect our thoughts.

“Dora?” I inquired.


“Will this…change our student-teacher relationship?”

“How could it not?”

“Well…I…uh…” She kissed me again. I collapsed into her arms. She stroked my hair and held me close to her. I could feel her heart beating in rhythm with mine. We both fell asleep for a few hours, fucked once more, and she took me home.

I saw her the next day in the band room and walked up to her. She got an evil grin on her face when she saw me.

“Hi, Ms. Thompson.” I rubbed the back of my neck and stared at her feet. Damn, this was awkward. She touched my cheek, and I stared into her warm eyes.

“Hi, Danielle. Can you meet me after school for another lesson? I think Amanda and Frances might join us.”

“Sure!” I replied.

To Be Continued…

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