Jody’s Plan

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This is not a “stand-alone story.” Please read in order

– Pre-Graduation Party

– Home Video Circa 1980


I needed to get my parents to look at me as more than their daughter. They had to see me as a woman first, an attractive sexual woman, not their daughter, their little girl. I’m an adult now, they need to see me as one.

I decided that I would work on both of them at the same time rather than try seducing either my mother or father first. I was going to get them both thinking of me as a sexual adult before I made my move.

I knew from the home video that mum had had sex with a woman so that wasn’t an obstacle. My dad, of course, was having sex with two women so again, not an obstacle. The obstacle was our family relationship.

So starting immediately I was going to dress sexier and provocatively around my folks. Not an easy task for a tomboy believe me. Time to go shopping.

I needed to let someone from my circle of friends in on my plan, a cohort to help me with ideas and buying sexy provocative clothes. Bridget would be the best one to call for this project.

I picked up the phone and dialled Bridget’s number. “Hello Bridget, it’s Jody.”

“Hi, Jody, what’s up?”

“I need help with a project I’m working on. Are you available to meet tomorrow? We’ll need several hours if you’re free.”

“Sure, just tell me where and when. I’m free all day tomorrow since it’s Saturday and my parents are going out of town to my Aunts house for the weekend. Maybe we should move the sleepover to my house instead of your house tomorrow since the house will be empty?” asked Bridget.

“Sure thing! Sounds like a great idea. I’ll send out an email to the girls and let them know the change of venue and why. Ha ha ha!” I laughed. “Meet me at our usual coffee shop for coffee at 10 tomorrow morning and we’ll have a chat first so I can tell you my plan.”

“Oh, sounds intriguing Jody, I can’t wait to hear what scheme you’re working on. Is it sexual?” snickered Bridget.

“You’ll have to wait and see tomorrow, but you’re on the right track, wear a thong,” I replied.


I woke up early, before the sun was up, feeling more than a little horny. I’d been dreaming of the video with my parents and the other couple they had the orgy with. I was in the orgy in my dream. I was with mum and dad in a threesome, mum was laying spread eagle in front of me and me with her pussy in my face, kneeling between her thighs. I was admiring my mum’s fur covered mound and the wetness that was seeping slowly from between her pussy lips. It was beautiful and I could smell her, even in my dream.

My dad was behind me, playing with my firm ass and slipping a finger between my pussy lips, spreading my wetness from my pussy up to my asshole. Every time he touched my asshole I pressed back against his finger and moan, it felt strangely good.

I leant forward and started licking my mum’s pussy with gentle strokes at first, letting her arousal build slowly. Mum reached down and held my head, her hands slipping around to my face and stroking my cheeks lovingly, “Oh Jody, you eat my pussy so well.”

At that moment my dad’s cock slid up and down my wet slit from asshole to clit making me moan into mum’s pussy. “Mmmm Ohh uh!”

That’s when I woke up and wished I could go back to sleep and finish the dream. It was our cat that woke me, walking around my pillow like she does when she wants me to get up and feed her.

I got up and threw a robe on and headed to the kitchen to feed Misty, our house cat. I got her a pouch of food, poured it into a feeding bowl and set it down for her and headed back to bed. I had some unfinished business to attend to.

I took my robe off and lay in bed on my back. I slipped my hand into my panties and started swirling my finger around in my wet slit. I remembered the dream just before I woke up, my dad’s cock slipping up and down the crack of my ass to my pussy. I wanted to fill my aching pussy now with his cock but I couldn’t. So the next best thing would be Big Blue, my vibrator. I named him that because it looks like a big blue cock, why else?

I reached over to my bedside table and rummaged under my tanks tops to find it hidden with a tube of lube, which I wouldn’t need this morning.

I slipped Big Blue into my panties and rubbed him up and down my slit. I pulled him out thinking “I want to recreate my dream.” So I took off my panties and turned over onto my knees. I reached back and slipped Big Blue up from my pussy, coated in my juices, up to my asshole and pressed firmly against my butt hole. Not going in at all, just pressure for a moment, then back to my pussy again.

I was imagining my tongue swirling around my mum’s pussy while my dad diddled in my slit with his cock. “Mmmmm… Feels so good,” I thought to myself.

I pushed the vibrator into my pussy, inch at a time, imagining it was dad’s cock filling me up. I started thrusting it in and out, in and out, building up to an orgasm. “Oh, dad please casino oyna fuck me harder, fill me up with your cum,” I said to myself out loud hoping nobody could hear me.

Again thinking of mum in front of me, with her wet pussy, holding my face. “You eat my pussy so well, Jody, you’re going to make me cum.” That pushed me over the edge and I pushed Big Blue all the way into my pussy while I lurched forward on the bed with a powerful orgasm that left me breathless.

I lay there for several minutes with Big Blue still in my throbbing pussy thinking I needed to make this happen for real. “It’s just too good not too.” I thought to myself.

I slowly got up and made my way to the shower, just in my T-shirt and panties, that were now damp with my cum. “Starting today I’m going to walk around in less clothing so my parents notice my body,” I thought to myself.

After my shower, I was just about to walk out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, with my dirty panties and T-shirt in hand, but paused. I was hoping to pass my dad in the hall on his way to the kitchen. I waited a few seconds to listen at the door for when he might be starting down the hall.

I was in luck, I heard his footsteps and I opened the door and stepped out quickly in my towel. I nearly bumped him, but he put his arms out to catch me, now holding me in his arms wrapped around me with my dirty panties between us just inches from his nose. I am sure he could smell my cum in my panties, I know I could.

He pulled back, looking down and my bare shoulders and continued down over my towel covered breasts and down to my bare thighs. “Oh, umm, sorry Jody, umm, good morning sweetie.” He leant in and kissed my cheek and continued down the hall, turning back to look at me again. I smiled at him and continued to my room.

I closed the door and threw myself on the bed. I was breathing hard from the brief but awkward encounter. I felt light headed almost dizzy. I think it was like an anxiety attack or adrenaline rush that made me feel this way. I don’t know, but I know it excited me.

I quickly got dressed and left the house to meet up with Bridget at the coffee shop. I had put on clothing that was easy to change in and out of for my shopping trip. I wore a plain tank top, jeans, and a thong. No bra today since I’d be trying on sexy lingerie and nightgowns.

When I got there Bridget was already sitting waiting for me.

“Anxious much?” I asked.

“What do you think, you big tease,” Bridget replied. “So get a coffee and sit, I need to hear what’s going on before I crack.”

I got a coffee at the coffee bar and walked back to the table and sat down next to Bridget. I looked her in the eyes and said, “Bridget, I need to tell you something, but promise me you won’t tell anyone, at least for now, and also that you won’t judge me as some sort of freak.”

Bridget looked back into my eyes and put her hand on my knee and said, “Jody, you’re one of my very best friends and you know none of us in our circle would ever judge you as a freak. Crazy, sexy, perverted maybe but not a freak.” she laughed.

“Seriously Bridget, I mean it,” I said with a stern look.

“Ok, Jody, I promise.”

“Remember the video of my parent’s little orgy that we saw in my basement?” I asked.

“Yes, of course, I do. How could I forget? I still masturbate to my memory of what I saw.”

“That’s the problem, I do too, Bridget. I have thoughts about having sex with my parents all the time now. The more I think about it the more I want it to happen for real.”

“Wow, Jody, You too? I thought I was the only one that was fantasising about fucking your parents. So does this project you want to tell me about have to do with making it happen for real?” asked Bridget.

“Yes, it does,” I replied. “We’re going shopping for some sexy clothes for me to turn my parent’s heads. I want them to see me as a woman, not their little girl. After all, I’m a woman and over 18 now. I’m fully developed as you can plainly see, can’t you Bridget?” I asked teasingly, flaunting my tits in her face as I said it.

Bridget laughed at that, staring openly at my chest and smiling. “Yes you are a very beautiful, sexy woman, and if you don’t stop teasing me we’ll never get anything done today.”

We finished up our coffee and headed for the stores.

It was a fun afternoon of trying clothes on and teasing each other in the change rooms.

At one point I was trying on some lingerie and stuck my head out the curtain and called Bridget. “Bridget, come here please, I need your opinion on this.”

Bridget walked up to the curtain and peeked inside. I was wearing a sheer lavender bra with some lace and matching panties that were less than briefs but more than a thong.

“Wow, Jody, That looks really hot. I love that Tanga, it fits your ass better than mine. You should definitely get that set,” she said without taking her eyes off my body.

I blushed and said, “Do you think so, Bridget? Is it not too feminine for me? You know I’m a bit tomboyish.”

“Uh, slot oyna isn’t that the idea, Jody? Make you look more like a woman than a little tomboy?”

“Yes, you’re right! See, that’s why I needed you to come with me today,” I said.

“You look feminine, sexy and fucking hot. Is there room for two in this changing room?” asked Bridget, while running her hands over my hips and down the back of my ass.

“You’re a big help to me. What can I do to repay you?” I asked with a grin.

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll think of something tonight at the sleepover at my place. You did remember to tell the girls about the change of location?”

“Yes, of course, I did, and I am looking forward to repaying you Bridget,” I said with a grin and a blush to match. “Now I have to get these panties off before I get them wet, Bridget!”

Overall, we found a few nice tops and shorts and some underwear and a couple nightgowns that would turn my parent’s heads without a doubt.

Bridget had her parents car, so she offered me a ride home, which I gladly accepted now that my hands were full of bags.

When we pulled up in front of my house, she leant over to say goodbye and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and a squeeze of my left boob. I returned the kiss and the grope.

“I’ll see you tonight, Bridget, save me a spot next to you on the bed,” I said with a wink.

“I’ll do that Jody, but don’t expect to get any sleep,” said Bridget, grinning.

“Do we ever?” I replied with a laugh, and hopped out of the car and walked to the front door.


After unpacking my new sexy clothes that I had purchased today with Bridget’s help, I decided to wear something new to dinner with my parents this evening.

I tried on the tops and shorts and settled on a white peasant top that hung loosely and was sheer enough to leave little to the imagination. I chose to not wear a bra with it. I also put on a pair of short shorts that fit nice and high in the thigh and held my ass nice and round.

I heard mum making dinner in the kitchen and thought I should offer to help and start my subduction plan right now with mum.

“Hi mum, can I help you with preparing dinner?” I asked.

Mum turned to me and said, “Sure sweetie, you can peel and cut some carrots for me,” as her eyes went from meeting my eyes to scanning over my breasts, where she paused only a second and continued scanning lower to my shorts and firm legs. My nipples responded to her gaze, getting erect under my top. I smiled and said, “Ok, let me at them.” I turned at the refrigerator and opened the door, bending down at the waist to get carrots out of the bottom drawer. My ass stuck right out at my mum. I turned my head to see her looking at my ass. I smiled again.

I got the carrots and started peeling and cutting them up for the veggie steamer.

“I’ll be heading over to Bridget’s right after dinner tonight mum, the sleepover has been moved to her house tonight. So you and dad will have the house to yourselves tonight,” I said with a twinkle in my eye.

“Ok, Jody, good to know. I have a movie I’ve been meaning to watch with your dad. It’s a romantic comedy but I’m sure he’ll enjoy it too.”

“I’ll bet it’s a comedy,” I thought to myself.

After finishing with the carrots, I walked them over to my mum, “Here you go, all peeled and cut up.” I reached around my mum to place the bowl in front of her causing my breast to press gently into her arm. I am sure she noticed because she froze for the time I was pressed up against her. I think she was even holding her breath.

It felt good having my nipple press against mum’s arm, it stiffened even more at the touch.

Just then my dad came in the front door.

“Hello, I’m home,” he shouted as he closed the door.

“Hi honey, we’re in the kitten,” mum replied.

I met dad in the doorway with a hug and kiss on the cheek, making sure to give him a good feel of my boobs pressing into his chest. “Hi, dad, I’m helping mum with dinner.”

“Hi sweetie, I’m sure it will be a great dinner with my two beautiful girls doing the cooking,” he said as he stared down at my boobs. When he looked up at my eyes, he knew he was busted. I smiled at him and turned back to mum, giving him a view of my ass.

“Would you like a beer, dad?” I asked turning my head to see him looking at my ass.

“Umm, yes please, sweetie,” he said looking back up at my face again.

I went to the refrigerator to grab him a beer and brought it to him. He was sitting at the table now, so I just sat in his lap handing him his beer.

“Thanks, sweetie, just what I needed,” he said as he put his arm around my waist, resting his hand on my hip. I gave him another kiss on the cheek and went back to helping mum with dinner.

“I’ll set the table mum, and then I have to pack for the sleepover,” I said.

“Ok, sweetie, that’s great, we’re almost ready once the carrots are cooked. Be ready in 20 minutes,” mum replied.

I set the table for dinner and went up to my room to pack canlı casino siteleri a few things for the sleepover at Bridget’s house. Among my clothing and toiletries, I pack my favourite toys.

Dinner was uneventful other than my mum and dad surreptitiously taking in my boobs when they thought I wouldn’t notice. “I love it when I plan comes together,” I thought to myself with a grin.

After I finished eating, I asked to be excused so I could head over to Bridget’s. They were still eating as I said my goodbyes to them. I walked behind both of them in turn, giving them a hug from behind and a kiss on the cheek, making sure to press my boobs into their shoulders. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning sometime,” I shouted as I went out the door.


I arrived at Bridget’s house a little after 7, the sun warm on my back. Bridget’s house was on a quiet street, with a picket fence and a pool in the back yard and tall trees along the back of the yard for privacy. Neighbours houses couldn’t be seen very well from the pool. It was somewhat secluded but not entirely.

I rang the bell and within a minute Bridget was opening the door for me.

“Hi, Jody!” Bridget shouted. “Hi Bridget, is anyone else here yet?” I asked as I returned her hug and kiss.

“No, you’re the first, but they should all be here soon. Oh, I love the outfit you picked out for tonight! What did your parents say?” asked Bridget.

“Oh, they didn’t say much, but they sure looked,” I replied. “They couldn’t take their eyes off of my tits and ass, both of them,” I said with a giggle and a wiggle.

“Great, sounds like ‘plan seduction of parents’ is underway,” laughed Bridget.

“Yes, and my anxiety level is building along with my sexual desires,” I said.

“What you need is to relax and unwind, maybe a shot of tequila will help? Or maybe a massage?” asked Bridget.

“Maybe a little of both,” I replied.

“I’m sure we can fit that into our agenda tonight, hey Ginger and Janet are coming up the walk,” said Bridget as she went to the door to open it.

“Hi Ginger, hi Janet, now we’re all here,” said Bridget.

Ginger and Janet walked in with their overnight bags and some other shopping type bags. Dropping them to the floor, it was hugs and kisses all around.

“Okay, let’s get the bedding set up and out of the way so we can chat,” said Bridget.

We grabbed our bags and headed up to Bridget’s oversized bedroom with a King size bed. Once things settled down and our bags were opened and stuff started to clutter the ensuite bathroom, we all sat down on the huge bed to catch up on the last week’s events.

Janet apparently had an exciting week preparing for the high school science fair competition. She’s been working on something, but I’m not sure exactly what it is. Neither are any of us for that matter. But Janet is excited so that’s what counts and we’re excited for her regardless of the fact we don’t know what we’re excited about.

Ginger has been rehearsing for a play she’s performing in for the local Little Theatre. We’re all invited to the opening and reception to follow. We’re all looking forward to it.

Bridget whispered to me, “Can we tell them about your plan for your parents Jody?”

I thought about it real quick and said, “Ok, Bridget, but don’t make me sound perverted or anything please.”

“Don’t worry, Jody, these are your best friends and wouldn’t think you’re a pervert, they love you as I do,” she said with a hug.

“Girls, Jody has been working on a personal project that she’s asked my help with. I’ve asked her permission to fill you in on her plans so you can advise or comment as you can to help her succeed,” said Bridget to Ginger and Janet.

She continued, “Since we all saw the video of her parents in a little orgy, Jody has become enamoured with the idea of being intimate with her parents. This desire isn’t totally based on sex, however, it certainly plays a large part in her desire, but also of the love of her parents and a desire to be close to them, intimate.”

“The other day Jody and I went shopping to buy her some new clothes that are sure to turn the heads of both her mum and dad. She wore the peasant blouse today for her parent’s benefit and they’ve obviously taken notice of it in a big way. Any advice or encouragement are welcome.”

Ginger was the first to speak, “Jody, I don’t blame you for wanting this. It’s obvious you love your parents and after viewing that video I too feel a sexual attraction to your parents so I can imagine that since you have a love for them, that it would be an even greater attraction for you. I’ll do whatever it takes to help you with your plans.”

“Thank you, Ginger,” I replied.

“I feel the same way, Jody, count me in to whatever plans you might have,” said Janet.

At that, everyone came and circled me with arms, hugging and kissing me. Filling me with their love. It was simply wonderful to feel such love and acceptance from these girls, my friends and lovers.

Soon, though, the hugs and kisses turned to touches and squeezes of a different kind of love. Clothing started coming off and lips met lips, tongues danced with tongues. Fingers lightly stroked breasts and nipples until finally we broke apart into pairs and were making love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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