I Never Liked Baseball

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Silence. The only sound was coming from the window air conditioner. She looks at me; I look at her. Time moves, but we do not. Our eyes remain locked. Her eyes search mine for some sort of explanation. I rifle through my thoughts trying to come up with an excuse for why I had just kissed my best friend. I got confused… It’s college, everyone tries it…Haven’t you ever-, but before I could talk my way out of it her hands reached up to my face and she pulled me in. We locked lips. There I was, 24 years old. A straight woman in complete control of her life. Then why am I kissing my best friend?

I smiled as I left the office of the chair person for the Graduate Studies at Penn State. “I’m in,” I squealed. After working hard during all four years of my undergraduate work; skipping parties, working two jobs and making the deans list every quarter, I had just been accepted to the accelerated Masters Program at Penn State for Physician’s Assistants. Was it too early to tell, or was this exactly what I had always hoped it would be? I shook my head and walked quickly to my car. After dreaming of this day for months, I was about to tell my parents the good news.

At the celebration dinner that evening my large family gathered around to congratulate me on the good news. I was surrounded by my mother, father, and older sisters. Jennifer, the oldest, had her husband and newborn with her as well. With her simple string of pearls and baby pink cardigan she sat there smiling at me with an almost pitying expression. Jennifer had always been the marrying type, so the fact that I was 24 and single filled her with sorrow. She is content to be a house wife at home each day with Baby Maggie. Even with the baby, Jennifer was known for having dinner on the table each nigh by the time Michael got home from work. Next in line was Corinne. After dropping out of college, and heading out on the road to play her gothic heavy metal music, we were lucky just to be graced with her presence this evening. With her heavy black eye liner and hair as dark as night, she was far from the pretty teen I remembered playing the guitar with as I grew up. As the youngest, I was always the one destined to go to school and be exactly what Daddy wanted. Jennifer was Mom’s little twin and Cory just didn’t quite fit in. Daddy was counting on me to carry on the family tradition of healthcare work. Mom was a nurse and Dad was a Physician’s Assistant. They met working in the Pittsburgh Medical Center in the late 70’s. They had the perfect wedding and soon after started creating their own little dream team of doctors, but when Jennifer traded in her latex gloves for an engagement ring the first year of med school, and Cory hit the road to be the next gothic sensation, I was left to fill their shoes…or should I say lab coat?

From the time we drove away from the restaurant that night to the day I walked into my first grad class life was a whirlwind of finishing my job as a lab tech at PMC and preparing myself to move out of the house for the first time. To save money during my undergrad, I lived at home. This helped me to avoid the all too often detrimental temptations such as college parties and late nights with friends. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of good friends. However, a girl without discipline does not get accepted to accelerated programs. If I was going to move up to Senior PA by the time I was 30, I’d have to move quickly. Mom and I carried some boxes, as Dad and Michael carried the couch from the moving truck to my new apartment. My stomach was full of butterflies as we set down the last few boxes on the floor of my very first apartment. It was a mess, but that mess…was mine.

Before I had the chance to unpack and organize my new place, the first day of class was starting. The dreadful beep of the 7am alarm woke me from a wonderful dream. Kenny Chesney had just finished crooning as we started to kiss. His hand caressed my shoulder, and then my arm. His hand worked it’s way down my arm to my hand. As he picked up my hand and pressed it to his chest he kissed me deeper. Pushing my hand down his chest along his unbelievable abs my hand stopped at the top button of his wrangler jeans. His mouth left mine and he leaned his cheek against mine. He whispered in my ear, “Samantha, I want you to,” BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!….BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!….

I opened my eyes. “Damn!” I exclaimed. “Just as we were getting to the good part. Oh well. See you tonight Kenny.” I said as I sat up in bed and started the morning routine that I had become so accustomed to at home. Today was different though. Today was my first day at the new place and just for that, illegal bahis it’s time for a new routine! Today I will brush my teeth before I shower. Ok, so I’m not the most adventurous girl in town. So what! After my shower, I tried my best to put together a look that said, “Samantha Towner is sassy, yet sophisticated.”

On my walk to class I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I walked into class not knowing anyone there, but I thought to myself, “ABORT ABORT ABORT!” Of course, I did not. I sat through class fervently taking notes and trying to absorb as much as I could. Before I knew it, my first four-hour grad class was over. I felt like I had been hit by a bus. So much information was thrown at us in that four hours. I was in for a rough year here at Penn State. After class I sat in my chair collecting my things and packing to go home. A voice came from next to me that was soft yet had an edge to it.

“Well that was fun!” She said sarcastically.

“I know what you mean,” I told her. “I’m Samantha.”

“I’m Victoria. It’s nice to meet you.” She said as she stuck out her hand from her petite frame.

“You too,” I said. “I think we’ll need some sort of alliance to get through this class. I feel as if it’s the teacher against us. Slowly, the will knock of each of us off until there is no one left.” Victoria laughed and smiled at me.

“We’ll be all right. Like you said, we just need to stick together.” And we did. From that day on, Victoria and I spent each class sitting next to each other and the time after class comparing notes and getting to know each other. She sat with me through Baby Maggie’s first birthday party, and even went with me to one of Cory’s shows. Victoria danced up a storm as I stared at the vampire that my sister had become. She laughed as we talked about the guys we like and the girls we don’t. She told me about her childhood and I told her of my dad’s dreams for me. We were perfectly opposite and yet a perfect pair. Victoria was there to make me laugh and coddle me after a bad date. I was there when she did poorly on a test or needed to escape from her controlling mother. Victoria had a lot of friends and so did I, however, we did not spend a lot of time with them if we were together. I started to show up to Victoria’s volleyball games and I marveled at her strength and skill. I was never much for sports. Dance was my outlet, even more so singing. Victoria could kill person with her wailing. We balanced each other out though.

One evening after Victoria’s game, I met her back her at her apartment so that we could get ready to go out and celebrate their win. I was meeting some of her friends for the first time. I wanted to look good; I had to. Victoria was petite in that she was probably a size 4. Her chest on the other hand, could tip her over she was so well endowed. That being said and the fact that I was a size 14, I was focusing on the positives and primping to my best ability. I had de-frizzed my curly brown hair, swiped on a thick coat of black mascara to frame my green eyes and changed into a shirt that reveled the tops of my D cup breasts. I slipped into a pair of hip hugging, straight leg, dark jeans and black stilettos I had purchased from the discount shoe store. I tried my best to keep my spirits high but felt that I would never live up to what Victoria would look like when she came out of her room. She came out donning a towel and a confused expression.

“Do you want to just stay in? I’m tired and I totally want to put on my pj pants right now! Please?”

“Sure,” I replied, feeling relived that I wouldn’t be contending with my beautiful friend for the attention of bartenders and guys at the local pub. After hugging me, and thanking me for being so flexible, Victoria fluttered back into her room to put on her comfy pants she had been waiting so long to put on. I walked over to her mini refrigerator, surprised to find a bottle of cheap vodka and brand X cranberry juice. I poured us each a glass and Victoria came out of her room. She had on a pair of polka dotted pj shorts and a tank top that didn’t leave much to the imagination. I had seen her in a tank top before, but this time, without a bra I found myself doing a double take.

“Ready for a fun night with no boys and a lot of booze?” She asked me. Because we had talked at length about my past relationships and my many insecurities, Victoria knew that I wouldn’t mind avoiding the bar scene and just hanging out. After a few drinks we couldn’t stop giggling. I told her how it wasn’t fair that her body was so perfect, and she complained that I was prettier and had better hair. illegal bahis siteleri I argued that it didn’t matter how cute my face was, because the guys I liked didn’t want anything to do with me. Victoria stood up in protest as some of her drink spilled over the edge of her glass.

“No!” She exclaimed. “You will not sit in my apartment on my couch and tell me that you are not gorgeous!” I turned away from her. “Look at me!” She yelled a little louder than any sober person would have in such close quarters. I looked up to see her staring back at me with those big brown eyes. “You are gorgeous you know Sam.” This was the first time she had called me that. It felt a little strange. “Sam, I’m telling you. Not just because I love you and I’m your best friend. I’m telling you from the perspective of a person with 24 years of experience looking out into the world,” She said with a slight delay as she hiccuped. “You are gorgeous, so smart and sexy! Attention men of Penn State: Sam is here and she’s on the prowl! Owwww!!” She yelped. At this point I was giggling on the floor and my face was the color of a ripened tomato. She clunked her drink down on the table and collapsed on the floor next to me. “I want the Sam in you to come out. I want you to see what I see when I look at you. If you act the way you do when it’s just you and I, people will be so drawn to you, because you are amazing.” I blushed some more. I looked up at her. I started to feel something in the pit of my stomach. The feeling rose through my body; a feeling of heat. I looked again at Victoria’s eyes and then to her mouth and back up to her eyes. Right then I simply lost control and there on the floor of her dingy apartment I closed my eyes, rolled towards her and kissed her. This was anything but a kiss from a romantic movie. This was a quick peck and then the cold feeling of the world came back to me. I sobered up quicker than ever before.

Silence. The only sound was coming from the window air conditioner. She looked at me; I look at her. Time moved, but we did not. Our eyes remained locked. Her eyes searched mine for some sort of explanation. I rifled through my thoughts trying to come up for an excuse for why I had just kissed my best friend. I got confused… It’s college, everyone tries it…Haven’t you ever-, but before I could talk my way out of it her hands reached up to my face and she pulled me in. We locked lips. There I was, 24 years old. A straight woman in complete control of her life. Then why am I kissing my best friend? As quick as those thoughts came into my head they flew back out as I was filled with warmth once again. I pulled away and let my hands move down from her face onto her neck and then her shoulders. She looked at me and said, “It’s ok.” I let my fingers pause as they twisted in the strap of her tank top. From there I followed the trail down the strap to the top of her breast. I gently grazed her nipples through the thin layer of cotton that separated us. She let out a soft moan. I lifted my hand from her and sat up. The impression of the carpet was visible in my right arm and I rubbed it to take away the sting it had left. She sat up.

“Why’d you stop Sam?” She asked me. Her look of seduction had turned to worry.

“I-I…” I slowly looked up at her. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Oh. I see. Do you think it’s wrong?” She asked.

“No, of course not. Not wrong…Different.” I shrugged and then looked down at my hands as they moved nervously together. I looked up again to meet Victoria’s eyes as she smirked at me.

“Different is good.” She took my hand and brought me to my feet. As she lead we walked to her through her apartment only to end at her dark bedroom.

My mind was racing. What are we doing?!? Are we doing to have sex? Is it called sex if it’s with a girl? What are we going to use? Who goes where? Am I a lesbian? Is SHE a lesbian? Does it matter? “Ouch! Shit!” I exclaimed as I stubbed my toe on the leg of the bed as we came closer to the place I never thought I’d be. Victoria sat me down on the bed and placed herself in front of me, her feet still on the floor. She put her hand under the hem of her tank top and pulled it up over her head and it went cascading to the floor. She reached out for my hands and picked them up and gently placed them on her perky breasts. I felt excited, shameful and jealous of those nice tits all at once. One thing I didn’t feel was wrong. I let my thumbs pass over her now hard nipples. She ran her hands through my hair to reassure me that it was ok. I leaned forward and let my tongue glide over the little pebble that canlı bahis siteleri sat atop her lofty breast. I circled her nipple with my tongue and she, again, let out a soft moan. This time I didn’t stop. As I felt myself fill with excitement I took her nipple between my teeth. Gently putting pressure on it and flicking it with my tongue. Victoria started to move her hips.

“You’re making me wet.” She said with a moan connecting the words. I grew more excited. I felt warmth between my legs as well. I didn’t know where we would go from here.

“I want to feel your body.” She said to me. Having always been proud of my body, she was the only one I would change in front of at the gym, or in preparation for going out at night. She slipped my v-neck shirt off over my head. Slipped the straps of my bra down and began to kiss my shoulders. Reaching behind me she unhooked my bra and let loose my large breasts. Not as perky as hers, I was embarrassed. Before I was able to say anything, she had taken in my breast into her warm mouth. She was mouthing my large mound and rubbing her hand on the one neglected by her mouth. I like how soft her lips were against my skin. My nipples erected, pleased by the attention. I grew wetter. Without warning she pushed back my shoulders and I laid flat on the bed, wondering what was next. Kissing her way down from my breasts her mouth passed over my soft skin and she didn’t stop. Soon her hands were unzipping my pants and they landed next to her top on the floor. Next she slid off the pj shorts she had put on not too long ago. She climbed up onto the bed kneeling next to me. Her hand now rubbing the front of my thong. A wet spot had formed and she circled that spot and I tingled all over. She slipper hand down the waste band of my thong and spread my lips with her fingers. She could feel my excitement as I was dripping. Waiting to take in whatever she had to offer. My eyes closed as she slid one finger into my aching pussy. I didn’t know what my feelings were for Victoria but at this moment all I felt was pleasure. Slowly she entered a second finger and began pushing deep inside my wetness. My mouth fell open as a loud moan escaped. I sucked the air back in through my teeth and moaned again. She stopped.

Victoria rose from the bed and opened the drawer from her night stand. She pulled out a black satin bag. Inside the bag was a large red dildo and a tube of warming lube.

“We won’t need this.” She said as she set the lube down on the night stand along with the silk bag. I looked at her knowing very well what she was planning on doing, but it had all felt so good I didn’t dare ask her not to. She got back on the bed and kneeled next to me her toy laying next to her. She laid down, one of her legs slipping between mine and spreading my knees. As her leg locked mine down on the bed she kissed me.

“You ok?” She asked as her hand parted my lips and found my clit.

“Uhhh!” I cried as sharp feelings of satisfaction flooded through my body. “Yes, keep going.” I answered.

Victoria’s mouth covered mine and her tongue teased me as she dragged the dildo over my wet pussy. She ran it up and down getting it nice and wet. She found my hole and pushed the red toy deep into my wanting pussy. Excitement raged through my body. I only been with one guy before and he never got me as excited as Victoria had. I never enjoyed sex until this minute in the bed of my best friend. I moaned as she started to slide the dildo in and out of me. My moans vibrated through me and into Victoria’s lips. She broke our kiss and moved between my legs. She knelt there pounding me harder and harder. She leaned down and was kissing the inside of my thigh which only increased my pleasure. Never had I been with a woman and within the first two minutes I wanted to explode! She knew exactly what I wanted and was giving it to me. Thinking of only my needs. Pushing my thighs further apart her right hand continued to push that red scepter of delight into my wet pussy. Her left arm rested on my inner thigh holding my legs apart and her hand had just made its way to my clit. She circled my clit not knowing what was soon to come. I had started breathing heavily and crying out. My hips writing with her movements I could barely hold my orgasm in. Seconds later I screamed out as my legs shook, Victoria still between them pounding into me as hard as she could to make my ecstasy even more severe. When my legs stopped shaking her rhythm slowed. She pulled out the dildo that had given me joy I hadn’t ever experienced, she made her way up to my mouth. Kissing me softly she said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better night. I knew you were the perfect one to spend it with.”

I guess I was wrong. PA school was not what I expected it to be. But I learned that with a great friend, anything is possible. I never did like baseball, and here I was: a switch hitter.

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